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Midnight Moments.

Good morning beauties. I need to ask you something. Yesterday was a pretty long day and at night I was exhausted. My body yearned for the sack but I had to stay on the sofa (I just got a sofa in my room. I'm super excited about it!) and keep my eyes open until midnight. 

Midnight. Because I had some prayers I needed to say at midnight. My eyes began to droop, I looked at the clock and it was only 11pm, as I waited I began to wonder; is there a reason I'm waiting till midnight? Are there any authorities in the Bible or elsewhere that say that midnight prayers are more powerful, more effective, produce faster results? Does anyone have proof that midnight prayers are more important than prayers that you say at other times? You know, I'm just wondering. God doesn't sleep after all, so why do they make it seem like midnight prayers have some special something attached to them? Like God gives them priority over others...

Here's something else, some people don't just stay up to say midnight prayers, they also do so naked. I first heard about it some years ago on Ladun's blog when a woman was giving a testimony about receiving the fruit of the womb after several years of trying. She said she started doing midnight prayers every night and would cry out to God stark naked during these midnight prayer sessions. I remember a commenter asking why she thought that it was her nakedness that moved God to answer her prayers, but I don't remember reading any response.

A friend of mine also does her midnight prayers naked. I asked her why and she said its a way of telling God "I stand before you naked, just as you brought me into this world". Perhaps to show God the extent of your desperation, or the urgency of your needs. I dunno...


It also reminded me of the "curse of a naked someone". Something about hurting a woman so deeply that she strips herself of all her clothing, goes outside, stands naked in the dark of night and curses you, then best believe that you're in for a very hard life. Is there something about nakedness I should know about?

Ok, that's a deviation from what I'm asking you. I'm more particular about midnight prayers. I can be a very prayerful person so naturally I pray in the mornings and at several other times during the day. Yet, there are times that I've also stayed up till midnight to commune with God. 

Up until last night I've never asked why. Has anyone got answers? Do midnight prayers spin God into action? Or is this one of those things some people do just because other people do it and yet none of them know why they do it?

Are you a midnight prayer practitioner? If you are please tell me why.

Hey guys, please download and listen to our EASAH's song here
I know a lot of us are curious to know what he sounds like. Easah if this is your first single then I'm very impressed, I know that as you proceed you'll brush up the vocals, perfect your lyrics and of course polish your skills. Life is about continuous improvement and we ALL need it. People I'm suspecting Easah o! He says he's a virgin, abi celibate, abi in between, but then he went and made a lovemaking song. Hmmmmm. I'm watching you brother.


  1. I am waiting for the rationale behind midnight prayers.

  2. You know while reading, I got to the part you said you looked at the time it was just 11pm and your eyes were drooping. In my mind I was like does it have to be 12 tho, only for me to read further and see you have same question. I'm also curious, all ye spirikokos mfm members oya school us.

  3. I'm a midnight prayer person but I don't wait until it's 12 I can sleep and wake up by 1 or 2 or 3 but if I'm awake by 12 it's still ok. So as for me it musnt be 12 on the dot.

  4. One New Year's Eve my mum prayed for All her kids naked at 12 midnight .. Wen it was my turn and I walked in.. I almost passed out wen I saw her naked ( my siblings that went in b4 me didn't say a word about The prayer was very powerful o and all she asked for in the new year came to pass but I forgot to ask her why she was naked ..I guess Ple blive there's sumthin to it..

    1. hmmmn... all that came to my mind is being a mother is a heavy job. very heavy. May God continue to answer your prayers in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  5. Belief and faith is what is behind every answered prayer. The prayer could be at any time of the day it would still be answered. The reason why people feel midnight prayers works is that much belief and faith usually follows the prayers, if the same kind of belief and faith accompanies other prayers said at other times of the day, it sure would be answered too. It's just a psychology thing-------UGO

    1. Thank you UGO.

      I strongly believe that belief and faith are more important ingredients to an answered prayer than timing and appearance. Although a valid point with midnight prayers is that it affords one little distraction and perhaps more focus on communication and listening to God's message.

      Appearance (nakedness) might stem from the Old Testament days when people like David, Mordecai and others rent their clothes, wore ashes to show their openness, complete trust and other enviable qualities before God. But we should remember that we live in a dispensation of grace - a dispensation when God looks more at the hearts and less at the physical appearance.

  6. I'm hearing of the 'unclad praying' for the first time, but about midnight prayers my father believes in that. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times he hasn't prayed at that time although not necessarily midnight.

    If I innocently go to ask him 'why' now I'll get a 2-hour admonition so ignorance is bliss.

    1. lol... ignorance is not bliss. not in this instance.

