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Dear Thelma... (He's Asking My Body Count)

Hello Thelma and blog visitors. I recently started seeing someone and I think I'm falling inlove with him. I am also praying that he will be the one because I've suffered too much heartbreaks and I hope to settle down soon. I know that he likes me too and he is very mature and comfortable so I believe that he too will like to marry soon. I am really praying that this relationship will lead to marriage but the problem now is that twice he has asked me how many men I have slept with, I didn't answer and he is becoming suspicious as if I'm hiding something. Because of the failed relationships I have experience the number might be too high, so I am afraid to tell him. It is not more than twelve but I feel that if he is insisting I will tell him 2 or 3, but I don't want to lie to him. Should I tell him the truth or reduce the number? I don't want to tell him anything but the more I keep quiet the more he thinks that it must be very high. Please what should I do?

I personally don't believe in full disclosure, especially in regards of things I don't consider a factor in the present relationship. But that's my personal opinion. What's yours guys; to talk and be truthful, to talk and be economical with the truth or not to talk at all?


  1. Let him tell u bout his and whatever his body count is,u either divide it by 2 or u find the square root and use the answer as ur answer.

    (2015 and some nigger be asking bout body count...hiss)

    1. Hehehe sasha boné the hilarious. Unfortunately even if his body count is 100 and hers is half, that's 50, she will still look like a big slut but his own is normal because he is a man. Shioor. My dear tell him your body count is 2. Anybody that asks a stupid question deserve to be told a lie.

    2. Did you say square root?hahahaha Sasha you will not kiii me o

      Simply tell him you will rather leave the past in the past.J

  2. Btw,its communion sunday this sunday at House on the Rock. Y'all are cordially invited!!!

  3. Why do people still press their (intending) spouse for tales about their sordid past? In this era?

    Dear Poster, if you're not comfortable disclosing your body count then you don't have to tell him, even if it's 1. Be wary of people who insist on such things but...if you really want to go ahead with the relationship it's up to you. Such people a more likely to judge your future mistakes based on your past.

  4. Your body count Is your last boyfriend plus him abegi! Take that number 12 truth to the grave with you, don't be doing stupid love and telling him because he will SURELY use it against you one day thats if the relationship even continues. He might conclude you are for sex only! So therefore DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT TELL HIM THE TRUTH. Thank u lol x

    1. God bless you dear, that was exactly what I wanted to say, your last and the present are the only ones that counts, so total is 2... useless guys are the ones who usually ask this question, they ask so that they can use it as an excuse when they want to bail out on you. My ex is like that, my husband never ask, all he cares for is the me he met... Be Wise dear.

  5. Just imagine..What is his business with your body count?So people still ask such questions in this generation & time.Abeg tell him it's two jare.Rubbish..

    1. GBAM!!! Body count can't be more than two biko! 3 is the lucky number so he's the one. Yeye men asking silly questions about the past!

    2. Ruth your pussy mileage has broken the gauge. Your body count be like 20 and counting. Ashawo.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Your shit is about to hit the fan. I have my champagne on ice. You don't know wats coming ur way.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Ruth... Your haters many oh! I guess you are doing something right. Lol

    7. She's doing something alright. Might be right to her but its gonna cost her dearly that I can assure her. Ruth u think you've got nothing to lose right? You wanna play. By the time i'm done with you and ur wretched family, if u can tell the story, you'll never go near someones husband.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Delusions of grandeur. I don't lose a moments sleep over a famed whore like you. And u don't wanna see my face. I'm not an angel like the people u try to break their homes. I can match ur evil in anyway you come with it. Physical and spiritual. I've been watching you strut ur stuff and I laugh at you. I'll come with a "fucking face" it's a face you'll regret seeing.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Ruthy who did u offend now,haba@anon easy biko the words are too much.

    12. She's a two timing whore who sleeps with married men.

  6. Yeye question, abeg tell him two or three, or better still make him understand that the question isn't important. For this 21st century na him person dey ask wetin no dey important. Shiooo.

  7. He's asking you such question because????
    Ask him the name of the first person he saw when he was pushed out of his mothers womb. If he gives you true answer then you tell him your body count. *ana asi na boko haram na atu bomb anyhow of recent, nna ano there na aju what's your body count. Mtchewws*

    1. hahahahahahahaha

    2. Lol! Queen spicey has cleared all thoughts off my head! O chim o!

    3. LMHAO!!!!! Queen! I do not understand Igbo but that line in ur comment cracked me up big time! Boko haram is bombing everybody yet this one is here asking what's your body count... lol...

      Madam, avoid the question as much as you can. Trust me, you don't want to tell any man that you have slept with 12 men before him. No matter how much he loves you, he will most definitely use it against you in the future. One argument will come up and suddenly, your body count will feature or even take centre stage. Just keep "qwayet" on the matter. And if the issue of your body count is too important to him, he can hop on the next keke napep outta your life so the range rover can drive in, Shikena.

