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Tears & Laughter. #DabiraWoman. My First Photos.

Debbie and I. Ladies in red! (Debbie is a yummy mummy of 2. Married women these days are really oppressing the single chicas. Ahn ahn. Kilode?)


Hello errbody! It's been one long day, I tell you. 

I only just got home and while I'm extremely tired I need to post this because after tonight I might be gone for a while. Specifically for about a week. I'll take time off from the Internet so just in case you mail me I wouldn't reply because I wouldn't get to read it just yet. My phones will also be switched off as well, so you wouldn't be able to reach me on phone either. I'm sharing because I have some lovelies that call me once I've not posted in a minute, or just like to check on me, and I don't want to alarm anyone at all. 

Today has been one of the most memorable days of my life and I am not exaggerating. Some weeks ago I got in touch with an old friend whom I haven't seen since Law school (Debbie) and she invited me for the Dabira Women's Conference. I didn't commit but I told her I would keep it in mind. A few days later Bella Naija posted about the upcoming event. I decided to register just in case I could make it. 

There is so much about that conference that I would love to share with you.

It was a great day! World class speakers like Fela Durotoye, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Dr Elishamah Ideh, Dr Kemi Jorge-Oyewusi and Lou Ann Sabatier from the USA. 

They shared so much and I in turn wanted to share, and I would but not tonight. 

Never have I felt so many emotions at once. I was happy, elated, emotional, inspired, in awe, saddened, angry and simply amazed by some stories I heard today. 

At some point, Dr Kemi asked all the ladies in abusive marriages/relationships to come out. You would be shocked to see the beautiful women who came out. Women of all ages, early 20s to late 40s. Stylishly dressed, skillfully made up, perfectly spoken... Beautiful women! Guys, we see people everyday, expensive clothes and flawless makeup. We don't know that those are just masks, and we can never imagine the scars and pains that are hidden underneath. People are dealing with things in this life and some of it is even stranger than fiction!

May God help and heal us all.  

Oh, it was also a great networking event. Remember what they say; your network is your net-worth! I got to meet some really amazing women of value and substance and I am extremely inspired. This year, if there's one thing I've learnt so far, it's the importance of surrounding yourself with inspired, successful and positive people. People with vision, purpose and focus. Some times you might feel out of depth but keep calm and be inspired, It's instrumental to your growth.

Debbie is a riot! In fact one of the speakers asked the both of us to stand up for "noise making". I was a tad embarassed as I always love to be the model "student". But you know there are people around whom you just cannot behave. Debbie is brilliant as she's hilarious! 


I hope I'll meet this House just as robust as I left it when I return. I'll miss you all desperately but I'll try to cope. Big hugs & strawberry kisses!


  1. All I see is the red dress Tee and she will be my size o. Tee where to na?

  2. are so hawt....I love you in red

    Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is someone I keenly follow especially his wife Pst. Mildred Okonkwo via her blog.....just us girls naija(JUGN).i am truly looking forward to when you get to share all you learn at Dabira woman...

    I would surely miss you when you are gone

    Take care of you babe

  3. I love Pst Kingsley's relationship real and practical and his wife too. Thelma you look lovely btw but one week is long o*side eyes*.

  4. ".......if there's one thing I've learnt so far, it's the importance of surrounding yourself with inspired, successful and positive people. People with vision, purpose and focus....."
    Nothing beats this Thelma.
    I truly miss attending inspirational seminars.
    It'd be just what I need for my parched soul..... don't get me wrong, I'm happy at the point I am at in life now but it does feel like I'm on "pause".....

  5. Thelma why didn't you tell us about it? God is watching you. I love those last 4 picks, I am happy that you're happy dear

  6. Nice dress and shoes, you are beautiful!

  7. I honestly Love how Beautiful U Look Hon. Such Grace!!!

    I'm also looking forward to the lessons at the seminar. I'm sure they are a tank full.

