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In a Perfect World, I Would Have...

You have those friends with whom you can be very vulnerable. They know your fears, weaknesses, hopes and all, and you know theirs too. 

Some nights ago I was talking to one of these friends and I guess I'm that kind of friend with whom she can be naked. She complained a bit about her husband, the homefront, then went ahead to talk about a former classmate of hers who's married to the son of one of Nigeria's prominent public figures. Apparently this friend has been a swan among ducklings, right from their teens. She was from a middle class home but thanks to her milky complexion and extraordinary good looks, she's always kinda had things handed to her. All through university she was dated and cared for by one rich kid or the other, and right after uni, this son of a wealthy Nigerian saw her picture, insisted on meeting her and next thing we know they were engaged. Now they've got three little kids, when they're not home in Banana Island, they're in their New York apartment in Manhattan. 

My friend talked dreamily about the recent birthday pictures she just put up in Instagram and how charmed the girl's life is. I listened to her patiently. I could hear the wistfulness in her voice and while I was getting carried away imagining the heaven that must be the girl's life, I felt a need to remind my friend that no matter how perfect someone's life seems, it is never perfect. 

In truth, I was saying those words just to console my friend, because at that point I wasn't so sure I believed them. Then she said "I know, but some people's lives are more perfect than others". I know, right? We all have crosses to bear but some people's crosses are light as pancakes and bedazzled with glitter. 

But is this true? Do some people go through life carrying weight far smaller than others? Or do we all suffer the same although facing different discontents?           

This post isn't even about people with seemingly perfect lives. Perhaps it's just the fact that one half of 2015 is over and one is forced to reflect. Naturally it's one of those times when you think about what you wish you had in your life, and what you still hope to get. So "In a perfect world, so so and so would happen"? Yeah. What's your own scenario?

In a perfect world I'd have two kids by now, live on my (or our) own property, work in the PR department of a big organization with plans of my own PR company underway. I'd have my hands deep in the media and travel at least twice a year; a different exotic location each time. In a perfect world I'd be loved deeply and spoiled senseless by the love of my life whom I just can't imagine living without. 
      In a perfect world, all marriages would be happy, there'd be no divorce. There'd be no terrorism, no hunger and no tears". 

In a perfect world, how would your life be? What would you have and where would you be now?

Of course (some of) these things we long for are still attainable.

Oh, Welcome to July my darlings. May God bless us all!

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  1. In a perfect world, I would be cared for by that special someone, I would have gotten my Nursing degree and won't be intimidated by a foreign degree, in a perfect world, I won't be so worried about my future or scared if getting married. In a perfect world, I would have enough funds to make my dreams a reality, I won't even come as the first born of the family and be weighed down with so much responsibilities. In a perfect world getting a well paying job won't be so difficult, I won't be so jealous of my mates that have had things easy, in fact, life would have been sweet. There will be ni death, accident, cancer, cirrohsis, CVA's, suicide, murder, sickle cell wont be an issue, no terrorisim, ISIS or Book haram. Children won't due from preventable and curable diseases, Nigeria will have a standard economy
    But the world isn't perfect and I have learnt overtime to be greatful for the gift of life and also acknowledge that we have individual and persona struggles and that's what makes us human.
    Happy New Month Thelma and the whole TTBV crew. Birthday's loading
    RANDOM# am I the only one having sleepless night over that OOU accident. Saw the corpse up close and I have been restless since. Terrible sight.

  2. In a perfect world i would have had 3 kids (2 boys & a girl), drive a big car and live in a posh apartment with my prince charming.

  3. I don't like getting my pretty brain worked up on ish like dz since there's nuffin like a perfect world hehe. Knowing that everyone is struggling with somethg in life is enough compensation for me. Pple's lives might look seemingly perfect than mine 4rm d outside, but hey, wht they are going tru might b more significant than mine.

