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TTB Community; Brainstorm Session.

I have always wanted to have a group of friends that we could all sit down together to  talk about critical issues plaguing the youths and proffering solutions together. As you know, I work in the social sector and I find your blog a very good platform to engage intelligent minds. 

I have a small request from the house. I would like us to talk about various ideas on high impact educational project/programs that could be executed for students in secondary schools, and even youths as well. 

I have been lucky to get international partners who liked the school library project I developed 4 years ago, and so far we have equipped 9 libraries in public schools across Nigeria. More schools will still benefit annually.

Again, if there are blog members interested in volunteering when the time comes, they should please indicate interest. 

Ok guys! Clare wanted me to make this post "appealing", but I couldn't find anything more appealing than her own words. 

I was very delighted to receive her mail and immediately volunteered. Now guys, in your opinions, observations and experiences, what issues plague the youth of today? We need to raise these issues first, and then proffer possible solutions. 

Clare would like us to talk about various ideas on high impact educational projects/programs that could be executed for students in secondary schools, and even youths as well. 

Let's get to it!


  1. Great idea which I think is very practical. The school library is a good one. Maybe some form of reading program could go with that.

  2. Count me in for volunteering, I will provide further details when required.

    As regards high impact educational projects/programs ideas, the issue of skill acquisition and focus cannot be over-flogged. As we all know, the issue of internships during long breaks were almost foreign far back 2007 to most high school or college students. Neither were the majority of the youth keen on talent acquisition (not necessarily tailoring or catering *side eye*).

    1. In my own opinion seeing as the economy and the world is getting intensely competitive, these students should be properly INFORMED to start with. From subject choices, to identifying organisations in line with their goals not even limited to Nigeria.

    2. So much of who we become in future depends on out emotional development. Any program that encourages emotional intelligence is highly important. I do not have ideas as at now though.

    I just sneaked during my lunch break to write this so not many ideas are flowing now lol. But i am very much interested in discussing participation to help this cause.

    Let's do this TTB!

  3. The library is a great initiative but I'm wondering if its inclusive of computers. I'm thinking of amenities that some of the less privileged younger ones don't have access to which they might need for their mental and educational development.
    Skill acquisition is also a great idea.
    I also think that in addition to provision of these amenities, some (skilled) volunteers can offer to give talks and lectures, especially to the girls, on women empowerment, sex/sexuality and the importance of self confidence/building a healthy self esteem. Basically things that are instrumental to their growth and development which aren't taught in schools.

    1. Thanks for the post T, in answering your question. Yes, the libraries have computers, as well as e-books installed on them, including past questions for examinations such as JAMB, WAEC, NECO etc.

      With respect to counseling, I am presently working on a program called "A.S.P.I.R.E to Become" it is targeted at secondary school students in public schools. Its a mentorship program where we get to talk to them about issues on leadership, self esteem, peer pressure, skill acquisition, career path advise, etc.
      A.S.P.I.R.E in this case stands for - Attitude, selflessness, passion, integrity, resourcefulness and enterprise.

      We hope to take profiled mentors to schools to educate and inspire these kids.
      So volunteers will be required to fill in the gap for those who are professionals in what they do.

      We also need leverage to reach out to CEO's or CSR managers of organizations , so if your friend(s) is/are people that will read and sponsor our programs, please please do reach out.

      There is so much to be done and achieved together, I am really excited about this. Please more ideas .

      Thank you house.

    2. If you need speakers or non-financial partners for Lagos, i would be interested.

    3. We sure will need speakers Ms Pynk. The E in ASPIRE stands for enterprise, we want these kids to be ready to stand on their feet as they leave high school.

      I'd sure update you.

  4. I dunno how this sounds tho buh I think If schools had a 'school counselor' it would go a long way for students who have no one to talk to at home...I mean, I know a couple of students who committed suicide when I was in high school ...You will be surprised what 15mins with a school counselor can do. Some parents are too busy to know what is going on with their kids outside the house. A School Counselor is one way to know more bout the students emotionally ..Another thing is 'Sex education'...even though I know that 'abstinence' talk doesn't do the trick anymore, I think with the help of a school counselor and a teacher who teaches sex education, the students can prepare themselves for what happens if they find themselves pregnant...cuz telling kids these days not to have sex is like talking to the how bout you let them know what happens should they choose that path......that's all I got mehn. Goodluck!

    1. SECONDED!!! THIRDED!!! FOURTHED!!! I could go on.
      One of the Best life shaping orientations I had was in S.S 1, I was 14. A group of 3 young ladies came to my school, spoke to the female students about menstruation & gave us One Always Ultra Pads each. I never knew what i's in for although i'd seen my period 5 times earlier! Even though my school was for the "elite".

