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"Child" as defined by the Dictionary vs "Child" as defined by the NigerianLegislature. Wole Soyinka Speaks On Sexual Offenses Bill

Dear Friends and Comrades,
Regretfully, I am unable to be with you tomorrow morning. However, I extend a warm embrace to you in your resolve to keep within Nigeria’s short memory the events that have been central to the attainment of our democracy – warts and all – enjoyed today by you and me. June 12 remains the true Democracy Day despite the unprincipled efforts of some prime beneficiaries of that struggle to expunge it from a people’s chronicle.
If I had been able to join you, I would most certainly have asked you for help. It has to do with the nation’s latest alleged legislative stance against sexual abuse – molestation, rape, paedophilia etc etc. I am only a layman, not a “learned brother”, so any help from the learned is earnestly solicited. The question on my mind is this: is that legislative reinforcement not merely a case of rubbing vaseline on leprosy?
In this supposedly progressive bill, sponsored by the respected Senator Chris Anyanwu. I could not help but notice a reiteration – as if to ensure that there is no ambiguity – of the word “child”,  near superfluously. Well, we understand “child” as defined in most dictionaries.  There is however also child as defined by the Nigerian legislature. This  definition is contained in a prior Bill, sponsored, no less, by a notorious serial paedophile  and cross-border sex trafficker, yet lawmaker – one Ahmed Yerima.
Does Yerima’s Bill, gleefully assented to by his peers, not simply vitiate this latter, supposedly humane concern for the protection of the child? Again, I confess to being only a ‘bloody layman’ in such matters. However, reading both bills, it strikes me that all the new bill does is empower the clique of paedophiles. All you need do is “marry” even a six-year old under any local laws, and do whatever you want with her. Through marriage, she is already an “adult”. Her “defiler” is now fully protected by this law. She is not. The current Bill is the ancient story of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.  End of story? Yerimah and his fellow perverts are having the last laugh.
This issue of child protection looms large all over the world – including bills passed or under debate. It is one that defines us in our own estimation and in global view as worthy to be counted among humanity, or as the basest kind of living species that exist solely for their sensual gratification, even at the cost of the emotional and physiological well-being of the weak and vulnerable of society. Our lawmakers have betrayed our children.
This latest addition of insult to social injury was tucked within a last-minute avalanche of bills that were passed at lightning speed during the tail-end of the last legislative assemblage –  47 bills in  under 3 hours – surely one for the Guinness Book of  Records. An accident? Or by design? This bill, subjected to wrong arguments, merely consolidates the reduction of female minors to sex objects.  As long as you can afford a bag of rice or – as in the case of cross-border tastes such as Ahmed Yerima’s – ten thousand dollars, you are free to rape a child to death.  This, surely cannot pretend to represent the will of a people who care. Once you re-define female adulthood as marital status, all subsequent protection bills for the girl-child are worthless, cynical.
Neither culture nor religion is at issue here. It is, quite starkly, an issue of science, the science of the human body, one that demonstrably instructs us when the female human body is still at risk from conjugal rites. We should therefore call upon the Medical Association to take the lead on this, a human issue that affects all men and women of conscience. A nation should not be founded on the sexual exploitation of the fragile, and innocent. The debate must remain open.
President Buhari – and here I make my first imposition on his presidency – should never place his assent on such a nefarious distraction. Its implications doom the victim to afflictions that churn the stomach even to think of the human toll. Perhaps those legislators think that vaginal fistula is something thought up arm-chair critics with nothing better to occupy their minds. No matter, let those who profess a genuine concern declare their stand on this. On my part, I find unacceptable any effort to build a nation on  perversions that merely minister to man’s sexual appetites. This is a sordid appeasement of a minority who actually require psychiatric help.  President Buhari should not give his assent to the Bill without amendments that address the earlier Yerima gift to the nation. It’s a trap!
Let us learn from the heroes of June 12.  Few people have done more for the cause of liberation than the Hero of this day.  M.K.O.Abiola was an open polygamist. None of his wives was ever found to be below the only age of consent that is now needlessly under contention  – the scientific. We cannot substitute science and observation for any spurious alibis that sacrifice the child to private lust!
The debate must remain open until resolved in favour of the child.
–Wole Soyinka

Well said Prof. The debate must remain open until resolved in favour of the child!

Good evening guys, We're turning up tonight! Yup! 
In church... Been a while since I attended night vigil. Yes o! Not everytime Quilox and 57, sometimes turn up for God. LOL. Adieus amigos. Let me hit the road. 


