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She's Dating Her Husband, The Relationship is Steamier Than TheirMarriage!

I have been married to my hubby for 8 years and we are blessed with 4 boys which I had vaginally. After my last boy, my marriage went from bad to worse, as in, getting my hubby’s attention over the years has been very difficult. To have sex with him is even on ‘appointment’ basis. The rate at which my marriage was going, I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, it would move from worse to worst.
I sought the advice of one of my very close friends and she told me what to do. As funny as this sounds, it was working very well and I don’t want what I am doing to end.
I got a new phone and sim card, then opened new accounts on all the social media, putting all my best body parts as the display/profile picture, especially on facebook, whatsapp and bbm. I then sent a friend request to my husband. The silly man did not waste any time in accepting my requests. At first, he played hard to get but I still relented. Because my identity is not revealed to him, I went back to being the way I used to be with him that made him fall in love with me. I flirted with him badly, and he keeps falling more and more.
You won’t believe I send pictures of my p&%**y to him every morning and if you see how excited he gets. Can you imagine, he does not recognize ‘it’! The relationship has been going on strong for 6 months. In that 6 months, if you know how much he has sent to me. He has been begging to see my face, but I know that if I try that…the relationship will be over.
Back as his wife, his attention to me has greatly waned but he has been very polite and somewhat ‘nice’. He now locks his phone, as if…
I would rather have my hubby as a boyfriend than a husband. What do you think?
Should I continue or should I stop?

LMAO. I dunno where this came from, someone tagged me on the IG post. It sounds outrageous but the important thing is that she is her husband's mistress and she gets to keep him to herself. Or don't they say that the end justifies the means? Hahaha. Ladies, would you give this a shot?
Please who can help me complete this situation. cccc I'm looking at you seeing as you once gave my story a different ending which was more preferable to the readers. How much longer can this continue? Would she finally come clean? Would he eventually lose interest (very unlikely, because men can be very determined and tenacious when they're targeting a particular booty)? If and when she comes clean, do you think this would renew or wreck their marriage? 

Oh, lest I forget she has a question of her own; should she continue or should she stop? 


  1. Hmmm. This is cray. Let her set up a date for them to meet in an hotel for d weekend. She should send her kids off to Grandma's. He'll definitely be shocked to see her in d hotel room but let her be forgiving and give him d whorish tym of his life. D pussy that he felt was damaged, which he then fell in love wit tru pictures, will be his salvation. Yes ke!

    1. Hmm, sipping my green tea and waiting for that whore called Ruthielicious to comment on this one. Hypocrite!

    2. What the HELL???anonymous if you have an issue with Ruthy why dont you show your yourself and stop hiding like the coward you are.....DAMN

    3. @ anonymous, u are really very extremely stupid. Coward. Why not put up ur pix so we can see ur ugly face and probably understand where ur dirty ugly mind comes from. Mumu.

    4. Thelma it's time U pay me per second for being on this awesome blog oh!!! Kai. This is the 4th time I'm being picked on... No problemo!

      As to U Anon, U heard them. SHOW urself! I know uv got "balls", Use ur REAL identity Sugar! Or are U Natalie? LMSAO!!!

      But know this, Ur curses/insults are like ice to an Eskimo! Keep it coming! But ur ONE hate can NOT make me leave a blog where tens of people LOVE me genuinely & have proven it.
      U'll soon vanish into thin air "anonymously" too!

    5. Lol...Don't you just love the Internet age? People sitting behind a computer and calling others Hypocrites and all... If a disease as horrible as Ebola has a name, how much more a human being? Pick a name and state your case!

    6. Beloved, let us say a word of prayer for our dear Anon who has recently been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and Turrets syndrome. These are trying times for you Anon and we understand that the fact you're lashing out like a diseased Tazmanian devil is not your fault, if venting your frustration and rage will stop you from taking your own life by ingestng a lethal mixture of camphor,hypo,kerosine and Cameroon pepper then please by all means vent.
      Take care dear...xoxo

    7. Lol,tamia will not kill me, Ruthy biko ignore the above anon,it's so obvious that he or she is a frustrated person,and the only way them make themselves happy is by picking on others. I read the above post on instagram and am like WTF, the woman should try get her husband's love back. Shikena.

