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Love Is Not a Constant High. (Your Love Story).

No truer words ever were said. 

Earlier this evening I watched a few minutes of a movie and three sentences the speaker said stuck; "love is not a constant high... Love is complex. Sometimes love is simple". 


So "love is not a constant high" resonated with me and I strongly agree. But who wouldn't? Is there any adult that thinks or expects it to be? I don't think so. I don't know that statement to be factual, it just imagine it to be. I don't know that it is because I've never been "privileged" to love and/or be loved long enough to experience its highs and lows. 

No not me, not I. 

Oh how I would love to tell you about love and my experiences. I know it seems like I share a lot but in actual truth I share nothing. And I itch to share! Unfortunately circumstances restrict me. 

But you, you can tell me. What has your experience with love been? When you think about LOVE what pops up in your head? How much happiness has love brought you? How much sadness? How many peels of laughter and how many tears? Has love been kind to you, or simply brutal? Has love healed you, has it hurt you? What's your love story?

An anonymous commenter recently posted on how her boo broke it to her that it didn't smell too fresh down south, how he told her kindly and went further to show unconditional love. How they went together to the clinic and how he stood by her. And now they're presently engaged and planning their wedding. That comment made me warm all over. I got all mushy and emotional.... Love. 
     Love. One of our blog readers told me a while ago how a failed relationship landed her in therapy for months. I couldn't even begin to imagine how broken she must have been. I on the other hand am so used to having my heart tossed and smashed against glass walls that it's become a case of "oh, hello pain my loyal friend". 

I'm just trying to be as real with you as possible. I know that while some of you might want to Awww and reach out to me, some will smirk and laugh and stick their tongues out. Neither is the desired intention. Either one makes no difference to me. I just want to share with you so that you can in turn share with me, and others. 

I find love a very intriguing topic. We're all very different people and we've all had very different experiences. So what's your love story? How is love treating you presently? And for the married folk, are you married to your "one true love"? (No, I don't mean "The One" or soul-mate. I mean, the only person in the world you love more than anyone else, the only person on earth you will gladly spend the rest of your life with, the only person you can picture yourself with...). 

Silly or strange as it might sound, it would be fantastic to hear it. So, do talk to me. 

Tell me about your experiences with love; the complexities, the highs and lows, the past, present and the future as you hope it would be. 


  1. Hahahaha! This post just made me Smile, Laugh Hurt & Sad.

    LOVE? Oh well, I've fallen Truly/Genuinely In Love just TWICE my whole life. (B & Papi).
    Details? Nah!
    They say the 3rd time is...................

    1. ...the Charm. That's what I'm looking for. I've learnt huge lessons on Love. The *problem* with Love, if you truly have loved, is that it never really dies, but it's not desperate. When it doesn't work out with someone it hurts but when you eventually move on you find it hard to dislike or hate...still you don't/can't go back was never meant to be (exceptions exist ofcourse). Is this complex to grasp? That's Love. Hehe.

    2. Memphis, you just spoke my mind. I have only ever loved one person, it hurt like hell when it ended but no matter how angry i get at him for letting go, I cant really bring myself to hate him. And, no matter how much i miss him, I know i cant go back.

      This thing called love...

  2. Thelma I am currently experiencing the worst heartbreak in life. Some days iwish will die in my sleep because I cannot wake up and face another is so painful when you have already seen your future with somebody after they promised you heaven and earth only for the same person to wake up one day and hate you as if you killed his mother. May God help me.

    1. Anon how can you wish to die in your sleep because of another human being. One day at a time, you will be fine dear

    2. Pele my sister,u will be fine

    3. Nobody has the keys to your happiness girl except you allow them !!! Brace up and move on. He wants u to be like this, I know u will say I won't understand, but I do. Please be happy and move on. Be your own company and love yourself like there is no tomorrow. E-bearhug...

    4. Nobody has the keys to your happiness girl except you allow them !!! Brace up and move on. He wants u to be like this, I know u will say I won't understand, but I do. Please be happy and move on. Be your own company and love yourself like there is no tomorrow. E-bearhug...

    5. Lauretta u couldn't hv said it any better. Anon u'll b fine. I know it's easier said but trust us when we all say u'll be fine.