  1. I can comment again.....yes!

  2. The things done in this country SMH,so marry a child and she automatically turns into an adult. We have a long way to go,the kind of legislators we have are not even worthy of making laws for animals. J

    1. Yes o, we really have a long way to go. I'm however going to give them the benefit of doubt and presume that these bills were hurriedly passed under influence of ogogoro. Even one of the most debated bills (PIB) was among the 46 bills passed in 10 minutes. The motion raised by Anyawu on the punishment of rapists was 4 years ago, and it was hurriedly passed also. A friend of mine said "The legislators push to jail rapists but legalize rape through marriage". Clearly something nasty happened in the house which we haven't yet heard of. It doesn't make sense. Prof. recommends the open debate on obvious pedophilia, I recommend open debate on ALL 46 BILLS. David Mark...ko da o

  3. ...And all what I wrote is gone. No power to type another epistle.....

    I just Mr.President doesn't pass the bill into law.

  4. My only resolve here is, let's just pray for this country to keep her from the wrong hands in politics cos it gets tiring when you realize that these old men are actually human beings before being a politician.

  5. Thelma I know this is off topic but what's your take on getting back with exes. I broke off my engagement and my ex has been contacting me in the last days. I'm not exactly sure what his head space is but I still care about him. So he had an accident and I called to say sorry I heard hope he's okay. Next thing he says he's in front of my house and I obliged saw him and went back home. We talked a bit more during the week and he came over yesterday and we took a drive round town. Both of us didn't want to bring up the topic of getting back together all week and I dint want to be the one starting it since he engineered the break up. Long story short he asked if i would come to his crib. I said No. Then spontaneously we randomly checked into a hotel near my house and spent the night. Yes we had sex and no its not clouding my emotions or judgement although it was amazing. I don't want to go hurt myself again. Do I just cut him off totally or give things time say till end of June.

    1. Isn't it ironic Ur name is Annie?
      Abeg sing this song and be merry...

      It's the hard-knock life for us
      It's the hard-knock life for us

      Steada treated,
      We get tricked
      Steada kisses,
      We get kicked
      It's the hard-knock life!

      Got no folks to speak of, so
      It's the hard knock row we hoe
      Cotton blankets ..steada wool

      Empty bellies ..steada full!
      It's the hard-knock life

    2. Lol@Uyi. Annie you have not even talked about the issues that brought about calling off the engagement and you are thinking of going back. Don't you think. You are putting the cart before the horse.

      It's not even a "let's take a break" matter, engagement is called off, you must address the issues. Analyse objectively before getting to the should I or should I not.

      If the sex was so great, have some more and get it out of your system then settle down and do your maths. J

    3. Uyiiiiiiiiiii ooooooo......uwese oooooo
      That's all I have to say.

    4. Lmaoooo! Uyi is noh alright! Walahi! Hahahahahahahahahaaa! Uyi oooo! I'm just reading this sha! When I saw the relationship wan tin wan tin... I just skipped and said i'll come back... uyi tho! loool!

      *side eyes* @ J! Have some more ke? Looool! You people ehn! Lmaoo.

      Anony dear... you open your eyes clearly... you want "talubo" to enter! okay ooo. I know you think the amazing sex will not cloud your judgment... just make sure it doesn't. listen to J except the "have some more" part... zip up!

    5. Hey Annie. Sorry I came late to the party. I think it would have helped if you'd told us why you broke up with him. But regardless, it must have been a major issue for you to cancel the engagement. Obviously you two still have feelings for each other but whatever you decide remember that "feelings" are never enough. Love is not enough to keep a marriage, as I'm sure you must have heard. I think if you really want to get back with him then you should, as his girlfriend and not as his fiance. And while y'all are dating that would be a good time to ask God to step in.

      Ps. If you cancelled the engagement because of abuse please DON'T go back. Also remember that things that displeased you while dating will still be present in the marriage, and this time it will likely be worst. If you couldn't handle it while dating, can you really handle more of it after marriage?

      Good luck Annie. And Uyi you're such a nut! You crack me up. No pun intended. LOL

  6. I just feel it's cos we dnt have enough women in the legislative sector that's why all those bills can be passed. My opinion tho

    1. I don't think so. We have a good number of women there. If this had bothered them the way it bothers us we would've heard their voices, heard that they staged a walk-out or something to oppose the bills. But, like the men, they're quite silent. What happened cannot be explained completely. It's pure madness.

    2. Pure madness!!!!! It was the rape wan I heard o. My guy was telling me about the legalizing rape thing and I was like naaah!
      Lord have mercy! This same bill everyone kicked against the the first time it was brought up by yerima and his cohorts. That one senator voted in favor of and started crying cuz he claimed it was a mistake. Hmnnn! Ko buru! Fewer women in the senate is the problem okwaya? Issokay! You'll soon realize that is the least of the problem!

  7. TThis i just plain insanity, Woke So tinea simply spoke the truth. We have given power to the perverts and paedophile to freely defile children.



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