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Things Thelma Thought Today.


Clark Kent texted. (Is that correct English though?). So I read all the comments and I just decided to give it time, if he wants to see/talk to me then he should make it happen. Well he did and now I'm thinking now what? I hate this part right here. I really really do. Now let the mind games, the guessing games, the second-guessing, the feverish waits, the anticipation, the unanswered questions, the uncertainties and all those other factors that come to play when boy meets girl.

*i promise to keep you posted as things progress... Depending on how things progress. Hehehe* 

Hmmm. True or False? 


Wouldn't it be awesome if with each child the government pays mothers monthly stipends, because at this rate I'd much rather stay at home and bring up my kids than leave them at home with these strange characters. WTF is this maid trying to suckle her boss's baby? Was she horny, bored, possessed...?


This hideous pink Agbada though... Oh, and congrats to Jonathan's daughter and Le hubster on their 1st Anniversary 


Congratulations also to Dangote's daughter Mariya Dantata as she graduates from Coventry Uni. I would be lying if I say I didn't think Dangote's daughter - Dantata - Coventry ?


I know she's probably richer than the richest person I know and her clothes cost more than all the tea in China and this is what some refer to as being "fashion forward". But Jennifer Obayuwana's dressing sometimes hurts my eyes. Or maybe it's just me and my weird distaste for super bright colours and excess quirkiness. 

Now, this isn't a thought but a question. 

Ladies if the Ex who broke your heart showed up at your wedding and sprayed you with bundles of $100 notes, would you pack them all up and stone him with it or shine your teeth like this very happy bride right here? 

***TBH I would stone his foolish head with his foolish money. Maybe some months or years later if I'm low on cash I'll remember that day and I will slap my own face. But no, I wouldn't take the Ex's stupid bundles of dollars. Would you?

Any thoughts on my thoughts? 

*And as I give in to sleep, I say a word of prayer for us all. May love, peace and happiness go before us, with us and behind us. Amen*


  1. Happy Birthday Aramide, May you never lack reasons to be thankful to God for His marvellous works in your life, Amen.

    I think it'd be a good idea for government to pay nursing mothers monthly stipends for children/child upkeep. Also, the government should find means to freely give baby necessities (pampers, baby food et al) to registered nursing mothers in the country which is obtainable in developed economies like US.

    Further, government should be seriously looking at ways to create a 'staggered' work environment for businesses and creating avenues for online paid employment via the use of incentives, tax breaks et al. Not every work needs to be accomplished between 8am - 5pm working hours. Nursing mothers don't only need money for upkeep, they also need to contribute value and add value to themselves. This would also reduce the rush hour traffic gridlock often experienced in commercialized areas in the country.

    1. Amen...Now a tear dropped....Thank you so very much!!! I never "hexperit" and I still "donbilivit".
      God bless you richly..

    2. Happy Birthday Aramide, like Chris said may you never lack reasons to be thankful to God for his unending goodness in your life. Amen.

    3. @ Aramide

      You are warmly welcomed.

  2. To the post....
    So Oga Clark texted you!!
    Don't get too excited and anticipate what's going to happen next...Let it happen naturally,you know what I'm saying? Lol
    DO NOT expect too much because we never can tell he might not want any "ship" more than friendship.
    He might be the one to lead you to The hubby... So many things can happen next just remain our very own Thelma and don't get lost in the middle of Oga Clark's dot dot dot.

    Trying to see if I can add something to what this gentleman above said but na lie. He just makes sense everytime and believe me,it's not because he wished me hbd first on this blog( of which I would never ever forget biko).... It is what it is, I mean it's Chris yeah!?

    I don't know about throwing the money back at him oo..let it happen first then I'll know what to do.

    I'm so chuffed.....
    "So if a person lives many years, let him rejoice in them all."
    [Ecclesiastes 11:8]

    1. Happy birthday Aramide.

      As per Clark Kent* I think she should just go with the flow and not over think it...... Heck he could be the one or not so I think she should keep an open mind and just not put pressure on her thoughts of him as the one or not. What will be will eventually be.

    2. Anonymous Rider!11:17 am, April 17, 2015

      Happy Birthday namesake, Wa sopolo odun laye.

    3. Happy birthday Aramide, God bless you.

    4. HBD, dear Aramide. Have a great and glorious year!

    5. HBD, dear Aramide. Have a great and glorious year!

    6. HBD, dear Aramide. Have a great and glorious year!

    7. Happy birthday Aramide!! May God bless you :)

    8. I'm late to comment o!..busy day. Chai!. It's also my bday, the 17th. Happyy birthday to us. One love.

  3. To the anonymous that said " he's just not that into you", what do you hv to say for yourself?

    Good she's been arrested. I read it's the same olx Nanny that arrested the other boys one time........ Now why on earth will I hire a nanny on olx when I can't even trust or buy hair on

    The Obayuwana girl................. Can't shout.

    Let me see...... Bundles of hundred dollars sprayed by an ex who broke my heart on my wedding day. Hmmm I will ignore him while he sprays on whatever.

    1. so because he text her, he's into her? wow u r very smart.

