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It was the fourth missed call in one hour, I looked at the screen, saw the caller ID and tossed the phone aside. The call could wait. Nothing was more important than what I was doing, or I should say what was being done to me. 

And what was that?

None other than having my mind made love to by a very skilled lover. Over and over again, it was climax, after climax after climax, until I quivered in sweet exhaustion. But even then, I wanted more. 

That's how Chimamanda Adichie's Americanah made me feel. Now I know not everyone feels this way about the book, some people opine that it was unduly long and winding. Some think it was average at best, some enjoyed it but weren't blown away. 

Some others like me felt more strongly about it. While I wasn't necessarily blown away, I was captivated. So much so that when I wasn't reading the book, I was thinking about it. I found myself hoping work and conversations could end so I could get back to it. And when I did I would deliberately read slowly, savoring each word, afraid that the pleasurable experience would end too soon. 

Funny enough, I didn't like the protagonist Ifemelu. I find her self righteous, judgemental, aloof, unapproachable, unrelatable, annoying and haughty. Yes, she's very intelligent and opinionated but I felt her negatives outweighed her positives. It seemed that at immediately meeting someone, she was quick to find all the flaws in them... Meanwhile she's also a terribly flawed person. She reminds me of the saying; don't judge me because I sin differently from you. I mean; she judged her boss' husband for being condescending and possibly unfaithful. Yet she came back to Nigeria and started cheating with Obinze which eventually led him to divorce his wife, and be with her, his one true love. 

Right. She was his one true love. But if the silly girl hadn't ignored Obinze for all those years then he wouldn't have had to marry someone else in the first place, and eventually bring the poor woman's world crashing. 

Yet, maybe that's why I loved this book so much, it's characters affected me. Chimamanda gave each character, regardless of their significance or lack thereof, to the story, a personality. They had fully formed characters, pasts, futures, hopes and disappointments. She gave them life. 

Following Anonymous Rider's comment asking for suggestions on what to read, I got to thinking of some books I've read. 

I loved Dominic Dunne for exposing the lives of wealthy Aristocrats to me, WASPs and their way of living. 
I adored Sheldon for his suspense and unexpected twists. 
I respected Sir Jeffrey Archer for telling great stories. If you never read Cain and Abel then you never read! And if you did, then did you read Sons of Fortune? If you didn't, you should! 
I tucked into bed occasionally with Danielle Steele. 
I ran away from Stephen King whose books threatened to cause me paranoia and depression (I still get haunted by Misery and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon). 
I dabbled in the political works Frederick Forsyth before I became carried away by lighter stuff. I particularly love The Day of The Jackal and The Fist of God
I was deeply touched by Nick Hornby's About a Boy. I see they're airing a TV series of the book and its a complete insult to that book! The movie was made as well, Hugh Grant did it justice. 
I read the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, longest book I ever read; bigger than the Dictionary. 
I devoured EVERYTHING Jackie Collins wrote and blushed at the sex scenes. 
I read several pyschological thrillers that left me feeling psychologically drained. 
I had my "bubble gum" phase and overdosed on Marian Keyes, Maeve Binchy, Fiona Walker and Sophie Kinsella; the queens of literary romcom. 
I still remember getting goosebumps when I got to the end of William Diehl's Primal fear, when I learnt that the accused that I'd rooted and prayed for, feigned his multiple personality disorder! (This was later acted by Richard Gere and Edward Norton and they did it some justice). 
Time and time again I shook my head at John Grisham whose books I found terribly flat, having neither suspense nor climax. But I see that he begin to pick up the pace in the 2000s with books like The AppealThe Associate and others. 
I marveled at Dan Brown and wondered about the Illuminati while I read The Da Vinci CodeAngels & Demons and Deception Point. 
And then there are those stories I remember whose authors I don't. 
I know I had a large consumption of books written about the Holocaust and the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Remember Nuremberg?

Strangely, unlike most book lovers I never liked Mills & Boons and other romance novels, and I found reading them to be a chore, so I skipped those and went straight to the heavy stuff. 

Unfortunately these days there's very little time to read. Presently I'm only reading self help and motivational books. At the moment I'm reading The Secret, Why Men Love Bitches and The Bible. I've got some books I'm yet to start on or finish. See below. Cross Country was mainly set in Nigeria and is a very interesting read. 

