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My Favorite Thing; The MVPs, The Date Picks, Rejected Stones & Others. (Photos)

We've all got that one thing that we love. That one thing that we look and and get this sense of calm, peace, joy and sometimes, pride. 

Of all the many favorite things I've got, my perfumes have got to top the list. Now, I won't say I've got a large perfume collection. But each bottle gives me this unexplainable feeling of peace. I know, I don't understand it either. They're my pride and joy. My collection is still growing but this is it for now.

The Real MVPS
The real MVPs are what I wear when I want to make an impression, when I need to have my scent on for long, or just when I want someone to ask "What are you wearing?". These are Oud Ishaban by Christian Dior, Caligraphy by Aramis, Eros by Versace and Oud Oriental by Versace. To be honest the Oud Oriental is my least favorite in this collection. I somewhat feel like Versace was experimenting with Oud and came up with this slightly weak result. Yet, it's useful when you want that Oud scent without its overpowering nature. My favourite in this list, and also my general favourite, is the Christian Dior. I'm not a Christian Dior fan when it comes to perfumes but they outdid themselves with Oud Ishaban. Dang! Now there's a story behind this perfume. It's the only one among my babies that kinda feels like an adopted child. That's because after I found out something the (then) boo was up to, I really wanted to piss him off. So I gave myself a gift. Yup. The Oud Ishaban. As desired, It did piss him off! But when he realized it was a little price for his silliness, he didn't mind so much anymore. 

The Oud Ishaban and Caligraphy can stay on for about 72 hours, even after several baths...

Date Night Picks. 

These are the scents I use when I want to smell girly or when I'm going on a (romantic) date. They're Rose by Zara (which smells like a blend of flowers and Oud). Wonderstruck by Tailor Swift, Intimately Beckham by the Beckhams, and Orange by Hugo Boss (this is also part of my everyday scent). 

Everyday Play
These are what I use on a daily basis, run errands, work, friendly visits etc. They're Eau des Jardins by Clarins (this is also very good for date nights, it's very flowery and feminine), Wish by Chopard (was once my favorite perfume. It's got this "cold" scent I can't explain), Burberry Weekend (this is the perfect everyday scent, absolutely love it!) and Glow by Jlo (this has got to be my worstest perfume, it smells like baby powder. Perfect for running errands or going to the market). 

The "Strong"
These scents; I don't use often. They're sometimes too strong or overpowering so I tend to use them when I'm feeling undecided. The Ferragamo is for men and I got it when I thought to give Masculine cologne a try. It's ok if you mix it with something soft. Idylle by Guerlain is feminine but rather too strong. I wear it when I just don't care much how I smell. Its scent is very long lasting but I'm not too keen on it. Jungle by Kenzo... Kenzo makes some unusual perfumes. I honestly don't like this so much and I use it either when I'm feeling undecided or when I don't care how I smell. 

The Rejected Stones
Well the Calvin Kline Obsession isn't bad at all. It's on the strong side but i like. But unfortunately, like the Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, the tops are lost, so I don't use them anymore. The other two behind, dunno jare...

The Cartier babies
These are my Cartier bubbles. I used to have the 100ml bottle of that round one but for some reason it smelt like B29 to me so I gave it out. 

The Newest Baby. 

I'm yet to open this bottle of Black Orchid by Tom Ford. Let's keep her in reserve for now.

So there you have it. These are some of my babies. I've used some really amazing scents in the past and I need these back in my life so if you're looking to get me a perfume gift, let me give you ideas; Euphoria by CK, Ultra Violet by Paco Rabanne and of course Féerie by VanCleef & Arpels. 

This is one of my all time favourite perfumes. I even still have the empty bottle somewhere in my drawer. 

LOL. Taking these pictures actually took a lot of my time and energy, but I absolutely loved doing it. And that's the beautiful thing about loving something. It doesn't feel like work at all. Please can I build a career as a perfume collector? Haha. 

