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Ruthylicious Cookielicious!

This mail is basically to say THANK YOU to all those who asked about me on TTB, those who checked up on me & those who prayed on my behalf. I'm Super Duper grateful.
I've been battling both Emotional, Mental, Physical & Psychological Traumas! *Relax I'm not dying & No be Man cause am, Yimu*
Well, Adele & Taylor  won lots of Awards from singing about their heartbreaks, so rather than whining in public nor wailing in a corner, I decided to channel my anger, pain & energy into my "Baby Company" *Covers face*, T I need to register my company name, biko revert.
At least before NYSC sends me to The Bahamas in September *Side eyes to people in Jos*, I'm trying to keep myself busy & make a few coins.
I'm currently carving a niche in making Fresh Cookies, Small chops & Other pastries! NO preservatives or artificial brouhaha oh!
Those in Port Harcourt should please patronise me *puppy eyes*. I promise to give discounts too. I do both home/office deliveries & cater both small/large parties... I can be contacted via email:

I played around with a few blog names & came up with these: #IKnowIPlayTooMuch #CookiesOnFleek

Nekky I chop one "K" no vex.
Sunshine, Talikhi, Sharon, Tolulope, Chocolate & Blink, I forgot to spell yours before packaging. #BarneyHug
I know I forgot some very dear BVs, please blame it on my current state but you know I heart you...

I'm definitely not as cheerful as I used to be but I'll Get there in no time! #TheDevilCantStealMyJoy #I'mAnEccentricMagpie 

Thanks again & A very productive week to U'all.
Bear hugs & T's Sloppy Kisses!
*Back to My Oven*

PH blog readers please do make sure you support RUTHYLICIOUS, and even if you're not resident in Port Hacourt but you have friends and family there, you can surprise them with a box of cookies! She also does other pastry too. I'm sure with a little added cost, if you're within town, Ruth wouldn't mind delivering. 

That said, please let us support this "Ministry". When I got Ruth's mail and saw the pictures my respect for this chica doubled. It's so easy to sit in a spot and dwell in self pity and beg God and man for assistance. But, when you lay a foundation, as they stay, start something/do something, a point where God can meet and bless you, then it's simply awesome. I would like to enjoin everyone of us who can, that's Ruthy's email up there, send her an email, ask for her account details, ask if she has any specific needs, ask where you can send stuff to her... And do send her something. She hasn't asked me to do this, she just wants me to post the pictures and spread word of her fledgling business, but I know that everyone needs all the help they can get, especially young people trying to make a way for themselves. 

Thank you!

I hope this inspires the rest of us. There are no perfect moments, there is no "best time". Use what you have, start where you are, do what you can. 

Good Morning!


  1. Ruthy oh... It is well with your soul dearie...Those cookies hmmmm,can u ship them to Ibadan it's not far now....kabouy was on weekend break jare...just saw ur message.. Kini mo shey oh...should I give u my number so you call know u are the real MVP...kisses...TNHW

    1. Loool! I know jare *bats eyelashes*

      You didn't do anything o! aiding and abetting nikan na ni! Loool! *hugs*

  2. More power to your elbow dear Ruthy, God bless this hustle and make you bigger.

  3. Ruthy God bless your ministry, you are an inspiration. Those cookies look yummy,keep working hard dear and trust me you will reap wonderful fruits.

  4. Use what you have, start where you are, do what you can. #word.

  5. Awwww
    Now I want cookies and am watching my weight o
    Ruth more grease to your elbow...this will be the start of better things to come

    1. That's not an issue dear. I can use wheat flour, slim milk, egg white only & brown sugar. The topping is sprinkles so ur good...

  6. Awww. I saw my name. :-)

    GOD bless the work of your hands Ruthie. More grease to your elbows.

  7. Yaaaaaassss hunty!!! Way to go dearie. Oya come and feed the crowd on Sean's birthday, it's almost here. ♡♡♡

  8. Thanks a whole lot Mama bear @Thelma & U'all. I really appreciate all the encouragement & support.

    Amen to all your prayers too!

  9. Ruthy, I'm so happy about this...
    But can u help me wait for just 4more days, just 4 days. Thanks

  10. Ruthie, let me repeat this: you inspire a lot of people and this goes to prove that you are a raw package of strength.

    God bless you.


    1. Oh F, I can't think about U & not Smile!!!

      Thank U so much Hon! Thank U.

  11. Awwwww... this is beautiful Ruthie! way to go girl!!! Mwaaah! gooder gooder!

    Pele my dia. Higher and higher you'll go in Jesus name! The Lord shall enlarge your coast and open greater doors for you!

    PS: my name is the finest up there o! Badass combination!

  12. I went 'Awww' when I saw my name, thanks dearie. May God bless the works of you hands and grant you increase. May this step open wonderful doors you never dreamed possible by God's grace.

  13. Thanks Enjay n Kene. Kabuoy U are so adorable!!!

    Uyi no wahala. I dey wait....

    1. Am i the only one that noticed that chris yinks name was spelt fully... like Clare Henshaw was just Clare, Uyi Omoruyi was just Uyi, Alabi Yetunde was just Yetunde.... but Chris Yinks is Chris Yinks... *clears throat* *puts on FBI glasses* bia Ruthy.... is there something you are not telling us! *looks away crunching carrot*

    2. Kabouy raise to power 3. How many times did I call you? 3 times abi. Don't be sighting tinz dat dont concern you.
      I decree today dat those that we give 2 columns to spell their names, shall make enuff space in their heart, body and soul for us.
      I would have crunched carrot like u K, just dat it will break my braces.