What are you reading? What's the most memorable book you've read and what reads would you recommend for Anonymous Rider and those of us who would love a good read? What's your all time favourite read? Who's your favourite author? Do tell. 

Photos; Google images.

I'm sorry I deleted the post I put up earlier. I sincerely felt miffed at the whole disrespect thing but I didn't want to begin any tribe finger-pointing, so I thought it best to take it down. Apologies. 


  1. Errr...Thelma...Why did you give the story of Americannah away so easily. Now everybody knows Obinze left his wife.

    1. Yekpa! Sorry Kon and Crimson T, I just presumed everyone that reads has read it. I was the last person to read it among everyone I know.

  2. Ahn ahn!! Thelma, You have mentioned all the authors I love. Now this post reminds me of those days we read:
    Mills&Boons,Hints,Hearts,Ripples,Ikebe super,Archie Comics, Pacesetters etc........
    but those days mehn! I miss em' small.

    1. Nice to have you back. Welcome back!

      What am I reading? Thelma's blog. Never been a fan of literary works, read more of historical, and field (industry) specific books which doesn't seem to apply here.

  3. I would recommend 'Kane and Abel' by Jeffery Archer to anyone... I love Danielle steel, I used to count the number of her books i'd read should be more than 15, my goal was 30 then. I had one Grisham book but never got to reading it, didn't interest Tee it was because of you I bought Americanah o don't tell me your just finishing it. I don't know why people complain about the book (the reason I wasn't eager to get it at first) I soo loved it

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I can't stand her(danielle steel's) books... after the "kaleidoscope" experience(that book took me to places I never want to go again)... I stopped reading her books...

      I read lots of Nora Roberts and Sandra brown. Errr... I liked a few of John Grisham's books. A time to kill, the rainmaker(very boring at first but got interesting later) ... Blessed child, obsessed, saint, and a couple of others by Ted dekker.
      I'm in love with francine rivers' Redeeming love, scarlet thread. You must read mark of the lion series(A Voice in the wind, An echo in the darkness and As sure as Dawn) ... I really love this series. the best of francine rivers after Redeeming love.

      Mehn... iv stopped reading ooo... these are old books.

    3. Thank you Kabuoy, I can't stand Danielle Steele's books either after reading "Remembrance" amongst others I called it quits. My favourite author of all times is Sidney Sheldon, his books used to give me life, wish he didn't die, I have read all his books more than once, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Nora Roberts(best romance author), Sandra Brown, Moyes Jojo(lately), I love reading books by Nigerian authors too but sadly I can't lay my hands on a lot of them. I like reading Miranda Lee and some other harlequin authors too then because they were short and easy to read.

    4. Danielle Steele....Queen of depression.

    5. Kabuoy, because of your post, I went ahead to read Redeeming love. I'd been seeing it around, but the cover picture always made me think it was a damsel in distress who found her knight in shining armour.
      Nothing could have prepared me for the experience that this book is. The inspiration for it was certainly not given to Francine by flesh and blood.
      Thank you for making me read it. I finished it today, and it's now my all time favourite book!

  4. The names above are all favourites of mine. I read so many books, I used to call myself library prefect.

    There's just something so surreal when I read. I wish could create more time to read.

  5. Oh and I thought I was the only one who read lord of the rings triology to the end.
    You did mention most of the book I have read, I have refused to buy the book "why men love bitches" just because I get offended by the word bitch, though people try to convince me not to judge the book by the name cover. Ichoptas not!

    1. LOL. She doesn't mean Bitch the way hiphop rappers mean it (in a demeaning way). She simply means a woman who knows her worth. Actually I think she just used the word bitch as a marketing strategy to be honest and it really worked for her. I would encourage every single woman to read it. But mind you, I don't agree with everything she said. It's got great insight and persperctive, but in some places I just shook my head and flipped the page.

  6. Spoiler Alert,am yet to finish Reading Americanah
    I don't know why I just can't read that book why men love bitches
    I absolutely love Jackie Collins she's my favourite am learning to read other kinds of books apart from the Normal Novels
    Books about Nigeria should also be included in Mz Clare's collect to help the upcoming generation know about their Country's history

    1. Am currently reading there was a Country

  7. On a lighter note
    Haba! Today na book, book post we dey see read, where that light lady yesterday, come give us the breakdown of the make-up with bae biko.
    Lemme Goan read that post

  8. False impression and shall we tell the presidentby Jeffrey Archer. You should also try Obsessed by Ted Dekker. Beautiful stories

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Na wa oh!!! I need to put my reading hat on! All I read is Love, Romance, etc
    Though I stopped a few yrs back, hearing U'all talk like this, I'm starting this week!!!