Now that you've seen one of my favourite things, please tell me yours. What are you absolutely crazy about? what could you spend you last kobo on and not mind at all? What can't you get tired to buying no matter how many you have? What item can you never have enough of?
      Vintage clothes? Shoes? Bags? Watches? Figurines? Dolls? China? Books? (Ahhh, you should see my book collection. That's what I should do next. I would have put up a picture by they're cooling off at my parents place for now. I don't care whether there's technology and e-books, I'm never giving up my books. Never ever. My kids must see them!). Guys, what's your fetish, what's your addiction? You want to write about it, send me pictures? Please do! I would love to see them. Either for my eyes alone or for the blog. 

So, tell me your favourite thing.


  1. Wow. I'm not crazy abt perfumes but I really love your fingers and nails. Please give me please

  2. Nice Collections T. I luv perfumes too. My favs are Roberto Cavall, Vera wang and Jimmy Choo. There's just something about them That I can't get over.

  3. My Fetish only makes me go crazy cos I cant get just one (for now).
    Ziess cp2 prime lenses(6 piece)
    Mini Cooke lenses

    Each lens cost at least 7k for the Cooke lenses
    The Zeiss cp2s cost at least 3k and above...
    Its just a matter of time Sha!

    Oh and they are valued in dollars

    1. Perfumes don't freak me. If it smells nice, I get it.

  4. the fingers are a welcome distraction to the post

    me that is but a humble student, I'm not permitted to have any material preoccupations

  5. I love perfumes too and shoes and clothes and more clothes. J

  6. Uhhh I am not crazy bout perfumes...Shoes? Yes! Anyday wanna make me happy - buy me a pair of wanna piss me off - buy me a pair of flats....There is just something bout a shoegasm I can't explain. So far, I have over 60 pairs. Anytime you catch me looking at my feet, just know that I am admiring my shoes. I feel at peace on the inside knowing that I have on a nice pair of shoes.

    1. 60 what? I think shoes are one thing I can do without, for me it's more necessity than luxury. My mind screams BAGS but my wallet screams NO. So for now, I won't even give in to that urge.

  7. I love shoes,I cud spend my last kobo on shies and sandals,but unfortunately,I haven't bought a year now cos so many things are taking my resources,I also love perfumes and sprays but I more. Nice collections though,we are partners in having white nails,I have got white nails like u too,the third beautiful part of my.body after my hips and lips.

  8. Thelma, its clearly written ISPAHAN on the bottle and you kept writing ISHABAN, or am i missing somthing here??

    1. You're not missing anything o! I typed it that way the first time and auto correct took it from there. Was too lazy to edit n I hoped nobody will notice. LOL. You're right, but I'm still too lazy to edit *covers face*.

  9. I refuse to be jealous of those nails, love your nails tee, my nails are fat and stumpy, please give me yours. To the issue at hand, I don't have favorite anything, in fact I have only bought a perfume (if joy counts as perf niyen) once. Cheapskates like me.
    Anyways greater things ahead

  10. Thelma Thelma, i luv ur collection o. I am a perfume collector too but in smaller sizes o. Dem 65ml and ko. Lol... Marshals help my collection no be small. My favs are versace, bvlg, jimmy choo, vera wang, theiry mugler... Infact i love all i buy jare.

  11. U people are trying oh. (Shoes, Perfumes, Bags, Clothes).
    T I Love ur nails. Very Clean! I'll also love to see ur book collection.

    My #1 fetish, the one thing I can't get tired of, the only thing I need when U piss me off, whether I'm sick or healthy, FOOD! I'm NOT a foodaholic, (LIE)
    But I LOVE to cook & TASTE, Gracious Heavens! On My Wedding day, I want a well equipped kitchen, on every anniversaries just keep giving me kitchens, Lol. Even when I'm dead broke, i'll buy any fresh produce to experiment on a dish I saw... I'm writing this comment from a friends kitchen sef, sampling their new waffle maker!! Whooooops!

    1. Hmmmmmm Ruthyy,this ur fetish na wa ohhhh.ok now,don't worry I u a well equipped kitchen as a wedding gift.

  12. It's got to be shoes for me. Like Ernishia, I'm an addict and usually have my "shoegasm" moments.

    I love perfumes too, books, belts, eye wear and some other luxury in general (LOL).

