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One of Those Days. #Happy (I'm NOT Boring!)

Today was one of those days... Quite frankly I'm too exhausted to put it in words, and that's one thing I've prayed for, let my days be so busy and productive that I come back at night and crawl into bed, too exhausted to think!


However it wasn't work all the way. Everything work related ended at about 3pm. 3pm was when my friend's driver came to pick me up and take me to Marcopolo to meet up with him (but I still had to wait!)

Me waiting for Mr Man and food, but food more importantly!

Marcopolo makes great Chinese and the service was pretty fantastic too, but they could season their chicken better IMHO. Lunch was over, we both had meetings to attend but mine wasn't to be for another hour. So my "date" asks 'do you want to make some money this afternoon?' My mind races in several directions but he immediately clarifies; 'come for my meeting with me as my lawyer, do the negotiations. If he agrees to your terms then you get a percentage'. Oh dear. 
     Now the meeting in question was over a JVA worth several millions. I didn't know ANYTHING about it. Bros said he would give me the general gist on our drive there (Marcopolo to Sailors Lounge is barely three minutes) and when I get there I should "just wing it", but I should "make sure not to fuck it up". 

I'm ashamed to say I chickened out of it. I kept telling myself just go, just talk like you don't care and keep a poker face... But, bottomline is I chickened out. We would be doing other businesses together but with those at least I'd be more prepared. 

Quick stopover at Ebeano and then for this other meeting. It's those ones you wonder why it wasn't just held over the phone. Aaaaargh!

Back for a quick change, I'm so happy to see my children, plus I needed that work out after mounds of very calorific rice, sugary sauces and dumplings (you notice my belly is swollen?), and children don't need a reason to jump like a bunch of loonies, so jump we did! (I ate way too much and I was only getting started). 

The later part of the evening, darn I would like to give details but I know the parties involved would read this. One is an IT guru that works with Oracle, the other works with Mobil. My host was actually Mr Mobil, Mr Oracle is his bff. 

We were having a really swell evening amidst fish barbecues, bottles of Heineken and Shania Twain in the background. Then Mr Oracle says to me

'Are you... Are you... Do you think you are almost an introvert?'

'I am an introvert' I say proudly, I might have as well beat my hands on my chest!

'Oh' surprised 'I didn't want to say it outrightly, didn't want to offend you'

'Why would that offend me? I AM an introvert. What's wrong with that? Why are you asking by the way?'

'It's just that... You're actually boring'


In my life no one has ever said that to me. They may have thought it, but they've never said it to me. I wasn't surprised either, I'm really quiet and it's easy to forget I'm there most times. Still... I wasn't being quiet, I was actually making real efforts to be chatty and chip in every now and then.

'I've talked about so many things tonight and an interesting person would have actually contributed more, like, taken the gist to so many different levels, in fact by now we would be talking about things totally unrelated to the original topic and we wouldn't even know how we got there. But you, you just...' he scoffs and shrugs. His tone is accusatory, with a hint of disdain. 

'Well, I'm quiet but I would have you know that some people think I'm very interesting. In fact my boo often says I'm very fun to be with!'

'You?' pointing at me. 'You? He must have mistaken you for someone else' Mr Oracle says dismissively. 

Ah! Kilo n śe bobo yi gan? Hmmmmph! 'Yes me, and he knows me better than you so he's naturally a better authority'. 

'I doubt it, but whatever...' He shrugs. 

He expected me to take offense but I actually found it amusing. Still I had to clear the air (Thelma, defender of Introverts

I would do a more indepth post on introversion soon but let me just say... 

We aren't (necessarily) boring, we just like to connect on a more intimate level. (when I said "we" they said I make it sound like we have a club. LOL, yeah I took it personal!)
We prefer deep conversations and are both inept at and uninterested in small talk. 
We prefer our own company to anyone else's 
Large crowds and people in large numbers drain us
We are unlikely to contribute to a conversation being had by a group of people
We don't like being the centre of attention, we almost hate it even. 
We think and think before we say anything and sometimes by the time we're ready to talk the convo has moved on to other things (nawa for us sha) so most times we end up saying nothing (SMH). 
We have some of the most brilliant minds but if you're impatient (like Mr Oracle) you'll miss that. 

During my tirade, Mr Mobil inserts; well just do you, as long as you're happy. 

And I couldn't agree more. I'm happy.

LOL. My happiness is only tainted by my chickening out earlier today. Professionally I'm a trained mediator and conciliator, but not a negotiator. But should I have just taken a risk and winged it, regardless of if I "fucked" it up? At worst they would have looked at me like who is this effete idiot? (But life would go on). At best I would have made an impact (and) some cool cash and have a fatter bank account.

Oh well, spilled milk.

I will end this post by saying introverts are not boring. We are just the most misunderstood set of people out here *sobs*. 

I'm curious to know. What's your personality type? What are the traits you love most and least about your personality type? And, do you consider yourself an interesting person?