    2. Based on your comment yes it does. Tee asked if she should call or not because she had not heard from him. You said she hasn't heard from him because he's just not that into her. Now she has heard from him so the only logical deduction is that he is into her. Uju Beibe long time no see on TTB. Tee I pray 4 you everyday, great work you're doing here. Please keep us posted on Lois Lane and Clark Kent

    3. Ify,,,takin panadol for another's headache since 1860...who asked you.

    4. Anon. I'm sorry I am very smart.

      @ ify it feels good to be back.

  4. Happy Birthday Aramide, more of God's blessings to you and more prosperous years to come, enjoy your day. Thelma yayy he texted,enjoy the flow,and the english he used was correct. The lady with the mismatched clothes too much money dey worry her,she shud get a stylist.

  5. Yaaaay! The "don't call hims" won! *shines teeth*
    Let me go bak and finish reading the post. Hehe

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Me i will collect the bundles of dollars o. Shebi we av broken up n I'm marrying the love of my life. Make i chop him money even though we ain't dating again

    1. Perfect nails, ndewonu. Trust you are good. Our fingers are crossed TT, let's see how this unfolds but don't play games please. I know it's kinda tempting to want to test him and all but I subscribe to being open. If he has reached out, don't be abrupt or stiff in your responses.

      Random thought though, does career pay the bills- Working 9 to 5 and that's all you earn? How do people survive in Lagos especially?

  8. -That pink agbada is truly hideous
    -I had the same thoughts concerning Dangote's daughter too...mayb only Coventry offer the course she studied
    -And that Jenifer's dressing thou
    -I won't take cash from any foolish ex I will slap him with his cash

  9. hmmmmm...but thelma, what if he reads this blog... and saw the debate on "to call or not to call" and then called u ????? just saying though.....

    1. TTB Addict you really think I don't consider these things? Allow me to worry about that.
      But good looking out Hun, i really appreciate you sharing your concern with me.

  10. What's wrong with Coventry I mean she still studied abroad.

  11. Anonymous Rider!10:03 am, April 17, 2015

    Maybe she is hiding her bellema in the pink agbada, Maybe.

  12. I always wonder about the curses God rained on Adam and Eve and why we Eves have to share in Adams' curses. I am particularly talking about toiling before eating. Ideally, women should stay at home and raise kids but do that at your own peril. The economy and life vagaries make it not so ideal for women to stay at home and raise kids.

    Meanwhile, I wondered about the pink agbada too. May be she has same fashion taste as Mama Peace......and as for the second picture, doesn't the Bible say money answereth all things?


    1. Plus: I would collect the ex's cash but that smile in the picture? No way. You guys know that in parties, there is at least somebody on standby to collect money sprayed on the celebrants. I would just keep a straight face and allow the 'spayed-cash-collector' collect the money. Refusing it wouldn't do much for me, would it? Getting married should mean that I am over the hurt he caused me.


  13. Thelma, not collect what?? please i would collect it oo! its my gratuity for the years we spent together biko. i would even dance with him sef. afterall he's past tense and i have moved on.

  14. Hapy Birthday to you dear Aramide..I like your name. God's blessings today and always.

    Good he sent a text T..just don't sweat it and allow it flow naturally.

    P.s: I really need some FUN in this life of mine oo..chai! Fun ooooooooooooooooo

  15. Glad clark kent texted. As for government stipend it wont happen in our life time in Nigeria. As for the ex stoning money, my money collectors will collect is like all other monies. Will pray over it with the rest of the monies.
    As for Jennifer O. - absolute disgrace to high end fashion. She has nice pieces but she jams them together worse than baba musbau the meat seller.

    Happy birthday Aramide.

  16. Happy birthday aramide..long and fulfilled life in Jesus name xx

  17. I like Jennifer's dressing. Sometimes it's OTT but she pulls it off.

  18. Still waiting to read d whole gist about conventry so I can finish my neighbour that went there and will allow us to hear word!

  19. Happy birthday Aramide

    Glad to know Mr. Kent called.

    Jennifer's dressing can be painful to the eyes, sometimes.

  20. Sorry Thelma it was that movie (He's not that into you) that confused me. I'm glad you didn't make the first move though. Can't wait to hear how it goes. All the best

  21. Babe,il be honest with u,ur reply to Clarks sms was abit harsh. Ogini? U ended the chat before it barely begun. Sha don't do this on ur official date biko...

    As for my ex,why wld I single out his cash from others? That he's even there means he got an iv so...

    Is Aliko's daughter married to Dantata? Nice...

    As for the others....

    1. Dangote/ dantata union chai diarris goddo

  22. HBD Aramide... God bless you.

    Tee, pls just go with the flow mbok.

  23. Happy birthday Aramide... I pray that you fulfill divine destiny and purpose in Jesus name. God bless you.

  24. Clark Kent sounds like a gentleman, let's hope he acts like one too... update as it unfolds pls.
    Reject the money for what na? I'll simply keep dancing and ignore him. Can't risk drama or let him spoil my day.
    That pink creation though! Phewww!
    Oh what a day! Good night people


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