  11. I enjoyed all the books by Chimamanda,i read other books too like Jackie Collins,Danielle Steele, Robert Ludlum,Nora Roberts,James Hardley Chase,John Grisham to mention a T

  12. John Grisham (practically read all his books), Lisa Scottoline, Sidney sheldon, Jackie Collins ( this one shaaaa, baddest sex scenes), Nora Roberts, Judith Mcnaught, Chimamanda Adichie ( I liked Americanah), Sophie Kinsella, James Patterson and others that I can't remember their names.
    Just love Legal thrillers like kilode.

    1. how could I forget Judith Mcnaught see me hunting for new books by her when I finished reading the stash I had in school then.

  13. Anonymous Rider!10:19 am, June 10, 2015

    My comment just disappeared like that,

    Thanks Thelma for this, Im off to look for some books on your list,

    i share the same thoughts you have on Americanah and ended up hating Ifemelu.

    The series i enjoyed the most would be J>K Rowling's Harry Potter... Loved it!

  14. I absolutely loved Americanah! Loved!
    The flow was seamless.
    Who's read "So long a letter- Mariama Ba"?
    Madame Bovary- Gustave Flaubert?
    I'm currently reading Four Blondes- Candace Bushnell. Just a little bit of light reading- the sequel to this is Trading up- very interesting read. :)

  15. I was one of those who found Americanah to be a long-winded bore. I thought Chimamanda used it as an avenue to spew (permit me to use that word) out all her opinions about Politics, Religion and Black hair, and quite frankly, I was disinterested. Plus, how is it that when I saw it was going on forever, I literally skipped to the middle, and eventually skipped to the end, yet I was still able to follow the storyline? Yeah, that's evidence that she spent too much time blabbing on. And please, who names their blog “Raceteenth or Various Observations about American Blacks (Those Formerly Known as Negroes) by a Non-American Black"?... ughh! I just can't deal with that book.

    One of the most memorable books I have read is "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini. There are no words to describe how Khaled takes you on a journey, into the country, community, families, lives and struggles of these people. There are no words. The book is alive and breathing. It's not a tale of happiness, not one of great victory, but it's a book that somehow leaves you entirely transformed.

    @Diary of Dido, lovely to see you're doing well, darl.

    1. Lol @ how you summed it up.
      I admit, I skipped almost all the parts about her/ifemelu's blog but I found almost all the characters very interesting.

      Thanks for the shout out Ada! #hugs

    2. I would never forget Sidney Sheldon's Sands of Time, first book of his I read, and got me hooked on his other works. I enjoy(ed) James Patterson and John Grisham as well. These days I only judiciously read books for exam. *batseyelids* Other than that its a struggle, and I take my gracious time to do. I've read Americanah, and I agree with Ada_Ugo, twasn't a fantastic read for me, I also skipped all those long very uninteresting blog stories and I agree.....who names their blog Raceteenth??? pfft.

  16. I have read books but not so many but I try...d other side of it is its been very long now and I cant remember the titles or the authors...mills and boom, romance...but I can very well remember Macmillan!....yep! I try!.........#JoyDaNuGirl

  17. My love books filled with blood, broken bones and bullets... That's why Robert Ludlum still has my undying loyalty even after his death. Steve Berry and I have started a relationship but its still low key and Jeffery Archer had me for just one book "Honour Among Thieves". I read romance a lot but I don't bother to remember authors names and barely remember book title.

  18. Beauty for ashes by Joyce Meyer,the best for now for this year,though I can't say much since the year is still half spent.Battle field of the mind by the same author is next to go

    1. See this saved anon ooo! Lmaooo! That's good! Me and books like this ehn! We are still trying to "go out"... we never reach love stage yet. lol!

  19. Chai it's been ages since iread a good book. I've read aLl the authors u mentioned above.
    I love chimamanda's books. I loved her half of a yellow sun. Wish I can get my hands on her americanah!


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