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16 Sure Ways To Feel Miserable As A Blogger.

Hey bloggers, want to be miserable? Easy! Just stick to these 16 tips below.

1. Constantly compare yourself to other bloggers. 

2. Expect close friends and family to cheer you on, visit regularly or comment. (Your biggest support will come from total strangers). 

3. Blog for money. 

4. Try to please everyone. 

5. Be obsessed with every single blog metric; page views, traffic, comments... The sort. 

6. Mistake your blog for your personal journal (will most likely come back to bite you in the butt, ergo; misery). 

7. Refrain from sharing personal experiences. (Sharing personal experiences creates a bond with your readers so if you don't like bonding, then don't share!)

8. Expect your readers to be loyal to you alone.  

9. Choose a niche/topics you have no passion for. 

10. Try to be someone you're not. 

11. Think for one second that you "have arrived". 

12. Expect to have vacations, breaks, days off, without consequences.  

13. Worry about what everyone else thinks. 

14. Be an island. Don't mix with other bloggers, comment on their blogs or share their links. 

15. Expect only positive feedback, pats on the back and praises. 

16. Constantly compare yourself to other bloggers. (this repition is not a mistake!)


Yes, people. If you want to be a miserable blogger stick to these are you're guaranteed blogger misery.

So, let me solicit your advise, something tells me that I might regret this, but you're the customer and I would like to deliver. So please tell me how I can serve you better. 

One way to be a miserable blog reader; expect the blogger to meet your every demand. 

Haha! Just in case you're not sure, that's a disclaimer. But I would like to hear it, and there's a possibility that I could effect some changes, within my capacity and inclination. 

Have no tips for me? Right. Since you think I'm perfect go ahead and massage my ego, tell me what you love about my blog. 


I'm just trying to get you to talk to me. Isn't it obvious?  


  1. I like your blog because of its uniqueness, and secondly because of the blog readers, they make sensible comment at least most do. Simply put your blog is for mature minds.

    1. Gbamest! Too many correct pple in here

      *famzing mode activated*

    2. Where is the LIKE or LOVE button??? Just on point fellas.

  2. Expect close friends and family to cheer you on, visit regularly or comment. (Your biggest support will come from total strangers).
    Thelma I thought I was the only person experiencin this

  3. Kill that recaptcha thing if possible. I type comments and the things disappear. Its frustrating. Other wise, keep doing you.

    All your points i agree with. I have been told my topics are not sexy and controversial enough. I had to explain nicely to someone i wasnt going to blog about "why women love men with big d*cks" or why "tonto dike bares boobs on instagram ". It almost feels like i was being defensive and i simply told the person, sorry thats not me. Neither am i posting weddings.

    I write what i knoe and try to deliver it best as i can and seek feedback on what peoples thoughts are. I cant relate to every article out there every damn day of the week either. I can only make sure i am happy blogging, because the day it starts to seem like work i will abandon it fast. Having Original content is also a lot harder than people realise.

    1. Miss Pynk please can you guide me on how to kill it? I have tried and the only alternative I found is to approve comments. I'm sure there are other ways. I noticed you don't have that problem but it's unlikely you're using blogger.

    2. Lol @ blog about "why women love men with big d*cks" or why "tonto dike bares boobs on instagram.

      Things some blogs blog about tho..

    3. I use wordpress now. But have used blogger prior for about 7 years prior.apparently recaptcha has to do with if your comment box is a pop up versus an embedded one. You want to look at your comment options.

  4. Actually Thelma, some family members are extremely supportive. My younger brother suggests giveaways and even ships some of them to me from the states. He also let me post his "wedding". But he wont read my posts, same with my husband - they argue they dont want to get in my head.

    But more strangers that are extremely supportive.

    1. Yes Miss Pynk, that's why I included visit and comment. One of my brothers was my strongest backbone starting out. He's still the one that drives me when I get tired. He used to visit and comment then but he stopped. As for my two other siblings, I'm sure they love me more than oxygen but they have not visited my blog since the month I started blogging, and even then it was merely out of curiousity.

      Same with friends. My close friends don't even remember I have a blog. My bestie hasn't visited since mid last year. A lot of my close friends dont, save for a few. Chocolate is the only one who visits regularly and comments. A few others drop by occasionally but never bother to leave a comment. In the early days this really hurt because you would think that these are the people that will "sell/buy your market". But with time I've learnt that this does not mean that they don't care. I also noticed that a lot of bloggers have similar experience.

    2. Thought i was the only one experiencing this. As much as i yell, threaten or even cajole my friends and siblings most of them dont visit my blog. Am getting to the stage whereby i have stopped expecting them to.

      Thelma i love the versatility of your blog. You are doing a fab job

      PS: all points are valid. Note to self stop checking metrics!

