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Work In Progress.

Some months ago I stumbled upon a very old picture. It was a picture taken at my brother's 10th birthday. In the picture the celebrant stood with my other elder brother, my mum and I. I was 6 when the picture was taken, and the fourth child. When I saw the picture recently I was blown away by how good my mum looked, a mother of 4. She must have been a size 8 or 10, at most; belly flat as a table top and skin that glowed. I was both in awe and depressed all at once. I was looking at the picture of a woman somewhere around the age of 40, one whose body had carried several babies, and then I looked at myself, not even 30, not even married, not even pregnant, not yet a mother, and I became terribly saddened. At the time I must have been a size 18/20. 

All my life I always thought my mother hated food. For years on end I watched her eat two slices of toast, one boiled egg (or a variant) and a cup of coffee for breakfast, a small meal for lunch and almost nothing for dinner. She must really hate food! She was a very busy career woman who would get home at about 7pm, spend time with us and then at 9pm go for a walk. She must be very restless, this woman. That's what I thought. It was only a few years back, after old age had begun to set in, when I noticed she had started to eat like regular people that I said to her "but mummy you used to hate food, old age is making you eat more than normal", she only chuckled and continued to chew. 

And that was when it hit me, this woman never hated food! She never hated food, she only stayed disciplined for several years, ate right, ate healthy and ensured that she did not have a matronly body regardless of motherhood. For years she had sacrificed mounds of garri and Akpu (which I later learned she really loves), she shunned sodas and pastry and so I thought she hated sodas and pastry. I only learned recently that these are things she actually enjoys. But, apparently when a woman hits a certain age, and/or starts having kids, in order not to let herself go she would need to be severely disciplined and willing to make some sacrifices. 

I'd gotten tired of people addressing me as Ma. Some months ago a couple met my siblings and I and gave me the most respect. Apparently they thought I'm the oldest, and I'm actually the youngest. They thought I'm older than my elder sister, who's almost ten years older than me!!! It was then I knew I had to do something. 

Some time in February this year I shut that voice in my head that said I would never be able to go on a diet or eat healthily again. I began to pay more attention to what I ate and cut my portions. It's just been a little over 2 months and already I'm several kg lighter. 

Yet, there's still work to be done, I'm work in progress. I'm not be at my desired weight but I'm so excited that I'm getting closer. 

I took the picture on the left a few months ago, and the other one, yesterday. I'm so glad I no longer need to wear sweaters, blazers and boyfriend jackets to hide my arms. Plus my face is smaller too. Halleluyah! LOL. It's serious work in progress and daily I continue to ask God for the grace to stay this course, and I know He will not fail me.

*coincidentally someone just sent me a text asking my diet plan. It's nothing special; discipline. We all already know what and what not to do.

Happy camper!

Rockin' my flat belly. I told y'all my abs were loading, right? LOL. We're getting there.

***Good luck doing that thing you've been wanting to do. And CONGRATULATIONS in advance. Kisses!


  1. Thelma your weight loss is happening very fast. Are you sure your not doing something extra? Please tell me because I have dieted for four months and no difference.

  2. Congratulations on your achievements so far. Wish you more discipline to stay the course and also bountiful rewards in your diligence. Do have a 'light' week.

  3. Now that's what I'm talking about! Abs loading...

    Keep it up Thelma. Nice one :D

  4. U go girl! This weight loss thin don tire me sef.. Been a yoyo dieter all my life some point I just decided to love the skin I'm in.. Now ur pics are making me jealous ..U have really tried o.. #okbye

  5. Haha. Waoh, Looking good, i need to follow your footsteps.

  6. You look soo different already..great job

  7. Wow, super impressed. Go Thelma go....

  8. You look great! Keep going Thelma.

  9. You're not the only one Thelma, I've been hard at work too and the compliments has been motivational.

  10. Good work but just don't over do it. I kinna like the u in the last pix best...

  11. Oh my! look so beautiful!!! Wow! I was like 'Waoh!!!!'...Keep it up eh....

  12. Routing for you all the way... :)

  13. Oh Thelma you look so good. After reading this post today, I am of the opinion I can also loss some weight. Oh God help me !!