    8. Kikikiki.... Erniesha just made my day with "pick a name and state your case" after the order of ebola. While you're at it anon, pls give us possible preventive products against infection e.g sanitizers, this omo nna geh can do with a new business idea.

  2. Back to the post, I think she should try winning her hubby back too as his "Wife" while continuing the "Mistress affair". Do all the kinky things she's doing as his mistress & see his reaction...

    But before I proceed, let me wait for cccc, LOL.

  3. Nawa oh, Ruthie you are so loved

    But Anon, have you been under a rock or something?Like seriously, you dunno? Oh well, I will just clarify for you....Ruthie has never claimed to be saint gaskia......She is quite an energetic young lady having a total blast living her life.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Uhhhhh.....This is bad mehnnnnn...I mean..this is horrible! Too many red flags. In order to get your husband's attention, you opened a door of cheating for him...Erhm, Ma'am, do you know that whenever you close those social media accounts (let's say you get tired of this hide and sick game) he is gonna find him another lady? I mean, do you know that whether or not you reveal your identity to him, he is gonna get a replacement of you cuz he's already comfortable cheating? I mean, did it occur to you that he is cheating on you with YOU and he is already keeping secrets from you? I mean, how did you miss the fact that you just pushed your husband out there?! Wow! You wanted to fix your marriage and you single-handedly crashed it. You have been married for 8 years and you don't know that sometimes you both lose that attraction to each other? How can you be married for 8 years and not know that there comes a time when you just fall out of love? This is sad. My buddy told me this when I just got married, she had said, 'Niesh, a man will cheat of he wants to buh NEVER EVER give him an excuse to and do not be a is better to have a clear conscience if your marriage fails than be guilt-ridden knowing you could have prevented a lot of things'.....

    I am embarrassed for this lady. To think that you got your pussy on display on social media and still think to brag bout giving birth 'vaginally' is crazy to me....

    Here is something I learned before I got married - The difference between relationships and marriages is the 'vows'....nothing more...the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. So you NEED to date your husband. Even though y'all are married, you need to spice it up by going on dates, doing things that you would normally do when you are in a relationship or having a one-night stand or being friends with it all! It might sound weird to anyone who isn't in a healthy marriage buh those are things that spice up a marriage.

    This tale is sad tho'....

    Oh hiya mami....**big teddy hug**

    1. You just mirrored my exact thoughts Erniesha. Nice one.

    2. you are right mami, this is a really sensitive action she took and she didn't think it through to the end, of course the man would fall for her, they have been married for long and she knows all the buttons to push.

    3. I have come....
      And please please please there are many routes to a happy home. If this that she's done pays off, I'm sure most married women will climb on board. So I'm not gonna be happy seeing a creative way a woman has tried to get her hubby's attention albeit anonymously but still...

      There are so many ways to kill a rat. Don't castigate her. Say your own opinion and leave it there. And what makes you think yours is now the better idea?

      So if she sent the pix as his wife to him directly, would you say ahe exposed her pee through social media? Are u saying that sharing private pix with ur spouse thru social media is a 'cyber-relationship-crime'?. Please if it works and hopefully it would work. We can recommend to other wives with wayward husbands. Thanks.

      Let's just be positive here and find a way that this story would end with an 'Happily ever after'. I'm sure that's what Thelma implied by 'cc'ing cccc on how it would work best.

      My take.

    4. You lost me at 'Don't castigate her' then again, I'm usually lost when unrealistic people have an opinion... No offense Papi!

    5. When I sometimes have arguments with Sasha bone on this blog I do that with acute knowledge of her stance on the topic at hand, and it's quite interesting. But Uyi...I don't know why I usually pick holes in your controversial comments every now and then.

      "...there are many routes to a happy home..." simply because no one REALISTICALLY wants to take risks in achieving that. What this woman is doing is close to 100% risky. So wouldn't it be smart to avoid this route entirely?