*feel free to respond when you wake up. Good night my dearests.* 


  1. " out after mounds of very calorific rice, sugary sauces and dumplings...". Reminds me of a *fluffy* friend who tried pushups minutes after swallowing fufu. Really dude? Hehe..

    Well..normally I would say it wasn't wise you chickened out but not having the professional backgrounds for such a (possibly) complex deal I think you (painfully) made the right call.

    Hear Hear! To (proud?) introvert. Lmao. I hate that I don't like large crowds. That's usually the best way to meet great people. But I still love my *homezone*.

  2. Full day for you. I think it's good you didn't go for the meeting. If you went and messed it up you might be held responsible for your friend losing a contract worth millions. Also the oracle guy was rude but most introverts are boring, please let's be honest.

  3. Well I think that avoidance was d best control measure cos d risk was too high to gamble with (forgive me abeg, m preping for exams and I need to answer to practical issues #hehe)

    Is there anything like a combination of intro and extro? If so, den that's proudly my team.

  4. Yeah I'm in between, but I lean more to the introverted side of me. In fact my environment influences the personality that shows.

    I think you should have winged it yesterday, you never really know and now I guess you really would never know...

  5. Extrovert. I don't understand you introverts either. Tee you look so beautiful especially in that first picture. I am happy you're happy.

  6. Now that 'Jesu' part got me laughing. You should see me laughing at you right now. Doh thelma....a whole you boring?! The dude bad gaan....lmao.

    What you wrote up there is true about introverts. All those unnecessary small talks bore me to tears most of the time. Sometimes I am particularly clueless when it comes to replying small talks. Biko ask me important things and let's move on.

    I am an introvert no matter how hard I try not to be,its in the What i dislike about being an introvert is the over-thinking things before giving my opinion. I'd like to say things and not over-think them sometimes. But then its all good.

    What I like about being an introvert is I can be all by myself and still be happy. In fact I cherish the quite moments when it is just me at home and no one to disturb my peace and train of thoughts. Heck I even look forward to

    Whether or not am interesting.....err I can't say. Others would be the judge of that.

  7. I'm an extrovert, I'm loud and I know it and I like being the center of attention lol. I'm a crowd puller, if I'm in a room with people it can never ever be quiet cus there will be constant laughter. I guess I'm the total opposite of u T :)

    1. You are living my dream Tolu. I wish wish wish I could be this way.

  8. You just described me accurately, small talk is the reason i don't really chat on social media, someone messages you and starts with small talk but you just want them to go straight to the point. I used to see myself as boring but I'm apparently misunderstood.

  9. i dont think introverts are boring... we are actually very very interesting, and can be really fun too... i'm an introvert, but in my 'homezone' (with my closest peeps) i'm most times all bubbly and lively, but TBH it drains the heck outta me.
    all i can really say is to "enjoy" an introvert, you really have to be close to that person..

  10. I'm an introvert. And yes its very annoying that by the times I've thought some things through, the conversation has moved on

  11. I am an introvert.

    Thelma you should have just gone and winged it...the person who asked you has some level of faith in you. If after sitting in on the meeting you didnt think you were equipped then you could have backed out.

    As for Marco Polo and their food, they definitely have their days.

    1. "Thelma you should have just gone and winged it...the person who asked you has some level of faith in you. If after sitting in on the meeting you didnt think you were equipped then you could have backed out." Yep. It's much better to wing it at the risk of embarrassing yourself, but also having the possibility of nailing it than to walk away with your dignity, and NO prospect of nailing it. It's a game of numbers. My two cents.

    2. Thanks ladies. I'll keep this in mind in case of a recurrence. In my head I knew I should and knew I could either nail it or miss, but I think the suddenness shook me.

  12. I think Mr. Oracle was rude.

    That said, I still do not think people fit perfectly into an introvert/extrovert classification. We all have traits of each class of personality type, maybe we tilt more to one than the other.

    I could swear I am an extrovert then I remember I do not particularly like social gatherings. Have you ever seen a lady reading a book at a party full of people and loud music? That's me! The only time I seem to enjoy a party is when I am the celebrant or fully involved in the coordination. I love my own company a lot, still I love chatting.

    I'm a 'chronic' indoor person; sometimes I wish I could be more outgoing. Also, sometimes I find myself wishing I think something through before blurting out my opinion.

    Overall, think I'm happy with myself.


    1. "That said, I still do not think people fit perfectly into an introvert/extrovert classification. We all have traits of each class of personality type, maybe we tilt more to one than the other."

  13. I think Mr.Oracle is attracted to you. Well i hope he isn't married cos I'm sure there's more of him to come in future. Fingers crossed


  14. Hmmmn.

    You could take your advice on

    And for those who aren't sure where they fit, y'all can find out here:

    1. LOL. Thanks Ada_Ugo, some of these things, I can't even remember posting.

  15. Goodday everyone. Thelma I would like to say that you are doing a good job with your blog.
    I am an introvert.
    I am of the opinion that "It's not what people call you that you answer to, but who God says you are" (I think this was said by Madea ).


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