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Daddy Freeze Of Cool FM Shares Photo Evidence Of Domestic Abuse.(Photos)

Earlier today Freeze of Cool fm shared a post on domestic abuse, asking men who are victims to speak up and walk away. He said he himself was once a victim of domestic abuse, which he suffered in the hands of his ex wife, Opeyemi. 

What was most surprising was the comments that followed. 1 out of 5 were empathetic. The others cussed him out..., called him a liar..., asked what he was doing while his woman was abusing him..., asked how it's possible for a woman to beat up a man and he wouldn't knock her lights out..., ridiculed him saying he deserved it, because he spent so much money on wrist watches and the woman must have only been trying to beat some sense into his head (LOL)..., called him names, especially attention seeker... On and on it went. 

Some people said that when women claim to be victims of domestic abuse, they always have the pictures to show for it. So Freeze should freeze till he has some pictures. Oh well, I guess no one thunk it but Daddy Freeze had some pics cooling off, and earlier today, he did share them. 

His earlier tweets below; 

The pictures, for those who don't believe that men are also victims of domestic abuse. But I must add that his ex wife has been silent and the pictures he shared are allegedly of the abuse he suffered. So we really don't know for certain that they are actual wounds and bruises inflicted on him by Opeyemi. 

...About a year ago I did a post on a couple who live in Lekki 1, Lagos. Wifey has been physically abusive almost from the get go, and as at when I wrote that post hubby was in the hospital fighting for his dear life, thanks to stabs from dear wife earlier that morning. One of our rather extreme feminists, who no longer comments on the blog, accused me of being a woman-hater, and of always castigating women and idolizing men, who we all know are always wrong. As far as she was concerned men are never the victims, and in the rare event that a man is a victim of domestic abuse, then he must have done something to deserve it. I beg to differ. 

I hope everyone in abusive relationships, both male and female, find the strength to walk away. 


  1. Yep,many men endure this silently. It's good as he's speaking out! Domestic violence is a no-no whether from the man to the woman or vice-versa.
    Shame on anyone who says he's either a blabber mouth or lying...

  2. I was so waiting for this post.

    Lemme just sit back, relax and read comments...

  3. Abuse can happen to either partner in a relationship, its disheartening that there exists no sympathy for men in such situations.

  4. Domestic violence is a no-no whether male or female

  5. Hmmmmmmmm, let the comments roll in.

  6. I feel sad for men in abusive relationships/marriages, mainly because, I assume, it's difficult to open up. The shame, disbelief, insults and even blame!
    It's just not fair.

    A woman in such a relationship would get sympathy, help, Good advice...but a man? Plenty Shame first. Mostly from women sef! As if he's the sacrificial lamb of all scorned women.

    Any man in a violent relationship should run very fast o. It seems even getting legal justice would be difficult too, unless he's got good proof or maybe a confession from the abuser.

  7. Until a few years ago, it never occured to me that men could and do suffer from domestic abuse. I was watching Edge of Paradise one day and the family's neighbour's wife used to beat him and break stuff on his head when she gets angry.

    Thing is, there are more female victims of domestic abuse than male but it doesnt mean that such cases do not exist. Some men just cannot hit a woman, its not because they are weak, its just principles and self control. So, to completely disregard the story of a man who suffers from domestic abuse and dismiss it on the basis that he's stronger than the woman and can fight back is completely ignorant and subjective. Some men would not fight back and some women are very violent. I know a girl that slaps her boyfriend, its not a fable or dem say, i know the lady and the guy does absolutely nothing when she slaps him like that.

    As for the former blog reader, if there's no justification for a man to hit a woman, why is it okay or permissible for the woman to hit the man because "he must have done something"? Is it also ok for the man to hit a woman if she also does "something"?

    1. When people decided to act like idiots, they lose the right to determine how people respond. Any woman who hits a man loses the right to determine what he says or how he responds to her actions. Who hits first is the aggressor. In the court, the judge will ask who threw the first punch and not who hit harder. #i found that on nairaland and it is very apt# in our fight for the elusive equal rights, we should remember that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  8. Sunshine where is kabouy? She has been really silent on d blog for a while, I just hope she is doing good.

    1. I've been meaning to ask after her too. Please Sunshine where is she, i hope she's okay.

    2. Yes pls has she spoilt her browser?? Wasup wth Kabuoy?

    3. Lmaoooo! I'm here oooooo! Seee me here! *raises hand* *jumps up* see meee here!!!! Loooool!

      Maybel sweetieee... name sake and the Queen of thelma thinks! loool! Thanks guys... iv just been a Lil busy... Dahs all! iv been following comments nah. Just that I come late most of the time. Loool.

