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That Other Side of Royalty.

Some nights ago I happened to be privy to a conversation a young married couple had. The husband lost on older family member and had just returned from his trip to the village. He was telling wifey how it all went when she asked; "How long did the church service last?". His reply; "there was no church service". "Ah ahn. Why nau? Christian burial without church service. Or wasn't he a christian?", she asked. "He was a Christian but he was a titled chief. They don't bury them in church. His 'people' came to do the burial in the burial ground". "Nawa o! All these fetish practices! And you're planning to get ozo title! Abeg o! Please think about me and the children, we are Christians". "What does being a Christian have anything to do with it?" He asked. "Those titles and royal families in Nigeria, the traditions don't go hand in hand with Christianity. Even if you say you are a Christian, all those rituals and oaths and everything that you must do... They are not Christian, they don't go hand in hand". The conversation was serious yet lighthearted, so it moved on to other topics. 
Yet, it stayed with me. I've thought about it off and on since then. So when I saw the comment below made by a self-proclaimed well-meaning lady on Bella Naija, on a post about the popular Lagos socialite cum TV personality and her soon to be husband, who happens to be the son of an Oba, my interest couldn't help but be piqued (is it grammatically ok for one sentence to be this long?) Read comment below;
"Dear, from one woman to another, I hope you know that when you get married, you don’t just marry a man alone but the entire family. No matter the foreign education and oyinbo mentality you have. Your fiance-to-be might say otherwise but after this marriage,there will be portions and rituals that you will have to exercise, both in your presence and on your behalf.
Am wondering if you are religious or not. Please be sure what you are about to get yourself into, is it what you really want for your life and future kids. There will be generational spiritual implications. When you love someone, make sure you can also handle their family.
You see now you are not yet married so nothing much, totally different afterwords.
Goodluck ."

It immediately reminded me of that conversation from a few days ago. And as can be expected, I started to wonder... What do you think about the comment above? Is this a load of crap or reality? What exactly is entailed in being Royalty in Nigeria, or having a title? Can one be truly religious and be titled? Are the women in this post right in their thinking or is their reasoning void? Are you or someone you know from a royal family, or related to a titled person, what exactly goes down biko; should the Christian wifey above right to be concerned about her husband's title ambitions? Let's talk. 


  1. There are lots of fetish practices that comes with a lot of coronation or chieftaincy titles in Nigeria. From major blood rituals where they sacrifice human heads, to minor rituals and practices which goes against FAITH and taking those oaths means denouncing your faith and religion. It's like a transition from darkness to light.

    Speaking on the rituals, it largely depends on d individual involved or the fetish practices that are mandatory for that title in d area. There are high profile kings in Nigeria esp in the north whose coronation did not come with fetish practices becoz of their faith and religious beliefs. There are also kings that are more like pastors/imams or religious leaders in their communities that their titles doesn't involve any fetish practices. And even if their title comes with rituals, they chose not 2 b a part of them.

    Thing is, if one has a royal blood, he needs 2 make enquiry or investigate properly beforehand 2 kno the rituals and practices that are mandatory for his title to be sure of what he is going into, if it's somethg he can live with or not. But I believe if they are rituals that can make them lose their souls or salvation, they should stay friqqin away 4rm it.

  2. I'll just wait and read comments cus I don't really know much about titles and what not

    All I know is in my place it is believed that, if you are those red cap wearing chief, you'll end up sacrificing one of your children or so

    Although Dad has been avoiding them for a long time because they've been trying to give him a title (maybe cus mumcy has told him He'll have to birth any child she loses)

    And my uncle just got a title, at first my mom was scared and thought it was the red cap guys, before my dad now explained that his does not hold much water and he won't be called 'Chief so so and my uncle's wife is a prayer warrior (I wonder how she reacted when he told her about this sef)

    All the same I'll just sit back and read other comments

  3. Dolapo Oni and son of the Ooni of Ife. I don't know if the children take part in the fetish practices, yes there a lot of fetish involved but I don't think the children get involved unless the person is next in line for the title. But I hope Dolapo Is prepared, she looks like a very proud person who will be doing her marriage with oyibo mentality, I cannot do this I cannot do that I cannot submit. All this forming stops after the wedding, she will be shocked at the way her lovey dovey husband will change it for her.

  4. Christianity and tradition doesn't go hand in hand, they are worlds apart because most traditional practices are not supported in Christianity so in my honest opinion, i think the wifey above has alot to worry about.

  5. Traditions and different practice in Africa and the world at large cannot be ignored. Here in Nigeria there are some fetish things that comes along with traditional titles but slowly it is fading away or rather the intensity of oaths and rituals diminishes slowly.