      "...Don't castigate her...what makes you think yours is now the better idea?..". Obviously, Erniesha's idea(route) is better, this is risky, won't you honestly agree? And how many women do you honestly think would buy this idea?

      "...Are u saying that sharing private pix with ur spouse thru social media is a 'cyber-relationship-crime'...". Unfortunately what her hubby has been receiving through social media is the privates of a virtual side chick and not his spouse. Like Erniesha rightly said, what if this was the main issue killing the light in her marriage? What if he gets frustrated and gets an ACTUAL side chick because of this?

      You're right though when you implied it might end in a happily ever after, but you're also right when you say there're many routes to a happy home. So, Uyi, what's your honest advice? Take a serious risky route in killing a rat or employ less risky routes to achieve that?

    6. Erniesha, same thoughts. She might save her home, but just opened a gateway for cheating. You want to reveal the truth when he's already addicted to seeing body parts. That excitement keep him going. When you stop, what's going to happen to him?

    7. Lmao, UYI, playing devil's advocate since 100BC

    8. I'll go with Erniesha's thoughts. True

    9. I'm okay with her opinion but saying it like she's committed a grave taboo or something... That's just ridiculous! You wonder why the western world keep breaking grounds in all aspect of life is cos they are prepared to take '100%' risks. If it pays of, they are celebrated if not, then u don't hear abt it. Trying something isn't a problem but someone coming to say that's 'wrong' is quite preposterous.

      I don't care if u feel its unrealistic. Well, the brave men and women of this world were told that they are taking 'unrealistic' moves. I wonder where those ones that tagged them 'unrealistic' are right now.

    10. Lmao @ temitope! As in ehn!
      Don't mind Uyi o! Oro e ti su mi!

      I'm sure if we were in the days of Abraham Lincoln, he would have made a case for the man that assassinated him! Loool! Uyi baba! Notin do u!

    11. Don't mind them Kabouy, they don't know that the word 'realistic' is subjective. Someone has done something now and every is saying its 'unrealistic' and no one does it... Wait... But she just did Na. Or is she acting a movie here?

  6. "Because my identity is not revealed to him, I went back to being the way I used to be with him that made him fall in love with me. I flirted with him badly, and he keeps falling more and more".

    Those sentences above got me thinking: why did she stop being the way that she used to be with him which made him fall in love with her? Why could she not go back to that way and see the magic return to her marriage? For all she knows, her husband's attitude may not be as a result of him perceiving her vagina as having been destroyed through child birth but her changed attitude.

    With respect to her question, she should put a stop to this silly game. What is the essence of virtual flirting and getting online attention while in the real sense she's suffering physically and emotionally? How long will she be content with the satisfaction she gets from this game? Instead, let her divert the energy into doing those things which got her the man in the first place. Besides, I think it is safer if her man never realizes she's the one he's been flirting with. I doubt any man would be pleased with a wife who displays sensitive body parts on social media.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. the stress on giving birth to four vaginally, I really don't get... like it's supposed to snap at the fourth after exceeding yield point and leave a vacant hole?? maybe I missed a class but that's another story.

    call me a pessimist but for all we know the hubby might have even shared those pics with colleagues. It's always a bad move to share nude pics, or even snap them ffs!!! Lady should come clean and right things to avert further mistakes.

  9. hmmmm. This is very deep. Madam, I see danger, I see the man turning the whole bruhaha around tomorrow around against you. Most men don't like being caught red handed by their own wife. Have you heard of a case where a woman caught her husband with another woman in a hotel, yet its the woman that bears the consequence by being frustrated in her home by the same man who is suppose to plead for forgiveness. Men have alot of ego. He might not see it the way you are seeing it. This act you are enjoying now may make you cry in your marriage tomorrow. What if this man has shown his friends your naked pictures. You know most men like flaunting their new catch. You want to beat your husband to an act where he feels he is the master.

    Please sweetheart. Stop already. Delete all the discussions. discard the new sim. Learn new things that will spice up your marriage. This your new act is a no no for most men. I see him looking for a way to make you pay dearly for this. Enough already. Quit before its too late. Ok, lets say your actions worked in your favour, what happens next??????

