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So Much Ado About This Love Padlock! (What You Didn't Know).

Hey guys! So it's been one hell of a weekend! My head has more or less been buried under sand. Today has been numbing! I had to buy 10 liters of fuel for 5k, went from VGC (Ajah) to the airport to pick up luggage for a family member. He came in on Thursday and had to leave Lagos. On getting to the airport they said that along with the baggage claim form, I needed a letter of authorization, photocopy of his passport, my ID bla bla bla. All I had was the form they gave him for baggage claim, so I had to go back home, empty handed. Back on the island I got information that some calls had been made and things were sorted, so imagine, I had to head back to the airport. Another 10 liters. I am so peeved honestly. 

But enough about that. When I got home a friend and mentor of mine who happens to be a vlogger called me and asked if I'd heard about the Ebuka-Paris-Padlock saga. I had not the tiniest idea what she was talking about, I hadnt gone online in over 24 hours (except to post the last submission, which I did from an App and not my browser). She sounded pretty excitable and we toyed with the idea of vlogging about it. Once she hung up I went online to find out what all the fuss was about.

I'm sure you've already heard and read about it, I came late to the party. But you my special people are such an interesting and intelligent lot and the opinions of others pale in comparison to yours. So I need to know how you feel about this. 

Just a little info for the few who don't know. love lock or love padlock is a padlock which couples/lovers lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically the sweethearts' names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love. There's one in Paris, New York, Canada, Dublin, Las Vegas, Uruguay, Taiwan and several other countries (some have been brought down due to numerous complaints). 

TV personality and Lagos socialite Ebuka Obi Uchendu who's been in Paris for the last few days, took some time to visit the famous lovelock bridge in Paris where he added his padlock to those of other lovers. Writing the words ‘Ebuka & Cynthia’ on the padlock, he shared the moment on Instagram. Cynthia is the name of his fiancé, in case you didn't know. 

Now I've heard and read so many arguments. In fact, from the minute my friend called me and mentioned it, the first thing that came to my mind was BLOOD OATH!!! LOL. Don't blame me, I've watched too many Nollywood movies. Now, while I know that some couples take blood oaths, and I tend to believe that these oaths might have very far reaching consequences (primarily because of the blood involved), I don't think this Love Padlock thing holds any similarities to blood oaths taken by lovers. 

Some people disagree with me. They say the locking of the padlock and throwing away of the keys are very symbolical and could have some adverse effects on the couple in the long run. Others however say, it's just normal 'oyibo' frivolity and silliness, and is nothing more than a symbolism of love. 

The arguments are many but I'd like to keep my words few. So I'll just ask; what's your view on this whole love padlock matter; OK? Not OK? *Shrug*?

And I have one last headache (yes o! On top someone else's matter. LOL). He went alone. I mean, isn't it something that should be done by both lovers, together? Why did Ebuka buy a padlock, go to that bridge, lock what he locked, and throw the keys away. Alone. Single. One. Mono. Why?

Which leads me to my other question; did Ebuka do this just for the 'gram? Because if you're an IG fanatic like me you'll know by now that there's no length some people won't go to for the Likes... 

Oh, and of course I always have to bring it back to you; how would you react if your lover travelled without you and went to the Love Padlock bridge, wrote your names on the locks and threw the keys away, without you? Would you reaction be "awwww, so cute", or nah?

Talk to me peoples!

Photo source; Instagram, Google Images. 

Oh, are you wondering about the 'what you didn't know' part? Yeah well, you didn't know that I had to go to the airport twice today, did you? #okbye. *kisses*


  1. There's nothing to it. Nigerians always over think things in the most annoying way. He travelled for business and while there he decided to do what he watched on KUWTK, were kourtney and Scott wrote their names on a padlock and put it on the wall. We all watched it and oohed and aahed but when our fellow Nigerian did the same thing we are baying for his blood. Whether he went with her or alone doesnt matter. It's just a fun way of saying :I wish our love will be unbreakable. That's all. I bet you more than a quarter of the people who locked those padlocks there have broken up and moved on and nothing happened to them. May we all learn to leave folks alone. Go Ebuka!

    1. Spot on!!! U snatched my thoughts. #goEbuka
      Nigerians be acting all righteous and yet remain in fuel scarcity and economic melt down!!!

    2. Lmaooo @ remain in fuel scarcity and economic melt down! See vex! Queen o!

    3. Hahahahaha! Mydear kabuoy! I dey vex seriously! Blood oath ko Quaker oat ni.

  2. I don't believe there is anything to it but I don't see the point. Ebuka is so fake and pretentious, and a gold digger too. If the girl's father isn't a billionaire we would not even hear her name. He needs to get a life. #my opinion.

    1. Well, people would meet each other one way or the other. Because the babe happens to be the daughter of a billionaire doesn't make him a gold digger.... u people sef! If I fall in love with banky w now.. you will call me a gold digger okwaya?! Be careful o anon! looool!

