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About Last Night. (Ladies of The Night).

I walked into the bar trying to pull down my leopard skin cowl neck dress a little bit. I love animal print, I love cowl necks, I love short dresses, so not buying the dress wasn't even an option. Individually, those things make me feel sexy, collectively they made me feel like bloody Aphrodite! I like to feel sexy but I somehow felt a bit too sexy. Yet, when I walked into the lounge last night I might have as well been wearing a hijab. Two ladies rushed out the door just as I was walking in. The first one, light skin and busty, seemed to be wearing only a push up bra and bum shorts, her titties were in my face like BAAM!!! The other wore this  tiny crop top and a skirt that only wrapped her bum. I swear if I looked closer I could have seen her vjayjay. I looked at my friend; is this a strip club? 

I walked in and saw more of the "disaster" I'd just seen at the door. Most of the patrons were expatriates or just white men chopping Nigerian money. Little wonder that the ladies of the night flocked there like a pack of hungry wolves to carcasses. I spent my time watching these girls and women. Most were practically naked. Some were grinding on the men, some teasing and touching them, others just loafing around aimlessly in the hopes that one of them would find her aloofness attractive and decide she's the one he wants for the night. 

They continued to flock in, the ladies of the night, shamelessly marketing their wares. I became uncomfortable, it seemed every female there was selling something. I got up and went to wait for my friend in the car, lest someone proposition me. The place was actually very nice, and as with most other spots in VI, expensive. Yet it was terribly depressing. 
     I wondered who these women were, how long they had been in the "business", if they had any plans of getting out and what future there is for a prostitute who has accepted prostitution as her fate. Acceptance is key here. I've seen ladies of the night who still cannot believe that this is their fate, cannot accept it, resent it. You can see it in their eyes. There's hope for those ones. The ladies of last night seem to relish it, to revel in it, to wholeheartedly accept it. They made my mouth sour. 

One particularly caught my eyes. She carried herself with something like pride; shoulders straight and head high. Unlike the others she wasn't scantily dressed or nearly naked, she wore a pink calf-length bodycon dress and pink pumps. Her hair, or what was left of it, was packed in a bun, held tightly in place by dollops of gel. I looked at her feet and they were a variety of colours, as were her hands and fingers; black, yellow and pink. Her shoes were inappropriate for a Friday night, and for her job; looked more like what one would wear to church or a school teacher to the classroom. Her dress while obviously very clean was obviously very cheap, as was the entire air around her. She wasn't young either, couldn't have been less that 35 at least. Her eyes were dead. I couldn't stop looking at her, I wondered who or were she would be ten years from now. I marveled at her, the proud prostitute. The one who looked ravaged like a vulture but strutted like a peacock. She fascinated me. 

I think I was reminded that wherever life threw you, whether in a penthouse wearing silk robes and eating beluga caviar, or on your knee, rendering oral services for money in a filthy public toilet, one ought to hold their head high with dignity. But where's the dignity in defeat?

Thankfully my friend soon joined me in the car and later that night, a debate ensued;

"bloody prostitutes!"

"Don't judge them, it's not their fault, nobody prayed to become a prostitute"

"Nonsense, they are just greedy and lazy, everybody always has options, these one have chosen prostitution"

"I don't think so, I think life is very hard for them and this is the only way for them to survive. You don't know their stories or what led them here..."

-Do you think every prostitute willingly chose that path and as such deserves contempt OR did the harsh realities of life leave them no option and push them to it, thus entitling them to empathy? 

What do you think?


  1. For every choice made there are always alternative options, though they may not bring us instant result as we always expect, but if we are diligent with whatever we find doing we can expect success.

  2. I think prostitutes, like any other group of people, don't have a single story. Some were forced into it, some found themselves thrown into prostitution due to life circumstances, others chose that life and relish in it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. couldn't have said it in a more concise and precise manner!

  3. I guess we all have a choice, except you were kidnapped and shot up with heroin then cuffed to a bedpost and forced into prostitution... you had a choice. Now I'm not judging anyone here but some of us would have easily chosen to go into internet fraud because we saw our peers popping champagne, buying cars, clothes, jewellery etc but we decided it was against our conscience so we chose to go the legal route. Even though it wasn't as glamorous or as easy or as flamboyant, we still had a choice. I know extremely sexy girls (my sisters included) who could have easily gone into runs because their folks were poor and could barely afford to feed them. Even when men propositioned them and tempted them with all sorts, money, cars, houses, flights to anywhere in the world just to shop etc they still held on to their decency. We all have a sense of right and wrong, a conscience. Whether you listen to your conscience or not is totally up to you. That's what differentiates you from the next person.

    1. I agree with you Steele. There is always a choice. But we would rather take the easy route.

      We all have some challenges we face, but the will to succeed lies within.

      Some cases are very pathetic and probably understandable, but to remain in the life even when you have made something out of it is where the line ends and or begins for these ladies.

      It's like a case of a young lad who needs say 100k to set up a barbing salon business. He is lured into robbing innocent victims.

      The first time, he is lucky, he probably even makes more than 100k. Which is exactly what he needs to start up. However, due to the ease of getting 100k in one night he returns to a life of crime. It's the same story with kidnappers, drug pushers n runs chicks.

    2. I totally agree with you

  4. Sometimes in life what you have to trade is sex. The difference is the mentality of the sex worker. When you are adrift at sea, holding on to a log to keep you afloat; when the rescue ship comes, it's common sense to let go of the log. But some people hold on to the log while on the ship. The log is not needed. But they desire the comfort of the log.

    Some people enjoy that way of life. That type of sex is addictive. Making the person unable or lacking the will to remain with one partner. The others, who do it out of necessity, let go of that life once that need has been met. This applies to both sexes. There are people who would rather be paid for sex than sit in an office and wait to be paid at the end of the month for their 9-5 job.


  5. What steele said.....

    Nothing else to add.

  6. I hate people that judge prostitutes. Some people go into prostitution for the fun of it. One mans meat they say, you might not like it, but don't judge, they ain't prostituting with ur vajayjay. And as long as what they are doing ain't hurting nobody, let them be, if u wanna be self righteous, good for you. But let prostitues be, they are practicing the oldest profession. Before law or even medicine, there was prostitution. So free them, they have their uses. Dang!!! Don't judge their reason for it, cuz it's a choice.


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