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"Baba Go-Slow"


This isn't personal. This wasn't even my idea. One of us cheekily said to me some days ago, "please when are you posting something on Buhari and his go-slowism so that I can laugh at Memphis, Uyi, Easah and the rest of them?". I thought ahn ahn nau, why do you want to be like that? Oh well, this person wasn't playing and you know I aim to please, so here's your post. 

Personally I kinda think it's too soon to tell. Yes, we're all waiting with bated breaths and naysayers are already sticking their tongues out. But I'm certain he's got something up his sleeves. It's still too soon to gloat/worry/cry(side eyes @ Dele Momodu)/tell. 

I'll end with Mr Momodu's words; (Mr President) the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading... many of your presumed disciples (are)  busy fighting over positions and control of power the way babies squabble over lollipops. They have studiously forgotten the change mantra and the huge expectations that made the electorate to troop out in droves and cast their votes for you and the Party.

Yes. What happened to the #Change mantra? How did it die an abrupt death the minute the elections ended?

What say you?


  1. Rome was not built in a day. IMO, Buhari is trying and just like Thelma said, the man sure gat moves up his sleeves. #nasmallsmalldemdeylicksoupweyhot

  2. Smh. Really? Haha. All these clueless Jonathanians...well I'm not surprised.

    In case you haven't noticed, in 33 days amidst politicking within the APC, your president has solicited the support of the international community in fighting these demons. Recall that it took over 4500 dead Nigerians for *Baba clueless* to declare a state of emergency in 3 States. Your president has set up at least 2 committees to check economic recklessness and has a list of Ministers already waiting on our *dearest* legislators; it took Baba clueless almost 3 months for him to even have a list, and let's not even go to his nonchalance as regards the *stealing* he couldn't curtail during his tenure. VP Osinbajo has already visited States affected by insurgents, unlike your very own "Hear no evil, See no evil" Sambo. Despite the fact that the country was in total mess (which you obviously wanted to gladly continue in), I understand it's difficult to appreciate *Baba go slow's efforts, but it's better to be slow than to have no direction in 33 days, wouldn't you agree, my dear Jonathanian?

    1. Well said...


    2. High five jare Memphis..

      See arguement in my office 2days ago on top dis *baba go slow* wahala, I wish I had these facts to dish out to them Jonathanians at the time..mstcheew! I know they will still bring it up, I will be waiting for them.

      Nigerians and their impatience tho, all those who rushed into policy making and appointing of ministers and co, wetin be their end? Clulessness and corruption worth several billions of naira. Abeg if Buhari wants to be slow, let him be slow as far as there will be result. The "fast" people didn't do anything good, won't it be nice to try something else for a change?

    3. Memphis, I beg to disagree.

      Buhari in his past one month as President of Nigeria has proven that he is unprepared to handle Nigeria's challenges. I'd lay claim to a few of his actions and talks some of which are :

      1) Refusal to disclose his personal worth (inclusive of his vice-president): There is no way he can fight corruption and stem the rot of mismanagement in the country when he himself can't present himself as being clean. Don't bother mentioning the statement that the concerned bureau would be the one to make an official statement to the Nigerian public on his worth because it is past the thirty days they needed to do whatever documentation and verification they wanted to achieve. To successfully have a shot at fighting corruption in Nigeria, a leader has to go above and beyond the call of duty which includes he himself making an official statement of his worth.

      2) What's with the nonsense of having two Spokespersons. In a government where we are to be reducing cost of governance, here is President Buhari having two Spokespersons. This also has the undesirable effect of sub-optimal management of communication and information from Aso-Rock.

      3) His speech on his Inauguration referenced commissioning and carrying out studies to tackle some of Nigeria's besetting problems. I ask what has he been doing since March 31st when he was elected President.

      4) Lack/Inability to appoint ministers - This is worrisome and please don't start quoting statistics of how long it took former Presidents to come up with their cabinet. He came with a promise of rapidness and prompt action to needful matters. We are at a pivotal point in the economy and nation and yet we can seem to make a headway because some guy up there is still indecisive.