    To your questions- I opine that the comment above is way to far, rituals are not done on anyone behalf or without consent.
    Secondly- a lot of responsibility comes with royalty, especially in some part of the country where royalty is held in high esteem, some requires spilling of blood in some cases.
    Thirdly- one can be to a reasonable extent religious and also be a titled chief or King, I can say for sure that my village king goes to church and is spiritual.

    1. My only problem is that been a king the spiritual way(church church) is unsure, they tend to die easily that is why most of the traditional rulers seek for fetish source of protection.
      speaking from family experience, my late grandfather was a lover of titles, we practically travelled yearly for new titles. The only consequence his wife my grandma had to bear was not see her husband eat pounded yam, I have to date he was never fetish but my father on the other side keeps going for Christian pilgrimage at least once in two years. So you see the family and children are left out of it all.
      Conclusively there is nothing to be worried about.

      I can't believe I typed this message, exited the safari without publishing. Hehe

    2. Blink don't be naive
      The devil uses subtle ways to entrap people.
      If I were DO I shall pass Biko

  6. It depends on the place, culture and persons in question.
    Different degrees of involvement in traditional methods.
    Some people do not get involved in evil. Yet it's not advised if one is really to be a true Christian.

    My grandpa later started being a Christian and even did a church wedding, he was old! Plus his coronation o.
    My grandma converted him, had baptism sef. But it took a long while, a lot of challenges. She even used to join him/ host in events and activities. Wore the required regalia including leg ornaments and ropes.

    What am I trying to say? When you want to win a man who's into it over, you'd have to stoop to conquer. You'll have to be involved...maybe minimal.
    I bet my grandma used to join him and then when they got back she'd start pointing out all the wrongs she saw. She couldn't quite fight it from outside.

    When he died, they performed minimal traditional rites and also a mass. Lol.

    If she is going to totally detest it and not be able to deal with it, then she has to have discussions and plans and even agreements! Unless he's never been involved nor interested.
    Also, it's not compulsory that the men in such families must continue with tradition. The positions are transferable.
    My dad has never been involved. He has no such interest.


  8. Blink I disagree with you.
    There's somfn to be very worried about o. Let's take dolapo oni and the ooni of Ife's son for example. I am from ile-ife and if I don't know anything about my town, I know(i'v heard) that they perform rituals(etutu) every day of the year save one day. So yeah, they are fetish like that. And you'll be very naive to think that at some point, you won't be asked/forced to do a few of your own. Now, if you don't do it, they'll do it on your behalf. Standard. Don't even kid yourself that they won't. The comment up there is spot on.
    The only way she'll probably be excluded from all of that is if her husband is SAVED + firm i.e. he can stand his ground. If not.. trust me, she will "do etutu", she will wear regalia, she will also be bringing her children into that '"situationship"'... I don't know mehn... not to sound like an mfm girl.. but mehn... there are very serious prayers she has to pray o. All those things her father-in-law has done.. sacrifices... covenants... oaths... ha! omoh! I wish her the very best.


    1. If truly as a christain wife or a chineke-ed person, I don't think there is anything to be worried about, I still stand to be corrected, whatever ones deeds are, let him pay for it himself.

      As for dolapo, if you gave me the portion of the bible that says , do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers" I shall speak from afar, then the question shall be the husband to be fetish?
      But I stated clearly " one can to a reasonable extent be religious and still be a titled chief" so kabouy I speak for the religious title holders and not the heathen.

      Oh yes dear kabouy, if dolapo is prayerful she has nothing to worry about, both for herself and her children, because The BOOK says " I shall no longer visit the sins of thy fathers on thy children"

      Let me state clearly that the part of the country where I come from, the wife or wives do not offer sacrifice neither do anyone offer sacrifices on their behalfs. The same reason I said different traditions and pratices.

    2. i'm with Kabuoy on this. I also believe the lady's comment has more valid points and truth.

  9. This was the sole reason why, when my Dad was offered chieftancy, he politely said "thanks, but no thanks."

  10. Tradition doesn't go well with Christianity, same way light and darkness don't mix.
    In other to take those titles you make a lot of pronunciations and declarations and as Christians we all know the power of spoken words.

  11. Never given it much thought. It depends on the place of royalty. Not all kingdoms are actively and fully immersed in fetish. Some are, more so than others. As for Dolapo and her husband, he isnt the heir to the throne, and that particular throne revolves among hree families, so the next oba is very likely not a sijuwade, so she might be able to get away with not doing certain things.


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