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I Love Men!!!

The picture above reminded me yet again why I love men. There are a ton of reasons I love men but I'll list a few.

1. Men don't hold grudges. Remember the whole mohits-donjazzy-dbanj saga? Remember the dbanj-drsid saga? Now picture if they were chics and try to imagine them as chics in this picture. Simply unpossible!

2. They are naturally friendly. Men could meet each other and in approximately 80 seconds they're chatting away like old buddies. There's this ease that comes with their friendliness. They don't need to have a bond or history to share a bear together and have a good laugh. They don't need to belong to 
the same strata or circle to get along. 

3. They are great conversationalists. I think one of the things that makes a good conversationalist is an ability to converse easily about a variety of topics. You listen to men talk and the topics are likely to be politics, business, moneymaking ideas, sports, football, women. Ever wondered why when you read news websites most of the commenters are male? But when most of us ladies gather for a friendly chat it's almost 100% likely we're talking about men *insert heartbreak, marriage, infidelity, children, pregnancy*... Very rare to see a group of friends discuss any other thing. Unless that other thing is the reason for the gathering.

4. They don't tear each other down. These days there's a lot of surface/social media "sister solidarity", but reality remains that women tear each other down. Women simply hater each other. See a post about a female and read the comments. 9 if not 10 out of 10 negative comments are made by females. We feel the need to bring ourselves down as if one person's downfall is our upliftment. It isn't. 

5. What you see is what you get. Unlike women who are natural schemers and a lot more calculating, men just don't seem to have that time or interest. They often have no false airs and rarely keep up appearances or have hidden agendas. If he's cool with you you'll know. If he isn't cool with you, you'll know. They're not adept at masking perceptions.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Of course there are a ton of reasons I don't like men. But today I'm focusing on the reasons I like them, the other is another day's topic.

Having read the above, what do you agree with, what don't you agree with. And, please share with me the things you like about members of the opposite sex. Yes, males this post is about men but I want to hear the reasons you like women ie the things you like about women; mental not physical please, thank you. 
Itching to hear it all!

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  1. Please ignore that "sent from my iPad", I'm working from some location and had to engage in some logistics to get this posted. Can't edit now either.

  2. Can I say why I don't like men? :-)

    1. Not even one thing about them? You've btw missed btw.

  3. I love men too!!! I love having guys as friends, they can totally keep ur secret for life!!!!

  4. Lmaooo @ number 1 and 2! Soo true! But like you said, there are exceptions but most of the time, it is true!

    My boss can say something downright annoying now, and then the next minute, he is asking me if iv heard this song or that song and i'm like dude!!! Really?! You're just gonna ask me that and pretend like you didn't just annoy the sh*t out of me 5 mins ago. And he's like "what is wrong?.. you need a hug?" lmaoo! And I just try hard not to burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Mstchew! But really... he just doesn't know how to hold a grudge. And several of my friends too... mayor, I, they find it amusing or surprising when I just go "i'm not talking to you" can be really annoying sometimes... but endearing too.

    And yeah... the whole "chairman, how far" *insert manly handshake* and they begin to chat like they've known each other before. or just that polite nod of acknowledgment. No need to form "I won't greet her first" "what is she feeling like, because she thinks she's hot, I should be the one to say hi first" loool! The things that go on in the mind of the female specie is still beyond me! Lmaoo!

    Yeah Thelma, i'm with you on this one! I love men too! Heheheheee...

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  6. Yh,same thing I said when I saw it on Instagram

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    1. Lmaooo! @ "Sent from my BlackBerry"

      *licks lollipop"

    2. Lol sashabone you always crack me up

  7. O boy, apart from my mum, sisters and future SO it would be hard for me to say why I love women without talking about the physical. Lemme think..... still thinking.... In fact I give up. Oh I have some extremely intelligent and intuitive female friends that I usually go to for advice. That's it.
    Women please tell me why y'all hate each other so much, how can you be in competition with some one you haven't even met, and just hate the person for no reason. It's tantamount to witchcraft. That's the one that irks me

    1. Lmaooo @ it's tantamount to witchcraft! My dad always always says that.

      In fact, he'll go on to tell you that 8 out of 10 women are possessed(with witchcraft). And i'm like... "woah! really?! Thank God you have 3 daughters!" heheheee.

  8. Yea I love men least the ones who have the nuts on their heads rightly screwed.

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  10. Guys are friendly?
    I thought you said Basket mouth was rude to you once?

    1. Err, I think she also said there are exceptions....

    2. So because she said basket mouth was unfriendly all men are unfriendly? She said there are exceptions olodo rabata.

  11. Im one woman that thinks and acts like a man.
    A lot of women don't get me and neither do I get women.
    Having friendship with women makes me cringe as a matter of fact when I see a crew of women friends I just Yiimu because I find it hard to believe the friendship will be drama free especially if they are more than two.

    Anyway, I'm in a male dominated career and men have always been my besties from school days.
    I am happy for once that this isn't a male bashing post ehugs

    I love men because you could lose contact with them for 10 years and when you meet them its business as usual. No hating no beef just continue when you stop

    I also love men because as the female in their midst they get to spoil you and you get or bully them coversface# and get away with a lot of things.

    Most importantly few men gossip- what they do is discuss hehe of course there are some childish ones out there but I'm speaking for the mature minds here.

    I miss my male friends Thelma, most aware married and I'm keeping a distance because of their wives - now I'm friendless talk about the only negatives of having male friends.

    1. We women have our issues but not every friendship has drama. Been close to my 3 friends frm college and we are still tight even though two are married. No drama in over ten years and counting.

  12. Men have drama oh in a subliminal level, that's how deep it is. Trust me on this, forget all that chiamahn greetings with muscle handshakes, its easy for them to mask somethings. Whereas for females its difficult cos we are emotional and wear our feelings ond our sleeves, ergo the drama all the time.

  13. no.1 is so true about men. My friends at school and I can argue, quarrel, threaten, annoy, and irritate each other and still leave immediately to watch a football game together, nothing taken to heart.

    I just like girls with a good sense of humor. I can't deal with having to explain my jokes all the time because I joke a lot.

  14. I'm a Lady, I like my friends. I admire a lot of women. I've had amazing conversations with some lady's on meeting them for the first time. So when I see or hear ladies hating on each other, it just wears me out.
    I remember in school, there was this beautiful girl in my class, d day I told her she was beautiful, ia friend of mine was angry with me that why did u tell her that, she'll think I was trying to be friends with her. Shuuooo, I looked at my friend and told her that always admire and comment on God's beautiful creation, so that you can evolve to become as beautiful as such creation, babe just shut her mouth.
    Ladies admire and like Genuinely and see how beautiful ur own life will be.


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