      5) Perceived lack of understanding of his core responsibilities - As soon as he resumed as President, hobnobbing with the International world leaders and other external responsibilities were his accomplished tasks. Guess what was on his wish list at the G7 meeting - stemming insecurity, encouraging FDI, unemployment etc. He needs to understand that those demands are his primary and core responsibilities. No international leader would do anything pro-bono for another nation.He should rather fix the inefficiencies in the system and automatically and consequently see a reduction in unemployment and an increase in FDI.


    4. 6) the Fight against Boko Haram: Is it too much to ask my President that each day I open Linda Ikeji's blog for news, I am not bogged down by graphic images of victims of bomb blast? He should also understand that no matter the support he rallies from the international scene, under the earth or in the skies, if it does not translate to a reduction in bomb blasts occurrence, his plans aren't effective. The problem with Nigerian critics is that we often mistake effects, symptoms and inputs for outputs. I care less what methodologies he applies to rid Nigeria of Boko Haram , I just want them taken care of. Concomitant to this is the strong condemnation (and little action) on Boko Haram attacks, guess who towed this same path .... President Jonathan (also referred to as the clueless one in some quarters).

      7) His tenuous fight against corruption: Who goes to other countries to start looking for how to recover stolen funds? The fight against corruption has to have 'the vanquished'. Recovering stolen funds isn't just enough. People, sorry Criminals have to be brought to justice, these criminals have to see prison cells. Pussy footing and taking a mild stance against corrupt practices just waters down any honest fight one hopes to achieve against the prevalent corruption monster.

      8) Met an almost empty treasury: doesn't the 'almost empty treasury' have an amount of money present in it. When you used words to cover the numbers especially when it comes to financial transactions, it reeks of dishonesty and one that lacks integrity. Give us statistics of what the treasury says and let us know how to move on.

      9) National Economic Council : How do you constitute a council that is supposed to bear the essence of a country to have its members as the thirty-six governors? These people cannot be held responsible if the economy flops as there power and legitimacy is derived from the mandate by the people to lead them as governors in their respective states. Get technocrats and stop appeasing governors most of whom know little about economics or running a nation. Furthermore, how do you constitute the probing committee into the excesses of Okonjo Iweala's administration to be made up of governors? The same governors that forced her hands to release funds from the excess crude account for their lavish spending. At the basic level, doesn't it reeks of a conflict of interest scenario.

      PS: I was a Buhari supporter prior to the elections, now i'm just a cautious observer. Please pardon any typos.

    5. Mr Chrisyinks, I read all you have written and all I see is you expecting Buhari to be this;

      The Eldest sibling in a family of 10, with both parents dead, who is left with an inheritance that is not enough but enough to clear the parents' debt. So instead of finding a way(though requires patience) to make profit from the inheritance and still pay debt in subsequent time.
      He decides to use the total inheritance to quick-fix debts owed and ends up with nothing to take care of the family in time.

      And your no.3 is invalid.

      I am prepared to wait as long as it can be, cos the system of 16years needs cleansing and trust me, no miracle can happen in 33days sir.
      And u think Nigeria is a country that can make decisions inside the country without external influence(largely positive).
      We are not North Korea, and guess what, it took North Korea 3 generations of one family to get to where they are now. And still, Foreign nations are trying to force their influences in, Using the power of global media most times.

      I'm not condemning Ur 'ideology' on how he should rule this nation but I'm not in support of it and I thank God Buhari is not following that route as well. This country will be great again, by God's grace.

    6. Lmaoooooo!!!!!!!! and Uncle Chris appears from his hiding place!

      Uncle Chris me i yaf miss u o! where have u been nah? lool....

      oya let me go and read your "comments"!

