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Oh Dear! The Words of a Heartbroken Woman. (Yetunde Oduwole To Baba Tee)

Oh wow! I just found this in my feed. I haven't watched the video but thanks to Laila for taking the time to write it out. I literally shuddered while reading this. I know nothing about any of the parties involved but it's not everyday a woman makes a YouTube video of this nature. It seems Heartbreak really makes people do (and say) things. 

This is serious! UK based Yetunde Bustline Oduwole, 44, and Babatunde Bernard, 35, used to be an item until things went sore between them. Baba Tee is now dating Dupe Odulate, 32. But Yetunde is finding it difficult to deal with the  emotions of breaking up with the chubby comedian.

In a YouTube video released yesterday, Yetunde did not only cry, she cursed over claims that Tunde embarrassed her before the world. Watch the heartbreaking video above while what she said is this:

“Tunde, this afternoon again, you embarrassed me before the whole world. You’ve been embarrassing me right from the 18th of January. I got about 20 messages today from your Facebook friends, and they were asking me if we are quarreling that you have removed all my pictures from your wall.  
Even to the extent that you went to the albums I created for you, and removed all my
photos there, and you left my friends, Tolu and the rest of them. Why should you embarrass me this much? What did I do to you? Is it a crime to date you? 
Why is it that every time we fight, you do drastic things? Hmm, I pity you… I really pity you. Don’t you know that they don’t offend me? I’m always sincere with all the men I date, and if they are dishonest with me, they find it terrible and difficult to climb up in life again. 
I told my God that he should greatly punish any man that upsets me, and He always does it for me. Just yesterday, Babs ( my former husband ) and his wife were calling me, begging me to please have mercy on them. 
His wife begged me to forgive him, but I said there was nothing he did to me that I have forgiven him. Look at all the years…10 good years he has been struggling, and he has been unable to achieve success. And I doubt if he can make it because he has wronged me. 
I have forgiven him, and I have asked God to restore all his possessions. I’m just warning you Tunde Bernard…hmm, I’m not the kind of person you offend. If you still want to bear the name Baba Tee, you better stop being on my matter. 
You had better beg my creator because I did not offend you; I have never held grudges against you for a whole day. You are wicked, and you don’t think. 
           ..breaks down in tears


  1. Hmmm ok but why did she do a video of her indirectly cursing him, then went ahead to post it on the tube?

  2. I am confused as to why she decided to do a video and then is crying in it. She doesnt need all that especially uf she knows her God will fight her battles- why embarass herself with thhis?

    Whatbis it with yoruba people thinking people who breakup with them will never suceed and God will fight the fight on heir behalf? Have they considered that maybe God is fighting their fight by removing the person from their life?

    1. Lol,miss pynk I didn't wanna comment on this post bfore cos I just passed and hissed but ur comment just said exactly what I had in mind. She is really funny,if she feels jilted yy can't she hold her peace knowing fully well God will fight for her. Abeggy

    2. Yoruba people?


    3. See how you all r waiting to attack her? Yoruba people do that a lot so who are we kidding?


    5. My father is a yoruba man...the trait is common with yorubas...instead of simply sayig God Punish the person, their "olori eda will catch the person". Ps annon- no need to announce my govt name on Thelma Thinks.

    6. U people plssssss free miss Pynk. She's not being tribalistic.It's a common trend wt yorubas. I'm half igbo and half yoruba n I have more yoruba friends than igbo.. So dat wasn't a hate comment.
      One love Bvs...

  3. Oh Pulizzzzzz! Hush it! Sooooooooo he took down your photos on facebook and that is embarrassment to you?? And for some reason, because your ex-husband calls you up and apologizes for whatever reason, you suddenly think you are a demi-god? Now, instead of actually calling up the dude and telling him how you feel, you think making a video and crying a river to get people to empathize with you is the deal?? He has moved hard can that be for anyone to understand? You either move on or keep wallowing....either way, just remember that you made this video cuz you find it hard to move on and that is not him embarrassing you anymore...That's all you!

