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5 Ways I Knew I'm Officially Old.

1. Talking to a former law school classmate and he suddenly says "I saw him after my wedding" and I absolutely thought he was joking. Was about to lmfao when he immediately followed it up with details about said wedding, and then pictures. Wait, weren't we in law school just yesterday? When did you become a man? Who told you you're old enough to be a husband??? When your male age-mates start getting married then it's time to apply the anti-wrinkle cream!

2. When a Blog Reader called me to complain about her boo's complaints about her dressing and she said "what does he want me to wear? Iro and buba or boubou? I'm still young, I can't be dressing like an old woman, like I'm 30 or 40". Wait, WHAT??? Did she just say that? Was she taking the piss? Just... What?

3. When a love interest asks "So how old are you?" and I pause because I know the next few seconds could make or entirely break this fragile thing we have brewing...

4. When I…

...The Improper Product of a Polygamous Home!

*Oluchi has been engaged to *Ugo for over a year now, with no wedding in sight. The couple is still very much in love and eager to make it official. However Oluchi's in-laws to be are reluctant to welcome her into their fold. They loved her when she and Ugo were just dating, it was all fun and games until Ugo got down on one knee and proposed. Suddenly his entire family remembered that Oluchi is from a polygamous home and their son therefore cannot marry her. 
In moments of frustration there are times I wish I could go to Ugo's family myself and tell them just how wonderful Oluchi is, how amazing she is as a person; kind, accommodating, industrious and compassionate. I know her and know for a fact she's even a better person than I and most other people from "stable", "proper", "functional" homes. Made me scream BS at the stereotypes that follow people from polygamous families and broken homes. 
Broken homes and the stereotypes... I thinks that&#…

Single Is Bad.

One of my close friends is single. Our friendship is easy because there are certain similarities in our situations, and we're both hungry. Hungry for different things however. Less than a year ago her hunger lay within the work/career confines, now I don't hear any of that anymore, she wants to marry. We're quite open with each other. A few weeks back we were talking about things. I dismissively said "marriage is the last thing on my mind", she immediately replied "it's the first thing on mine. Me I want to marry soon abeg". In the last few months I've listened to her talk wistfully about marriage, there's this glint in her eyes when she talks about former classmates now married. I've tried to hear her reasons out and so far what I gather is she wants to marry because we're at that age, because our mates are all getting married, because it's the natural progression of things, because she'd expected that by now she would be ma…

Funke Akindele vs Queen Nwokoye. Who's Nigeria's Queen of Comedy?

Guys you would agree that Queen Nwokoye and Funke Akindele are easily the two funniest women in our movie industry. They've both played some really hilarious characters and really cracked our ribs. But the question is, who do you think is funnier?
Personally I just can't decide!

Oh Dear! She's Breaking Her Mother's Heart...

On Proposals (Jide Obanikoro's et al...)

The addendum cracked my smile; that this would be his first marriage but he's got four kids from three different baby mamas, according to Linda Ikeji's blog... Isn't that too much baggage for a new bride, a young woman at that...?

Love or Money...

Lifetitudes asked a question days ago. Which would you rather have; love or money?
Answers were split but I'm certain I said money, and added that the absence of money turns love sour. 
And I still stand by my answer. If I had to choose between money and love, I would choose money over love. I figure I've lived without love most of my adult life and it's never really bothered me or affected anything. Want to make me sad/mad/bad (that bad is as irrelevant as the K in Know but whatever...!); mess with my money and it's source. 
But this comment I saw on Bella Naija a while ago made me rethink...
"On another note, i wish my dad was just an average man who would come back home and make his family happy rather than the monster money has turned him into. Thus, i would rather me and my family drank garri in peace and love than the fried rice that actually tastes bitter now."
Or let me share this comment from a 2013 TTB post
"Money is not everything. On the outside ev…

How Do They Know?

Good morning people!

I'm so thankful to God for today, yesterday was beautiful and today would be even better. I have a meeting for 9 at the Beehive but I came an hour too early, and they don't even open till 9! Thankfully the staff are kind enough to let me sit outside while they clean. 

So the lady I'm meeting with, she's one of those women who married their long time sweethearts. And you know the thing about long time sweethearts, when the men are that young they are most often broke. 
Watching Love Lounge a few nights ago, I heard Mr Kunle Soriyan say that he was still in school when his wife was already working and earning a good salary. What's more; the Mrs was from a very well off family. While he, he was still in school, he spent 9 years on a 4 year course. He was very wretched and didn't even know how to use cutlery. When he ate there was loud clanks and irritating noises, his teeth always fought with the cutlery. Everyone asked her to leave him and b…

One of Those Days. #Happy (I'm NOT Boring!)

Today was one of those days... Quite frankly I'm too exhausted to put it in words, and that's one thing I've prayed for, let my days be so busy and productive that I come back at night and crawl into bed, too exhausted to think!
However it wasn't work all the way. Everything work related ended at about 3pm. 3pm was when my friend's driver came to pick me up and take me to Marcopolo to meet up with him (but I still had to wait!)
Me waiting for Mr Man and food, but food more importantly!
Marcopolo makes great Chinese and the service was pretty fantastic too, but they could season their chicken better IMHO. Lunch was over, we both had meetings to attend but mine wasn't to be for another hour. So my "date" asks 'do you want to make some money this afternoon?' My mind races in several directions but he immediately clarifies; 'come for my meeting with me as my lawyer, do the negotiations. If he agrees to your terms then you get a percentage…

Hey Guys, Re: TTB Picnic.

