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Questions Questions Quotes.

How much worse, Daniel?

Now this picture above literally gives me life! Every time I look at it I get a different thought and they aren't all related to marriage or proposals. It's got me thinking of times I've jumped into something out of sheer excitement, relief, desperation or lack of options, without asking questions first. 

One quote that constantly pops into my head is; "in life you get what you negotiate". Sometimes, no matter how great the thought of something is, you've just got to stop yourself and ask a few questions before proceeding. 

Does this remind you of something? A particular person/time/incident that you gave in to and later wished you'd first stopped to ask a question or two? Maybe you realized that asking these questions would have saved you a whole lot... Tell me about it. 

One easily comes to mind for me. When he said "I would love you to work for me but I'm not sure if or when I can pay you". Because I was so excited to do that job I didn't even stop to ask, I just jumped into it. In retrospect I wish I had said "I understand, but when do you reckon you can pay, and how much exactly?". Yes you guessed it, I worked my butts off and never got paid and I'm the only person to blame, because remember; In business, as in life, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Lesson learnt. 

Married people in the house, is any of you wishing you had asked "how much worse?". Single ladies, are you regretting passing up on that proposal because you failed to realize that "worse" could get "better" and now some other lady is reaping the fruits of being his Mrs? LMAO, a lot of us have that one person we wished we hadn't underestimated...

So yes; "In life, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate", "love is the noblest frailty of the mind" and lastly; "I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind/body must know it has got to get down to work". 

This last quote particularly speaks to me because one day I woke up and realized that I was achieving way less than I should have, simply because I was waiting to be "in the mood" for something before doing it. If I wasn't in the mood to work out, then I wouldn't. If I wasn't in the mood to write, then I wouldn't. If I wasn't in the mood to meet with people, then I wouldn't. If I wasn't in the mood to study, then I wouldn't. And here's the thing, when something isn't exactly fun then how often do you think you'll be "in the mood" to do it? I had to start training my mind and my body to get up and go! Mood or not. It's not always easy but one step at a time. 
     I'm proud of the little achievements. Just a few minutes ago I needed Erniesha Tibs to help me with something on my blog (Thanks mamacita!) and because we're on different time zones it hasn't been easy getting a hold of her. She finally had my time just now but I was just about to go into chill mode, after having a frenzied 24hours or more, (the reason I haven't posted in over 24 hours). She assured me I could get some rest and she would be here when I'm ready. It was very tempting to say "you're such a darling, thank you". But I reminded my mind that we're making some changes and we've got to go get it!

Guess what, I feel a lot better for staying up and doing the work. ALSO, it was only after we rounded up that I had the energy to put this post up, because prior to that I'd decided I wouldn't bother blogging for now. How wonderful it is!

So you tell me, what are your favourite quotes and why. How do they apply to you personally? Is there a story behind your love for that quote? Let's talk about quotes. And questions, what questions should you have asked that you didn't and later wished you did?


  1. "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"

    I got this quote when I watched Akeelah & The Bees, I was also at a dark corner at the time.
    To say I Loved it is an understatement. It literally shaped my view on Life!

    I keep talking to myself "Ruth U are Strong & Awemazing, U can do this & that", then I go out & do it!!!
    I'm glad I don't have that one person that got away. LOL

    1. Can't get over that movie oo! Worth the watch!..and inspiring too.

  2. That picture is so funny but it is a very valid question. I wish I had asked how much worse but the truth is would he have known? Life has thrown us so many unexpected lemons.

  3. “self-destruction would be the ultimate rejection of the gift of life, an unforgivable ingratitude.”

    Excerpt From: Koontz, Dean. “Odd Apocalypse.”

    I was in a very dark place. I guess the rays of sun have started shining through the clouds now.


    1. This got me thinking HARD!!!

    2. I love Dean Koontz, his writing is one of a kind, I got this book this week, haven't read in though.

  4. "No minister for Power yet Nepa light has improved. Let's keep watching..."

    More quotes loading...

    1. And Sasha bone is back... loool!
      GEJites.. smh! We asked for inspiring quotes o Nne! Not baseless, indicting, propagandic quotes.

      Missed you though! :*

    2. Lools,my phone been acting up. Hope it's sorted itself out by itself.

      Now,if my quote isn't inspiring,what else is? *confused and amused*

    3. Lol@sasha bones quote. Kabouy how u dey nne?

    4. Loool! @ sasha!

      @maybel... o baby! how u dey nah? you just dey breeze in, breeze out! lool. okay o, nah you o! how your side?

  5. Favourite quote - "I belong to everybody and nobody"

  6. The show must go on........ That quote reminds me that no one is indispensable in life,no matter what I go through, I must learn to brush if off and forge on. J

  7. "Life is too short to dance with ugly men" - Anonymous.

    My all time favourite quote, it's meanings are broad and diverse to me. Essentially, it reminds me of how precious and brief life can be and why I therefore should strive to live right, minimize my mistakes and aim for excellence in all my aspirations.
    And yes... It's literal message is a conviction I share with its author too.

    1. 1st time am hearing this quote and I love it already

  8. T thanks for this "push", really! M so much of a 'not in d mood' person, but now mehn...Team mood or no mood, I must do it! Especially now that av got some serious readings to do!

  9. Life is too short to put on a matching pair of socks. If u can't find it..biko keep moving. Time waits for no one.

  10. "Everything good will come"
    I love this quote with all my heart. It reminds me not to be overly anxious because things have a way of falling into place.

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  11. "Go hard or go home" - Can't remember where I heard the quote but it's been the cement in my life building block.

  12. If you think you can,you can. If you think you can't, you're right.- Mary Kay Ash.
    Criticize the act, not the person- Mary Kay Ash.

    The first inspires perseverance and tenacity in me, the most important battles are won in the mind so it helps me keep a positive mindset and attitude especially when things are not going my way, and I just like the second quote.

  13. 'You can't have everything but you can have something that people would admire'.....this is MY quote. I came up with it when I was so down cause I felt I had nothing! oh and that was almost 7 yrs ago!....#JoydaNuGirl

  14. Too many quotes provide the pillars to my existence. For the sake of brevity, i'd just mention one - 'A life lived for others is one well lived'.

    The quote just makes sense to my existence. Somehow I feel better fulfilled with each day when i meet someone else' need or I go the extra mile to try and meet the extant needs of others. It just resonates with the Christianity in me.

  15. Live life, love hard and do the things that make you happy, cos they that mind, don't matter and they that matter don't mind.

  16. "You are stronger than you think"... when there's been nowhere else to move but forward... Iv realized that i'm stronger than I give my self credit for.

  17. "There's always a way"
    This proverbs kps me pressing on even when i face challenges and it seems there is no way out but for me to quit.

  18. Oh mami...**covers face** It was nothing eh....

    I think my favorite quote has to be 'Live and let live'...I live my life like that....I mind my own business know, I have avoided a lot of rancor minding my business...I let you figure out what works for you....I try not to impose my beliefs and principles on anyone....I have my life and I live it exactly how I want to and I encourage others to do the same..

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