    2. hmmn, kabuoy... du have something to tell us about you and Mr. Wellington? :-)... imagine hot gist breaking first on ThelmaThinks.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Lmaooooo! I wish! loool

      I was just teasing dear anon ni.
      I don't like when people judge "love" hehe!
      Thing is, it might not have been love at first sight... and where they met, she probably had to be the daughter of a rich man or have access to certain things before she cud be there and of course ebuka had to have done well for himself to be in such a gathering too.
      There's no way a daughter of a farmer in a remote village in oyo state can meet our dear Uyi on TTB. She probably doesn't even know what internet is.
      My point is... you meet people @ certain gatherings and if you're not privileged to be there, there's probably no way you can meet them.(except fate brings u guys together)
      So I was just citing an example... I met banky w once at a family friend's wedding... WHAT IF I mistakenly bumped into him and fell and then he lifts me up... looks into my eyes and then he just can't take his eyes off mine...... and then we fall madly in love with each other! just WHAT IF that happens?! Loool! *for the record.. I do not have a crush on bank w! I can't cheat on memphis like that*

      What i'm trying to say is it can be true love. Call me naive or silly... I believe that anyone can fall in love with anyone and it doesn't have to be about money. Money might just be the reason you find yourself in the same place and then love just happens after. *romantic smile*

      Lmaoo! Smh for me!

    5. *passing by with my film crew* who call me?

    6. Hmmm. Kabuoy is there something you want to tell us? You were very specific about Mr Bankole Wellington.

    7. Loooooool!!!!! Noooo o! It was just an example!!!! *shines teeth*

    8. Kabuouy I absolutely love ur sense of humour .I always smile after reading your comments

    9. Awwww *covers face* thanks teefey! :*

  3. People still do blood oath? I pity some people's generation because most times it is the children and grandchildren that suffer because of this things. I am not saying the padlock is the same, I think padlock is just for fun.

  4. Well there's this guy I really like and he is going to France soon and I have this dream that I'll go and visit and then we'll go to this place and LOCK UP ZE LOVE!!! Lmaoo buh its only just a dream.....

    1. LOL. May your dream become reality, if he feels the same way you do. Otherwise honey boo please wake up, you've slept long enough.

    2. Hehe. I like this dream. Both of you doing it together, not him pulling an *Ebuka* on you. May your dreams come true.

  5. Whatever the case, doing it alone is so fake and lame.

    1. Because a Nigeian did it this time!... Y re u all acting as if he went to Paris just to lock the love padlock??? Nawa O!

    2. Nah, you misunderstood. Doing it in without your partner, that's lame to me. It has nothing to do with ones Nationality.

    3. Publicity stunt of life... Trying too much to impress the babe. I was even thinking, what's the catch? Didn't know she's d daughter of a wealthy man.
      You both can always do this anytime. Except he doesn't expect to get a visa to France anytime soon.

      Where is Sasha bone?

    4. If u say so @ Memphis.

    5. Uyi there's no catch jor! They love each other! Shikenah! Why can't you people leave it at that and stop over thinking or over analyzing it! Dang! Too many un-romantic people on this blog! *side eye* @ all of you.

    6. Guys,he was there to work and decided to do it. We should give him a break,it could be for love or not. Whichever is his business

    7. Hmmmmmmmmmm... Kabouy has suddenly become a romantic! Can I get an Amen to that?

    8. Amen brother!!!! Iv always been one anyway... romance is totally my thing. it's a wonder iv never been in love! Loool!

  6. I agree with everythn darkchild said. If my husband went for a business trip and took out time to go "padlock" our love, i'll be very happy. Whether you are alone or with your loved one,any act you do as a symbol of your love to your SO is valid. J

  7. I'll have to say I belong to team *shrug*

    Two things I am curious about are: one, how much of a vested interest we take in other people's relationships, and the second is how much of people's personal relationships they are willing to share withe everyone else.

    ah well... *shrugs*

  8. I think it's pretty cool. For Pete's sake that bridge is a tourist attraction centre. What is the use going there as a tourist.

    Unless you don't love your boo. Pls we should all learn to have some sense of humor.

    And no, Ebuka is not a Gold digger, me thinks anon is jes jealous. All this hating sef.

    He is a celeb weda people like it or not, he pput his picture on HIS INSTAGRAM page, and bloggers spread the thing, now people say he is feeling fly.

    On a lighter note as a naija babe, Thelma, you sure say mammy water no dey that river. (LOL).

  9. It is actually cool...I mean...something to signify your love for one's not's actually symbolic...and romantic..I like!

  10. I think it's better when done by both parties...and i don't think it has anything to do with blood oath

    1. Thank you. Both parties. Put up a romantic meme on social media about our love, write my name on a blimp and take pictures, or anything similar to these and I won't think twice before reciprocating that gesture to the best of my ability. But the Padlock? Doing it alone? Nahh. It's way deeper than the rest. Believe it or not, it signifies a strong and unique agreement; like an oath if you will. Take a vacation with your SO, have fun, buy the padlock together, write your names together, look into each others eyes and speak solemn words of love to one another then lock the padlock and throw away the key. Share each moment passionately TOGETHER. It's not something you decide to do ALONE after finishing from the loo...just because you heard/saw peeps doing it you jump in. Do the blimp thing and post on social media, that's cool, but this?

  11. Ebuka 'the socialite' has finally gotten to the top of the social ladder he started climbing after big brother naija, now he has locked it with a secure padlock. #go Ebuka, smartest move, secure ur social environment'. I just love the way 'LOVE' makes us strategize.

    1. Lmaooo! Quit being sarcastic Ejoec! It's not nice! Lol! Smh!

  12. I would do the same if it was me, but I would do it differently, by being on the phone with my wife while I do, or let her know I would be doing it , then send her a picture of it when I do it. It has to be mutual, thats the point of this comment.


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