  13. It's got to be shoes for me. Like Ernishia, I'm an addict and usually have my "shoegasm" moments.

    I love perfumes too, books, belts, eye wear and some other luxury in general (LOL).

  14. Shoes shoes and more shoes. Pls give me some shoes n make me happy forever. I am also a book lover. Bless me with shoes n books n I will forever be indebted to u...

  15. How do I explain buying a bottle of oil, which wouldn't be opened anytime soon, yet you keep buying and worse still it rolls as gifts, because everyone know you always want more? Obsession -over an inanimate object.

    2yrs ago i got a watch for $12k, I am yet to open it till date, But I would go for oils(perfume) , watches, shoes and coca-cola. Yes I am that vain.

    I don't have up to 7 handbags as a young chic, should I be worried?

    1. Here comes the shocker! I don't have one! Loool. The one Iya kabuoy managed to dash me... sunshine turned it to her own(i really don't mind)

      Me and my backpack anyday anytime. *covers face*

      I love shoes... even if I don't wear them... I just like seeing them sitting on the rack! I can't explain it sef.

  16. I carry one handbag to work like for 8 months straight. Once I move my things to a new bag it marks the death of the other bag and the cycle begins. I try not to buy so many the same time so they spoil in my wardrobe before their turn. This does not apply to purses sha. My bag is my other home, to move everything in it to a new bag is like moving into a new house. J

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I like just one perfume....Romance by Ralph Lauren...i'm just okay with it.
    I use to be shoe crazy, but not anymore jare.
    Just wear any good thing that fits me now, all the crazy for years have rolled by.

  19. I have problems sha😆. I am addicted to nail polish and diamonds made before the 1980s.

    I have probably 100 shoes but i am not a shoe person. What gives?

    1. 100 shoes and not a shoe person? You're such a well rounded, solid individual. Otherwise I'd have been forced to wonder if you use certain things fill/suppress a void/need.

  20. Anonymous Rider!9:25 am, June 08, 2015

    Oh wow, This is a beautiful collection Thelma.

    Mine would be books, I have some of my books from Primary to Secondary School,

    At a point half of my bed was filled with books, whether im reading it or not I like to have books around.

    I bought the kindle, the kindle fire but Nothing, I mean Nothing beats paperback. Mine would have to be Books, Books, Books. Infact I need new books. Any recommendations on something new to read?

    1. I used to be this way until hubby made it clear that my books had become his rival. This was when we just got married. Gradually, my obsession with books started disappearing.

      I hope you're joyful now? :) time heals...... you know, God's got you.....

    2. Anonymous Rider!3:18 pm, June 08, 2015

      Na Small Small breast de grow my sis, I'm getting there.

      Thank you!

  21. @anonymous rider, you seem to be in a better place. I'm happy for that. Hope you have been eating well? J

    1. Anonymous Rider!3:19 pm, June 08, 2015

      No, I'm still not so hungry. Not sure the Multivites are even working,

      Thank you.

  22. Never been one for perfumes. I love shoes but can't indulge in that yet.
    Sleeping socks in wonderful rare shades of colours and prints are 'it' for me. I've got them in striped, floral, poka dotted, plain and mixed patterns. My sister tries to get me ugly pairs whenever she comes upon one, and just shakes her head when I beam endlessly at my newest treasure. She thinks I'm hopelessly silly, but I can't help it.
    I've been trying to get a male friend of mine to give me one sexy teal blue number in his collection that I'm yet to find elsewhere, but apparently they share a bond. Someday though, someday.....

    1. Buby yours is so cute, you're such a cutie! Striped socks and all... It's not something I've ever thought about..

    2. Awww Tee... see me blushing at being called a cutie! Now I have to show my sister your comment as proof that she's the silly one. Hehehe...

  23. To say I have never seen or heard of these names before is an understatement. Thelma, They are fine. God bless your kind soul.

    1. Thank you Dinma, may God bless you too.

  24. Thelma you should send one of those exotic perfumes to me in benin,GRIN.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


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