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You're Not My Type, But ...

I love that I can have the most random conversations with my friends and a few days ago we were randomly talking about types. Ok. I remember how it started. 

Some guy invited me out for dinner and at the time he did I was with a friend. Now, physically this friend is the exact opposite of me so I didn't mind taking her along. Yes, I just said that. Let me tell you something o! When someone likes me and I don't completely hate his guts, I don't let him meet some of my friends. Especially if that friend in question is like me; pretty *bats eyelashes*, dark skinned, tall and full-bodied. I don't. Mba nu. I cannot be taking spicy fried tilapia to where a cat is playing and expect it not to want to eat! I've learnt my lesson. Ok, moving on...

So Anyhoo, my friend, skinny and light skinned, we went for this dinner together. I was surprised to notice that the bobo was checking her out. In my mind I'm like nna, how is it possible? How is it that a guy that's digging me can dig her too? 

I was chatting to my other friend about it the next day and we laughed about some men who "ain't got no type". I fear these men o! They are attracted to tall, short, thin, fat, light, dark, big breasted, small breasted, Apple bottoms, flat asses, Funke Akindele, Toolz Oniru... Smh. 

And that's how we got to talking about types. My friend opined that those men that don't have a type and like every kind of woman, are better than those that have a type but go ahead and marry the opposite of that type and then start sleeping with other women who are his type! Yeah, this happens. I a friend who very loves fleshy women, BBW kinda thing. But no, because he cares too much what people think he went ahead to marry a size 8. Well let's just say he should have married some cute BBW.  

I remembered him when I saw this comment on Bella Naija; Its good to have a type but I'm not obsessed about it. I had a type but decided to throw it all away cos of his good character. We are married now and though he moves heaven and earth to please me, i guess the fact that i decided to overlook his physical or (not my type) still affects me. He doesn’t know but i sometimes wish i had put this into consideration b4 accepting the ring. I get really scared about this and really don’t know what to do. It has really affected my sex life cos we decided to abstain before marriage and now i am not excited to even do it. He makes me happy though but sometimes i wonder…

This lady has said a lot in this comment. She has also brought up that age long issue of buying the car before taking it for a test drive. The Godly thing to do, yet oh so risky...

Back to types. 

Do you have a type or are you one of those who's anthem is "I ain't got no type!"?
If yes, what is your type?
Are you married or in a relationship with your type?
This I really want to know; If you're not with your type, what were your reasons for accepting to be with them even though they're not your type? Why did you make an exception for them? (I once dated someone who so was not my type, in any way form or shape, just because he made me laugh a lot. Dang! It's then that I believed people who say and man can get any girl he wants if he can make her laugh). 

*Men I've dated usually have a type. It's a bit freakish but I've noticed that I look like a lot of my Exs girlfriends, wives or Exs. LOL. it's funny but very weird when you see your former boo with your carboncopy*


  1. Hmmmmm....erhm...whether he makes me laugh or smile or whatever, if he is not my type, it's a NO-NO in my books and that's it. I can't be in the kitchen tryna make dinner and as soon as my husband walks in through the door, I have to drag a ladder for my husband to climb just to be able to reach me to kiss me all in the name of 'Uhhh he makes me smile and laugh so I married him'...Heck No! God being an awesome God was gracious enough and I married my type.....everyone needs to have a type...if you are one who believes in 'going with the wind' then it's safe to say Frankenstein could also be your type....#simplysaid

  2. pretty???o_0. so when you say your friend is the opposite, are you trying to imply that she's ugly? hmmmm

    1. I'm sure you read "skinny and light skinned". I ain't got no ugly friends. Bye!

    2. No ugly friends.... Abi oo

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Yes Momoh. No ugly friends. And I think people that call people "ugly" are ugly. Tsk tsk.

    5. Delete comments all you want, just asking you to correct what you wrote and stop feeling so bloody self righteous! In one paragraph, your friend is the exact opposite of you so you didn't mind taking her along and then......if that friend in question is like you...pretty, you don't take that friend along.... looks like youre just as dumb as they come. Someone took offense to this hence my post. Anyway delete and suit yourself.

    6. This stupid anonymous should pls take chill pills. Ah ah Wat gives? T puts a post and doesn't intend to hurt anyone d least u can do is be courteous while correcting her not sounding like a pained bitch.

    7. Really Anonymous 2:48pm? Is there more to this? What happened to constructive criticism? and why are you trying to infer what is not? She made a simple statement, even if she could have been more tactful or phrased it a better way, is it enough to come at her this way? Plus if you're going to be b*tchy, the least you can do is have an identity. Hiding behind the anonymous cloak is cowardly.

      "Someone took offense to this hence my post." Sounds like you know Thelma or someone who knows her, tell the aggrieved party to call her or make the complaint (him)herself.

    8. Anon how is it possible that my friends (including the "skinny and fair") and I get to laugh over this post but you and your "someone" who we do not know are upset? That's confusing.
      I worry for you Anon, no shade, no sarcasm. I sincerely do. The kind of hate you have for me that almost consumes you, yet you religiously visit my blog... That must hurt a lot, no? And then you carefully take out time to look for holes, opportunities to make digs at me. Isn't it exhausting?
      Miss/Mr/Mrs don't stop, whether you believe it or not you've kept me going at times I wanted to quit, but do try to let go of some of that bitterness. Life is too short, smell the roses, appreciate people, be happy!
      This is the longest comment I've left you and it will be the last. I refuse to be sucked in by your negativity and darkness, lest I become infected.
      Goodluck and of course you're welcome to stay and drop your trademark comments. (I'm sure you're already typing GTFOH. Haha!) I need you to keep me driven.

