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Goodbye Felicia.

When I got the mails/messages from blog readers saying people mail them and ask for financial assistance, clothes and money, they never mentioned names and I don't know any of them, besides those who have reached me personally. So this mail surprised me. The sender used the name Jenny to mail but claims it's not her email, so I guess there's no point in changing the name here.  

Well Jenny, I'm so sorry I hit a nerve. I did not ask people not to give (you) things. I only wanted everyone to know that I am in no way involved. As you must understand, receiving emails telling me that I was referenced, and that monies were sent, and then the persons immediately disappeared, got me bothered. So if you took the time to understand you would see that my grouse was being mentioned, and then subsequently disappearing. Doesn't that sound shady, even to you? 
     When people reach me to ask for assistance, I do so on the blog, I also ask even when they don't ask me to. Other times, it need not be mentioned on the blog. I send my money and other belongings, and personally reach out to friends and some able blog readers who I personally relate with, to assist a certain blog reader, several of whom can attest to this. But you need not know about all that. 

Now about the clothes, these are my personal convictions, notice I said don't be tight fisted, but be careful? I'm amused at how irate you are, how certain that it was you I was referring to. I do not know you, and unless you are the one who has sent numerous blog readers messages, claiming to be from me, or Thelma Thinks, then I wonder why you're so upset. I wish you well Miss Jenny. Goodbye and God bless. 

Your mail below;

Madam Thelma, I got ur response abt begging. Are u dis mean? Cos I can't say you are proud cos uve got nothing to be proud of. Do u really tink u are in a position to make DAT post?  Yes I asked for used clothes but Neva ever mentioned ur name so why lie abt it? I laughed so hard wen I read d response cos I know ur type. U just want to belong and never belonged hence ur sad state always.
I hate people who close d way for others just because they don't have to give. Has anyone ever askd u for clothes? No cos u don't have to give so why the hate cos we asked Bvs?
Has Stella bvs died from witchcraft? No. And and bring DAT crap crap abt you not being Stella cos u can Neva be.
The conclusion of everytin is don't stop those who have to give cos u don't have to give. Don't be an enemy of progress. Don't be so bitter with life cos its too short. 
Unjust lost a bv. Very important one at that.


  1. Important but beg for clothes. Ok.

    1. Hahahaha. No be small. Ontop begging paroles e still de vex. SMH. Bye bye oooo. Namsense.

  2. Her diction is just a put off, why bother to even reply Miss Tee. MADAM JENNY, my advise for you is to grab a LONGMAN DICTIONARY.

    1. I hope she does not beg for the dictionary too

    2. Namesake I had to respond o! I am an advocate for charitable acts and have said time and again that's the one thing I love about SDK's blog. What I don't like is this "backdoor" one where my name is mentioned. Maybe the poster didn't understand so I had to make it clear, to her and anyone else who shares her sentiments.

    3. LoL. That's all I can do. Thelma get time reply.

      Chinny T, I'm here. Thanks for checking. I'm on NYSC camp in Plateau state and hardly get time for myself.
      Steffi Laba, I remember you're also in Plateau state. When are you rounding up? I need an apartment and other home appliances. If you're rounding up two weeks from now and you are in Jos South, I will love to take your house. You can reach Thelma to reach me. Hope I did the right way. Thanks.

    4. Welcome back Ruby!.. hope plateau state is treating you well. Cheers

  3. *sighs* smh....I lack words mehn!!!
    All I can say is You will not be missed Jenny.
    I didn't want to but I couldn't help it 'Begi Begi Jenny'

  4. Hian Miss jenny, uwadiegu ohh. Thelma NNE pls ignore her, see pride ontop bad attitude.

  5. Kai! This post is doing me one kain one kain for body. What a sad way to end the blogmance between T and her "very important BV". With a very good blog like TTB, it's usually soldier go, soldier come @ d end of the day.

    Oh well!

    1. "Soldier go, Soldier Come, Barrack Remain", and This blog will keep getting better and stronger

  6. Jenny obviously took her frustration on Thelma. Wow...let's have some air...

    Jenny, just in case you come back and read this Post, that email was totally uncalled for because the Post "Leave me out of It" was very clear. Ask if you must, but do that appropriately and ALWAYS learn to appreciate the givers instead of going off radar; it encourages them to be more benevolent. There's so much suffering out there and there's really no need poisoning the mind of would-be givers because of this attitude.

