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About Last Night.

Hey people. My posts these last few days have been neither here nor there. I don't know if my service providers are affected by the scarcity but service has been extremely poor. The WiFi connectivity is dead. It doesn't work for hours and then for about 5 minutes it does. That's how I've been able to put up the few posts I did.   

Last night I struggled for hours with the internet. I have some things I need to handle outside town and I knew I'd be out for the weekend. When I'm not working I'd be in my hotel room so I tried to download as many movies and series as possible, to keep me company in my solitude. I even called Uyi to suggest some good things I could watch. This kept me up till 2am. I finally gave up and fell asleep. At 3am I heard noises. Not to go into details but there were armed robbers in the house. And they were in the living room. We later learnt they were five. 

It was probably the scariest moment of my life by far. I called the emergency lines over a hundred times, each time some bored sounding person would ask me to calm down and reassure me that officers have been dispatched. They eventually showed up well over an hour after I made the first call. While it was still ongoing and different scenarios flashed before my eyes I quickly ran to pull off my bum shorts and wear a pair of jeans and a boubou. I beat myself up thinking that it was my fault, because in the evening I went grocery shopping and I thought I must have left the door unlocked. But then, even if I hadn't locked the door, it's the type that cannot be opened from outside without the key, so I was very confused. In the midst of this panic I got a message on my phone from Chocolate's Mum. This was past 3am and a very unlikely time for anyone to send messages. It was a breakdown of Psalm 23. This came at a time when I could do was pray anyways. So I calmed my nerves, read the message and prayed. 

I thank God no one was harmed. We learnt that cut the barbed wires and came in through the window.

Well I've been up since then and had to reschedule my flight. I'm so thankful to God for his mercies. Everything is fine. 

I've got this friend I love dearly but who happens to be the most pessimistic person I know. She has the kindest heart yet the most pessimistic mind. When we talked this morning the first thing she said was "They are going to come back". Who does that please? I immediately replied saying God forbid! And she tried to convince me that they would. Imagine that. 
Likewise, when my family member was passing through some major challenges and I needed all the hope I could get, she outright told me "it is going to fail". It gets tiring, having one of the people you love the most constantly tell you that your worst fears will become realities and point out reasons why anything you do will fail. 
     In truth, she's also this way with herself. She refuses to travel and hasn't boarded a plane in years because she believes without a doubt that whenever she does, her plane will crash. She's constantly thinking and expecting the worst. I have tried to talk about this severally and she says she cannot help herself. She also says expecting the worst means that when it does happen, she will not be too disappointed. I've tried cutting off from her becasue of this but while she's literally the most pessimistic person I know, she's also the kindest and easily the most selfless. Yet, after telling her about the ordeal this morning and the first thing she said was "They are going to come back", and still try to convince me that they would, I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth. How do you best handle people like this?


  1. Rily,thats serious, i hope no one was hurt. God will continue to guide and protect you dear.

  2. Thank God no one was hurt,maybe you should consider investing in big black dogs..on a lighter note.

  3. Uhhhh mami, I stay away from such crazy people...I do not need their pessimism rubbing off on me...I mean WTF?!....Keep your damn negative feelings to yourself! Mami, some people have lots of things twisted. There is a difference between giving your sincere opinion at the right time and naturally negating everything...No offense buh your friend needs therapy... **straight face** 200 hours minimum!

    I am happy you are okay tho''...Boy! I would freak out!!! I am talking 50 kinds of freakazoid! And why the hell did it take an hour for the cops to show up?? Oh well, I would have died just freaking out...I mean, I would literally faint on hearing armed robbers were around...I die there mehn!

    I got a buddy who thinks every second that the world is bout to end...she says crazy ass things like 'I will see you if I don't die while driving to you'.....and the best is when she is eating.. 'I hope I don't choke and die here with you'....I have told her she needs to be in a mental home...that's it! **straight face**

  4. Soo sorry about the robbery..Thank God no one was hurt
    That your friend thou,she should keep her pessimistic side aside sometimes

  5. It is well, God is with you as a mighty and terrible one. As how to relate with your friend, she isn't trying to make you feel bad that is just her as you said as well, I am also a pessimist although people don't know cos when you tell me something I always tell you it will work but inwardly I see all the reasons it won't work. Still trying to correct this cause it is making me fearful

  6. Thank goodness you are fine, it must have been really nerve wrecking to be in that kind of situation. But all is well.
    Having said that, there are people who are always pessimistic about things, its hard to change them really. Your faith and optimism should cancel that out. Best wishes!

  7. Thank God you're ok Tee. They won't come back iJn

  8. Am so angry in the spirit now. Thelma Yes she said they are going to come back.... You" what do you think?. Do you agree with her? hell NO. they will NEVER come back to you again. NEVER. Not when you sacrificed to give a total stranger the sum of N10k free of charge. Angels of the lord are dispatched all around you. like I said two days ago. Angles of preservation will henceforth carpet every step you make. Any one that tries to harm you will receive generational curse In Jesus Name.

    Those shoes/cloths/money you gave out/ intend to give out are speaking in your favour. You can NEVER give out to people in need and experience calamity. HELL NO... .to say all I did last night during my midnight prayer was to dance and appreciate God for using you to bless me.. Devil ntorrrrr. You lost again.

    Henceforth.. I put the mark of the blood of Jesus Christ on every nook and cranny of your house. Any armed robber, kidnapper, spiritualist that passes there will only see forest or river in Jesus Mighty Name.. Amen.

