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In a Perfect World, I Would Have...

You have those friends with whom you can be very vulnerable. They know your fears, weaknesses, hopes and all, and you know theirs too. 
Some nights ago I was talking to one of these friends and I guess I'm that kind of friend with whom she can be naked. She complained a bit about her husband, the homefront, then went ahead to talk about a former classmate of hers who's married to the son of one of Nigeria's prominent public figures. Apparently this friend has been a swan among ducklings, right from their teens. She was from a middle class home but thanks to her milky complexion and extraordinary good looks, she's always kinda had things handed to her. All through university she was dated and cared for by one rich kid or the other, and right after uni, this son of a wealthy Nigerian saw her picture, insisted on meeting her and next thing we know they were engaged. Now they've got three little kids, when they're not home in Banana Island, they're in their Ne…

My Darling Tiwa!

You know there are times that I'm sorry wouldn't even cut it. Tiwa might be quiet on the blog but she's extra special in "real" life. LOL. She was one of the first blog readers to reach out to me, doesn't forget my special days, sent me something on TTB first anniversary, calls me whenever I sound down on the blog, calls me occasionally to keep me updated on herself, and then I went and forgot it was her birthday, even if we talked about it a week ago. 
What is it with me and forgetting birthdays these days though? Old age?
Tiwa baby if it makes you feel any better, you're my daddy's birthday mate, his birthday was on the 28th of June too and I blanked and also forgot to wish him a happy birthday (smh at me). I hope you both forgive me. 
I'm two days late but it's better late than never abi? 
I hope you had a great one? Many more awesome years ahead babay! Much love.

cc @kabuoy @memphis. *lipssealed*.

Is This Part of Being a Mrs? (My Sister In-Law; The Chronic,NeverEnding Burden).

Damn Some in-laws are much tho! Lol! "Whole Chicken"! Read Enjoy Comment.

My husbands family love to be around each other. They are so close that their father built a block of flats where they all live. My husband and I live in the penthouse. We are building our own so we are here for another two years. My family and I are close but we have boundaries! We don't need to speak everyday or be in each others faces. They are quite used to walking in and out of each others apartments and helping themselves to things. I'm usually ok with it as I don't mind entertaining. However, my husbands sister is too much for me. She is a chronic and never-ending burden. I tend to mind my business with their family issues and say almost nothing at all. She has a habit of raiding my kitchen pantry and freezer every other month. She comes in while I am at work and just "goes in"! On Friday, she took a whole chicken, huge Tilapia fish from and a few drinks and other items from…

On Days I Want To Give Up Blogging.

Have you ever felt like just packing it in? Yes, "it". Whatever it is. Your job, your blog, your business, your passions... Have you felt like that?
Well once in a while I really feel like just pressing delete on the blog and moving on with my life. I guess I'm not supposed to admit it but hey, whatever, some days I just want to pack it in. 
It isn't always easy; the days you wake up just not in the mood, the days you wake up in the mood but have no ideas for a post, the days you wake up not in the mood and have no ideas for posts, the days you post but know your posts make no sense, the days it seems your readers all just took a break from you, the days you check your page views and it's half what it used to be, even though your efforts are double what they used to be... The days you just get tired of having to spring up ideas for posts on a daily basis... On those days, among others, I just want to pack it in. 
And what do I do when I feel that way?
I wish I c…

Was I Right or Wrong? Be The Judge.

So early in May I went to the shopping mall and couldn't help but notice this rather fine looking, gentleman dressed in a suit, welcoming each person that walked in. I wondered if that was a new feature of the mall, a new part of their culture; having a well dressed man greet each person individually. Well that didn't make sense so I brushed the thought aside. While leaving, I looked out for him and saw him timidly approach people leaving the mall. I walked to the other side of the car park, not wanting to be begged for money by the well dressed man in the suit. 
I thought to myself that he wasn't a feature of a mall after all, he was a well packaged beggar. But as I drove out I watched him closely and saw that he had some things in his hand. On getting to where he stood, I slowed down and wound the glass down. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Please ma, I just released my album ma, anything you can give me ma..." I asked him for a copy and handed him a 5…

In Defense Of Pedophiles & Pedophilia (It's a Valid Sexual Orientation Just Like Any Other!)

