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What's So Wrong With Interreligious Marriage? (MY Happy Never After).

Is there anything wrong in a Christian/Muslim marriage?

I have seen a lot of people perfectly made for each other go their separate ways because of religion, only to end up in a frustrating and life-sapping relationship because they are now in a religiously compatible situation.

I tend to wonder if life was all square boxes packed away in square rooms.

A friend of mine had no option but to let his wife go because her pastor convinced her that he is not her husband and these were his words "You two are not spiritually balanced nor compatible, so I advice you to leave him for your spiritual growth", he was a muslim.

I have seen a few of my female friends who are muslims go from smiles and laughter with their Christian boyfriends to a world of regret, abuse and ultimately unwholesome lifestyles, all because their parents won't allow them marry the man they truly love, they where Christians.

This whole schism is based on a few lines (at least I know the christian side) that says do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers.

And on the muslim side, the only scripture in the Quran that forbids marriage for a woman is to a Polytheist. 

My take, whether we marry a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever, at the end of the day if we are "unequally yoked" in our vision of what our home, marriage, family life, kids and every aspect that surrounds the "Our Unit" should be, it is better we are not married at all.

No one chose where he or she would be born into, I dare say, if the Pope was born in Mecca, of a staunch Muslim family, he would have been muslim today.

If God is all knowing, Allah is all knowing, Jehovah is all knowing and we all agree that as humans, we do not know it all, what then puts us on the pedestal to think for God and determine who to marry and who not to based on belief systems learnt here.

-The above was written by a friend Onyedika Michael Egwuonwu, I got this off his Facebook page. 


Have we discussed this Interreligious marriage here before? I'm sure we have. But maybe I'm posting this because recently it became personal. 

Without going into detail...; I was recently introduced to someone who saw my pictures and immediately expressed interest. We met up for dinner/drinks and it all went very well. He's got a great personality and dang he's 6.4"! He was pretty upfront about his intentions which I found very admirable and refreshing. However there are issues. He is both Yoruba and Muslim. While I'm Igbo and Christian. The tribe really isn't an issue, but add to it the religious differences, that makes it a harder pill to push down.

     While he said neither religion nor tribe mattered to him, and he felt what is important is that we're both good people with good intentions and reciprocal affection, I wondered if that's enough. I had to sit back and question myself. Dude is a devout (DEVOUT) Muslim. Of course I began to think about the religion of our offspring and all that. Well right we're just friends and would probably always be; my happy never after...

But I would like to hear your thoughts on the whole issue; the post above, plus do you think a Yoruba-Muslim/Igbo-Christian marriage will work smoothly? 


  1. Yoruba muslim and igbo christian? Eleyi gidi gan.

    1. Eleyi gidi gaaaaaaaaan.......over strong o

    2. My friend's brother is a Muslim Yoruba who married a christian IBO lady in abuja. And they are living peacefully even though the man has decided to become a christian for now, women's and persuasion sometimes

    3. I just checked Google translator and it said "Eleyi gidi gan" means " this is very real"- Abeg I had to check, I'm always seeing it.
      Is it correct?

    4. Hi Praised, yea that's the literal meaning, but figuratively, it's kind of like "ha! this one don pass matter!"

    5. Lol!
      I figured it'd be in the context of, " this shit is real" - thanks for clarifying Ada!!!

    6. Lol!
      I figured it'd be in the context of, " this shit is real" - thanks for clarifying Ada!!!

  2. First time commenting on here :-). I have been loyal Thelma lol.
    Well personally this has been a main issue for me when deciding to date someone. I believe my relationship with God is personal but it's also an important aspect of my life that relates to everything else that I want to share with my significant other. I don't believe love is a feeling but an action. For me if he doesn't understand the love Jesus showed, I am sorry you can't love me the right way. Not saying all Christians know how to love but I want him to understand that. Also when I'm weak he can be strong and vice versa. How are we going to bring up our kids? confusion in a child's mind can be detrimental. is there any wrong in wanting unity in your home? I think it's possible for interreligion couples to stay together but they however have to have a very good understanding of the major decisions they need to make In the future. Is love just enough???

  3. A lot of Christians tend to select the part of the Holy Scriptures that conveniently appeals to them instead of (as Kabuoy rightly put it) allowing the HOLY SPIRIT guide them. Now, 2 Corinthians 6:14(according to KJV) – “Be ye not unequally yoked together with UNBELIEVERS, for what fellowship hath righteousness with UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, and what communion hath light with DARKNESS?” So we, who keep reminding ourselves as Christians not be judgmental, look at this verse and tag all non-Christians..including Muslims..UNBELIEVERS, UNRIGHTEOUS, and DARK? Continuing onwards to verses 15 & 17(still KJV) – “And what concord hath CHRIST with BELIAL, or what part hath he that believeth with an INFIDEL? And what agreement hath the temple of GOD with IDOLS? Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the LORD, and touch not the UNCLEAN THING; and I will receive you.” So, Muslims worship BELIAL(satan), are INFIDELS, actually possess IDOLS, are UNCLEAN? I’m still trying to understand those who tag Muslims this way. Pardon my naivety.