    Don't panic. Hold on to the world of God that says... (fear not... I am always with you)....Thelma You can NEVER plant for another to eat.

  9. Your friend needs therapy. These kinds of thoughts will even draw bad luck to her. She needs to get help ASAP. She is so afraid of dying that she has reused to live. How can one person think that the day they enter a plane is the day it will crash? Nawa, pls tell her to get help.
    Thank God you are all fine. This is scary because after putting all the securit and burglary on your doors, they break the walls now? May God keep us from evil. Amen.

  10. Thank God for his protection over u. Thats not somtin anyone should have to go tru. Very horrifying. Ppl like that your friend ehn, no matter how nice, lovely, kind hearted you think she is, that single act of her negativity would always leave u sad. She is sowing that negative seed in u slowly. The more u hear that, b4 long u would start thinking lik her. Did d bitter taste u had in ur mouth go away wen u remembered som of her gd attributes u listed? #teamblockoutnegativeppl#

  11. Thank God no one was hurt. And as for your friend, she needs Jesus.

  12. I thank God you're OK T. I can't imagine the panic.. never encountered robbers at home or wherever, not even petty thieves. It's a relief you were not harmed.

  13. O Thelma, what a traumatic experience.


  14. Thank God your okay, breaking through the walls would always be deep

  15. Thank God their mission wasn't successful. I have a few pessimistic friends and what I do is raise my voice loud enough to drown theirs. Then I take a breather from them periodically. Like someone said, it's just the only way some of them know how to be, but doesn't mean I have to put up with it.

  16. I join others to thank God on your behalf. May the Lord's protection never depart from you and yours.

    As for your friend, she needs therapy real quickly. In the midst of so much negativity, a kind-hearted, selfless pessimistic friend is not needed. Please help her seek help.


  17. Waaawu! Oluwaseun! Thank God no one was hurt! Pele my dia... they won't come back! The last time they robbed our former compound... they couldn't enter our house and people said they'll come back but they never did. Ignore your friend and key into your faith. Pray for her too... she needs help cuz the bible says whatsoever a man thinketh so is he. she'll never achieve certain things if she doesn't change her thinking. Just pray for her and never let her pessimistic thinking and attitude get to you. But really tho, you shouldn't keep people like that close to you.... so they don't speak evil into your life or even change you totally. pele dia! :*

  18. Thank God you're fine Tee.They won't even think of coming back,your house address have been eternally wiped out from their memory In Jesus Name,Amen
    As for your friend,the only thing I can think of is that you should hand her over to God in prayers,she needs it.

  19. Thank God for his safety and protection.. T your house is guided by the Angels of God and nothing will bring them back.Amen

    As for your friend just don't put whatever negative thing she says to heart and keep being positive no matter what...
    Stay safe for us T...

  20. Joining everyone in thanking God witchu. May His protection always be witchu, now and always.

  21. Thank God for safety and deliverance. J

  22. Thank God you are fine,the part were you had to change your shots and wear a bubble was a smart move .i understand why getting rid of the kind and selfless but pessimistic Friend is difficult for you.

  23. Thank goodness you are fine.

  24. Praise be to God almighty. All I kept saying was thank God. A big AMEN to all the prayers. You are covered an soaked in the blood of Jesus, no evil shall befall you or yours. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Avoid toxic people, they end up planting an evil seed that my take fruit if you allow room for it to grow.
    That's how one yeye pastor told me I won't have have kids, I was a a teenager then, I use to reject it every day. Today, I'm so blessed.

    Reject every negative utterances in your life biko. Don't even entertain it.


  25. How am I just reading this oh!!!
    Thelma I'm Glad you are Fine! Thank God for his unfailing protection! Kai, so happy no one is hurt.
    They won't be back Dearie. God has got U & your family...

  26. Gracious God, glad you are safe and all is well.

    For your friend... Who is He/she that sayeth a thing and it cometh to pass when the lord commandeth thee not?
    Now I stand to reverse it, they will not come again.

    I think your friend needs help! She has to clear some of these negative vibes that lingers once in a while around her.

  27. Thank God ure safe. ur friend needs prayers plus therapy. I just can't deal with pessimistic people.

  28. Wow. So glad you guys are ok.

  29. Omg so scaring... Thank God for his guidance nd protection over ur family

  30. Sorry dear. A home invasion can be terrifying so I can imagine how you felt. Thank God no one was hurt . Material things can be replaced. As for your friend it may not be her fault. I feel it's a psychological problem. You can either choose to life with it and use the good to overshadow the bad or you can take a walk. I'd stick with her though. I'd rather have a kind pessimistic friend than an optimistic disloyal friend.
    MY 2 years hair growth report. Awesome!

  31. Thank God u are safe, material things can always be replaced. May they never come back in Jesus name!

  32. Thank God no one was hurt and u are safe.

    Wow! I dont think i can deal with such a friend 'll cut it off or she just has to control her self and change when shes around me and keep her negativity to herself.

  33. You are blessed, Thelma. And I'm sure you know that.

  34. Thank God you are fine. Please upgrade your security system.

  35. Thank God you safe Thelma. The Lord will be with you and send His angels to continually guard and protect you. Amen

  36. Thank God you were not hurt or harmed. The Lord that saw you through this would always keep and guide you from every plans and schemes of the enemy.

    As for your friend, a good talk, providing educational resource (books, stories, messages, sharing past related experiences) etc might help. Sometimes we should look at friends not just for who they are but for who they can be when we rub off on each other.


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