  7. Thelma I believe you are a lawyer and should know better, you should have done your proper and full investigation on if truly and truly, they refer to you when asking for these things. The title to this post ''Goodbye Felicia'' doesn't make you seem more mature either. I am sure you know the real meaning of ''Goodbye Felicia'' and hope you didn't just quote it to ''belong'' and this is just a coincidence if it echoes what the writer says. Anyway, bottom line is when there are allegations like this, ensure you conduct proper investigation. Anyone can lie. The writer is obviously pained because yes she probably asked for clothes or whatever but she did not use your name and the way you have gone about it is just totally wrong and not very mature. IMO

    1. Anon no where in either post did I refer to one person . If she did NOT mention my name then she is NOT one of those that the post applies to. It's pretty simple, isn't it?

  8. Shoro niyen ni? Thelma stop dignifying everything with a response. If the person likes she should keep begging. You have said your own through the post you put up.

  9. Hahahaha....No offense tho' buh some people are cray cray!!! So **clears throat** now that Jenny is gone...what is supposed to happen? Is the sky gonna open up? Is the earth gonna open up? Is the air gonna go out?? cuz I am actually confused.....Okay lemme say this, Jenny do you know what 'Paypal' is?....If you do, then you know Paypal has a policy that protects the buyer and seller.......that being said...You have been using her blog as an avenue to solicit for assistance without her knowledge and Thelma has to protect her readers - those who wanna help and those who need help (like you) if you were smart, you wouldn't have even done that in the first place...buh hey! you are cray cray so it is allowed. Now clear my doubts, how and why are you upset that she has decided not to get involved in your Help-me Campaign? Why not go some place where your Help-me Campaign would be completely accepted? I mean, what's the fuss bout? **drops a pill in your palm** Take that chill pill!

  10. ....And that is how people have started using blogs to change wardrobe *sips tea*

    1. Lmao" now this comment is funny! Smh

  11. If people can't take time to read and understand before talking I dnt see the need to reply them

  12. Na all this shii is happening for real?Like a bv said,hope popular visitors are not been impersonated.... Beggars everywhere.... TNHW

  13. Someone tell me to close my open mouth! Gracious God! A very important bv that begs for used cloths. I guess she runs an orphanage and needs to cloth the poor and needy. Some people are just full of it. Only you begging, only you going all rude while at it! We surely don't need to consult ifa to determine why blogs are are her chosen market corner. Iranu!!! As if having to beg wasn't shameful enough, she had to clear any remaining doubt concerning her loss of dignity by not only writing but mailing such. Thankfully she still has a conscience that can feel guilty. There's hope for the return of some sense then. Who knows, someday dear Jenny may even become the blogger philanthropist of our time (not with that attitude though)
    Enough said! #Selah

  14. Ahhhhh, identity theft ooo. This is not the same Jenny that has been commenting since o, Please don't mistake me for her, how do I differentiate myself from her now tho.


    1. Jenny apologies o! No offense meant, it's the name the mail came with.

    2. Was wondering too... I know I used to see one Jenny comment regularly

  15. Kai, it's a pity o. Jenny the begger and the Anon asking Thelma to investigate, how did you guys scale through WAEC comprehensions? If you guys read what she wrote and understood, both of you would have spared yourselves the embarrassment. I'm embarrassed on your behalf. J

    1. Kponkwem!! Nothing more to add

  16. Why did u cut off some part ofvd mail? U feelbguilty rite?nnow I really know I am right abt u.

    1. Are u for real?smh. Birds of d same feathers.

  17. And those who call her beggar is it wrong to ask for something u need? She may HV put it badly but she was rite. All u bvs lukblike beggars too. Go to SDK and see real bvs nt did thelma runs friends wey full here. Wet Neva see chopntalkless of giving out. Lllooooll

    1. Na hungry man dey know hungry man,it's obvious u are a beggar like Jenny,see ur typo errors self,dem resemble u. onuku like u.

    2. Jenny so after begging on sdk you came to beg on ttb and you are angry because they reported u. Thief Ole we have caught you today. Pls go back to sdk n continue your begging. Bye bye

  18. Nwando learn to have a good character. Its really important. I know why I said did. The bv was rite abt u. U have done such before. People are watching.