    And for those who feel Muslims are children of satan (since they’re UNBELIEVERS), if you’re to segregate yourselves from such people then you shouldn’t do that only in marriage but in ALL things. I hope we still understand what Christianity means, not listening to some delusional clergy telling you things like "You two are not spiritually balanced nor compatible, so I advise you to leave him for your spiritual growth". If GOD feels Muslims are demonic, then HE better spare these *spawns of satan* and allow the *sons of Light* thrive, no?

    1. I cannot say anything again... The only thing I can even add is the fact that most 'Nigerian Christians' feel and do not know that to be a bona FIDE Muslim, you should believe in Jesus Christ. Yeah, sounds weird right? Go and ask a true follower of Islam.

  4. As for me,I don't see Muslims as unbelievers, I can't marry them for my own reasons
    1. I can't imagine wearing hijab
    2. I can't imagine practising all their bowing heads,eating certain things, and many more.
    3. Muslims have different belief from we Christians.

  5. I know two couples who in this type of marriage. The first are grandparents already, their children were left to decide which/what religion to follow. The man is a christian and the wife is an Alhaja.

    The second couple, the husband is a Muslim but in December, his house has the biggest Christmas tree seen. It almost touches the roof. He attends the Christmas Praise Jam with his family, he's said when his children grow older, they'll get to decide if they'll be Christians or Muslims.

    It depends on sincerity, understanding and tolerance. This type of marriage must be totally void of in laws interference.

    But then one has to be careful too. I heard a story about a Muslim who became a worker in church just to marry a sister, he kept up with this for three years until the wedding night when he gave her a kettle and hijab. He told he just wanted to get her as a wife hence the deceit.

    1. I know a couple like the first couple. They are grandparents now. Another couole is the Fasholas. It works depending on who is involved. I dated and almost married a muslim whose mother was a christian and his sisters were Christians. It was his attitude that stunk, not his religion.

      Ps i am a christian. Funny how I am anglican and my husband is catholic. ..we were married by an anglican priest. The people in the cathokic church have said we aren't married. My husband has asked me to ignore them. Thats drama within one religion.

  6. @CCCC mbok come and say your story oooh, Let me say I Envy you now(kisses bebe)
    Meanwhile let me conclude for you sucre

    ... the influencial royal lagos family couldn't allow her exercise her christain rights in a Muslim home though they loved her so much. The christain home wasn't ready for such inter-religious marriage either and one of her naughty sister was Yimu-ying the whole time, knowing the cookie would crumble soon like the other cookie crumbled. Lol

  7. I daresay the marriage will only work if both or one of the party involved is very liberal minded and not too particular about his/her faith, if not don't bother.

  8. While i do not think interreligious marriages are a problem, it has potential to cause a lot of issues in the future.. most important of which is what belief will your kids adopt..its basically the same as a catholic or anglican marrying a pentecostal or JW for instance. if care is not taken there'l be constant friction between the couple on issues bordering on doctrine.., but thats less serious because they both go to church.
    i think it all boils down to Amos 3:3.. can 2 walk together except they be in agreement???
    couples tend to ignore the very paramount issue of religion... even when they are both christians, there are issues of "he doesnt pray in the morning with me" or "he doesnt pay his tithe"
    as a couple, YOU MUST BE SPIRITUALLY COMPATIBLE ,...not necessarily going to thesame church, or being of the same religion, but being in agreement spiritually.. know who God is to the other and his/her views on prayer and doctrine,...
    courtship is time to talk and know each other...
    on the issue of interreligious marriages, religion was made for man, not the other way round, and the essence of religion is relationship with God, so if you both have a good relationship with Him and you have a plan for bringing up your children, why not....
    doctrine is the culprit... afterall, we all agree there is one God....

    1. couldn't agree any better. very apt comment.

  9. Hmm, i'm just reading comments. Going to show a friend the comments later. Shes a xtian and currently dating a muslim. She said that the guy is d best she's ever dated, no man has ever treated her the guy does. That he practically worships rhe ground she walks.

  10. I have a friend who is a Muslim and he is married to a South African lady that is a christian. And they are happy together. I think it is a matter of understanding. But sincerely I can't, because I belief there will always be some clashes

  11. I believe religious compatibility is key.

  12. Mami, I got an atheist family friend who is married to a catholic lady....Personally, I don't think much of things like that...NOBODY was born a Christian or a Muslim...why then should it become a determining factor in your happiness?

  13. who is a christian, who is a believer.....christianity is all abt one tin....wch is believin in christ, dat he cam,died n resurrected for us,for our salvation.....datz d 1st step, n anyone dat doznt bliv dix(characters aside) sorry,but i cnt marry u


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