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I Just Thought You Should Know...

I just thought I should let you know that this beautiful person called saying they're coming over later and to please make oatmeal pancakes.

Ok, it wasn't that random, we talked about it before and I bought all the condiments, but I wasn't planning on making it any time soon, if ever. I think it was one of those things I bought when I found myself at Ebeano and I actually had nothing to buy (some times I don't want to go home I wander along the aisles of one store or the other and end up buying things that I don't need).  

So, Anyhoo, I'm about to make oatmeal pancakes. And I'm telling you this because? 

I have no idea. I think I'm just stalling. Because I don't think I'm going to eat it. No matter how good it tastes, "oatmeal pancakes" sounds like an oxymoron to me. It sounds wrongish, but hey, I have nothing to lose right? 

Anyone ever tried oatmeal pancakes? 

Ok. I typed the above two days and then I got caught up in one of those roller coaster moments and this one is still spinning. Apologies for my absence... Well I did eventually make the pancakes. 

I'd already taken the oats to the market to grind, but one need not do that, you can simply use a blender, the smaller one used for dry blending. I chose to grind mine in the market because I ground a large quantity. 

There's aunt Jemima syrup (I'm not a syrup lover but you might need some syrup with your oatmeal pancakes to really enjoy it). But when the idea behind the whole thing is a healthier diet/lifestyle, you have to go for the healthier options. This 100% organic maple syrup is as healthy as they come. 

I had a bite and although it was nice I settled for my original plan; Irish potatoes, steamed veges and fish. The Pancakes were too light for dinner. It'll make for a great breakfast but certainly not for dinner, unless you're ready to cheat and again eat later at night, which defeats the purpose. It's a lot lighter than the conventional pancakes. 

And while we're at it, my guest, I and many others would love to know this, do you know of healthy alternatives to regular foods or fatty foods? For instance my Aunty makes cakes with ground wheat and brown sugar, and it tastes pretty good! Give me more tips please. 

Hmm. Guys I've written this post over the span of three days. I left home early yesterday to try and catch a morning flight out. On getting to the airport there was so much rowdiness (our aviation sector has so much work to do) and I just couldn't deal. I carried my bag, entered a cab and left. But I didn't come home till just a few minutes ago, I didn't call to tell anyone I didn't travel anymore either, so the maid obviously wasn't expecting me. 
    There was a brand new Range Rover parked at my gate and being the only single chica in the vicinity (or so I thought), I thought the person must have been waiting for me. I approached the car and was stunned to see our maid nervously stumbling out of the passenger seat. Issokay. When the owner is away the mice come out to play. SMH. 

Or am I just irritated because it was her and not me the Range came to see?...


  1. Thelma, thanks for this post. I want to confirm about this grounding of oats. Did you grind the oats that you bought in the round pack as in the picture above?

    I think I. Like the recipe and will try it for breakfast. Hmmmm, healthy food is soo boring.

    Aside. From the fish, I just dislike everything in your dinner plate (veggies n Irish potatoes)

    1. Yes, it's the one in this round pack. They ground it and put it back into the pack. The original recipe include flaxseed, I didn't use it but I thought you should know, in case you want to try it out

    2. Out of curiosity how expensive are they ingredients? I just couldn't help it,ebano funny store

  2. Lol@ when the owner is away the mice come out to play! I love this blog hun! You doing a great work here

    1. I just laughed out loud at d last paragraph
      Funny Thelma

  3. Thelma, thanks for this post. I want to confirm about this grounding of oats. Did you grind the oats that you bought in the round pack as in the picture above?

    I think I. Like the recipe and will try it for breakfast. Hmmmm, healthy food is soo boring.

    Aside. From the fish, I just dislike everything in your dinner plate (veggies n Irish potatoes)

  4. Pancakes looks yummy. Tee stop being jealous but what's the big deal with ranges anyways. Okey so I went to see my friend who's heavily preggers and when I got there she hid I and my bambino in the kitchen cos hubby was home, I just couldn't understand why she was acting funny. I've never met hubby cos she got married to him in a hurry after the long distance relationship they had she got preggers n had a low key trads n u won't believe it was wen I went to her house the other day she told me she did her court. So the question is, was it out of respect for hubby she hid us in the kitchen or fear?

    1. Are you sure her hubby ain't your dad? People can be mean. Hope you've seen his pic

    2. Are you sure her hubby ain't your dad? People can be mean. Hope you've seen his pic

    3. Lmao. Teerex her dad faa? But before I freak out let me ask the poster, Michie is there a possibility it's your dad?
      She didn't hide you and baby out of respect to hubby, but from what you've said she's certainly hiding something. Please remember to tell us what it is when you find out.