  3. The one time I tried dating someone that wasn't my type I didn't quiet like it
    I like having a type

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

  5. I've always had a type but never seemed to date them. Thank the lord that has changed and am settling down with exactly my type

  6. I'm not sure about what to say on this one. I've only ever liked one person and I don't really know if 'type' played a part.

    1. awwwwww!!
      i guess when it happens, it just happens. everything else becomes story :-)

  7. Tell us your type nah.... Talikhi, Eziuche et others. :) *grabs plantain chips and fanta*

  8. I have a type o.. I don't do skinny dudes and I don't do fat dudes ,I like "in between" light skinned dudes are a big NO NO too.. I was lucky to marry my type .. #okbye

  9. Hian! Me I over have type self. Infact, if u are not my type, I won't even date u let alone marry u. I can't come and marry a woman that's is not my type and start cheating on her 2 months down d line. I KENT!

    But ermm, on a second tot, u can marry some1 who's not ur type and change or "finetune" them into becoming exactly your type.

    *scratches head*

    1. Scratch dat head well well o (Lol)

    2. Eesah, you went to release song in another blog abi? Lol

      Anyways, nice track. Keep the movement forward

    3. Yes o, Eesah I saw the song, was asking myself if it's the Eesah I know here or another one. Keep up the good work.

    4. Please where is the song o! Where can I listen to it?

    5. Hi T, pls go here to download and have a listen:


    6. #finisheslistening
      not bad bro, rap cum singer things

    7. Ok Easah. I'm running there now.

  10. Type ish...very impotant especially when u just can't deal!

  11. So when you're inbetween dude becomes skinny or fat, the love dies?

    1. no my dear it doesn't cos that wasn't my reason was marrying him.. Him being my type was just an added advantage .. He's even lost some weight now but he's not skinny..

  12. I want a blog id pls who can help put me tru.

    1. Hey anony, follow these few steps 2 get ur blog ID:

       1)visit then create a gmail account (requires phone number). 

      2)After the gmail has been created successfully;visit        

      3)log in with the gmail address which you created earlier on(with the password too) then it automatically logs you into your blogger account...     

      4)Once you are logged in successfully you can then click
      on the "New blog" tab to create Your own blog account by filling in the necessary info required...                                    

      5)Your blog I.d has been created successfully...                                

      6)When next you log into Thelma Thinks or any other blog and you want to comment, jes go to the "reply as" then click on "google Account" and insert your gmail or blogger email address as created earlier on then "next" it until you are logged in completely, you are good to go with commenting using a blog ID. If after this and u still kent, then send me an email and imma school u more or do it 4 ya.


       Note:most smartphones or browsers like operamini can't allow you comment with your blog I.D. So after creating your blog I.D and you want to make use of it,use your normal phone browser or download google chrome or Safari browser if u are using an android phone and u'd b able 2 comment with them.

  13. I dated guys that were do my 'TYPE' before getting married, tall and huge lol and that was the kinda of guys I liked but where did that get me lol. But talking about types are we just talking physical attributes because that will not get anyone anywhere. My husband is not short but not extremely tall like I liked and far from huge but I'll pick him over and over again because personality wise he is definitely my type and more. I don't like talkative and loud guys because I'm exactly that. I like guys that are musical and he is a musical genius (bats eyes lol). I like guys that are very giving and open minded and extremely ambitious and he is all that and more. So If I had focused on my huge goliaths wouldnt I have missed the gift God had in store for me because of a few bone inches and melatonin?!?!?!

    All I'm saying is have a type if u want but don't shut ur eyes because u don't know what package the real deal will come in.

  14. Thelma I bought the car before testing it and now am paying for it. I know it does not apply to everybody. I wish we did it before our wedding because some days I think about cheating on him.

    1. U can test whtever u wanna test b4 marriage without actual coitus. U are paying or regretting now coz u didn't device other means of testing d car or probably some1 was economical with d truth.

    2. Lol @testing without actual coitus, how does that work for you people. If u don't want something, don't even start it because when u take a sip of the coke u said u won't take, there's a possibility u will keep sipping and at a point say 'what the hell' and drink the whole thing. My point is @anon it's just unfortunate ur in this position, try and look for remedies afterall your already married. This one your eye is already chuking outside, the lord be your strength

    3. Random: I remember when I was going to serve in Osun State and my dad drew my ear saying 'no testing' lol and the very next day I think, I was in a place they call 'testing ground' with my then bf and then I remembered my dad's words. I still laugh about it

    4. Really Eesah? Test without coitus? Wow. That's a new one.

      Loool @ testing et testing ground.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I've never dated a light skinned girl and may never date any, dark skinned girls are my type anyday

  17. I never dated skinny guys oh....I was a little fleshy I married my type...not to fat,not to thin....why would I want to be holding onto bones for the rest of my life....nah....TNHW

  18. "type" is transient - it changes. you may have a type so specific down to their DNA sef, but when you meet one random guy like that, you won't know what hit you.

    in my opinion, there's a difference between having a "type", and having... let's just call it "minimum criteria". i interpret "type" as being encompassing, eg 1) tall 2) full-bodied 3) white teeth 4) long hair 5) thick lips 6) thick eyebrows. But I interpret minimum criteria as one or two things that cannot be done without, eg "thick eyebrows is a definite must, i cannot compromise on that"... lol

    The woman you quoted may have had a "minimum criteria" that her hubby must have for example, a big belly. she ended up with a lovely guy with a six-pack, and is now regretting. for all intents and purposes, he could be her "type", but just missed out on one important criteria.

    I pray she gets to love and accept him just as he is.

  19. Thelma biko i intend to steal your questions and repost on my blog. Can i? Pretty pls....

    I used to think i had a physical type but i have come to realize what i have is a "character" type. Funny thing is although i am not married to who i considered my type of guy, he's actually the best for my weird kind of person.


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