      That's how passionate I am about counselling & GENERAL orientation. Esp to Female children.

      They need their emotions & psychology screwed tight. They also need correct info on course & University choices.

      And Clare, count me in in Whatever Way Possible!
      I'll help U however U want/need.

    2. @ Ruthy, if time will permit you, you could start by helping to create content for the orientation. It should be as simple as possible.

      When it is ready, I will pass it through a certified health practitioner to vet the details. We can then use for our future programs.

      I am asking for help because as NGO's ypir goal is to work more with volunteers so that overhead expenses can be reduced to the barest minimum.

      my email is

      Lets continue the discuss via email. thanks dear.

    3. hi clare!good job on your NGO and may God richly bless you. i have always wanted to start something like this in my community but unfortunately,i dont have the money or the be glad to help you but i live all the way in Ghana. if there is anything i could do which wouldn't require my presence,id be happy to help.once again,good job! much love

    4. Oh YES Mama. I'll create time!!! I'll keep U updated....

  5. Really good initiative, count me in, if its a weekend.
    I think we need counselors to talk to the students specifically about tieing their talents with their careers, most students don't have any idea of what they want to do with their lives as regards career or subjects to major in, they just go with the flow. Also as someone mentioned, skill acquisition cannot be over flogged, something easy that the foundation can be taught in a day, subsequently, subsidized fees offered to students really interested.

  6. The whole system is messed up. There are a million and one things that need helping so to speak.

    Girl child, boy child - how to get them to school in the first instance - a meal a day?

    Training for educators - how to retrain teachers to teach for global competitiveness.

    Better pay for educators

    Skill acquisition mandate from junior secondary - year 7.

    Entrepreneurship and vocational skills from ss1 - year 9

    before we now touch on tertiary education

    Clare can i recommend NESG human capital development committe to you? I am on it and its unpaid work, but it focuses on policy for youth, education and health

    1. Also there is a need to refocus on early childhood education - age 5 and under...if the foundation is bad, all else that follows is likely to be bad.

      I am considering a token early childhood centre - not for profit in lagos. I am being held back by funding. The space is very unregulated and messy. I am trying to find a balance with asking parents to pay a token, maybe n50 or n100 per day for children under 5 to learn through play primarily before they go into the primary school setting. One thing about Nigeria is that if it absolutely free, people wont value it and the contributions will help to train teachers and pay some of the bills.

    2. Absolutely Pynk. I am game. I am all for making change . I think you should run your program as a social enterprise. Otherwise, in a short while sustainability will become a big issue.

      Funding has always been the major issue when it comes to socially motivated programs for the less privileged.

  7. School counselors like Erniesha said for kids that have no one to talk to at home or that have difficult parents,they should have enough sex education..noone should touch them and make them feel its OK
    They should be thought about passion and future careers, they should be thought they dnt have to follow the norm all the time
    I will love to volunteer but i know it will be in lagos and am in abuja

  8. Well I think "more frequent" competions should be organised, say article writing and reading competitions, mathematics competitions, creativity and arts competitions and all. I think it ll stimulate their brains the more, reading and writing culture improved, personal and even career developments begin to come to life, most importantly, as youths, they have fun and get rewarded at the end.
    A lot could be achieved if competitions are made more frequent and fresh. Sponsors might watch and take some for scholarships, who knows, people will get evn more interested and ready to help.

  9. How about a science fair to encourage innovations, it will widen

    1. A science fair, skill acquisition programmes, counselling, mentorship programmes. A platform where giants in industry and other walks of life can interact with teenagers and Youth, some thing that will inspire and give them a sense of purpose

    2. This is a phenomenal idea but requires funding to ensure the program makes impact. I have a back ground in computer science and it's so sad that girls shy away from science courses (STEM) related fields.

      I am still nurturing this project.

      Who knows we could get the next "Steve jobs" from one of these fairs.


      STEM : science, technology, enginEering mathematics.

  10. Anonymous Rider!3:36 pm, June 09, 2015

    This discuss is close to home.

    The reading Culture is dying / dwindling. And most of this private schools this days dont imbibe a reading atitude in their pupils. They make them pay higher fees for JAMB< WASSCE and ''Sort'' the appropraite organisations. That is why you will find some people with poor english or who cannot read instructions and fill a form properly. Something has to be done, Quizes, Interschool debates, spelling bees.

    What follow up is there when we create libraries and put books in there, How do we monitor this and make sure the children are taking this things serious, What access do they have to it? I know a prinicipal in a certain school who padlocked the library, she didnt want the books to get rough.