    Staying away for one whole week T. Can I survive? *checking my heartbeat* biko come back sooner Hon... please oh

  8. Chai T I can't wait for u to share. I ll miss u O!

  9. Enjoy the break Thelma, do come back fully inspired.


  10. Will b here waiting... Diary of Dildo, is dt really you? Longest time ooo

  11. Can c u had fun o..what a great feeling to be surrounded by such great minds. I love Fela Durotoye n Pastor Kingsley. They inspire me.
    Ur Post just brought to mind Toke. Indeed people r going thru stuffs in their marriage behind all d glam looks. Hop she stays strong.
    ..And Always looking good T..n biko don't be gone longer than u said oo!..

  12. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and Leke Alder make the top of the list of very few people I'd gladly listen to all day(I get bored from too much talk).
    I like your braids T. Simple but suiting.
    Hope your trip was smooth...

  13. Good to hear you had a nice outing. You both look great. I've gotten used to your weekend disappearance..... :( Now one week? I don't trust you're going to be away for that long...... ;). Have a great time, dear.

  14. Great event.. It's really good to associate with positive minded people. Abusive relationship!!! Hmmmmm..

    Please guys visit my blog

  15. Enjoy your break Thelma.


  16. Thelma, you look amazingly beautiful. The best thing that can happen to anyone is to have positive people around you. Enjoy

  17. One whole week! Tooor! Day 2.... :)

  18. Thelma.....fine girl....segzy geh!!! Come back soon!!!

  19. Do have a refreshing break Thelma! whole week, 7 days, 24 * 7 hours, 24 *7 * 60 minutes .......

  20. Can't wait to read what you learnt at the conference. Enjoy your break.

  21. Chei! Thelma went on break true true o. Biko do and come back abeg.

    Yo! peeps, how's the week going?

  22. Anyone looking for a job? P.A, marketing. Its not a bank and its not insurance. drop your email address.


    2. Why am I just seeing this? Please I'm very much interested In the P.A job. I have experience in that job description. I can relocate too.


    3. I have 3 years experience as a Personal Assistant.
      I am highly efficient and effective.
      I can forward my cv immediately

    4. Just seeing this o!Hope it's not too late.

  23. Day 3... i'm coold and hungry! :'(

    rain beat the living day light out of me today... just from "sandfill" abi *sanfield*(lool) bus-stop to oriental! I was drenched! Nothing to cheer me up now! :(

    1. Awwww, Kabuoy pele. Sorwie. Just tie towel sleep...
      Thelma's absence is making me sick oh. As in, I'm having withdrawal symptoms. It's bad! T come back oh.

  24. DAY 5 oh!!! It will soon be over!

  25. My dear Ruthie! It is really day 5 o!

    Please is it 5 working days or one whole week(7 days!!!) okay o! It is well!

    Thelma when you're coming back(I wonder how you'll get this message tho) buy "shocolate" and yogurt and gogo and popcorn and shinshin for me!

    I miss everybody jare! :(

    1. Day 5. Nawa o!

      Like joke, like joke.

    2. HAHA Kabuoy you're so funny aswear, let's form our own gist till Thelma decides to come back.

    3. Abi o! Chioma! Anything....

      Meanwhile... a very special someone's birthday on this blog is soon! my very own flying tackle specialist!!! Loool!

    4. June children plenty o, u guys should invite me for the celebration sha, my house isn't too far *winks*

  26. sotee I've been reading posts from 2013. It's almost saturday shaa.

    meanwhile today, my only kidsis/sibling turned 20,happy birthday to her ... and school conspired to keep us apart again :(

    1. Happy birthday to your sister. May God bless her abundantly.


    2. Awwwn... happy birthday to her! :)

    3. A happy birthday to her! May she flourish eternally.

    4. Happy birthday to your 'lil sis. I wish her the best this year.

    5. Happy Birthday Kene Francis' sister, wish you a new year filled with God's blessings, favor, promotion, grace and beauty. Do have a fun-filled year ahead of you.

