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Still Standing.

Hey peoples! Happy new month. June sneaked up on me when I wasn't looking but it's all good, I'm thankful. I'm glad May is over. May was one hell of a month. May May May. You strengthened me sha, you made me push harder, pray harder, think bigger. Do you know that at some point in May I began to self-destruct, self-sabotage just a little. I wasn't depressed, I was just dealing with things that made me not care. May! Dang, you messed with my head. But here's the amazing thing about May; nobody could have ever guessed it. To everyone I was doing great, I was overly happy in fact. For the first time in a long time I kept my problems to myself and chose to find answers, succor and happiness from within. And boy, am I glad I did that! A problem shared isn't always half solved, please know this. Some people will only compound matters. 

But I would be lying if I said May was all bad. LOL. I don't know why or how but all at once everything started to come together, suddenly sunshine peeked through the clouds. All at once my phones started to ring and rejection turned to redemption. It was as though my fairy godmother waved her wand in my direction and sprinkled gold dust on everything and everything became golden. May...

You were one hell of a month. I pray for everyone who's going through situations that seem extremely bleak, I pray that your sunshine peeks through the clouds and that happiness finds you again. I pray that little by little, in mysterious ways, things begin to fall into place, your prayers get answered even when you weren't expectant and your dreams begin to come true. I pray that June will be the start of many good things for you. 

My problems made me push harder and guess what, had I not faced what I faced, I would not even received the blessings I eventually did. You know, it's just like what someone once said to me; "I had to hit rock bottom to get to the top". Don't let your challenges be the ruination of you, let them be the stones with which you build your character, strength and resolve. Let your tears count for something!

My life is an amazement, even to me. This God that I serve, He knows my name and He loves me, His love for me confounds me because I'm so undeserving. Yet, He doesn't even seem to notice. LOL!

I'll mail the recipients of the size 42 shoes later today. Buby, Itse, Joy Oke and one last person. Please try and pick them up from the Island, preferably during the weekend. I have another giveaway coming up soon, I just get too lazy to take pictures. 

Happy New Month people. Stay beautiful!


  1. Happy New month to you too Thelma.

    Amen, Amen, and amen to your prayers. You rock always.

  2. rejection turned to redemption. May this be my testimony IJN.

  3. Yeah!!! Its June baby!!!!! Welcome to my month!!!!!

    Lord please make it a month of Joy overflow, laughter, turn around, healing, new beginnings, new song, open heavens and breakthroughs for all TTBVs especially those going through any form of pain or heartbreak right now. We shall hear testimonies concerning each and everyone in Jesus name!

    Happy new month y'all!!!! God bless you!!!!

    Special shout out to anonymous rider! Jesus is your rock! :*

    1. Anonymous Rider!1:42 pm, June 01, 2015

      This means a lot K< You will call One and Ten thousand will answer.

      Our Hope is not in the New month but in the one whho makes all things New, Happy New Month Everyone!!!

      Yahweh, Your name is Yahweh...You are a miracle working God your name is Yahweh . . .

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Kabouy...*take hi five*happy birthday in advance to u....I want to see your pisure......*winks*.....and I want the type of cake on Sunshine's dp.........TNHW

    4. Amen!!! @ Anonymous rider! *bear hugs* + I really love that song!

      Right back at you TNHW! My pishure ke.... ha! That wan is fery fery hexpensif o! Lool! Is sunshine that is supplying the cake... *bright smile*

  4. The write-up on that picture says it all....
    I know June brought a lot of Goodies for everyone. To all your prayers T I say Amin ase...

    To every Blog reader struggling with one thing or the other remember Job and know that God does not sleep.....

    My dancing shoes are ready Kabuoy....

    P.S I was gonna ask of Anonymous Rider but i kept on forgetting and seeing her commentIon the last post I could not help but say a Prayer for her.... God is your strength Hun and please Eat....We love you but God loves you even more..

    1. Anonymous Rider!4:49 pm, June 01, 2015

      Thank you and God Bless...May you be remembered for good,

  5. Yayyy!!! Thanks Thelma! God bless you! As you've opened up my June with favour, may favour trail you everywhere you go and may God cause even your enemies to be at peace with you, and their every actions advance your upliftment in life, Amen!
    A happy new month to TTBVs... may it be a June to remember, may her blessings be the greatest so far and may she only get better for us all each day!

  6. all I can say is, I rep #June2

    1. Happy Birthday in advance, Kene!

    2. Happy Birthday Kene Francis. God's blessings today and always.

  7. Happy new month to y'all..... Did not open the previous post as I get too emotional lately.....Kabouy's message made me go back immediately I saw anonymous rider's name...
    It is well with you dearie... You shall have every reason to smile again.....would never forget what you taught me*smiles*...God is your strength..... TNHW

    1. Anonymous Rider!4:48 pm, June 01, 2015

      Thank you very much, God bless you. Please what did i teach you?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. That picture says it all
    Happy New Month People
    Amen Amen Amen

  10. yipeeeee! thanks Thelma(kisses)

  11. Happy New Month People! May your wishes for this month come to pass. Amen
    Welcome June! My younger sister's Birth month

  12. Key goal: look good naked! Lol. Happy new month everyone...

  13. wow wow wow wow. still shouting over here. God is indeed faithful. Thelma. Thelma, Thelma. how many times did I call you. You have touched the garment of God. You will never go empty handed. You have touched the needy, lack and want will be very far away from your generation unborn. Before you ask, God will send answers. Before you knock, the doors of goodness will follow you. Oh I can't control these tears. Thelma. You are just an angel sent by God on high to wipe away my tears. oh.. tears, tears, tears, God bless you sooooo very very much Thelma. I just got an alert now. lo and behold its N15K. Yes Fifteen Thousand Naira from Thelma to a total stranger. to an anonymous commenter. Oh God of heaven hear my soul weep. Thelma every thing you lay your hands to do henceforth shall proposer. You will overtake your contemporaries. Oh tears, tears flowing freely while people watch in amazement. She promised me N10k during the size 42 shoe give away. when she got to the bank holy spirit touched her heart and she sent a whole N15k to me. God bless you Thelma. sobs uncontrollably.