    4. Amen to the range rover biko

  8. Babe whatever you do, do not ever tell any man it is more than two. Don't even understand why men ask these questions.

  9. Can you imagine such a question!!! Biko tell him 3 jare and be happy. Men aint worth it you know....

  10. Ask him respectfully to leave the past right where it belongs. If he cant deal with that statement then it might be time for you to move along. All he should be concerned about before the two of you get together is a clean bill of health std testing. The fact he is insistent on it to me deems he isnt to keen on being with you.

    1. Exactly my thoughts.

      A man who really needs you will care less about your past so long it has no serious implications presently.


    2. So true. Don't disclose the truth and don't lie. Silence is it. He might use it against you later later. + he isn't ready for a relationship. Kilode? Like Queen Spicey said, we are tackling Boko Haram and he's asking of body count?! There are more important things in a relationship than that.

  11. its 2015 and people still this question...smh
    Tell him to leave the past in the past and focus on loving you

  12. I don't get it mehnnnn! Okay! You want him to be 'the one' buh you don't wanna be honest? This is hilarious! Anyhoooo....Tell him the truth or whatever number you want and MULTIPLY it by 2....If he is not gonna be with you because you told him the truth then don't wanna go into marriage telling lies....Trust me on that one!

    And besides, what is wrong with having over 3 guys? Mehnnn....don't make nothing into something...

  13. Ok.... I'm done laughing.
    Dear poster, I'll echo Erniesha's point on not lying. It puts a dent on your integrity, and may create a need for a future confession, which may end up causing real issues for you both. Yet, I wouldn't advise you to tell him the number. Some things are best left unsaid. To that effect, I prescribe a combination of Memphis and Miss Pynk's comments. If he's so bothered about your past, then you may have bigger worries than body counts.

  14. Hehehe...the comments on this post are hilarious. Sasha bone and queen's comment had me in stitches.

    As for the answer to your question poster,truthfully I don't know. Am actually in the lie or not to lie

  15. When I met hubby n we were discussing about past relationships, I only told him the guy's have been with, it wasn't that serious n I don't think it should be if he really loves u. We made jokes outta it sef told him about 4 n half guys plus flings, 2 were serz n it didn't end well. That's all! I didn't say ve slept with 4 n half guys or 2 guys. If he's matured n loves u he doesn't have to press the issue. And I also asked him questions not on how many girls he had slept with cuz he doesn't matter but questions like if he had impregnated someone before n the likes... may God help you!

  16. Most of the blog visitors here are female. Because I think the question is very valid. he wants to know if you have been around the block. Nobody wants to marry a cheerful giver. Also, we dont know why he is asking, he might have heard some stories.

    Ill advice you say 4 or 5 guys. Construct the lie very well and stick to it. So that one day your tongue doesnt slip and you go mention a name you didnt mention before.


    1. Lmaooo @ cheerful giver!!! My friend calls it high mileage!

      Soo it's okay for men to be cheerful givers okwaya?! Looool! Continue o!

      Erniesha and Buby... thank you o!
      At first, I was like everyone is saying she should lie! Lie! Lie! Kilode?!

      If he can't handle it... then it's better not to even start abeg... I wonder why some men just want to know... but really... why?!
      anyway! I agree with telling him to leave the past in the past. If he insists... well... give him an answer that won't disturb your conscience or affect your relationship with God. that's the safest answer I can give.

    2. It has nothing to do with being female and there's no reason for her to be lying about her body count/past, or being pressured into revealing her past. If you say no one wants to marry a cheerful giver are you implying that cheerful givers have no hope? And by cheerful giver I hope you didn't exclude men. Sex goes both ways. She's not comfortable revealing her past, that's it. If le boo has heard stories about her it's either he continues with confidence or move on to *fresh meat*.

    3. Tnx memphis, my only problem is that the body count question is always directed to the ladies, WHY! honestly I don't like it.
      If you now really decide to check, the guy's body count might be even higher

  17. Hmmm, all I see is very mature....Dear Poster....please remove the 'very' cuz this dude ain't mature at all

    Only immature people major on minor things

    1. "this dude ain't mature at all

      Only immature people major on minor things"

      Spot on!

  18. Replies
    1. Me too o! I've been laughing hard here!

  19. This guy isn't feeling you as much as you think . Telling you from experience. Don't tell any man your number except he has proven himself or your husband

  20. Some Men and their silly ego. If you mention 12, you can kiss his sorry behind good bye, cos he will leave you. He wants to know for a reason that's why he is adamant.

    This ain't a mature fellow biko. If you haven't sexed him up, I suggest you stay like a mermaid for now so that he isn't another body count in your life.

  21. Since when did body count become a factor in a relationship? Nawa oo


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