    7. Nice criticism Chris, but I don't know what we're disagreeing on seeing as you obviously aren't sentimental about true governance, which Jonathanians are guilty of. No one expected it to be rosie from the beginning and I can assure you I agree with some of your points except:

      2) I really don't know the motive behind having two spokesmen but if you're relating that to cutting costs in governance then that is waaayy negligible compared to Buhari and Osinbajo's almost 50% reduced income and allowances.

      3) Since March 31st he's obviously been planning towards that but recall he and the APC accused the former government of nonchalance in harmonizing these issues. They were still reeling from the epic loss, maybe.

      4) He's got most of his potential ministers, as well as his plan on reducing the number of ministries. We now await the *boxers* at NASS.

      5) Why do you feel his wish list at the G7 meeting is unreasonable? Don't you know the direct causes of refugees risking their lives to get into Europe? I don't need to tell you that two major causes are insecurity and unemployment and African leaders presently are handicapped for whatever reasons.

      6) YES! Boko Haram! He's rallied support, changed command base, equipped soldiers and given them moral support. He's assured Nigerians repeatedly of his desire to crush the sect. Amidst all this unfortunately, soldiers and civilians are still being killed. He hasn't claimed virtual victory or made unrealistic promises about crushing the sect, has he?

      7) I don't really know how to respond to this dear brother but at least big names of the past administration have been implicated in serious economic recklessness.

      9) You lost me at 36 governors being members. I thought they were less than 6 members? Anyway, let's just observe the NEC for now.

      I agree with points 1 and 8. So, dear Chris, breathe. Lol.

    8. Uhmmnnnn, uncle chris! i join you as a cautious observer o!
      you stated valid points... and truth is you can almost predict results with actions taken sooo... anyway let's still give him more time.
      we gave Jonathan 6 years! PDP 16 years. its only fair to give Baba more time... then we can now start condemning and criticizing and seeing loopholes.
      I sha learnt a new word *shines teeth* "Concomitant" Taink you sir!

    9. I hope I clicked on Thelma's blog and not Head to Head Political show.........Confused.

    10. Chris, are you one of the people who thought Buhari will change the nation with a snap of his fingers? Its only been 30+ days, can we give him more time? Buhari didn't promise to chase boko haram within a year much less one month. I beg that we be realistic in our expectations and criticise constructively. Buhari is not a perfect man and he has never claimed to be one.

    11. @ Uyi

      I believe the analogy you created is worse than the case called Nigeria (Let’s not give Nigeria a bad name to make Buhari look like a saint).

      I don’t believe my third point is invalid. His speech that I was referring to was the current epileptic power supply in the country. Solving the power problem is not as complicated as we make it seem. Identify the areas of inefficiencies in the Power industry, provide a conducive environment for thriving power plants, fix the rot in the sector and an impact would have been made. Buhari can then continue with a process improvement to achieve better efficiency in the Power industry.

      @ Uyi and Sunshine

      I am not so naïve to expect a miracle from Buhari in 30 days; I just need him to do the right thing. The fact that PDP ruled Nigeria for 16 years and created a mess of the country doesn’t mean that I should wait another 16 years for it to attain a desirable level of operational efficiency. At the end of his tenure, Buhari is going to be judged by his actions over a number of (4 * 365) days; already 33 of those days do not have a tangible output. Don’t get me wrong on the issue of Buhari seeking International support, I just fault him on his prioritization.

      @ Kabuoy

      I have missed you also. Just been a little busy recently.

      @ Memphis

      I am not sentimental about true governance, my sentiments lie with seeing Nigeria rise to its full potential. To be honest, I am neither Pro-PDP nor Pro-APC, I only strongly believe that Nigeria can do way better than it is currently achieving. Presently I feel my own quota to achieving a state of Utopia is to lend an honest criticism when necessary and it is sad when our leaders start making fundamental mistakes, it brings to question their capabilities as a good leader. I’d give a rejoinder to some of your concerns:

      2) The percentage reduction wasn’t specified on their total compensation package. I believe it was on their salaries. We don’t know how much (or if) their allowances might have been jerked up to more than compensate for the 50% loss of salaries. For a leadership that has refused to release an official statement of their worth, honestly, their words hold little to me. I guess I am just asking Buhari to show me a little credibility and give me some reasons to believe in him and his administration. When I look back at Nigeria’s democracy, I sometimes think that Late President Yaradua is the best President Nigeria has ever had.