    Counsellors are rare and dear in a society like ours and its hard to find good and trustworthy ones, Some youths lack vision, purpose and direction on a lot of issues from peer pressure to career guidance, sex education, Drug abuse, Cultural association and assimilation, People management and what not.

    I Currently volunteer with an organisation as a counsellor/speaker/teacher as the need arises to Kids in the slum / public school children and boy some people are disadvantaged. We focus so much on people or children in the mainland/island forgetting there are other very rural areas.

    I have also joined an e mentoring community for young girls some of whom i have never and may never meet and all they need is INFORMATION, AWARENESS coupled with sincere and genuine follow up filled with LOVE. It's easy to lay the foundation but what of follow up, Send gifts , books call them, pray with them. Some of them have no love in their immediate environment THE HOME.

    PTA Sessions shouldnt be dedicated to talking about Xmas Party and Fees Increment or how the Children are doing in School. I was at a Town Hall Meeting for Children and their Parents at Iyana Ipaja and it sure helped Parents (Mostly Traders) bond with their kids, Understand they need to read and how to encourage and support them.

    At one of such meetings we found out the Class Captain a much older boy had impregnanted a classmate four times and helped her with the abortion, We found a lot of girls in cults, A dad who was molesting his daughter, Armed robbers, Students patronising herbalists, Prostitution. I nearly fainted with shock.

    CENSORING THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. WHat Most of the Children of this generation can do online i bet half of you dont know, There are a lot of destructive websites. This has to be adressed and managed somehow.

    We also need to teach them to give if not money, TIME. People are always about what they can give. They need to have the mentality that nobody owes them anything, You have to work and prove that you're worthy of recieving something.

    Let's have coaching centres, walk in Counsellors, Talk and Film Shows, Debates (Not Lawyer is better than doctor) One on One Mentorship Programs, Skill acquisitions.

    Sorry I am ranting so much, I just want to see Youths live in line with their purpose and do what God has called them to do and be the best that they can be.

    1. Some of the points you have raised makes a lot of sense. I particularly like the walk-in counselling centres.

      So much needs to be done, let's hope that what we do today, although small can make a big difference.


    2. This comment is very insightful. As i read Thelma's comment on the library, what came to mind was "how do you get them to use the library effectively?" I mean building a library is very good but if the children don't learn to use the library, if a reading culture isn't imbibed in the children, what then is the point of the library? I remember being in a bible club when i was much younger (between 4 and 5 years old) and many of the things I learned in that club are still with me now almost 20yrs later. I think going further to create a book club might help to instil the reading culture in the children because truth be told, many youths these days, if its not Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija or, they are not interested.
      The books they will read in the club dont have to be subject based text books, they can be autobiographies of great men and women who have made a name for themselves in their chosen sector of the economy or in the world at large.

      Also, that sex education talk/counselling is super important both for the parents and children. A lot of parents still think its wrong or improper to talk to their children about sex and so the children go out and learn the wrong things. Imagine the boy who got a girl pregnant 4times.

      Its also important for children to learn to engage their brains and their minds in stimulating conversations from a young age. This in itself builds confidence and self esteem in the children. And the great need for counsellors in these weird times cannot be over emphasised. I have a 14 year old sister and sometimes, the things i hear her say, school gists et al scares me. I'm like, you're still a baby, what are you doing thinking about stuff like these? Then I remember we're in the 21st century, the age of social media and an over abundance of "destructive" websites and psychos roaming the streets and the internet and i just pray, i pray really hard.

      I'd like to volunteer and help in any way i can on weekends. These are crazy times. I can also get my boss to comevand address the children/youths. He's very passionate about youth empowerment and the story of his life is very inspiring.

      I hope you get all the help you need and are able to achieve all that youbhave set out to do in this regard. All the very best.

    3. Aww Sunshine, thanks for your mail. I'm humbled.

      Indeed the library is designed as a book club to continually engage students. Essay competiotns are organized to promote the use of the library.

      The overall best student gets a grant of about 400 to 500k scholarship to university .

      Indeed, youths of today don't read. A number of kids will probably have no idea of the books the in the new post Thelma just uploaded.

      It's a gradual process, let's hope we can reach a good number of kids willing to learn nd also pass down the knowledge.

  11. Going anon as this is duty sensitive.
    How soon are you Looking at starting this project ? Again I would like to know the name of your NGO, is it registered? Just so some of us don't look stupid making reference.

    If you solicit for support from us and it gets through with the screening procedures, then I can push tables for you.
    Ok so I would help speak to the main officer incharge(withheld org) and I am 70% sure he can grant scholarships abroad.
    Pls kindly reply me beneath, as I would copy my madam(SA) to this blog the as I read your befitting reply ma.

