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No New Friends! (Job & The Fickle-Minded)

Job 42:10-11 GNT. 
10 Then, after Job had prayed for his three friends, the Lord made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had had before. 11 All Job's brothers and sisters and former friends came to visit him and feasted with him in his house. They expressed their sympathy and comforted him for all the troubles the Lord had brought on him. Each of them gave him some money and a gold ring.

A few months back I decided to read the entire Bible, one Book at a time. After studying the book of Esther (beautiful one btw) I was going to explore Isaiah, but I changed my mind. Firstly because my mind wasn't in that space, I wasnt quite ready. Also, I myself wasn't in that space. Where was I? I dunno but I felt like I could connect more with Job *covers face*. There's so much about that book I would really really like to talk about, so many questions to ask, but another day. The verses above are from the last chapter. I haven't gotten there yet but I got so tired of hearing Job lament (the man could lament for Europe. Jeez!) and I wanted to read something happy, so I rushed there. I'll still go back and read up though...

Isn't it interesting that after all Job's suffering (and Job did suffer), after the Lord blessed him again and made him doubly prosperous, his friends, relatives and acquaintances who had abandoned him (Job 19:13), came to visit and feast with him, bringing him money and gold (Kesitah)?

Hahahahahahahahaha! Have you ever wondered why people who have a lot are often given more, and people who have none get almost nothing? It's greatly ironic yet so true. But that's another topic in itself. 

What caught my attention was "All Job's brothers and sisters and former friends came to visit him and feasted with him in his house". The fickleness of people. They not only came to visit and feast, they also sympathized and comforted him. Like, what did Job need comfort and sympathy for when his great blessings have been doubled? Duh!

A while back a vlogger asked me to help her create content for a Vlog she wanted to do. It was to be centered around Goodluck Jonathan, who said most of the people around him had abandoned him just after he lost the election. While writing for her, I remembered someone I grew up knowing. I saw first hand how someone who formerly had so much wealth becomes abandoned by closest friends, one after the other. They suddenly begin to treat you (not you my darlings) like you have a suffocating odour and can no longer bear to be around you. You become a leper and they fear that being in close proximity to you, they might catch your disease of poverty and misfortune. You become a pariah. 

I'm not writing anything that's novel or groundbreaking, this is old news. But doesn't the fickle mindedness of people boggle your mind? If I were to be Job I would have shooed them away while creep-walking to Drake's No New Friends.

...Where are you in your life right now and who are the people in your circle? How many of them would actually stick with you in times of grief and trouble, even when it looks like it might never end? Have you ever been abandoned by the people you most trusted, at a trying time in your life? How did you deal with it? And you, yes you, that "friend" who's only there when the going is good, who's only generous and giving to those who already have, those whom they can get something from in return, God is watching you. Kontinuuuuuuu! 

LOL. Good morning errbody. As you go about your day remember Job 42:10; Then, after Job had prayed for his three friends, the Lord made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had had before. Pray for those around you, it just might bring you increase. 

Oh, Job is also teaching me patience. Lots and lots of it. I'm not in any way suffering, but I knew there were great things to be learnt from that Book. What Book of the Bible would you suggest I read next, and why? Thank you. 


  1. Good morning T.

  2. Good morning T. Read the book of Ecclesiastes, it talks about the youths and the vanity of life.

    The book of Job is something else, as in he suffered a lot. Sometimes when I complain to God about my situation, He reminds me of Job's and I can't help but be grateful.

  3. The book of job is a lovely book to read and learn from,every book in d bible has it's own lessons, trust me,I recommend u read the book of revelation, each time I read that part of the Bible, it just sends shivers down my spine it makes me wannna sit up and do the right things, the fear of hell is d beginning of wisdom and u can.also read the book of ecclesiastics. One reason I don't keep friends even though one can't do without having at least a friend, u know ur true friends in times of trials.

  4. I thought I am the only one that like the book of Ecclesiastes,

    People like giving to those who have because of the anticipation of getting something in return. Most people don't like sowing where they will get nothing in return so giving to the poor to them is waste of resources.