  3. Fuck love... I'm tired of trying! My heart beats (but it beats quiet)

    1. As much as you sound tough Oga Uyi...LOVE go catch you! At least e dey beat here we dey.....#noddinglikeoldmamaandwalkingaway....#JoyDaNuGirl

    2. Hahahahaha Joy you're so not serious....

    3. Anonymous Rider!10:12 am, June 10, 2015

      UYI be Singing Deuces, HAhahaa

  4. Love, a small word
    For such a complex emotion
    It is made up of so many things
    It can't be measured
    But can only be treasured
    Love is a feeling...

    Oya TTB addicts, out! Out! You come
    ...grabbing pop corn and waiting.

  5. T love has been good to me, dated only one person and thats who i married. It is not perfect but we are happy. I thank God because I shake when I hear some stories.

  6. T,I wrote a few weeks ago about my baby having a dislocated hip,well it was a partial false alarm,cant thank God enough. Thanks for reaching out,it really helped

    1. I'm so happy to hear it, I though about you just a few days ago. Glad to know everything is fine now.

  7. You are dating someone, he professes his Love every given opportunity. He makes u plan with him how u guys are going to spend eternity together. He goes on and on, you feel so mushy mushy cus ur so inlove. Then he goes offshore to work (he's an engineer), very difficult to communicate sometimes. You are scared, you don't hear from him for over a month, then the next time you hear anything thing about him is that he went home and married a girl from his home town.
    Yes, that is my story of how a four year relationship went down.
    Thelma, please o, what did u say love is again?

    1. So sorry ejoec, I believe every experience has a lesson, that must have been really painful, the most painful part is painting a future with them in it, seems so beautiful that when it ends , its like your world shatter momentarily. I agree with Memphis's comment and Thelma's coping mechanism I want to adopt so that nothing anyone does will surprise me anymore, doesn't mean I would stop hoping for the best. I believe in the 1st Cor 13:4-8 type of love, that is what to reflect and ultimately attract, will test every "love" against this principle. Side note: today's rain is on another level, oh ye islanders you are trying.

    2. As in the rain ehn. I just got to the office at 8.49 am (dats me that usually arrive 7.15am o). Thank God my manager is late as well (lol).
      Thanks Chioma. It wasn't funny at first. I had to reign in all my strength to move on. And he came back begging me to forgive him. I did. Then he started with all d drama about not loving his wife and wanting to see me...I refused to see him bicos 'Thou shall not give a minute of your time to a Cow that dumped you for someone else, EVER'...Ejoec 2010AD

    3. Wait. 4 years and without a word he went and married his town's girl? Ouch. That's cold.
      Chioma, I dont mean to I've given up on love. C'est ne pas possible! Me that loves love more than anything else. Just saying hopes have been dashed too many times, it's nothing new anymore.

  8. s(HE) be(LIE)ved... They all Lied

    I said Uyi's line "fuck love, I am tired of trying" in those exacts words, yet I choose to love again

    I had Ejoec kind of hearbreak scenario(engr, offshore, etc) yet I choose to love again

    Anon 9:22, you think death would solve the issue? Well I sought after death, yet darkness was my only friend then, Pain was not my issue, suffering was. I couldn't believe it happened again, Yet my spirit stood strong! Yet I choose to love again

    Thanks to LOVE for all the laughter it brought to my sweet heart, no thanks to Love for all the tears I shed, till my eyes got sore. Nobody but YAWEH saw what I went through, the world gazed from the outside.

    Would I love again? Oh Yes, because God still gives Beauty for Ashes.

    I love to love and be loved.

    1. Omg, you are simply adorable

    2. Anonymous Rider!10:15 am, June 10, 2015

      Blink got me Blinking!

    3. Blink ooo, I stilll loooveeee oooo. Don't mind me oo. Do not take the question at the end of my mail serious oooo. (Lol).
      But I still suspect the ones that say 'I'm offshore ooo'. It ain't my fault jare.

    4. Aw..great inspiration Blink.

    5. But Blink you can love sha. LOL.

    6. Anon 8:19, chiny T, we are all adorable
      Tee, how can I not love when you gave me a shoulder to cry on? U also are way adorable
      Anonymous Rider, keep blinking... My prayers are with you.

    7. Blink, no girl can love me... Or no girl has loved me yet! but I'm not waiting on love anymore. In short, I cant wait on love... Moving on to greater things jare!!!