    Nice initiative I must say and I look forward to volunteering as a speaker, provided my Org permits anyways.

    I would send u a mail by tomorrow.
    Remember change change change, so I can help with this your change, before power changes hand. Copy?

    1. Hahahaha! Politicians everywhere #change

    2. @ Anon, I understand your need for privacy for now. It's very key.

      The program is set for take off, as well as other programs.
      The foundation is properly registered with the CAC and all relevant documents are available.

      Kindly find us on, presently, I am the Program Director.
      I look forward to receiving your email.

      Every support we can get will be appreciated. If we aren't credible, I certainly won't put myself out. I'm really passionate about impacting change, as I believe so many others here on TTB are too.

      Kindly mail me at : ,

      Thelma, thanks again. I'm so happy with the feedback and ideas. I'm going back to the drawing board to re-evaluate and apply some pointers I have received here.

      I hope you will all indulge me with your time when I come knocking.

  12. First of all, I'm down for volunteering. Weekends are optimal for me aside using online means every other day.

    I'd advise the following projects:

    - An inspirational film watch (Akeelah and the Bee and the likes). This should be followed closely with a talk session inspiring attendees to reach beyond their challenges. This could be done routinely and could be a flagship program of your organization.

    - Debate/Speaking competitions: God knows i loved 'Speak Out' that once aired on our local TV's. Something akin to this could be created and willing participants be rewarded.It need not only focus on English, Mathematics, History of Nigeria (we need to preserve our culture), etc. Something similar to 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' or some other well established shows.

    - A Boot Camp: You don't need to provide for accommodation, a week long program or four consecutive weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). Maybe during the holidays or during weekends of school days. Make out a robust program to touch on every area like an overview of what academic work would look like in the university, emotional development courses, Sex education (as Erniesha suggested), expose on respected Nigerian academic leaders, skills acquisition, puzzling games like Sudoku, learning financial management via Monopoly. For impact, these courses need not be very detailed, they need to be highly interactive and very relatable with their environment. This way their immediate surroundings can reinforce the learning points.

    - Speak to school administrators, teachers, students and other educational persons in your target areas to know which areas are the current deficiencies of the existing educational structures in public schools. This would help you provide targeted solutions.

    - Invest heavily on adequate use of online channels - interactive online coursework, educational games, daily inspiring/motivational messages etc.

    - Permit me to digress, one thing i find with most social organizations is that most lack a performance assessment system that seeks to evaluate the impact and also the success of whatever endeavor. As you try to develop new projects, try to incorporate checklists to determine whether such endeavor is a success or not. The information gleaned can sometimes be indicative of better ways to achieve one's objective.

    - Also to ensure success of your projects/program, you'd need sponsors/kind donors because sometimes although you might have a great content, prospective attendees might not attend if there isn't any incentive like refreshment etc. I believe most of all these Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and also food companies might take an interest in sponsoring societal and educational impactful programs. A number of them now sponsor entertainment related projects because that is proving to be the optimal way to reach their market.

    In Jane's words 'Let's do this TTB!'

  13. Wow. Now I asked for help, didn't I. So many ideas here.

    I totally agree with your points @ Chrisy, all very valid . All these will be considered and put to good use.

    Thank you.

  14. Wow. Now I asked for help, didn't I. So many ideas here.

    I totally agree with your points @ Chrisy, all very valid . All these will be considered and put to good use.

    Thank you.

  15. Wow. Now I asked for help, didn't I. So many ideas here.

    I totally agree with your points @ Chrisy, all very valid . All these will be considered and put to good use.

    Thank you.

  16. Wow. Now I asked for help, didn't I. So many ideas here.

    I totally agree with your points @ Chrisy, all very valid . All these will be considered and put to good use.

    Thank you.

  17. Wooow... I came late! :(

    God bless you Clare. I'd love to volunteer and help in anyway that I can.

    This is a really great Clare. I am passionate about children and teenagers. So they don't make same mistakes, blunders and errors.

    Counseling(winning their trust is really important here) older people can be judgmental sometimes and that's why they don't open up.
    Those in Jss3 about to move to SS1... I wish I had a better G.C person.... those are areas where key decisions are to be made.
    teaching them to stand up for themselves, to believe in themselves(reiterating)
    Very good points have been made actually... I just wanted to contribute even if I have to repeat what has been said(typed).
    God bless you once again Clare. It would be a success in Jesus name.... can't wait to hear your inspiring talk on tedx! *bright smile*

  18. Please just add me to the list of volunteers Clare....I already see it a success....God bless you abundantly. *hugs*

  19. Can't think of what to write, all has been said. Would like to volunteer




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