    Thelma. by the grace of God. I have seen part A and B of life. I have lived having more than enough and having nothing at all. team (work-in-progress)

    Life is honestly and empty place, the speed by which people rush at you when you have it all is the exact speed they will abandon you when things turn upside for you.

    You will be surprised that even your own parents/siblings will abandon you.

    When you are in affluence, your phone rings continuously like MTN mast. but when things turns upside, you will be praying for someone to flash you.

    There is nothing anyone can do about it. Its part of life. In all,. GODWIN

  5. Success has many's part of our reality.I recall a day my paternal uncle called us (my brother and I) to make contributions towards the burial of a relative whom I did not even know. I asked him a simple question: where was she (the dead relative) after our father's death? How come she or any other person did not come to look for/visit us? That uncle happens to be the only one I know from my dad's family! There are still some of them but I do not care to meet them now that by God's grace, I don't need them.

    Job is one man I don't envy. In fact, I do not fail to quickly remind God that I am no Job when faced with some negatively serious circumstance.

    As for the Bible, do you care to read Ruth? It's short and has a few lessons for women especially with regards taking care of their Mother-in-law (though I'm sure Ruth was nice to Naomi because Naomi in turn was not a mean MIL to her).


    1. Dear F I don't envy him at all. You know where I wrote I have many questions about that Book... Hmmm, I just didn't want to start any controversy or debate. Oh well, I'm learning patience, which isn't a bad thing. But I'd rather my blessings be present than delayed.

    2. Dear F,I don't envy him at all too,God really knew how much Job loved him to put him through that kind of test
      Thelma you should read the book of Revelation,it will keep you on your toes all thru

  6. I recommend the book of proverbs to you medear!

    1. Proverbs is my favourite book too

    2. Tolu ka ma puro... Orelouwa joo daddy e! ahn ahn! She just took ur complexion nikan! Heheheheeee! They af do Ojoro for you! Looool! Sooo cute! *loud kisses on her chubby cheeks*

    3. Proverbs. It's simplicity and precision in its richness of wisdom and aptness for life at all times is unmatched in my humble opinion.

  7. Proverbs I recommend too. J

  8. Interesting write up.
    I learnt this lesson when I was very very young. Back then, we would play the video of William Onyeabor's "When the going is smooth and Good" in our living room for leisure entertainment. My little 3 and 4yr old self would listen and enjoy the women dancing in their rafia skirts. A few months later, life threw us a very heavy blow, and the "fickleminded" nature of people started to show left, right and centre. then, at that tender age, I would listen to the exact same song, and think to myself - "na so life be?"... thoughts I had no business having to deal with at that age.
    For those who know the song from way back, you may listen to it here :-)

    1. Excerpt of the lyrics:

      When the going is smooth and good
      Many, many people will be your friends
      When the going is smooth and good
      Many, many people will be your friends
      But when the going becomes tough,
      Many, many of them will run away.
      When the going is smooth and good
      Many, many people will be your friends
      But when the going becomes tough
      Many, many of them will run away
      When the going becomes tough
      Many, many of them will disappear

      That’s bad, very very bad
      And that is what I mean
      And that’s what I’m saying
      When the going is good
      You’ll have many friends
      But when the going is tough
      Most of them will disappear
      And may never come back
      When they come back, They have come back
      To help in knocking you down down down

    2. It's funny how some things never change. Well I guess humanity is still humanity after all. We still haven't learned how not to be shallow after all these millennia

  9. I remember wen we passed through that phase too.. That's why I don't joke with my immediate family .. When we bounced back, those idiots started coming out from their holes ! But we Weren't fooled .. That's life for u sha.. Read the psalms .. It has some very deep and powerful prayer points . Xoxo

  10. Meanwhile T I think you should read all the books written by Paul, then I will also recommend the book of proverbs for the immeasurable wisdom that book carries. If you can live by the words and principles you will never go wrong.
    Another book I enjoy is Songs of Solomon because it teaches me how a man should cherish the love of his life and vice versa.

  11. I love the book of proverbs.... wiser words have not been written... and I also love Romans too.

  12. Mine is psalms and proverbs. Psalms boosts up my praise level while proverbs speaks wisdom!!!


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