    12. 4) One thing we both agree on is that Buhari has got plans, noble plans if I may add, just like every Tom, Dick and Harry. Sadly plans don’t accomplish result, actions do.

      5) I don’t feel it is unreasonable. I feel he doesn’t have a refined grasp on what he is supposed to do as President. Passing up the responsibilities of your office to another concerned organization because you think they are bigger or wealthier informs me that you lack the capabilities to look inwards and into your country and see what the country can do for itself. During his campaign, he seemed to have a plan on how to reduce unemployment by generating jobs and this plan did not include the western nations. One thing I know is that these Western countries never give freely, they always find a way of taking back. It is easier to negotiate and deal with these countries when you already have something going for you cuz then the negotiating field would be quasi-even. To bolster my point, a study at some point in time found out that for every dollar the Western countries extended to African nation, they took back 14 dollars in form of natural resources (exploited and non-exploited), excess economic gains from doing business in these countries and other avenues.

      6) I am coming from the perspective of a critic, as far as I still open the papers to read news and find people still being terrorized by Boko Haram, it means one thing – whatever measures he is effecting have not been effective. I understand it’d take some time to get rid of this despicable menace of terrorism but I’d like to see some of them being tried, I’d like to hear of his commitment and status of the Chibok girls, I’d like to hear of new intelligence reports that is foiling planned attacks. To stem terrorism, follow the paper (money) trail.

      7) Big names have been bandied around just like what past administrations have done. I need prosecution. If he is only recovering funds, it only informs the thief to be smarter not desist from the act of thievery which should be the goal. Punitive measures should be adopted – slam prison sentences on government officials that are indicted and successfully prosecuted, ensure that not only the monies looted are recovered, their personal assets are also forfeited and many other measures. Then maybe corruption might become a thing of the past for Nigeria.

      9) From what I read, all 36 governors and the CBN governor make up the NEC. The probing committee of the NEC is made up of less than 6 members.

    13. Mr Chris, your no.7 reminds me of DC comic hero, The Arrow. Lolz

      Buhari is not a vigilante. Even PDP spokesmen boast around about how we are in a Democratic setting and things are done differently under these circumstances. The judicial arm of government here in naija would take years to fully try and convict anyone. Unlike a military court where Buhari had his training and he subsequently used in the 80s. Look at the sen. Buruji for example. Upon everything, he tried to use 'the people' to his favour and it worked. Let's just for about 'slamming prison doors' on corrupt politicians for now. And I think Buhari is doing a good job at that.

    14. “…my own quota to achieving a state of Utopia is to lend an honest criticism when necessary…”, but just like I said before (and like Uyi and Sunshine noticed), most of your criticisms seem like you’re expecting miracles in an unrealistic time frame. This critical analysis would have come (usually) after the first 100 days.

      2) You’re assuming their allowances and income must have been jerked up to compensate for the 50% reduction. That’s like conspiracy theory on your part. Even the PDP hasn’t come up with such an assumption seeing that they too have quite a number of principal officers in government who have also followed suit (like Ikpeazu of Abia State). Or is there another assumption that both Parties are in cahoots as regards the income reduction? Lol

      5) “…passing up the responsibilities of your office to another concerned organization because you think they are bigger or wealthier informs that you lack the capabilities to look inwards…”. Broda…really? Main concerns in the Wish List are Insecurity and Unemployment. Let’s be honest with ourselves and now look inwards. How possible is it to solve these two Major Issues internally without seeking (fortunately or unfortunately) foreign aid? The fact that such a thing wasn’t highlighted in his campaign manifesto is another argument all together but that doesn’t mean it’s right questioning such an important gesture.