    So in a perfect life, I'd still be Eesah *wide grin*

    Happy nu month blogfam

  4. First time commenting here... so happy.. in my perfect world i wld be a little fatter, working in an oil and gas company as the company Secretary and legal adviser....thank God for where i am ...bby his grace am getting to where i want to be.. Dara

    1. Welcome to TTB Dara, we're happy to have you.

    2. Sunshine, are u an usher in Ur church? Lol

    3. Lmaoooooo! Or part of the welcoming team!

  5. In à perfect world I'd be married to Johnny Depp and Chris Evans and Liam Hemsworth would be my concubines. In à perfect world I'd be able to achieve orgasm during sex easily, but what the hell, this world I'm in ain't half bad

    1. Lmao. Greedy geh. That's a "fantasy" not "perfect world". But is there really any difference...

    2. Lmao! Anonymous, this your perfect world ehn... I wish you best of luck o

  6. In a perfect world, I won't be indisposed now

  7. In a perfect world I'll be a curvaceous perfect size ten with more money than I can use in my account!
    I'll be living in a 7bedroom five bathroom Mansion in the country side somewhere. I'm my perfect world my charity organisation will be making a big impact in helping the old and elderly people that have no one to take care of them. Sigh! Oh well

  8. Hmmmmm, I'm allowed to day dream on this post,

    In a Perfect world, I'd be the P.A to the DG of NNPC, *I love being behind the scenes*
    Married to Lance Gross with a twin *a boy & a girl*.
    Travel to Hawaii & Canada once a year. Own my orphanage, My friends would be as successful too & HAPPINESS will be a 24hours a day feature!

    Back to my movie biko!

  9. In a perfect world, I'd be wealthy beyond measure, done getting my MBA from an Australian university and married to an English speaking Gu jun pyo. In a perfect world, we'd all grow old and happy and evil would have no way to thrive. Wishes wishes...
    Happy belated birthday Tiwa. God bless you.
    Happy new month to the TTB Fam. May the blessings of the second half of the year, run into an overflow for us all.

    1. Buby Gu jun pyo is mine o, am learning korean language so I can go to south korea and steal him.lool

    2. Awwwwww,Gu jun pyo(boys before flowers),love that series.
      If I start typing what my perfect world would be like,it will be an epistle of life.So i'll just keep dreaming in my head.

    3. LMAO! Buby you just reminded me of our last born. That child loves Gu jun pyo to distraction.. half the pics on her tablet are pictures of those fine chinko boys... smh. I just can't watch those their series no matter how hard I try.

    4. Lol! Chioma, by the time you're done learning, he might be married and a father o. I Would have advised you hijack him and teach him English instead. I would have...if I didn't have my heart set on him already. Don't ruin my perfect world biko!
      @sunshine... I wasn't a fan too, until I discovered Gu Jun Pyo thanks to my young cousin. Who knew south Korean had them so fine?! Plus they have some really great series with political plots set in the empire/dynasty era.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. In a perfect world, I won't have been carried away by his beauty n slept with mezu after months of abstinence, now he sees me as a cheap girl who sleeps around. In a perfect world, mezu n I will be together #sigh# shaking my head at me with regret jare, maybe I would have been tougher in a perfect world

  12. In a perfect world, I won't have been carried away by his beauty n slept with mezu after months of abstinence, now he sees me as a cheap girl who sleeps around. In a perfect world, mezu n I will be together #sigh# shaking my head at me with regret jare, maybe I would have been tougher in a perfect world

  13. In a perfect world,I would be able to eat without getting fat, my body would have snapped back to its pre-pregnancy state post childbirth, I would be paid a good amount to be a stay at home mom, spend time with my son and watch him grow

    Where I am is not bad but then a girl can dream :D


  14. In a perfect world I will be in marbella Spain right now

  15. In a perfect world. I'd still be me but with more siblings...

  16. Lol@all the perfect world scenarios. I am ok with my current situation need to stress my brain.

    1. Lol..I dey feel u jarey Pynk.. I no even know Wetin to add for this perfect world post sef!
      I only hope for the best, and with God on my side plus perseverance the sky's just my starting point.

  17. In a perfect world, i would have finished my education and working in a bank as a customer care agent (I so love interacting with people), married to the love of my life and have my twin boys (identical).

    In a perfect world oh in a perfect world.......

  18. I wonder sometimes, if we were all maga's that is rich men and women, who will serve the other.

    My list is plenty. I just stick with WORLD PEACE....hehehe


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