      Welcome alfarsi! *my eyes are on you* loool!
      Uyi finally found a brother here! Nice! Congrats Uyi. Finally... you don't have to wait too long before someone backs you up! Loool. *just kidding*

    4. Thank God, at least we know u are fine. Kisses and hugs hun.

  9. I couldn't believe the comments I saw on sdk. Freeze comes off as an ass most times, but I'm sure no man will make up a story about being beaten by his wife. The wife gave such a "wow" reply that turned everyone's attention away from "the do", and words like I love this woman filled the air. I'm more inclined to believe she did it. Yes, she is beautiful, looks calm, she is everything good (as some so called insiders claim) , but it doesn't change the fact that she may have a violent streak in her, or that she actually needs help. This is one of the many problems I have with this gender equality fight. Smh#

  10. Freeze would have to display pictures of a swollen eye or broken teeth or something for it to look more believable.Now I'm not saying he didn't suffer domestic violence but I just feel these little scratches can be as a result of struggle from 2 people struggling.I have siblings who are light skinned and even a mosquito bite can turn them as red as tomato paste.
    Freeze is also very light skinned so he'll definitely bruise at even a slightly tight grip.Is it not also possible that a woman can inflict injuries while defending herself?I have seen women who have been abused and this pictures up here can never be compared to their bloodied battered swollen face,broken teeth,or broken skulls in some cases.So Papa Freeze,I await more convincing pictures.
    The good thing is that the woman involved has refused to turn this whole thing to a social media war,while the "man" involved keeps running to social media. Shior....

    1. Pictures like his head wrapped up in pop, or his limbs hung up and suspended in the air? Or deep knife cuts? Then when the pictures have justified your curiosity what next? You will beat the woman or join in saying eeeyah, poor man? Wicked woman!!! What exactly my dear friend do you want to do with more convincing pictures. And why are you awake by this time of the night looking for convincing pictures #lol#

    2. Enough Effizy,help me answer that your sleep question abeg,I throw it back to you.
      What I wrote up there is just my opinion o!
      And that does not mean that I support domestic violence in any way.Greetings to Miss Gemini. Goodnight,go & sleep.

  11. #beingmaleinnigeria This hash tag opened my eyes to a lot of things men go through in Nigeria. for a long time, I always felt women are the victims. Men have it all good.. they always have their cake and eat it(eat their cake and have it...the normal wan) and it always got me furious at a lot of things. but I realized that they are also victims too... in lots of ways and we just don't see it. a good example is this freeze's case up here. It might be true, it might not, but the fact that 80% think he made it up and dragged him silly for it simply goes to show that men are also being victimized and we as a society have turned our backs and chosen to ignore it.

    My heart goes out to all the men in abusive relationships... I pray you get the courage to come out of it, alive and well too.

  12. Dude should calm down Biko.. See that small scratch.. Lol. For the sake of his kids,he shoulda kept this thin off social media .. I know men suffer from domestic violence too but it's rare.. I wish them the best of luck .

    1. How would u feel if this is our response as males to women who are victims of violence.

  13. DV should never be condoned irrespective of the party involved. We should not wait for "convincing pictures" to raise our voices against it. We must seize every opportunity to start a conversation that concerns such acts in relationship. Now whether he is lying or not should not distract us from raising that conversation against DV on men because it may save someone's life somewhere. J

  14. The saddest day of my life was the day I had to suture a cut on a penis inflicted by an angry girlfriend. Men are also victims. Whether or not he is telling d truth, it needs to be said that it is not ok to hit anyone.
    Dr. N

    1. She for bite am off Na! Maybe u keep forcing her to suck ur d**k..

    2. Lmaoooo @ anon. It's not HIS. + why so angry?! Loool

  15. While i dont care much for freeze, its about the message this time and not the messenger. Nobody has a right to put their hands on another human being.

  16. I've met his wife and been in same environment on a daily basis for almost a year with her. She's very down to earth, jovial kind and nice. So this whole thing is really shocking to me.

    Ps - I'm not saying Freeze is lying or telling the truth, am just bewildered.

  17. There are 3 sides to this story, Freeze's, his wife and the truth. My pain here is how marriage deteriorates and gets to this level of one sweet couples calling themselves out on social media. If not for anything, the parties involved should respect their children's future that would be negatively affected by all these their public display of shame. What ever happened to them parting ways peacefully and saving their selves and children of all dese shame. If you have agreed on being separated or divorced, why choose to still live in the PAST? Move on already, and let the past remain in the past.

    1. I was waiting for this comment because I found it difficult to piece the right words together. Very well said Anon. GOD bless.

    2. I agree...the effects of such 'publicity' on the children cant be imagined....the name calling from their peers who know dey are 'celebrity' pickin wont be funny at all and having them trying to defend their parents or themselves should not be given ground at all and thsi is just what such things would breed.....on my own once you kill mosquito on my face once wey my bag be dat becos I no get power......#JoyDaNuGirl

    3. Una dey talk now because say Na man. Can u guys say the same thing if its a She? Like if she goes on social media to talk about her abusive husband, would you say she should keep it private cos of the kids?

    4. @Uyi, when women go on social media to show evidence of DV it's obviously for sympathy and possible legal action. Sympathy because they're treated as 2nd class humans and talking about it with a few friends and family members may never get the required reaction. A man who's a victim shouldn't NORMALLY have problems doing one of two things: remove himself from his matrimonial home or go to the cops...or both. Less people know about it and the reactions will obviously be positive. This one uncle freeze is doing...I don't understand. He's giving evidence of physical abuse. Fine. What next? You expect (Nigerian) NGOs to look into the *male* matter when they're still trying to find adequate justice for the less privileged women and children? Coming out on social media was lame.

  18. I can swear those are self defense wounds
    Na today
    Being a very vindictive wife beater he knew a day will come like this hence keeping the pictures
    Abegiiiii no sympathy from me for mr freeze!

  19. All these abuse here and abuse there just tire me. Thankfully they are no longer together. I just hope it doesn't affect the kids in one way or the other.


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