    1. LOL. Anon please don't sob. I made it 15k, not even because of what you can do with the extra 5 but for this initial surprise and happiness. I wish that happiness can just stay forever and wipe away every tear you've had to cry. I may not know you but I will continue to pray for you. And when the opportunity comes to do more for you, I will not hesitate.
      I strongly believe that one day you too will be a blessing to someone else, because this period will pass. Believe it and start to be happy in anticipation of God's blessings upon your life. May God continue to bless us. *Hugs*

  14. Yay! My birth month.. Count down to my birthday .. To celebrate it or not??

    1. Celebrate it!!!!!!! @ BLD then invite me as special guest! *shines teeth* loool!

      Me sef I don't know if I should celebrate it or not. This budget thing is really helping me save but at the same time... ha!

      Anyway, maybe Sunshine would surprise me with cactus red velvet cake *heavy hint* lool!

    2. Sounds like a plan but I'm thinking a house get2geda.. Something more chilled .. Hope u will come ?

    3. Awwwwn... *bats eyelashes* I will if I can! thanks for the invite.. I am honored that you thought to invite me! :*

    4. LMAO! Kabuoy! You are so sleeping on a bicycle... lol

      Happy new month BVs, its our month of overflowing testimonies and stepping high!

    5. Chocolate I thought we already had plans. Abi you people used all the water from the swimming pool to quench the fire? Ok, apparently those were pre-BLD plans. I see. Whatever the plans sha, I'm waiting in anticipation. The first thought I had this morning was that we're celebrating your birthday soon. I even checked the day to know what kind of groove we'll be having. Hehehe. #cantwait

  15. Happy new month to Thelma and all the wonderful readers of this blog. May June bring us all good tidings.

  16. Happy new months everyone. May was wonderful for me. MY LITTLE GIRL WAS BORN LAST TUESDAY! , wasn't even expecting her yet. But mummy and baby are doing fine. Just really exhausted!!!

    God continue to bless u T and my blog family xxx

    1. Anonymous Rider!4:47 pm, June 01, 2015

      God Bless you and the little one Tolu... Kisses!

    2. Yaaaay!!! Oluwaseun! Congratulations Tolu!!! Ekuu owo lomi o! Olorun a wooo Olorun a dasi! God bless you! :*

    3. Congratulations mummy baby! Glory to God in the highest for safe delivery!
      If you haven't given her a name yet, please name her Hope(Ireti) you hear?

    4. :) thanks anonymous rider and kubuoy....sleep is now a thing of the past but totally worth it :)

    5. Thanks hope lool, Ireti is a nice name! Her daddy named her oreoluwa (gift of God) precious, ayomide, hannah, erioluwa, melody etc the name list is getting longer for the naming tomorrow :)

    6. Congratulations Mummy Oreoluwa. The gifts of God upon your life will continue to multiply exponentially. Biko send our Ikomo rice and drink o..

    7. Amen sunshine, thanks very much. Rice and post will be in the post this time tomorrow lol

    8. Hmmmmmmmmm??? le surprise de June (pardon my French) :D

      Congratulations Tolu! Enjoy the beauty of Motherhood now and always.

    9. Awwwww. Tolu I didn't know you were preggers! I keep thinking about your little nephew and praying for your own good news, I didn't even know! I'm so happy for you, congrats Tolulope, May was good for you but may the rest of the months be even better. Hugs hugs hugs mummy! Welcome Oreoluwa, we love you darling.

    10. Congrats darling.

      May testimonies abound on the blog.

    11. Awww thanks thelma! Amen to your prayers. My Lil nephew is not so Lil anymore.. Now a fat boy lol. The whole journey of pregnancy to having this baby is just a huge testimony that I'll pen down once I'm bk to reality. Just bless God!

      Memphis please translate ur French lool. Thanks very much

      Thank u very much Claire

      I really appreciate everyone

    12. Ikomo plus Birthday plus Testimony... perfecto

      Congratulations Mummy Oreoluwa... This is just the beginning of more Blessings in your life and that of your family.....I like the sound of Rice and......

      I knew June had lots of Goodies,I just didn't know it was going to be this early....

      Blessings on Blessings on Blessings *singing*

    13. congrats Tolu, really happy for you.

      and you did this on a lowkey

    14. Congratulations, Tolu. God bless and keep your family. Welcome little one, keep growing in grace.

    15. Thanks mz Gee, kene, enjay and chinny... Your supermalt is in the post :)

    16. Wow... Congrats Mrs Tolu! More showers of blessings shall follow us in this new month.

      Happy new month everyone!!! And stay blessed

    17. Many Congrats Tolu. May God's blessings continually dwell in your household.

    18. Congrats Tolulope! Blessings shall abound in your expanded home.

  17. Happy new month everybody and welcome to my month...

  18. Happy new month to everyone. How time flies!
    Bad news is.."Time Flies'
    Good news is.."we're the pilot of our time"
    Let's spend it wisely. Cheers!

  19. Dear June
    Let this year be different. Be good to me. Give me just one good reason to look forward to you again.


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