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Maje Ayida Publicly Apologizes to Wife, Toke Makinwa

I am writing to express my sincerest apologies to my wife. I was wrong, it is indefensible and I am sorry. I deeply regret what my wife and my family has had to endure. My behaviour has caused a lot of anguish to everyone. Though this matter has been very public in nature, it is a private issue and I would appreciate the opportunity to face it privately. I love my wife and will make every effort to make things right cc @tokemakinwa

While I wish I could Honour his request for privacy, I have a few questions 

-Why make a public apology then ask for privacy? Besides its too late for that now...
-Was a public apology really necessary? (A lot of people think not. But I think her humiliation was very public, so a public apology might actually be necessary)
-What about the "other" woman?
-Should Toke forgive him? In her shoes would you forgive him?

Notice how he called her "his wife"? Hmmm, Issorai, I really wish them both the best. 


  1. U see that thing U did with the Capital letters? My exact issue with him. What took him so long!!! Mistake or not, it has happened. Everyone should move on!

    In her shoes, I'll forgive him if he genuinely makes me happy & makes real efforts not to cheat again because we know say no be jazz & the D didn't just fall into the woman's D. Yet no one is perfect.
    Plus that baby is innocent oh! They had better Love him!!!

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    5. Dear Anon,

      Please we get that you are angry with Ruthy(for whatever reason) and you've shown it in every way possible. Can you please, for the love of all that's good, give it a rest already! Ahn ahn... this is really bad naah! always leaving hateful comments under every comment she makes. Kilode???!!! Please, leave the blog out of it.. stop the threats, the bullying, the curses and the insults. We understand that you're upset for whatever reason... but please and please, stop already. thank you as you comply.

      Yours sincerely,

      A concerned TTBV

      I would have used my id, but before you also realize that i'v "broken someone's home" too... lmaooo! not that I have.. but these days you don't know who thinks they know you and start dropping ridiculous comments under every of your comment(no offense annon... the was not a shade at you and no disrespect meant)

      The fear of some anons on this blog is the beginning of......??? Loool.

      But on a more serious note, please stop. Thank you.

      *drops keyboard*

    6. Uyi go and sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      before i start with you! *evil grin*

      Lmaoooo. I'm just kidding o. Its not ruthie's secret admirer o. Hehehehee.... oya let me go and sleep. Before the owner of the phone wie come and bite me.

      I'm booooored! But i'm not feeling sleepy.. and i have to wake up early tomorrow.

      Uyi oya gaan sleep. Nanite!

    7. Sleep ke... And Why do I have a feeling I know who dis is. Lmao!!! Show yourself now.

      And I would like you to start with me oh.*tongue out*

    8. Naaaah.... you can't take the heat!!!!!! Lmaoòoo!

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    10. Uyi's Anon, I see you o, you are well done! No wonder...

      @Ruthy's anon, please give it a rest. What is all this negativity and hate getting you? If she offended you, forgive her and move on with your life. All this hate is just making you a more bitter person and keeping you in the past. Plus, this is Thelma's blog not Ruthy's blog. Send your hate mail to her email address, I'm sure you know it.

    11. And sunshine knows the anon, ... Is it safe to add 1 and 2 together now? Lol

    12. Uyi thinks it is me shaaa... lmao! me that i'm just laughing....

      *strolling by*

    13. Kabouy, did u notice u use 4dots most times instead of the usual and regular 3dots? Hehehehe.

      U better comeback here

    14. Lmaooo! And that's how Uyi wie be feeling like one CIA agent! Yinmu toh badt! Hahahahaaa! I don't know what you're talking about.... *tongue in cheek*

  2. What even infuriates me most is the fact that people are impressed, happy, and even praising Maje for apologizing publicly and believe that the apology is enough reason for Toke to forgive him and get back with him! that alone in itself is disturbing.

    This really is not my business and break is over... but i just had to say this.
    i'll come back at 5 for more.... *shaking my head in dismay* we have a long way to go..

    1. No way. I'm not expecting her to forgive him due to his flimsy apology, hell No. There are some hurts that NO amount of apologies can heal but REASONABLE efforts on his part could get that forgiveness.

    2. Forgive and bring your husband(if you still love him) home jare... Life is too short for negative emotion.

  3. All I want to say is Toke is pretty.... On Maje's apologies.. Not my biz....TNHW

    1. Lol. Same thoughts ooo. I'm only seeing how pretty she looks in the picture. The rest.... I can't deal.

    2. NNE where have u been?welcome ohh,I missssss ya.

  4. Sometimes it takes more than an apology to mend broken trust.

    Whatever toke she sabi. Am not going to waste any of my brain cells on the issue.