      6) He has put measures in place to combat the devils, devils who have re-organized themselves and unfortunately become more equipped and tactical in battle. We cannot have glorifying results yet; not now, not in the next few weeks, sadly. Let’s just give our moral support and be more prayerful.

      7) I had to LOL at this (with Uyi). Don’t worry Broda, they will be prosecuted in time. At least we have a leader who has always been aware of the similarities between Stealing and Corruption.


  3. Hahaha. Nigerians shaa! Rome wasn't built in a day.

  4. Its too early to cry please...

  5. biko this picture is funny
    I'm patient and optimistic though

  6. Rome wasn't built in a day
    Y'all should let that man breathe

  7. I won't blame those who are already feeling disappointed in this government because the way #change# was chanted during campaigns and the promises that followed, miracles were expected immediately the government takes over.

    Delay they say is not denial so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and waiting patiently, BTW its just 33days.

  8. Goodness it is only a month....please give the man a break. At least he is slow and functioning.

    Am even shocked at the poster,its as if they are patiently waiting to see this administration fail. Forgetting if he does fail na we go still dey the Nigeria....while they and their families live outside it.

    So annoying.....

    1. Functioning? Really? I'm yet to see that. Still waiting patiently though.

  9. For anyone to change Nigeria that person must start from somewhere*. J

  10. Lol,finally I can comment!

    All I have to say it this,while PDP ruled for 16yrs,PMB has been contesting for all its elections. Surely he was prepared to rule,No?
    Is it just me or are Nig's clowns? There's been a change of government yet fuel is still scarce,BH still bombing and the Naira is still dancing "how low can u go?"(N230) at the forex market. Do we realize the impact on the economy? (an economy that's yet to even kick start yet has a president?)

    Yes,PMB is taking his time in appointing cabinet members but surely has time for Saraki/NASS issues (is this his Priority as a president?)

    I might not be in the legal field but it's clear that the fight against corruption wld be a very long thing and it wldnt start with jailing anybody not when the court and judges aren't Buhari himself

    Me I donno o,but he did say his age wld limit him (yet during campaign it was claimed it wldnt)

    My point is,i expected this administration to hit the ground running like they were prepared for it. Nig was sold as a nation in need of an emergency,is this how u wld wish for a doctor (w/o a medical team) to handle an ER patient?

    I expect APC supporters (and not the opposition parties) to hold this govt to performance by fulfilling campaign promises and more and not make excuses on their behalf. Cos in the end of the day,which ever way the pendulum swings(which I pray is for good),we are all in this together...

    1. Regarding Ur last paragraph, my dear Buhari is your President as he's the president to APC supporter. So everyone should hold this govt to performance by definitely fulfilling campaign promises.

      He's going to be there for 4yrs, he wasnt elected for quick-fix but long lasting solutions. If he gives u DAT in 33days, I expect u and all intelligent nigerians to suspect foul play somewhere.

      And to be fair on Buhari, he doesn't really care abt Nass and the APC squabble. I'm sure he may have been coerced by allies to step in at dis point, so u may not need to attack him based on that.

      But seriously... 33days. Kai! Nigerians are impatient oh. Lolz

  11. My comment disappeared again o Kai. The igbos will say " a man his house is on fire does not go about chasing rats. His reason for travelling all over the place is valid but that amounts to chasing rats. I supported GMB but I have to leave sentiments aside. I agree with Chrisyinks. It seems he prepared to win election but had no plans on how to take off if he really wins the election. Considering the state of Nigeria, his take of pace is not it at all. J

  12. Dear ladies,if a man has been chykin u for 16 years and you've been saying No but finally say Yes a month ago,wldnt u expect him to "shake-body" from day one of ur relationship?? Lolz

    I have always prayed for all Presidents of Nig but speaking on the government doesn't mean I'm speaking against it. Let's not become psychophants (Yes-men) all in the name of supporting the FG! We all love Nig as much as u do too...


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