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I'm Worried! (Mr Frugal Frenzy or Mr Extreme Cheapskate!?)


    Counted 4 'bears' so that's no mistake.

    1. Bia nna or Nne anonymous O gini? Such error is allowed....ngwa Thelma take note o.....but that Dada guy bu aka araldite AKA Dada the stingy guy....

    2. Bia nna or Nne anonymous O gini? Such error is allowed....ngwa Thelma take note o.....but that Dada guy bu aka araldite AKA Dada the stingy guy....

    3. Bia nna or Nne anonymous O gini? Such error is allowed....ngwa Thelma take note o.....but that Dada guy bu aka araldite AKA Dada the stingy guy....

    4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I counted four thank yous!!!

    5. Nice reply Thelma.. Spot on!!!

  2. Hahaha I once had one toaster that was very stingy, as I was talking with my aunt she no gree me finish she screamed mba be very worried

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. The bar gist I get his point though, it could be annoying because he only got 2 bottles of beer, but real men don't get to consider all of that, they would just split bills equally Haba!

      Once I did the adventurous girl road trip to Ghana and I must never go that lane again. I am no George of the jungle.

  4. Your writing is so terrible sometimes, its 'beer' madam. Too many sycophants as commenters too.

    1. Hehehehe Me too right? No vex jaree uncle/Aunty anonymous I drank four bottles of "bear" last night. Does that make me a sycophant?

      Kimon wat if I was just freestyling ? NA play abeg never change am for me.

    2. Shallout (shout out) to all my "sycophants". May God give you people that root for you all the way, people that others will call sycophants. I think its a blessing.

      Blink lmfao @ free styling. You're too much jare!

      Anon why can't you stay off my terrible-writing filled blog? It's easy, just don't type in Kilode? I know it's addictive but "darmmit" I didn't know it was that addictive! You stay here looking for flaws all day everyday, na wa o! I hope you get paid for your tireless work. Still, you can't get enough of TTB, chop knuckle jare! Hehe.

    3. Let me correct a misconception you have, just in case there are others who ignorantly think like you do. The people you refer to as sycophants don't think I'm perfect and don't refuse to acknowledge when I am wrong. They point it out, some go as far as mailing me to tell me. But that's the difference between them and you. Their criticism is constructive, it's positive so it doesn't need to be filled with bile. That's why you might think they are "sycophants" LOL BTW. Don't get mad because my readers have refused to join you in your hate-agenda.

      I'm very open to constructive criticism, that's one of the ways people grow. Just in case you were wondering "you're such a terrible writer" isn't constructive. That's cyber bullying and you know what they say about bullies? It's a reflection of their own insecurities.
      Come and take a hug mami, I think you need one. *Big bear/beer/bare... (Which one is it again? *scratches head*) hug and a kiss on your cheek*

      Ok, I obviously have too much time on my hands today. Bye bye o! Spread love not war.

    4. Thelma oni time. U really have time answering this foolish anonymous.

      Look hear u foolish anonymous, what is ur biz on the this blog? Seemed u had nothing better to do by 2am than trolling abi? I would've told u to get a life but idiots like u are obviously not interested so do us a favor and choke on ur hatred and foolishness.

    5. Thelma, all this epistle for this small correction? Na wa o. Besides I've also noticed it, it's not a mistake, you really thought this was how to spell it cos I've seen you spell it this way on other posts.

    6. Anon we have noticed you, please take a seat and enjoy thelma's blog or get lost.

    7. Thelma wow you are so unbelievably childish! so its true??? By the way, bigggg difference between 'your writing is terrible' and 'you are a terrible writer'. For a second, I thought you were a bit more intelligent than that. I think you should read that Bella naija article on hating, the ones who think (delusional) they have haters. C'mon, go learn a thing or two about criticism, it would have been a different case if anon said you were a terrible writer, he/she talked about your writing. Try to grow up sometime and just develop 'thick skin', your response just isn't it. I am sure you will go and reply this one now with one long story about haters n hating. smh.

    8. I think you the same person trying to talk in another way. Typing a long write up is not usually easy.. there could be a typo error or the thought of typing the correct word but in reality is the wrong word. Everyone was criticised before they made it to the top even the BELLA9ja, my advice to you Thelma... dont reply messages that are out for you. Be the bigger person and bone it. Humans have issues. Am a new and a lover of ya blog already.. dont pray to be like ya role model, pray to be more than he/she. Remain Blessed

    9. anne_Osas you miss the point, a typo error is understandable, Thelma's long story is unnecessary, I'm a silent reader and sometimes comment as anonymous and I have noticed she finds it difficult taking to corrections and always seems too defensive. Nobody called her a horrible writer, please read again.

    10. Dear critic, the whole bashing was unnecessary, calling her readers 'sycophants' was also judgemental. Hence, the long epistle was well deserved. Oya come and correct my grammar*

    11. Dear critic, the whole bashing was unnecessary, calling her readers 'sycophants' was also judgemental. Hence, the long epistle was well deserved. Oya come and correct my grammar*

    12. Mikey aka all the Anons gtfoh please. We sycophants love thelma because she is a wonderful person and not because she does not make mistakes. My fav novelist has typos and errors in some of his published books and he's one of the richest writers in the world, so I think thelma is in good company. If you hate her so much please keep away from ttb. simple.

    13. Thelma Aka anon you gtfoh

    14. thelma should get off her own blog? stupid anonymous.

  5. I understand the need for constructive criticism but I fail to understand the need for the use of the word "sycophants" because I don't see the benefits you are referring to.
    Well Thelma, the issue is that some people live their lives on budget, so that is an issue and there should be a middle ground, but to the extent of sacrificing comfort I don't understand that one, bus trip to Ghana ke? Is it Ibadan lool.