  10. This post is disturbing because her actions can backfire. The husband already sounds like he has given up on his marriage, to find out she is the one sending him messages is another bruhaha. She should reveal herself asap so the consequences can manifest and she can move on either negatively or positively.

    Not every piece of advice is worth taking. I am just saying.

  11. i agree with the first commenter.. but its a 50-50 chance of u pulling it off successfully... it could end in hot steamy sex that would reignite everything n save ur marraige, or him feeling dissapointed and lied to.. but by all means, do not come clean with a conversation .. get him into a room where u r waiting in the most whorish costume imaginable.. with one of those little masks if possible... tease him ... stay in character and play the whore for a night then unveil and hope he will respond nicely... let his dick do the thinking before his brain processes it.. if it works tho, ur gonna have to keep coming up with unpredictable spicy schemes to keep him interested.. give him a treat once in a while and do not EVER let it get drab and boring again.. oh, and try and tighten that pussy up before the d-day
    my 2kobo..

  12. Wow this is tough and sad. I would say come clean, but it could backfire badly... mehn I'm clueless!

  13. I find this strange almost disturbing "I would rather have my hubby as a boyfriend than a husband" Actually your husband is in love (lust) with another woman not you. The lady hiding behind the false facebook ID is not you in your husband's head. In your shoes I will be angry.

    If he can't get the fake you to give him what he wants he just might find another side chick a real one. Since you have opened a flood gate of kinky things as the first side chick he will want the same if not more from the second and real side chick.

    Close all the accounts and work with all the information you obtained while at it in restoring your family. The fake you have even raised the standards sef making your come back more difficult.

    @ Uyi- Please just don't argue for argument sake. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, drop yours and move along. J

  14. I've played this out in my head using Hollywood, bollywood, nollywood and gollywood and NONE of them has the husband taking it even averagely, how much more well if he ever finds out. I'm with Erniesha and Dinma on this one. If he has shown the pictures to his friends, finding out in future that it was his wife's nudes he was sharing with 'the boys' is enough to bruise his ego. The vex and wahala no be here o. In this case, she best take that secret to the grave. And give uncommon sense permanent residency in her head. In her mind now, she's the only woman in her husband's life! Shior!

  15. Its a deceptive way of solving the problem at hand...I would have thought that since you now have info on what makes ur husband's hair turn dada then you should implement it with him at home! Why not do some of the things the 'girlfrend' is doing at home and see how your husband reacts!....The man is looking for CHANGE so please give it to him but let him know its from you with no masks. I pray God restores the sweetness in your marriage.....#JoyDaNuGirl

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Her husband is cheating on her with her. It sounds romantic but she shld just hope she's the only one tho...
    Don't blow ur cover till uve fixed ur relationship with him cos as of now,his mistress is hotter than u!

    1. And she makes an appearance... Where have u been? Hope you're good?

    2. Thelma! LOL! I don't have a good ending for this one o. I'm only worried for her.

      I agree she shouldn't yet blow her cover till she starts getting real positive response as a wife, she should start, as Joydanugurl said, to use those tricks and tips as the wife.

      But is there a possibility that she'd 'fess up to her wiles, adjust herself and then her husband realises he's got what he seeks outside, appreciates her effort, becomes remorseful and they work at their marriage till it gets good, then better?

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. And while she is so busy trying to save her marriage, what the. F**k is the husband doing trying to work on his marriage.

    Cheating with a "nudist" on social media.

    She better stop this rubbish try to vamp up her body, shape an self esteem, look hot. , if he is to. Blind to notice, probably others will, and he will return to his senses.

    If this scenario was a holly wood movie, I'm sure it wld work and turn into something romantic. Here in naija, she is just brewing "casala"on an already fragile marriage.

    It's only 8 years and she is trying this hard. I pray God gives her wisdom.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  24. Chai! See all the posts i missed! This my subscription wey finish don do me bad o! It feels good to be back sha!

  25. Lol,my phone is now smarter than me! Decided when I can post a comment and what comments I can reply to...Oh well


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