      OR maybe you should just straight up ask her what's with all the secrecy and hide'n'seek. Listen to what she doesn't say.

    4. It's not my dad o. Lol I've seen him once when he came to drop her at my house and insisted on coming in to see if I were a she. I was asking just to know if other wives don't let their friends come to their houses wen hubby is around.

    5. Hmm..her behaviour is soo strange! She must be hiding something. Biko Probe. #teamFBI

  5. Hmmm, i need to summon up strength and get on the healthy lane. Thelma give us more gist about this your guest na...... Also what did your help say when she saw you? The girl is a high flyer obviously.. lol

    1. She didn't say anything, she just smiled apologetically and hustled inside the compound. I'm not the one that pays her salary so... Let me even update you. An hour ago she came to ask if she could "quickly go out". I asked where to?

      She's going to the bank, she wants to go and pay in money.

      Now I'm officially jealous.

    2. Lmao. Kai wish we could find out how much. This is such an agbaya gist.. lol

    3. In my mind I imagine its 5k, 7k at most. I (would like to) think he's a "money miss road" that struck one deal and used all the money to buy the car and then drives around deceiving local girls and now uses the little change that's left to confuse them.

      Lol. Why am I so salty this afternoon!

    4. Hahahahahahahahahaha........

    5. Lol Thelma u need some sugar. Hehehe

    6. Yes! Thelma have some sugar :p or lick some syrup!

      Let that maid come tomorrow and say "er Aunty Thelma, please can you help me? At the bank yesterday, they said my account can't have up to 470k because it's a mini/ students' account"

  6. The wifey has recently undertaken the making of oatmeal muffins as part of our snacks for our fitfam diet.

    Tasted nice too, the first week or so, now methinks I might poke it in the eye if i see one more oatmeal muffin in front of me... and then eat it, of course.

  7. Oatmeal pancakes ... Ewwwww! Pls u have to make your potatoes and veggie thingy for me one of them days but I want grilled chicken instead of fish( see begger with a choice

  8. Mehn... Thelma, I need to join this fitfam train before I get left behind. Seriously though, Thelma, besides irish potatoes(bleh) and oatmeal(double bleh) what can I eat. My daily meals consist of Ofada rice and stew with Ribena, Jollof rice and plantain with Ribena, Yam porridge and Ribena or beans.. o tan! And of course the various ijekuje like lacasera, the occasional cookie, and pies.

    I need to start eating healthy though. Should I stop eating rice altogether and focus on beans alone or ... Help!

    1. U will keep adding with all dem pack drinks & foods oh!
      1st step is to make sure the only liquid U take is Water! Infused water can suffice.

      Then try detoxifying with only fruits for 2weeks. I tried it once & lost 13kg in 2weeks. Then started Thelma's arrangements.
      Right now I don't plan to lose anymore weight till wedding things!

    2. Ruthie biko explain the 2 weeks fruits. Is it eating just water melon and pineapple and paw paw for two straight weeks? I named those fruits cos na the only one man fit afford be that oh and orange.

    3. @ sunshine, all I see is ribena, biko na so u like d drink. Lolz.

      Can't stop laughing

    4. Ruthie o! Only water ke? Jesus is lord o.
      So what happens after the two weeks? What will i now be eating? I've been trying the portions thing lately. I dont eat plenty food at once but i know i need to eat right.

      @Clare, Ribena is the new lacasera o..

      I loooooove Ribena and Lucozade, besides, i have convinced myself that they are healty so its ok to overindulge.

  9. Oatmeal pancake just sounds wrong but I will try it out of curiousity
    Sweet potatoes are usually recommended for weight loss
    Use skimmed milk if you have to use milk
    Try smoothies
    Brown everything instead of white rice,bread n all
    Quinoa is also good
    N drink tons of water

    1. Please which one is quinoa again? Oh and I googled it still don't know what it is.

    2. Quinoa is like couscous but smaller ,u can get it in shoprite or any supermarket

  10. Thelma Please in the name of God, where did you buy that BRAGG apple cider vinegar?? I've been looking for it all over Nigeria!

    1. All over Nigeria? I Bought mine in Lagos. I searched severally on the mainland (Surulere specifically) but I didn't find. Eventually bought it at The Palms. I think you can get it at any big departmental store. I also see it at big pharmacies like Medplus et al. Good luck.

    2. Thanks Thelma, will look for it

  11. hi Jenny i buy from stores near my house on the mainland or from

  12. The maid story made me shout "huh?!" LOL

    I'd like your meal if the veggies have some spice, and sweet potatoes instead.


  13. cccc11:01 p.m., May 07, 2015
    The maid story made me shout "huh?!" LOL

    I'd like your meal if the veggies have some spice, and sweet potatoes instead.


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