  6. Lol,some people don't just like to spend anyhow but it shouldn't be to the extent Dada took,there should be a middle ground,u can't expect to hang out with d guys at d club and not split bills with's people like Dada that would get a Nokia Asha camera phone for their babes as Bday gift instead of the normal android phone all in the name of economising. Lol. Biaaa this anon above that keeps hating on Thelma, kilode? Kilora Lori igba ehhh? Why call us sycophant? Anyways u are definitely included because u comment too. Shikena

  7. @ the anonymous poster who keeps acting like a dictionary. You sound so self righteous and it's a wonder why you come here as anonymous. If it's not bad belle that's the cause of your attitude, then you would constructively correct rather than be so insulting.

    I don't understand why you come to this blog if your aim is to find faults. Why not find something constructive to do with you time like write the latest edition of the Oxford dictionary.

    No one has the monopoly of knowledge and your pull her down syndrome (phd) is very annoying. Go get a life okay.


  8. I support him in not paying a naija more than 10K... equal gini? After toiling night and day, why should he spend his money to indulge other people's excesses?
    I think he is both a bit of both mr frugal and mr cheapskate. This is not entirely bad, as we need, especially in Nigeria, to discourage our culture of wastage as a sight of affluence
    With regards to your date with the guy, but why wouldn't you order what you want? You already stated you're not dating the guy, so why should he influence what you choose? I personally have a rule where, as long as I'm not dating the guy, or anything of the sort, if we're out together, I order whatever I want, and when the bill comes, I bring out my money. Always, I do this. And then it's the guy's decision on whether or not he wants to pay. Usually, he ends up paying, but if he doesn't, no hard feelings, I got my own money. It's a whole 'mother kettle of fish for those dating, but in this instance, you guys aren't.
    With regards to your trip to Ghana, why didn't you just tell him to meet you at Accra airport. You fly in, and then he can even trek from Lagos if that works out to be cheaper for him, e no concern you.

    1. Niceeee... I love your comment, everything about it.

    2. ur comment is sooo on point!

  9. Anonymous Rider!8:51 am, July 28, 2015

    He intentionally opted for beer in my opinion, If he's living on a budget he should avoid group outings like this one. It could be something from his background or he is saving up for something. Have a conversation with him about it.

  10. I have a colleague who owns at least 3 houses in Lagos but chooses to live in the slum of Lagos Island. His dress sense is appalling and when he started traveling outside of the country (which he began doing late anyway - 40's o), he cannot stop himself from relating the stories over and over again "in America, you cannot find this sort of thing...blah blah blah..." A lot of times, he will complain of not having eaten all day. It's that bad.

    I wonder why you make money if you find it difficult to live a quality life. No one says anyone should be careless financially but don't be a cheapskate especially when you an afford good stuffs.


  11. There is an unwritten rule for guys to split the bill in such outting esp if girls are involved. You drop your share or more. Single days even as a girl, when I hang out with my guy friends I drop my share (most times they give me back my money) though I usually consume less than the guys. A friend of ours,a girl(rich kid) usually drops like half the bill and her order does not pass one bottle of smirnoff.

    We conveniently don't invite the "dadas" when hanging out. One usually asks the girlfriend to call me or one of the girls to find out where we are hanging out because we stopped inviting them to hang outs. The guy di stingy biko.

    Anonymous "correcter" you can take it from here because I did not edit my comment o. J

  12. With all the instances you mentioned, I'll conclude that guy is stingy. Going to Ghana by bus shouldn't even cross his mind.

    Been long I commented here, work has just been hectic

  13. Stingy men are such a turnoff for me.
    wether na cheapskate oh abi na frugal
    i dont bloody cuuuurrr

  14. CHEAPSKATE!!!!

    like seriously tho??? there are some kinda things that should just be avoided to save u some embarrassments and that's usually the problem with cheapskates, they have no shame and do not know what the word embarrass means!

    Its a different thing if you act that way, once in a while when u r on a tight budget or sth, but everyday??? haba man!

    N to the O way!

  15. This Dada guy is a fake guy. Its ok to be on a budget, but when you go out with your guys and you have a limit on how much you can spend, its wise to say it before drinks are being ordered. That way everybody will do mental calculation and give themselves brain when ordering. Its part of the bro code to always split the bill in a fair manner. His dropping of N10,000 does not pass as being fair.

    Dear Thelma, there are advantages to dating guys like Dada. He will not spend money on you but be rest assured that he will probably be a land lord before many of his friends, the kids University fees in top Schools would be ready long before its due, he would be the type to spring up surprises he can come home and just say he bought you a new car etc. So think am well. The disadvantages are obvious.


    1. I don't think so. Such stingy people do not even spend on their family. Before you get money from them, my dear na fight to finish. Who come get time for that one.

  16. A guy that preferred to go to ghana by road will give you a thousand and one reasons why it makes more sense for the kids to school in Nigeria than abroad.

    Being stingy is different ball game o. Let's forget the drink part. A comfortable guy wants to go by road to Ghana and is forming road trip. If you follow this kind of guy to Ghana na camping things o,lodging in a hotel no follow o. J

    1. Lmaooooo J! you killed me with that road trip part!!!!!!!!! loooool!

  17. From what I read up there the guy is stingy....if he was struggling to make ends meet,I would understand.

  18. Please before you criticize anyone read Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends And Influence People, you'll learn the real effects of criticism and how much more effective encouragement can be. Let's stop trying to tear each other down so we can feel better about ourselves please.


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