  5. Na them sabi. every aboki with is kettle. Maybe na me no go school well. there is no remorse in his letter. He still wants to keep the gbobe secrete. SMH. watin concern me self.

    1. No remorse whatsoever! Besides, no need to bother, things ll neva be d way they were, both in public and in private!!! Duhh! And d 'wife' thing is because they re married legally and not divorced yet. Ugly idiot!

  6. Uhhhhhhhhhh...The Confusion surrounding the Marriage institution.... Alrighty Yup! It is marriage and he cheated on her which goes against the vows they both made....buh see, in Marriage, you have to forgive as many times as you can, NO MATTER whatever was done to you cuz of the same vows you both made....buh the problem with this apology is not whether or not it came late...the problem is why apologize 'publicly' to your wife?? I mean, the 'public' knowing bout the affair he had, did nothing buh add more fuel into the already blazing fire. So why would he attempt this move when the 'public' could easily misinterpret it as a scheme to get her back.

    Publicizing an apology + an appeal for privacy to work things out makes no sense. Oh well, I dunno what to say cuz I am not sure how I would react if my husband cheated me...I probably would need to watch the whole seasons of 'How to get away with Murder'....or the whole seasons of 'Revenge'...either way, I will be going with one.

    1. Sometimes I try to look at things from different angles, maybe the apology is coming late because he has been begging in private and someone (probably Toke herself) advised him tom make a public apology before she even considers forgiveness. After all she is a public personality.
      Now this is just me being me.... Lol
      Meanwhile she fine for dis picture shaaa!!! Who woulda thunk it?

    2. Steele, I'm so with you bruv. Straight up fact. I know toke is someone DAT would want the husband to apologize publicly

  7. MEN, MEN, MEN, i wonder how many MEN will make heaven? You publicly humiliate and redicule your wife and you still claim to love her. MAJE thunder fire that your mouth there, because you know nothing about LOVE. LOVE does not offend the one they love, yet alone go to the extent which Maje went. Because our culture condones its a man's world everyone ( esp men ) believes Toke should forgive him and go on with her marriage like nothing happened.
    Have ppl who are giving this opinion tried to put themselves in Toke's shoes and just imagine how broken this lady is. We all know that for the fact Toke aint showing her " brokenness" publicly that is one of the reasons why Maje just knows he is in deep shit and is forced to publicly apologize, because he really does not know Toke's next move.
    See eh, i believe we are all adults and we should be responsible for our actions. Toke should forgive Maje BUT she should just move on ( i know this is very hard but its her best option for now) with her life because if she takes him back, the other lady and the innocent child ( maybe children) will always be in the picture.
    This saga just reminded me of the yoruba movie i watched yesterday, the only difference is that the mistress was the wife friend and eventually the wife killed the mistress and her husband, and trained the baby but sold the baby's soul to the devil to ensure that poverty and frustration never departed from the child's life( Note this punishment was to be for her hubby but death averted it so it was passed to the child). This is just one in a million examples of how far a scorned woman can go.

    Men or Women that cheat especially in marriages, its far deeper than what you think. Divorce your partner if you think the centre can no longer hold, rather than play with people's emotions. You will be shocked how far people can go to actually punish the " Cheater" and aslo how far the Cheater demoralizes the partners well being in all ramification of lives.
    Lastly, in my opinion until Nigeria or African laws begins to frown at infertility and begin to promulgate laws to protect a lady from a cheating husband, i bet this infertility on the men will always be on the increase. Have u ever wondered how our married african men readily stick to one lady abroad? Just because they know what they stand to loose if they are caught cheating. For the very few that cheat, they use everything within their means to cover it up, unlike most of their counterparts here in Africa that rub it in the faces of their spouses.
    Am so sorry for my epistle, but i just needed men to know its not ok for them to cheat on their wives and feel a mere SORRY will fix things up. There are so many people that have become broken because of this and this is also one of the major reasons for the rise of dysfunctional families in our societies.
    I will just stop here, cos if i continue i probably wont stop...

    1. I love u, I thought I typed this!!!

    2. After your first sentence I couldn't go on and read the rest

    3. Someone I loving u Steele and ur head dey swell. Lol

    4. I swear down Steele. I just cant read negativities... Immediately I saw the first sentence!

      Scrolled down straight-up

    5. Uyi and Steele, you better "year" the truth!

  8. Infidelity not Infertility i meant to write.

  9. Please he should go and sleep

  10. what Thelma, Konga on your blog.
    Dancing shakily bobo#
    we don dey hammer oh!

  11. Ok Marriage is for better and for worst
    This is a sample of the worst
    I cannot believe I am saying this, even though I doubt if this guy could ever love Toke as much as she loves him
    I feel he WILL CHEAT again
    but then again she can't tell me she didn't know what she was going into while dating/marrying him.