    3. Rotflmaoooo!!!!! Ejoec! Ruthie is coming for you!!! Loool! You're soo on your own on this one! *offers banana*

    4. Bana gini? I don't eat dat. See dis selfish kabuoy o. Instead of u to order Ruthy's cookies for me, u are offering banana.
      On my own ke? I just said a general prayer for all of us (with special emphasis on those who have started it), does that not make me a very good girl. Kabuoy, be thinking bad things since 1899 AD.

    5. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa! Ejoec I swear you're so on your own! Lmaooo!

  14. May God mightily bless the work of your hands. I wish you nothing but the best. I just showed my hubby my celebrity cookie name. (LOL) And I intend to patronize you and send to my bestie in PH.

    Well done babe.

  15. I didnt see my name oh Ruthy. God bless the labor of your hands beyond your wildest imagination.

    1. Miss Pynk your name is after Enjay and before Yetunde.
      Congrats Ruthy.

  16. Aww welldone dear! My name was "well spelt". Lol

  17. Ruthy na wa o.. So I carried last.. The cookies look good .. Hope to Taste them some day. Gods grace and please take it easy. Xoxo

  18. Nna this Love U people are showering so, Dear God biko BLESS Them all oh... Amen.

    Chocolate don't worry, something is brewing.
    Kabuoy U better take ur time else u'll choke on that carrot.
    Miss Pynk U are a darling!!!

  19. Yaaay

    Once again, I am seeing my name

    Way to go girl

  20. Yaaay

    Once again, I am seeing my name

    Way to go girl

  21. Ruthy, very smart moves o. God will uplift your biz to that height u never dreamt of IJN. Kudos to ur ministry oooo

  22. Hian! Ruthy! You want to cause sister rivalry okwaya?

    I haven't been here in a couple of days and the first thing Kabuoy said to me when she got home is "Ruthy did not spell you naaaaame" *imagine a nursery 2 girl taunting her friend" na im i sharpaly open the blog and true true my name no dey.

    Seeing as Erniesha is the same letter count as Sunshine(yes, I counted) and Chris Yinks is 11 characters(plus space), enumerate in clear terms why Sunshine was ommitted from the list. 70marks

    On a more serious note though, the cookies look amazing and I'm sure they'll taste great too. Well done Ruthy, the Lord will bless the works of your hands and enlarge your coast beyond your wildest imaginations. And he will most definitely turn your mourning into dancing and lift all your sorrow, he will put laughter in your mouth and songs of joy and rejoicing in your heart. Shine on dear, the cloud is your spring board.

    1. Awwwwww *wipes tears*, Happy tears. This is do touching! Thanks Hon. May your life emit more rays than the sun.

      As for the names, Truth is I was Sooooooooo tired, couldn't Continue. But I promise to pay U back somehow. #EHugs

  23. YAAyyyy... I saw my name up dere. used to comment as ogonna, changed it coz of monitoring spirit o. I love u ruthie, ur business will grow n grow n grow until the world hears ur name. God will bless n prosper the works of your hand, u shall not know lack and a sweet man worthy of u n ur cookies will find u, Amen

    1. Monitoring Spirit ke? God forbid. In my MFM voice ' all monitoring spirits shall fall down and kpeme'.....this my voice no sound like MFM members o, it sounded like Oshimoles voice..hian.

  24. Kai, at first I didn't see my name o (hurry hurry reading no good o). I said okay no wahala, I will always support a sister who has her head on right. so I commented, and I went back to do longthroat on the cookies...and alas, I saw my name.....a mi Omo is a star. let me go show my lil sis. It's not everyday dat u get ur name cookielized on a fantastic blog.
    God bless ur ministry Ruthy...and this ur creativity is definitely taking u places.... a mi Omo Ejoec has decreed it so and soooo shall it be IJN.

  25. I'm still "Shying & blushing" oh!
    I can't Thank U'all enough. Infact, let me prostrate!!!

    Kabuoy & Ejoec, I'm coming for U both! *evil grin*

  26. Aww! Ruthy I love them already. God bless ur handwork. They look so yum!

  27. May the good Lord bless the work of your hands and enlarge your business beyond your expectations. If i'm not mistaken, is that "J" under thelma's blog? . J

  28. Keep up the good work Ruth, the sky is your starting point.

  29. Hi Ruthielycious! It's great that you're doing this.
    It's not easy to have a matter what scale, work towards and then start getting results.
    Best wishes.

    1. Haaaaa!!!!! I knew I was forgetting U 2, Chioma & cccc... #ForgiveMeOh

      Some other time!

  30. Keep it up rutty,unfortunately I can't find my name up there with*teary eyes*lol

  31. thanks Ruthielycious, now i have one more reason to go to Port-harcourt, don't know how soon that would be though.

    Really wish you and your business the best. I pray this venture grows bountifully and meets all your expectations.

  32. Nice one Ruthy. God bless your hustle.

  33. Awwww, Thanks Baib & Chukwuka...

    Chris please come oh, but make sure U get here before September. I'm leaving for Nysc then. *shines teeth* *Side eyes to Kabuoy & Ejoec*

  34. I see my baby's name. Thanks aunt Ruthy for our cookies.


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