    8. moving on with you
      sometimes it feels like the risks of love outweigh the benefits

    9. @uyi and kene, surely you would have to move on, till love comes knocking. You know matters of the heart can be funny, and The heart doesn't choose whom/when it falls in love.

      Someday, just someday, maybe soon/later she would walk into your life and make you both see. reasons why it never worked out with anyone else, but for now Keep Moving .

  9. Love has been super good to me
    I love love,no matter how hurt I get i will love again

  10. Love love love, I have known love,I have known hurt and I have known hate but I choose to.keep my heart open,I have only loved one person all my life,loved him to pieces,though it ended well because we sat down n.talked about the fact that it wasn't working n we went our separate ways,he is married and we still remain friends. Focusing on how to better my self,maybe love can come in later.

  11. Love is a major roller coaster ride. Filled with all sorts of emotions. Sometimes it includes betrayal, disappointment, hatred etc. Only true love can give you a mix of many emotions. True love never dies. Not every one finds true love. Some live their lives and die without experiencing true love.

    For those that have given up on love. I feel sorry for you. Its part of the essence of life.

    If you seem to cant find love. Stop searching, love will find you. But you gotta open your heart.


  12. looking forward to experiencing the kind of love I have always imagined and thought about. Waiting to Meet someone who will loves my imperfections. WISH TO HEAR THAT WORD.... I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM A GENUINE HEART. Until, then I can never stop imagining until love finds me. singing.....It takes so good... loving somebody when somebody loves you back.

    1. sorry**** love my imperfections....
      **** taste so good

  13. I've felt love hurt and hate. My ex was the love of my life oh how much he loved me, sometimes I couldn't believe someone could love another that way, he gave and gave and gave kai. He always told me ill never find someone like him and I never did the man loved me to a fault. He did everything in his power to show me the perfect love and just like man he was he couldn't have me alone so he had many side chicks and it hurt every time I saw him. Broke it off and months later he was in a car crash and he didn't make it. It was like part of me died with him I felt hate for him for dying cos we would still be friends if he lived. Today I'm married not to my lover but he is faithful and that does it for me. Lol. But there are days I wish I could feel that kind of love I felt in the past again. But they say if uve felt love once in ur life ur lucky so I'm one among the lucky ones. I don too tlk oya bye

  14. currently i am in one of those funny situations where i love (really like ) someone who's not over his ex (he says he is , but i'm not buying it), i'm not sure if he likes me that way or is just leading me on cz he wants the cookie.. and my ex is still in love with me, though i'm mostly over him...
    i'v tried and tried and tried to shake d feeling (liking the first guy) but i just have to see his face or hear his voice and i start smiling and babbling like an idiot....
    aaargghhh!!! i hate catching feelings..they're d worst ....

  15. Love? what do I know? I get worried sometimes thinking if I'll ever truly find love......for so many years, I have (literally) shut myself out from loving......never given anyone the opportunity to love me or have me love them, mostly because I lack trust for them, and secondly because I don't want to let the cookie out of the jar and I worry that that's a criteria for loving or showing least that's what I see these days.

    As much as I am a tough babe and sometimes play the "I don't need a man to be happy" card, I really do wish for a love-filled happy marriage, more especially because my mother did not have that, and she very much wants that blessing called marriage for my sisters and I. It would be a blessing from God to her that her daughters end up in happy homes/marriages unlike her.

    At the end of the day, I pray to God for grace. Grace to open up when true love comes knocking, Grace to realise that it is true love, Grace to take the big step and say 'Yes' to spending the rest of my life with that true love and finally Grace to remain happily married to that true love. Abi?

    1. My dear, you have said it all... Kapish

  16. love is beautiful. Sometimes it hurts but......there is nothing to compare loving someone and being loved in return. J

  17. Gosh love ehn.... It's so sweet... MUAHHHHH... SO SO sweet oooo,... Love is so fucking sweet... It's so sweet to be in love most especially when u are a guy

  18. Sometimes, I forget what that word exists.... but then I find it in cute innocent faces who smile and make everything alright with their hugs....

    1. * sometimes, I forget that word exists....

  19. Love is unique
    love is all
    love is sweet
    love is bitter
    love is all i crave
    love is all i hate
    love is kind
    love is cruel
    love is unique

  20. Love shmove! *not interested face* Done with that addiction. Gimme respect, success and a shitload of money. I can live with that. Ike akuko love agwugo m biko! I'm seriously tapped up n done!


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