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Can Love Really Conquer All? (Emeka & Linda)

Linda noticed her fiancée had been acting unusual the day before the wedding. She put part of it down to wedding jitters. She was so nervous sat at the back seat of the car while the driver pulled up at the church. She held her Dads hand tight
“Daddy what if he doesn’t show up or leaves me at the alter”
“My dear, Emeka would no try it, I would hang him by the genitals, this wedding must go on, with all the dignitaries here and all my life savings? Mba e no fit try am. Besides no man would leave such a beautiful gem on her wedding day” Daddy smiles and gives his daughter a kiss on the head. Daddy leaves the car and some minutes later her cousin comes to the car and says “Aunty Linda , Daddy said I should tell you your husband is waiting for his Gem at the alter” Linda let a sigh of relief out and proceeded to the alter. One look at Emeka standing there looking all groomed and sexy, she knew that day was going to be a day she would never forget. The church wedding was blissful.

Pulling up at the reception venue Linda’s husband asks the driver to get out and leave them in the car.
“Ahn Ahn Emeka people are waiting lets enter, see our wedding train has lined up”
“Linda, I don’t want to start this marriage on a lie”
“I have not lied about anything Emeka, ah see Sola and Titi have entered, yaas Titi ýaas, give it to them, see my babe” Linda says playfully looking at Sola and Titi dancing into the hall.
“Linda listen to me this is important, I slept with Simi at my bachelor eve party” 
There was a long pause, Emeka and Linda starred into each others eyes for a moment, before Linda put her hands on her chest and looked down, breathing heavily.
“…Linda listen.. I don’t love her…it was a stupid mistake…I had too much to drink…baby say something ”

Simisola was Emekas ex girlfriend, that particular one that Linda did not like him communicating with. She did not trust all that, “I can be friends with my ex malarchy”. Whenever she would express her concern in the past, Emeka will tell her she is being childish and unreasonable, he would then assure her he loves Linda and Linda alone.
She could feel her heart sinking into her tummy, all of a sudden her wedding dress felt too tight and the make-up on her face was suffocating her. Her hands felt sweaty and swollen making her ring feel tight and painful
Her dad and the event planner knocked on the car window door and said
“You people should enter now people are waiting”

Linda and Emeka got out and stood in front of the hall prepared to dance in. 
{Would you dance in TTB readers? What would you do?}
Linda got out of the car and walked towards the hall, she could feel and hear her heart beating fast. She grabbed her dress up and held Emeka’s hand ready to go into the hall. She turned to him and said "Love will fix this one my dear, we will be fine, Lets have a great day and revisit this issue tonight”. She gave him a kiss and they danced in like a normal couple. 
During the reception, as their friends came to say hello to them, Simisola and her friend Tara came up to them.
“Congratulations guys” Simi said
“Thank you” Linda replied.
“You look absolutely stunning, that dress is gorgeous” Simi smiled at Linda running her hands on Linda’s dress.
BOOOOOOOOM!!! Linda hit Simi with the hardest uppercut you can ever imagine
The band stopped the music, the guests all looked on in shock. Simi’s nose was gushing blood.
Emeka went to hold Linda, Linda turned to him and said “If you touch me, I will fuck you up”. She turned to the guests and announced, “This lady slept with my husband last night”. Her Yoruba mum came straight to the dance floor and said in Yoruba “Please someone help me remove this prostitute, husband snatcher, dirty girl from here”. The bouncers were there swiftly and lifted Simisola out of the hall and on to the floor on the car-park, with Tara following suit, holding Simi’s bag and shoes. Linda turned to Emeka and said “Shall we have our first dance”. Emeka let out a faint smile and thought to himself “I have married a psycho”.

LOL. Big thanks to Tito of Sarayah Beauty for allowing me share this. Inasmuch as I enjoyed reading this, my main reason for sharing is to ask what your reaction would be, if you're in Linda's shoes. Just before you step into the church to be wed, your partner fesses up to a very painful betrayal. How do you proceed?


  1. Really I don't know,I wouldn't react on the spot like Linda did but I guess we would have to trash it out at night,disgracing the lady wouldn't make much difference anyways.

  2. I know I'll go through with the wedding sha. It happened before the wedding not after so I'm guessing it's easier to forgive... what do I know?
    *Malaria brain typing*

  3. I'll proceed as the spirit leads, if I need to postpone the wedding at that late hour, so be it.

  4. I would react exactly like linda, maybe add a few more slaps before the bouncers get there. Then wait for the after party when emeka would get his.