To all those people I cussed out for saying once homosexuaity is embraced then we should get ready to embrace pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia etc I'm so sorry. I never thought the day would come when I would read an article such as this in black and white. In the defense of pedophilia and pedophiles, no where is there any mention of the effect onthe child. Instead they say sex should be introduced to children at a younger and younger age, they say child pornography could be beneficial to society and that once sex is consensual, regardless of the type of sex, then it's fine. Question is, how difficult is it to get the consent of a child; some mind games here, some mild threats there, some pieces of candy here, some kindness there, and an unknowing innocent child nods her/his head in consent. 

Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosex…

Monday Morning... BVN... Expectations!

Good morning errbody! 
Calling on everyone who is yet to do their BVN registration!
*Your BVN gives you a unique identity that can be verified across ALL Nigerian Banks (it is not peculiar to one Bank)
*Your Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access
*It reduces fraudulent activities on bank accounts
*Gives easy access to Banking operations
*Your BVN is accepted as a means of identification across ALL Nigerian Banks
*Registration in one bank covers all accounts the individual might have in all other banks

The deadline for registration is Tuesday, 30th June, 2015. 
I culled the above from SDK. Did you hear that? The deadline is tomorrow!
Ok, the idea behind this post is to alert those who are yet to do theirs, Rush to your bank(s) NOW!

Have you done yours?

....when I started typing this post there was plenty to say but suddenly I'm racing against time so BRB!

When Desperation Pushes You...

Daniella crushed on Chudi for longer than even she could remember, all she knew was that she had to meet him. One fateful Saturday night she spotted him at the club and thankfully he happened to be with an acquaintance of hers. Normally Daniella wouldn't have gone to say hi to this acquaintance but because of Chudi, she did. She had hoped he would take interest in her but unfortunately, he only politely said hi. Daniella lingered for any useful info and eventually heard him tell her acquaintance that he was returning to Lagos the next day. The next morning Daniella went online to check what flights were going to Lagos and when, thanks to the small town she lived in there were only few flight coming in and leaving the town, it being a Sunday made it even fewer. Daniella got her hair made, applied her makeup carefully and wore the most innocent yet flirtatious dress she had. Ready, Daniella headed to the airport an hour before the Arik flight to Lagos was slated to leave. The aero f…

"Anytime I Sleep With Her I Receive a Strange Knock on My Head"-Husband.

Just when you thought you had heard it all...

Dear Thelma...

Dear Thelma please help me post this because I need advise from you and your readers. It is about me and my fiancee.. I love my him but I'm not in love with him anymore. Our family is already planning the wedding and it is almost becoming obvious because I am not active in any of the planning, even my asoebi color and my bridesmaids dresses it was my friend that picked them, I am even yet to buy my wedding dress and when I am ready I will send my measurement to my sister so she can buy me any dress in England. He is a very nice man and I love him as a person but maybe it is because we have dated for too long or other reasons that I no longer feel attracted to him and it is just like I'm dating my cousin. He is still crazy about me and he does anything to make me happy. Unfortunately t and bvs the only thing that will make me happy now is if they cancel the wedding. When I think about him marrying someone else I get jealous but when I think about marrying him I get depressed. H…

#LAGOS Register now!!!

"It's not about ideas, it is about making the ideas happen" Make your ideas happen in the
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6th- 10th July, 2015 TIME
10am-3pm daily...NO AFRICAN TIME! For payment DETAILS and more INFORMATION:

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Same Sex Marriage Legalized By The US Supreme Court.

Same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry nationwide, the U.S. Supreme Court said in a historic ruling that caps the biggest civil rights transformation in a half-century. Voting 5-4, the justices said states lack any legitimate reason to deprive gay couples of the freedom to marry. Justice Anthony Kennedy joined the court’s four Democratic appointees in the majority, bringing gay weddings to the last 14 states where they were still banned. “The right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person,” Kennedy wrote. “Couples of the same sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty.”


A brave new world indeed...
But Bloomberg also added that "The decision is likely to meet resistance in parts of the country and spark new legal fights. North Carolina has a new law that lets court officials refuse to officiate at same-sex marriage ceremonies. Pike County, Alabama, currently isn’t issuing marriage licenses to anyone."

How Do I Explain Caitlyn Jenner?