  7. things of the Spirit don't always have a rational or logical explanation. we can debate and deliberate till kingdom come... or we can choose to let our faith take us where our logic could never fathom. #choice

  8. I once asked, many years ago - "Why do we use anointing oil, and does it work?" Response I got was "It depends. If you have faith, then it will work for you, but if you don't, then it will not work for you." I thought the response a bit odd at the time, because I felt anointing oil is anointing oil, and it will always work, regardless. But over the years, the truth behind those words have continued to ring true to me. If you have faith in the power in the oil, you can function without borders - manmade and otherwise. However, if you don't have faith in the Power, it may not serve more purpose to you than the olive oil in your kitchen.

  9. Faith and beliefs work for anyone. If u believe prayer works for you at midnight or anytime using any medium..good for u. God is Sovereign

  10. I believe wellfare prayers are best done at mid nit. Bt any other prayers can b done at anytime of d day

  11. I think its belief. When you think about it, in the night, there's no noise, nothing to distract you, less people are bombarding heaven's doors with petitions, etc. I can count on one hand how many times I have stayed up in the night to pray even though every body in my house believes in it. I believe that God is everywhere and is my "very present help in time of trouble" (Ps 46:1) and so my time of trouble can be in the afternoon, in the night, in the morning, anytime! He will be there!
    Also, if you want to pray against your village people, witches, wizards and powers of your father's house, it is believed that the midnight hour is when they start their activities and as such, that's the best time to deal with them.

    As for praying naked, I don't get the rationale behind it. I even feel one kind praying to God braless when I wake up in the morning talk less of deliberately undressing to pray. Different strokes for different folks.


    That Eesah's song enh! I kept thinking the same thing as I was listening to it yesterday. Is this the same Eesah who is a virgin and advocate of waiting till marriage? O boy! The song was ok tho, he just needs to work more on his rapping skils

    1. "Less people are bombarding heaven's doors with petitions" I don't think that argument holds water cos 12 midnight here is early morning somewhere meaning alot of people are praying somewhere. It's all about faith.

  12. My mom is the twelve o click kinda person....Come and see shaking of head until her prayer sef....I think their experience in life makes them do that...My own prayer,na with swag and baba God kuku dey answer me......
    Eesah I just used 5.3mb on you....Remember me when u go international... And guy change that ur pisure, e no fine at all....TNHW

  13. I guess it depends on your faith and what works for you. I can say my prayers at anytime of the day and in any place I want and it works for me.
    My mom was a midnight prayer warrior. Moves round the house praying n killing mosquitoes. That was in the days of midnight calls. My sister will get up angrily and look for places to hide while talking to boys while my mom will intentionally make her voice louder whenever she is close to my sister. Those 2 were like Tom and Jerry at midnight. I miss those days.

    1. Aahahahaahahahaahahahahaha! I can only imagine! Raising voice and killing mosquitoes! Hahahahahah! Moms rock mehn

    2. Omoperosola's mum. Its been a while. How's your cutie doing?

  14. Its just a belief which I think Has to do with the fact that there 's less noise and chaos and all of a person's attention is fixed on praying
    God answers prayers anytime

  15. When God opens your spiritual eyes, then you will know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. These powers work at certain hours which holds significance to them.

    There are some battles that require special and unusual ways to attack them. Without being told your spirit speaks to you. We probably have not been faced with challenges that seem to defy solution.

    Though I can't quote scriptures, I do believe that there is some level of significance. I have had. Reason to wake up in the darkest hour of the night (3am.) to pray. Not because I planned to, but because something inside beckoned me to.

    Issues of spirtualiry ate better felt/experienced than said. It all depends on your faith and your walk with God.

    So I wouldn't be quick to dismiss the significance of time.

    I listened to the song, Esesah, well done. Nice one.

    1. Thank you everyone and thanks Clare. I had these thoughts but all scattered, you just helped me put them together.

  16. "...Issues of spirituality are better felt/experienced than said. It all depends on your faith and your walk with God...". That's the bottom line Clare. Well said.

    Thelma any prayer at any time is important but some are more effective than others, and this is due to the hour, place, or spirituality of the person praying. As for your timing, it's great. 12 midnight signifies a fresh beginning. It's almost akin to being born again. Another great hour is 3pm. It's the hour CHRIST gave up HIS SPIRIT and the hour GOD embraced everyone. Praying at such a time is fantastic. Imagine asking for a favor from your dad at that moment you're sure he's most pleased with you. That's 3pm, and to me, my best hour.

  17. 'Perhaps to show God the extent of your desperation, or the urgency of your needs.'

    I totally agree with this line of thought ...


  18. Christ prayed all thru d nite at several times. I believe to avoid distractions. In ds our era, phones r unlikely to ring at those hours, thus offering total concentration. Plus evil powers that wage wars against our welfare, r known to meet from midnight to early hours of d morn. So wat best hours to pray, than then, to cancel their negative effects.


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