Hello, good afternoon...
I'm asking to be sure who's coming and what date works for you. Personally I've got plans for both Saturdays and I would like to know which to cancel. So it's going to be a majority carries the vote type of thing. Please, if, and only if, you would like to be a part of the Lekki Conservation Center picnic/hangout, let me know if you would like us to go this Saturday, the 1st, or next Saturday, the 8th. 

Also... My phone seems to dislike BBM (everytime I open bbm it says 'setting up blackberry messenger' and this could go on for hours) so for now our channel is on hold.
Like I said before, a day at the centre costs 25k for a group of 30. But there's also the option of 1k per individual. So even though the admin said that even if we're less than 30 we would still have to pay 25k, if we're much less I guess we'll just do the individual thingy and pay 1k each. I would make further enquiries when I'm sure of the number. 

America's Rapist. (Too Far?)

I'm sure by now you're familiar with the Bill Cosby rape brouhaha. New York Daily News made this their front cover, following the New York Times feature that interviewed 35 women allegedly raped by the Ace comedian, with this these women as its cover photo. See below:

Rape is no small matter but I can't help but ask where these women were all these years, why were they silent and why are they all now coming out to speak up? Well I guess it was a chain reaction... Whispered mentions of it, then that brash stand up comedian who made bold crass jokes about 'Bill Cosby the rapists', at first people were enraged, then people began to realize there's no smoke without fire. The one of the victims finding an opening, spoke up, then others followed suit. 
Rapists deserve to be severely punished. 

But guys, do you think this is taking it too far? Personally I feel like it is, I feel like he's already been shamed enough, I feel like there's an agenda to destroy him c…

Peter P-Square Has a Question For You

I dunno why but I found this so hilarious. I can't even decide.... Looool. Enemies? Issorai! Well in the spirit of the game I pick 14; crying and sweating. Choi, the magnitude my success must really be disastrous for them. LOL 

What number(s) do you pick?

Dear Thelma...

Dear Thelma please I need advise from you and BVs. I'm a graduate of 23 and an accountant. I work with a good company and everything in my life is fine. My problem is that my family is vehemently against my relationship. My parents forbid him from coming to our house but I'm still able to see him because I have a job, but without telling them. I'm the last in my family and my siblings are not supportive too. We have been together for two years but now that I'm working we want to get married and that is what I want, but I know myr family will never agree. It is not likes he's a bad person, the problem is his age because he is nineteen years older than me. But he has never been married or has children. I know his family and even talk to his mother regularly. When everyone was making me paranoid I asked his mum and she said I am the first woman he wants to marry. Please what can I do? I love him so much and I cannot see myself with another person. My parents have told…

My Super Fun Healthy Breakfast!

The picture on the left was either taken late last year. The one of the right was taken last weekend. Although as of when I went on a diet I'd gotten bigger than I was on the left, as you can see I haven't lost that much weight. I'm taking my weight loss very easy, making sure I don't do anything drastic or starve myself. I don't want to lose too much weight and frankly I'm not sure I want to lose much else. I'm big-boned and the Creator never intended for me to be slim or skinny. But more importantly I'm losing my pear shape and that's honestly frightful. Being a big woman, it means a lot to me that I have a pear shape, but now I wear some clothes and I don't see hips! I can't have that. Lol. 

Well it's Sunday and I wanted to do something fun for breakfast. Like I said I'm taking my diet very easy, if I really wanted to I would have lost an additional 10kg or more by now, but then the chances of me falling off the wagon would be high…

Toke Makinwa, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Dakore Akande and more at the FayrouzLoriginal.

Our celebrities pulled out all the stops at the FayrouzLoriginal which held last night at the Oriental. Enjoy!
Toke Makinwa
Taje Prest
Adunni Ade
Tonye Garrick
Gbemi Olagbegi-Olateru 
Zainab Balogun
Moet Abebe
Lanre DaSilva, Vimbai
Beverly Naya
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu 
Gideon Okeke
Sharon Ojong
Dakore Egbuson
Bolanle Olukanni
Isio Wanogho
Omalicha Itsede

This has got to be one of Gbemi's best looks, and Toke Makinwa's outfit made her the indisputable belle of the ball! Both dressed in April by Kunbi. 
If you were to give the Best Dressed award, who would you give it to?

I Love Men!!!

President Obama in Kenya, Defends Legalization of Gay Marriage.

"The US believes in the principle of treating people equally under the law and that they are deserving of equal protection under the law.and that the state should not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and I say that recognizing that there may be people that have different religious or cultural beliefs but the issue is how does the state operate relative to people. You can look at the history of people around the world. When you start treating people differently not because of the harm they are doing to anybody but because they are different, that's the path whereby freedom is beginning to erode. 
If somebody is a law abiding citizen who is going about their business and not breaking any law and obeying the traffic signs and doing all the things good citizens are supposed to do and not harming anybody, the idea they are treated differently based on who they love is wrong. Full stop." He said, during a press conference in Kenya this afternoon.