"Aunty Nwando why does this woman sound like a man? Is she a man?" My baffled six year old nephew asked. 
... Fed up with watching Paw Patrol and Dora the Explorer, I decided that I also deserved to watch what I wanted to watch and began to channel surf. I paused at E for a moment, long enough to watch the ad for I Am Cait. That was the first time I was seeing the ad/preview for the former Bruce Jenner's new sitcom. That was also the first time it occurred to me that they could change her cheek bones, they could change her lips, they could change her breast size, they could change her hair, but they could not change her voice. As I wondered how one could confidently convince oneself that they're now a woman in a voice so masculine and gravelly, my nephew broke into my thoughts and asked. 
I wasn't surprised when he did. From the minute it started he left his toy automobile and squinted at the TV, trying to figure out what he was seeing. Lord let him lose interest, …

8 Signs You Were a Bubbler.

Being a bubbler was not a joking matter. EVERYONE wanted to be a bubbler. Those that hated bubblers, hated them because they wanted to be them. Really, have you ever met a child that doesn’t want to be one of the cool kids?! There were a few ways to gain bubbler status in secondary school.  A few people had a natural swag that certified them as bubblers without any effort on their part. Those ones were called “bubblers by nature” aka BBN. Then you had those ones that did everything humanly and supernaturally possible to receive the seal of approval. Those ones were called “bubblers by force” aka BBF. There were also some people who met all the criteria but just did not have the personality required for bubbling. Those ones were on the border; not quite in but not quite relegated. The vast majority of bubblers however, had a combination of the bubbler personality and most of the criteria listed below. If you are feeling brave, feel free to take the bubbler quiz and see if you qualified!
1. Di…

I Was Catfished!

Guys, I was Catfished. No, it wasn't as extreme as the above but let me ask you this;

Women, Their Insatiable Needs and Their "Gullible" Men.

I have often compared relationships to baskets that can’t retain water. As a young man i have struggled to reconcile myself to the ways and behaviours of women especially when it comes to money. Try as i might, I cannot understand the lust for money that most women have, neither have I found a woman who does not yearn for financial contributions in relationships. Most of the ladies i have met in my 30 something years on earth have been so money-grubbing that they have scared the heck out of me and have kind of put me off marriage. After dating for several years and almost going bankrupt trying to please my girlfriends, i decided i had to find other ways to assuage my sexual appetite pending when i find a woman who can love me for me. You see most of the ladies i have dated in the past have always had one request or the other that they needed me to fulfill. Their wants were always insatiable… from an iPhone, to an iPad, to assistance with house rent or their parents/siblings medical bills…

She's Dating Her Husband, The Relationship is Steamier Than TheirMarriage!

I have been married to my hubby for 8 years and we are blessed with 4 boys which I had vaginally. After my last boy, my marriage went from bad to worse, as in, getting my hubby’s attention over the years has been very difficult. To have sex with him is even on ‘appointment’ basis. The rate at which my marriage was going, I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, it would move from worse to worst. I sought the advice of one of my very close friends and she told me what to do. As funny as this sounds, it was working very well and I don’t want what I am doing to end. I got a new phone and sim card, then opened new accounts on all the social media, putting all my best body parts as the display/profile picture, especially on facebook, whatsapp and bbm. I then sent a friend request to my husband. The silly man did not waste any time in accepting my requests. At first, he played hard to get but I still relented. Because my identity is not revealed to him, I went back to being the way I us…

WHY DISTURB GOD? - Ogenna Chimezie Nwodo

During Mass today, when it got to the stage when the 'prayer of the faithful' will be rendered, the priest, in his obvious sensitivity for gender equality asked that four people should step forward. Two men, two women. They marched forward. The first person to come forth was one dark man, average in height. He never ceases to come out to offer the prayer of the faithful. Most times, the priest hardly concludes with the asking and he steps forward. I now assume he comes every Sunday prepared to do this service; with a seeming rehearsed prayer point. He has a mode of operation. First, he commands us to close our eyes! Usually in a tone fit only for the barracks not far away from where the Mass is held. Well, from the first day I attended Mass there, I have deliberately and defiantly flouted that command. After the command, he then goes on to shout his chosen prayer point for the day in a way that mocks God as deaf. I usually shook my head as what readily comes to mind is: "…