  27. Anonymous Rider!12:59 pm, June 18, 2015

    Thelma no just try sha, What if we also decide to go on breaks like this, Kia!!!
    Eyin eyanmi eku Endurance.

    1. Awa ni yen oooo.... *sigh*

      I'm sure she really really needed the break + we can't go on break o! Put your break time to this time ooo! Readjust ur schedule! Loool!

      How have you been jare? How every... hope you're good! *warm hugs from my heart to you*

  28. *strolling by* looking for the next best story cum script cum film... If u see any Plz let me know y'all

  29. Egbami ooo, I need answer to this.... Lawyers in the house; can a husband rape is legally married wife?

  30. Egbami ooo, I need answer to this.... Lawyers in the house; can a husband rape is legally married wife?

    1. Hmm, tricky one but I'd go for a yes. If rape is defined as having forcibly carnal knowledge of another without the recipient's willful consent, then yes anyone can be raped even spouses. It's akin to saying because nature and society place the parents of a child as an authority figure in the child's life, assault or battery can not be committed by the said parents on the child.

    2. Hence, it isn't the circumstances that determine the gravity of an act, rather it is the action itself that determines the gravity of the act.

      P.S : I'm not a lawyer, lawyers might probably have a differing view and more reasoned view on this.

    3. Its arguable in court due to customary laws (I think) but in the western world its outright rape if the man or woman (victims) confesses. My thoughts

  31. Thelma,pls e yaff do.
    Come back o!Just dash us the remaining days.

    1. The lady has gotta do what she's gotta do. Dika. I think u should be patient and let is pass.

      In short we shouldnt even give Thelma the luxury of feeling missed by us sef. #yimu

  32. Choi, Thelma had done me strong thing ooo,*peeps out from my hiding place* please have So much rest that you wouldn't need to go back any sooner... I'm sure this break was absolutely needed!

  33. When is this break ending? Though I have not been commenting for a while now it doesnt mean I am not here nau...#JoyDaNuGirl

  34. Lol, decided to pop in today and found out y'all have been forming your own blog gist on this post without me :(

    Thelma, Please o, do and come back abeg. Only Ms Pynk's blog is keeping me busy these days, I just kent believe that you kana us like that. 6 whole days! Jesus is lord o.

    1. Lol @ I just kent believe that you kana us like that. 6 whole days! Jesus is lord o.

    2. Lol @ I just kent believe that you kana us like that. 6 whole days! Jesus is lord o.

  35. As in ehn. Day 6!!! How dare Thelma live without us for this long? This ur love is not faithful oh... when u no carry plenty bribe come back na there wahala go dey!!!

    1. The wahala noh go be here oooo!!!!!

  36. Thelma Pls come back. We have missed you more than enough.

  37. Seriously have do na! Haba! This is no longer funny o. 6 whole days...issoryt. There is God ooooo

  38. Thelma Come back. Can't wait to hear ur take on the Toke Makinwa/ Maje Ayida infidelity saga.
    I've milsedd u a lot!

  39. Without doubt, you've been missed. I hope your time away was worth it. I pray it was borne out of something positive..... all is well.

  40. I see all of us"anonymous" and "once in a while commenters" commenting now...
    Thelma got us big...all in her plan...and look at y'all falling!
    Me I'm definitely haven't fell and I'm so not falling *crying deep down *... Nooooo,not falling
    Neii!!(Saying "No" in India's actresses voice) I have fallen and it hurts...Thelma please come back.
    Day 7,is it?? A week already!


  41. Tooor! Day 7 finally!!!!!

  42. Shey its day 7? Oya Thelma where art thou...

  43. I need my 'fix' ! How can somebody get me addicted, then leave me high and dry... not fair ooo*sobbing*. 7 days and plenty hours counting! Ika ni Thelma sha! Pretty pretty please, come back T! Na beg o....

  44. Thelma, iyaf do now.... Oya come back before I call 911 ooo

  45. COME BACK THELMA!!! Remember we know where you live lol we miss u. Hope u r OK!!!


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