  14. Ehen they have started o! LOL. I look a bit "dried" in that picture above so I can understand why you would prefer the Orobo me. I don't o! Now I can wear clothes without wearing layers of girdles and corsets and then a jacket to hide my arms.

    1. Good job, girl.
      I only have two pieces of advice"
      1) Please do not let anyone discourage you from doing what you want to do. People are used to associated you with a particular look, and would find it rather confronting associating Thelma the person to the new skin you're in. Let them sort it out. You know why you started on this journey, and they can't even begin to know the half of it
      2) Please don't do this weight loss thing by fire or by force. Not everyone is meant to look skinny or toned or what have you, just like everyone is not meant to be chubby. Please make sure you are eating good, balanced diet. I have to say I cringed a little at your post on the date with Clark Kent when you said you were like drinking water or eating fruit or something. Ah ahn! Ko to yen naw (e never reach) :-(. Please make time to enjoy the pleasures in life

      I know both points seem contradictory, but the truth is in there somewhere.

      Good luck :-)

  15. Thelma please did you add exercise or its just strictly less food intake?

    1. No exercise at all. Although I hope to start this week.

    2. wow! nice one! tnx

    3. Let me clarify. It's not just less food intake. I cut out most carbs (rice, white bread, yam etc) and my dinner is before 6pm. If I get hungry after 6 I eat a few nuts or fruits. Then smaller portions eg 1 boiled plantain. They say if you must eat "swallow" the appropriate size for dieters is the size of a tennis ball. Also less oil, especially Palm oil. So I mainly use olive oil and I plan to buy oil spray this week. No foods with additives eg juice, sodas etc. No processed food. It's not very easy and its sometimes more expensive than eating your regular meals. For instance brown rice is more expensive than white, wheat bread is slightly more expensive than white bread, oats are more expensive than garri, (just got back from the market, went to grind oats) etc, but the results are well worth it. The first few weeks aren't easy but once you get a hang of it, you're good to go.

    4. You are indeed disciplined. I SHALL TRY! this is quite encouraging. tnx

  16. Thelms please write a one week food plan you went on for us am sure other bloggers are interested. from there we can continue or a weekly basis food plan if you have the time. lets lose this weight together and send in progress report biko. was alrdy contemplating buying Joms pills bt dont knw the after effect

    1. Pills reduce your basal metabolic rate in the long run, so it's counter-productive.
      I'm very far from being an expert on weight loss, but if energy in < energy out, I am pretty sure you will lose weight. You just need to keep trying till you stumble on a formula that works on you.

  17. Just exercise and eat right, there is no way you won't see results. It's alarming when people say they diet or exercise and don't see results. Is either you over estimate your calorie intake or you over eat after exercising which is counter-productive.

    I have struggled with my weight my whole life, and times when I become so big are when I let go (which is good for a time oh and not forgetting oneself) and then discipline myself back to my idle weight range and stay there.-------UGO

  18. Oh @Thelma you go girl, anyone who can successfully lose weight deserves a huge commendation, it's only a disciplined mind that achieves it. We are kindred spirits in this. Congrats again! More power as you continue this journey-------UGO

  19. U look wonderful....#JoyDaNuGirl

  20. Transformation. All in 2 months. I'm happy for you babe. Just keep hanging in there till you love the skin you are in.

    Exercises will come in handy to help you tone the lose areas an tighten them more.

  21. Discipline needed/ used in losing weight isn't a joke. Well done Thelma!

    I really think you need to do exercises to keep your body/skin/muscles from sagging, tone them and build strength / energy levels.

  22. Thumbs up! For a junk food lover like myself, I doubt I'd ever be able to go on any such diet. Looking good though....

  23. You look good Tee,but please don't over do it.

  24. Get ready to buy new cloths o. You see that gown was beautiful in the left pic but not so beautiful in the right pic hehehe. I have a feeling you will do the shopping with all pleasure.

    1. Lol. I'll shop with pleasure if the fat that melts off somehow turns into cash. For now, I'm altering and amending my clothes.

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