    It's been a while mami...**big teddy hug**

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The Post is sad but your comments are hilarious!!!! LMAO!

    1. Ruth. Is it really sad? Remember time is ticking. Tick tock, tick tock towards your doom. Disgusting stupid thief. You'll get what's coming to you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Tsk tsk. The wannabe homewrecker is actually scared. You paid the piper bitch. Don't think its home sailing for u yet. Your reputation precedes u. You can sleep with anything for a morsel. That's how debased you are. But u crossed the line this time. Your nemesis is here.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. This foolish prostitute thinks she has me figured. If only u knew.

    6. It's time to Ignore, Unlook, Walka pass!

      Ur 2mins fame has expired. BYE!

    7. Listen you psycho coward, enuff of ur threats to my friend Ruth. Enuff!!! I mean Enuff!!!
      She's NEVA gonna do anytin stupid or spiritual but I can on her behalf. U have no idea who can fyt 4 ha. You tink it's all bout money? She moved on, move on 2 bet if you insist, We'll be waiting foolish Anon!

    8. Hahahahahaha. Friend indeed. Park well Ruth. You just exposed yourself. We know is jazz that you used to commit your evil deed but God pass you. Don't think you have me figured. You don't know me. I'm ur nemesis. I can match your evil a million times physically and spiritually and still you gonna lose. That thing you think you know and can do, I teach people how to do it. Keep basking in ur ignorance thinking you know me. You don't know shit.

  5. Why make it public if God fights for you then leave it to him

  6. What's her motive for doing this video? Get people's sympathy? I think so because if she really wanted to pass across some strong messages to the guy, she could have done it privately. And what are we talking about? He took down your pictures, so what? She did not even think that she may be labelled all sorts and even attacked should some evil befall the guy. People may link such to her without thinking twice.


  7. Why she no just speak English all through, na yoruba movie?
    "Whoever hurts me does not prosper, even Babs and wifey are begging me"- arrant nonsense.
    Karma is real but don't go threatening people upandan wit u r specially prepared karma.
    What is her grouse here? That he deleted her pics from HIS page after they had broken up?
    No go rest. Carry hair like willie-willie forming mad black woman things, you for naked under full moon to shoot the video.

    1. Gosh you made me remember that film Full Moon by Regina Askia. Lolz...

  8. Tsk tsk. The way people call upon GOD these days for crazy issues...

    "...if they are dishonest with me, they find it terrible and difficult to climb up in life again. I told my GOD that HE should greatly punish any man that upsets me, and HE always does it for me..."

    Now I'm assuming she's in a platonic/nonsexual relationship with Baba Tee for her to *buy* such a favor from GOD. If she's not, then if Baba Tee would be punished at all, it sure wouldn't be because she asked GOD to, and she definitely won't be spared.

    1. Platonic/nonsexual ke? Looool!
      These days... a side chick can pray to God to punish her boyfriend's wife. lmaoo!
      No fear/respect whatsoever! Loool!

  9. Mstcheew! I didnt't even bother watching the video. What's the point of the drama?

  10. Madness of the highest order.......

  11. I was also wondering, she couldn't point out exactly what it was the man did. Was it deleting her pictures?
    maybe I hurried through the write-up, I'll check again.

  12. I don't get the reason for this video. It just created an awareness that a man embarrassed his woman didn't hear of it before. Come on madam this is a childish act please take down the video already.

  13. after watching this video, Baba Tee's response and the wrap up of the saga on Bellanaija, ah no get mouth to put for matta!

    BUT the video did make me remember that song "Eleda mi mo di E mu, mo di E mu, Eleda mi mo di E mu, mi o gbodo jabo" - the song by Paul Play Dairo ( I've been singing it all
    Where is Paul Play now sef? :-)


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