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“The human race tends to remember the abuses to which it has been subjected rather than the endearments. What’s left of kisses? Wounds however leave scars” – Bertolt Brecht
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” – William Shakespeare
“Abuse manipulates and twists a child’s natural sense of trust and love. Her innocent feelings are belittled or mocked and she learns to ignore her feelings…again, the only recourse is to shut down. Feelings go underground” – Laura Davis

Aunty, abeg, I no go do am again o…abeg o”, the 12 year old maid wailed as a hard object landed on her head. Her madam was giving her the beating of her life.
Stupid girl, why did you drop the plate on the floor? Are you stupid? Do you think it is easy to make money? Village girl…you will die today”, the burly madam shouted as she continued pounding the maid.
Aunty, abeg, I dey sorry o. Na mistake o. I no plan am o. Devil bad o”, she continued wailing. She had bruises and lacerations all over her body. She was tired of protecting herself against the hard object landing sporadically on her body. She was the female Kunta Kinte.
The birth of modern slavery! The new generation of hypocrites! I’d propose that there should be a new baptism for all of us! Yes, you heard me…a fresh baptism. This time around, there would be no priests in white flowing gowns. There would be no hymns sung by the choir or the pianist doing a great work on the grand piano. Naa Naa Naa! There would be no water poured on our heads, the liturgy and scriptures wouldn’t be recited, neither would any rituals be performed. Hitler and Goebbels should be our new names! Godless Hypocrites!
Some might cringe and spew curse words, trying to absolve themselves of any guilt. Some would say he is just a disgruntled drunkard that is writing rubbish on social media because he managed to come to township and has access to a laptop. A thousand reasons would be given as to why we are not guilty of the crime. Is it the same hypocrisy you are denying? Do we have to raise a rod and strike them for it to be termed abuse? What about the hate words we spew on a daily on people that are not of the same blood as ours? The condescending looks on people we deem better than; the snobbish attitudes we dish out as the clock ticks throughout the day.
We don’t give a hoot or a rat’s ass about people that are lowly than us. As long as he/she is termed a maid, a nanny, a gateman or a driver…he/she has to work his/her ass off to be able to earn a meager sum. Modern slavery! We’d gladly chop and munch on chicken wings and turkey laps on Sundays and watch as the modern slave eats from a half empty plate of rice with scarce stew and no meat. Yet every time we watch Roots, we’d cry and wish death on the slave owners as Kunta Kinte is whipped. Who is deceiving who?
And as for the physical aspect of the abuse! Oh Gracious Lord, have mercy! A simple act such as mistakenly dropping the plate on the floor would lead to rounds of slaps on the faces accompanied by hurtful remarks about the modern slave. We don’t give a shit about kids that are not ours and people that are not of the same blood as us.
These abuses on the modern slaves have given rise to disgruntled and angry nannies that would transfer the aggression on the children of their wards. The Ugandan nanny that was caught on video camera assaulting a child said it was the same treatment her madam meted out on her that she was doling out to the kid.
It is important to be good to all, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or creed. Doing good shouldn’t be some form of religious inclination but our responsibility to humanity. What good do we do to our wards? Do we allow them to walk around in worn out clothes when we use the ones they might need as rags? Do we give them extra gifts as encouragement for the work they do? Or do we treat them as modern slaves?
So my dear ‘slave owner’, the next time you walk into a church to scream on top of your voice and testify about the goodness of the Almighty in your life and the lives of your family members, take a moment (in total honesty and humility) and do a soul search. Do you love others as yourself? Do you treat your servants and wards with love?
And if your answer is NO, then turn around and go do some atonement and seek absolution, before coming to the presence of the Almighty. Maybe rubbing aboniki balm on your balls and the tip of your manshaft would be a good one. Hypocrites!
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The Naked Convos


  1. Lots of saddening tales I hear about helps and their masters.

  2. Thelma can you please do a post on does everyone actually have a price and if I know what I know now I wouldn't do........... Thanks. Moi

    1. Hey Moi we've actually done posts on both topics. General consensus was that everyone does have a price. The latter I guess comes under regrets which I think we've done twice, but since you've asked I think we can do that again soon.

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  5. Oh mami...I have seen how some of my neighbors treat their helps....smh...and you wonder why those helps steal and make their lives miserable at the slightest opportunity they's sad mami...really sad..

  6. I remember one time in secondary school I went to visit a cousin.. Their house maid was butt naked and his mum was flogging her like crazy.. This girl had breasts and all and even pubic hair.. I never liked my cousins mum, the woman is a wicked witch.. Anyways I asked him wat the girl did and he said she's Sleeping wth the neighbors house boy.. And I was and so f**kn wat???! Can't she talk to the babe like a mother instead of humiliating her like that..I was so pissed I couldn't stay .. Can't stand the woman till today and my cousin is her only child ..

    1. Lol @ Wicked witch. I listened to a radio show last week. An NGO that takes in children that have suffered abuse. Most were maids, if you hear these stories these broken children and teenagers told of the horrors they have seen in the hands of theirs madams, you would know that human beings are evil.
      One 10 year old said the woman came to take him from the village and promised to put her in school. She said she actually paid but after one week she stopped her from going. She has two children and a baby, she does all the housework and at the slightest provocation she lays her on the bare floor naked and flogs her with wires. Once when she mistakenly poured the baby's food her madam put pepper in her vagina. Imagine the heartlessness.

  7. The sooner 'madams' realise that Maids r human beings like every other person, the better for them n their kids.

  8. As a rule i never employ anybody less than 18
    My mom never hit us talkless of hitting the help. I didnt grow in that environment, but some stories i hear makes me cringe.

    Did you see the one where two doctors in the UK enslaved a male for over 10 years? Its crazy.

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