  5. Memphis, where is that pop corn we bought to relax and just read comments? We need it now...

    1. Can you imagine Steele took the whole pack? Let me get another pack.

    2. Lol una no well!
      Well, honestly I woudnt know what to do. As d spirit leadeth...

    3. Memphis and Uyi, two of una na case. Lol

  6. Hmm, linda is cool tho. I hope it would end there if I was her emeka.

  7. That wedding will have to be postpond to a later date pending if I forgive him
    But why did he invite her to the wedding,he can't eat his cake and have it biko

  8. I don't know exactly what i'll do if I were in Linda's shoe. I love the punch part but I won't announce to the whole world that my husband slept with the girl. I'll just whisper in Simi's ear her sins. She will run from the hall.

    1. That's d best thing to do. Protect your husband image

  9. Lifblog and Crimson T, the wedding can't be postponed. They've already been joined together. They were about to go into the reception hall.

    As the spirit leads...... can mean anything ooooo.

    The show must go on, after the reception, hehehe my alter ego must surface. Anything that happens, please blame her as she will solely responsible for the actions...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. *will be solely responsible

    3. Enjay,we wil go back to church and retract the said vows
      I know i wont dance into that reception thou,it will go on without

  10. Uyi why are you behaving like you didn't eat the popcorn with me, Memphis we left some seeds for you in the microwave. I'm sure they can still pop.
    Meanwhile if I was Emeka I would hold that little piece of news till the morning after the wedding to avoid chaos during the wedding and I wouldn't tell her on the wedding so that she won't stab me in my sleep. What I don't understand is what the ex was doing at the wedding. That's why Linda lost it, the girl put salt on an open wound.
    Now if the roles were reversed, that would be it. I'd call the driver back and ask him to take us back to the church so that I retract my vows in the presence of God and the priest. There's no way I'm going into the reception with that knowledge.
    Exes are dangerous but that's another story entirely.

    1. Lmao! So you stole our pop corn and then gave me to eat... See implication. Choi

  11. Lmaooo! The first thing that came to my mind was "this guy is a fool o" lmaoo! Start which marriage on a lie. It already started on a lie nah! Abi was it not at the reception that he confessed? Egbami ke?! In fact... that linda geh is sooo coool! that uppercut was tooo on point! Loool!
    I probably won't do an uppercut(me that I cannot fight) and I won't want to cause a scene on my wedding day! I'll probably just tell her in firm low tones that if she should touch me again... she will die there! Hehehee! Imagine! Some people are just horrible! Meanwhile Emeka is such a stupid man. He should have just waited till later if at all he must confess. That's like one of the most important part of the ceremony. Where the groom and bride walk/dance in as a couple for the first time... where others fantasize about their gown(s), cake, or any other thing they think about... that's the only part I fantasize about o. how I will dance and dance. You wie now come and spoil it for me with that "confession"! In fact! Emeka will pay for it o! Like big time! Hmph!!!!! Just imagine! Just negodu! Lmaoo! (iv been wanting to say that for a long time now! Lmaoo! Perfect opportunity!)

    I can say i'll be calm and just go hysterical.. or say I won't be calm.. and i'll just walk away. But to say i'll dance, smile and be happy is a big fat lie!!!! Omoh, there's no way in this world i'll pretend like everything is okay. I don't even know how. They might as well continue the reception without me!

    Father, may this never ever be my portion o! You know how long iv been waiting for that reception dance! Lool! Thank you!

    1. Chei! The thing pain you die, see epistle wey you write ontop the matter! Lol.
      BTW you've been MIA for quite some time now, hope you're fine.
      Lol @ 'just negodu'

  12. Truthfully I don't know what I will do but one thing am very sure of is I will frown till the end of the reception. In fact no dancing into the hall. Him sef go feel am.

    It is annoying when the things you have been complaining about becomes a reality. What was he expecting the girl to do at that point,forgive and forget?

    And that Simi of a girl get mind. You sleep with someone's hubby-to-be the night before and you still have the nerve to come to the wedding....ok maybe that is forgiveable*roll eyes* ...she still walks up to the bride and is forming familiarity. That upper cut was well deserved....mtcheww oshi!

    It would take the grace of God for me not to cancel the honey-moon because they both have succeeded in replacing that honey with Alomo.

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