    1. I hope you're not the anon that has been correcting people's grammar since

    2. Hahahahaha actually it was Mallama that corrected the CV and apology poster. The anonymous just pointed out the mistake made by the "correcter" while correcting. J

    3. All of them anon are all rocking the same boat or canoe

  12. They should start up a marriage counselling firm and name it 'Everything Public'.
    I've read a lot of comments on this 'very public apology' and most of these comments were in praise of Maje for publicly apologizing....... what the......W (can't say d vulgar word abeg)
    Anyway, whether she forgives him or not is their toro, but they need to infuse a lot of privacy in their lives. They are married to each other and not to the public.

  13. I read a story on fb few days ago. A woman cheated with her friend's husband when the friend was in the hospital, she kept it secret for a while and later confessed to the friend when she can no longer bear the guilt. The friend confronted her husband and he confessed too, she felt bad, cried, prayed and later forgave both husband and friend. She advised her friend to confess to her husband and that was the end of that marriage. After the wife's confession, the man got mad and said he's through with the marriage. He even sent the woman packing. It took the intervention of both parents, pastor and friends before he allowed her to return to his house. It's been three years since this incident but the man had neither touched his wife nor ate her food.

    Now Maje cheated on his wife, humiliated her publicly and after some weeks he writes few lines of apology online and some people are praising him, expecting Toke to simply nod her head and say its ok. If reverse should be the case will the people saying this advice Maje to do the same?

    #its a mans world# #Being a woman in Nigeria#

  14. I think Toke would want a public apology based on all the drama that ensued.

    Will a public apology fix this, HELL NO. But for her own sanity, she should forgive him, whether she decides to continue with the marriage will be a factor of how much they both want to 'work' on the marriage.

    The key thing here is that if tables were turned, hell would freeze over before a man would take back a wife who errs as such.

    Things will never be the same though.

    1. Exactly! Will the apology fix things? Will saying sorry publicly restore the trust?

      It's one huge mess already they shouldn't make it a 'huger' mess.

  15. The whole thing is just sad. Public getting involved made it even worse. Marriage is for better for worse though. They both need serious counselling and a lot of work to make this work. Whatever decision she makes,people will still judge her. She should go with whatever makes her happy. J

  16. Marriage ain't for better for worse mbok! Ain't nowhere it's written in ANY of the holy books!

    Forgiving him is the thing to do. If I were her, I most definitely would move on. That apology up there has no iota of sincerity in my opinion. Dude is only sorry he got caught!

  17. I'm really wondering why commenters(virtually all ladies) are really shortsighted about this post. How do u guys just think he's come on social media, put up 'some lines' and then 'felt' he can be forgiven.

    This is the problem when people always expect the worst from you. Even when you do the right thing, most people will always see it and wrong/bad. Its really sad. Please at these things in perspective.

    Its as if this is like one nollywood movie plot to you guys. These are real life human beings with real life issues and cos he could summon up courage to put his private apologies in public just to show HIS WIFE that he's truly sorry.
    I'm wondering if anyone of you in Toke's shoes would end marraige just like DAT. Have u guys ever fallen in love before? I doubt that.

    1. Please look at these things in perspective***

    2. Truth be told Uyi. At the risk of sounding insensitive, i really dont care what goes on in their marriage.... it is absolutely none of my business. if she chooses to forgive him or move on. Thats totally her decision to make.
      where i have a problem is when people are applauding maje for apologizing. Like are they really seeious? I have read orishirishi about this apology.... "ehn they had it all planned" "she has already forgiven him she just wants to make it official" "she made him do it", yada yada yada... but the most annoying one is those applauding him. That one, i cant get past.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. I'm confused by this couple though. Their entire break-up two years ago played out on twitter/facebook/vlogs like fiction, and then a few weeks later, like fiction, I saw pictures of them getting married. Then she had the wedding picture in the background of hr vlogs, and I realised say omo gehl don marry true true o. the entire thing was confusing, but we had to accept it. And then this pregnancy scandal all got played out on the internet... even to the way she handled the issue, bouncing right back and acting like it was her alter ego the whole shenanigans happened to, and not her made me wonder "Everything dey OK with this girl?"... and now, the guy wants to apologise, and he goes to Instagram to write that essay?
    Wo, gbogbo things yi ti su mi.
    Are these people for real? which is a gimmick/publicity stunt here, which is real, and which is just plain weird? I'm really confused.

  21. Public marriage matter. The guy doesnt seem to have much respect for himself talkless of another person. Infidelity is a big deal- it breaks down relationships - many beyond repair. Because people dont leave doesnt mean they wholly believe in the marriage.

    I wish them both the best as they make their decisions.


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