    1. You strike me as someone who knows Thelma,why hide in the shadows, if u have something to say, show your self.

      This "PHD syndrome" will hurt you eventually.

  19. And ur friends will Neva tel u s truth. Dey will support ur nasty behaviour and watch u fall. Bad friends.

    1. It's obvious that u are d beggars friend,I shake my head for u ohhh cos u are finished.

  20. Thelma I shake my head for u. Ur bvs are just trying to make u feel good so DAT u can continue fooling urself on dis blog pasting embarrasing stories abt ur self. Now wat HV u gained since u told ur life history? Uve even lost all including ur esteem.those same bvs will Neva allow deir Brodas say hi talk more of date u. Those same bvs will reveal ur past to people but will cheer u on here. U really HV d sense of a two year old. Those bvs will Neva tel u how ur attitude suck BT will cheer u on so u can spill more. U tink u are loved? No u are being fooled.

    1. Linda Laila herietta harietta anon pls focus on improving your English. Thelma has chosen to talk about her life. You have chosen to be a beggar. Every mallam to his or her kettle.

    2. I was abt to type the same reply but tnk God u helped me anon,it's obvious dey are of the same pack. Go get a life loosers.

  21. Anon 8:49, 8:53, herietta, harieta, and linda laila, next time you want to fool yourself on someone's blog by replicating to several commenters please do it with class. I mean, HERIETTA and HARIETA? Hahahahahahaha. You got confused with the spelling of your own name. Dunce. And since your similar comments are obviously of the same class as Jenny the irate beggar I ask you this: why did you come back to the blog of someone who keeps fooling herself in your own words? In case you're obviously daft to notice, your time here means money in the bank of this "foolish blogger", so think twice before coming back next time. And like Mz Gee implied, we can spare a dictionary for you if you want. LWKMD.

  22. Ha!!!! Odikwa very serious o!
    This is the time to grab my roasted corn and coconut o! See drama.... issokay! *watching from afar*

  23. SMH seriously, I am speechless Tee.

  24. People, people...... they never cease to amaze me.....

  25. But Jenny if Thelma is trash then why visit her blog n why do you beg her readers for clothes. If she has brain of 2 yr old n you follow her that means that you don't have a brain at all. If you know Thelma that means you are a full grown woman n yet you still write this kind of English n jump from one blog to the other begging for clothes? Shame.

  26. One thing I've come to realise is that not everyone you will encounter in life is normal.So many sick(in the head)people walking the face of the earth,the worst part of it is that they don't always realise that they are not well.
    Thelma,people like this deserve to be ignored.

  27. Chai see all I have missed oh!! To the matter at hand,yes people are going through tough times but that doesn't give anyone the right to use another person s name without their knowledge.
    T Abeg do u as long as ur comfortable and u sleep soundly at night. For all those asking,Biko humility is a sign of strength not weakness

  28. OMG! This post and comment is chilling mehn!
    Walahi people are scary o!

    I was even going to post a comment on that post- if you need help and ask.for it, do so honestly. If you'd mention you're 'referred', make sure you let the 'reference' know.
    This poster Jenny is not a good person.

  29. Smh.. all these hateful comments from misspelt IDs, its so obvious they are the same person "Jenny the Beggar". Bad english and rushly typed msgs. Really tho, why so hateful? She said she doesn't want to be associated with your begging and you go ahead and send her hate mail. I dont even care if you are a good person(you're obviously not) but this is her platform, if you dont like it, stop coming back?!

    You keep refering to SDKs blog, did Thelma ever tell you she blogs for the single purpose of becoming like SDK? If your deplorable attitude is condoned on SDKs blog well, its not here*different strokes for different folks*

    Please, this blog is for mature minds not grown women with baby brains throwing tantrums.

    And Thelms, please stop replying these people, they dont deserve the time.

  30. Pls, when did blogging become an avenue for begging. We really need to get our shit together in this country. Jenny, u won't be missed, next time while begging, beg with conscience na and learn how to say thank u. Ps: some of us come here to learn big big English and read interesting topics and see different opinions on life issues

  31. Although what the supposed Jenny did was wrong, we should act matured also and not resort to called her Jenny the beggar, even Thelma her self isn't taking it has far as blog readers, Jenny is wrong that is a fact but we also should bring our selves down to her level.

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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