    3. Thanks MFA. Hmm. Metrics can make or mar a person's day. Pheeew!

  5. The intelligent minds on your blog Tee, Thats what I love about the blog

  6. wow no2 point is so onpoint!i tell you most people that comment on my blog are totally strangers. i will caption it challenges of a newbie blogger ,i can relate with all these points,
    nice read


  7. What a great perspective, rings true really. Try to please no one, and just blog because you want to!

  8. This blog is unique with interesting and mature minds. Well done T

  9. Not saying this to make ur head swell but evry day it's thelmathinks first then Stella dimoko then Linda ikeji then Bella naija.. That's how I end my day. Your blog is different , it's interesting .. It's real.. No judgement ..I love it a lot ..xoxo

    1. Ermm, but Ma'am Chocolate, u are not a loyal friend tho. U visit all those other blogs too? One would think that TTB should be ur one and only. But alas! Hehe

    2. Lmao Easah! Even Ariana Huffington visits other websites. If the blogger reads and participates on other blogs, how much more the blog reader? LOL.

  10. Mature readers, mature responses, original content. I stumbled on this blog at a dark period in my life and it was like a very refreshing breath of fresh air. Haven't looked back since. Keep doing you, Thelma.

  11. I just love the air around this blog, Fresh!

    I tried blogging for the fun of it, and just a safe haven to air my thoughts and worries, but I stopped because family and friends came along. I am prone to revealing too much, so I halted.

    Not like they care though neither would I be lashed, but nah! Some details are better left unsaid. Hehe **winks at my Bebe, now you know why I stopped.

    1. And 2 think that I was beginning 2 make ur blog a daily ritual! Blink, u na try @ all!

      Happpy belated birthday 2 u BTW

    2. Easah calm down already, your blood is just "hotting" lol

      Thanks to you and Memphis for the wishes.

  12. This is arguably one of the best blogs in Nigeria mehn. U can take that info to d bank err'time, err'day!

    BTW T, I lost my phone since last week o. Just got another one. So I was breezing tru previous posts earlier and I saw u shared d link 2 my song.

    U are such a DARLING T. I appreciate. Xoxo

  13. Me: *clears throat* And the award for the best blog readers who give the most hugs goes to *drum roll* Thelma Thinks readers
    T: *smiles* Oh wow! I am honoured,, would have loved one of the readers to come and give a speech but I'm sure they are hugging themselves senseless right now....hehehehehe
    T your readers can use hugs nd kisses and finish someone. Whether you are sad or trying to hate *rme* just come here and your mood is sure to lighten up...
    The love and vibrancy in this blog is too infectious ah ah kilode?!!
    Then the mature minds here.... oh oh that is a topic for future symposium...
    Ok Now to sound selfish you asked what you could improve on abi.... Just double the dose of your awesome writing you give us and that would do....
    Thelma Thinks and her Readers rock..... yipee
    Ok Enough epistles and goofing around.... I'm outta here

  14. Nothing more to add to the comments. Obviously TTB is at the top of the menu. But erm...can I please *now prostrating on the floor* ask that you go bored for a week and give us some of those tantalizing stories? Pleeeaasssee? lol.

    Well done Thelma, great job.

    And happy birthday Blink and Oladele Fierce!! See what I said about May kids?

  15. *joins in the prostrating and even adds rolling* Pleaseeeee T
    Oh yes Memphis we May kids are just amazing.... oh please argue in your toilet about

  16. Hahahaha...EPIC! You are right to an extent tho' mami....I don't entirely agree with everything...maybe because I run a family blog....Crazy right?

    Buh you are doing an amazing job here mami...I love this space so much...Muah!!

  17. I've been reading this blog since you started Thelma,sorry this is my first time commenting *covers face. I absolutely love this blog and its readers,I've learnt a lot from them. Kabuouy,Memphis,Sunshine,Eesah,Ruthie,Mabel,TNHW,Enjay,Sasha bone and others,I miss Mr Wale,Steele,blogitup. Don't change anything about the blog,I love it

  18. You have a fantastic blog; I doubt there is much additions to make given the present circumstance.


  19. Arguably the best blog.

    Soon Thelms, soon

  20. Who wouldn't love your blog T? Is it the way you relate with your readers? The way you make special bday posts for your readers? Your beautiful stories? Your beautiful heart? Nwannem,your beautiful heart is enough to make one love your blog

  21. Thelma da bebe! See how you're 'hotting'!
    I don't know what I love. I think it's everything.

  22. Your blog is quite interesting and matured. Your readers' comments are matured as well. I read comments on some blogs and after 2 comments I get irritated.

    I got to know about the blog through my children and had not gone back ever since.

    Nice job, Thelma.

    God bless u.

    Mama 'D'

    1. Amen. Thank you so much Mama D. I truly appreciate you. May God bless you and yours too.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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