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True Confession: My House-Help Is Seducing Me!

I will simply go straight to the point, as I would not want to give very explicit details about myself. This is for some obvious reasons. My wife is very sharp, I mean, she is such an intelligent woman and can easily trace this true confession to me. For the fact that I love her so much, I cannot let a thing fall in-between us. That is why I have kept this as top-secret till today; but I will have to let this out of the bag.
I’m not oblivious of the fact that most issues of this nature are blamed on the men whom most of us see as womanizers; but mine is a different thing entirely. I’m not a womanizer. I have tried everything possible to make sure that this girl-my house girl leaves my house, but my wife will always insist she stays.
I’m a pastor, but I also work as a civil servant. I would have loved to write further about where I live, but for the same reason why I can’t mention my name, I can’t tell you where I’m writing from.
This young lady was brought to my house by my wife sometimes in 2010, and had just completed her secondary education last year. She is supposed to pick up a form for her higher education because she is related to my wife; distant relation, sort of.
Frankly, she has been very good, and has been taking care of my only daughter since my wife put to bed late last year. Her presence is a big relief to me and wife because we are both very busy people. My wife works with a bank, and sometimes come home around 8-9pm.
Lately, this young girl has summoned courage to seduce me; to be sincere, she is tempting me.
I often return to the house ahead of my wife. Sometimes, because of hold-up and other issues, I will get in around 5-6pm. She started by running to embrace me with her transparent-short gown to welcome me each time I knock, on arrival. I was shocked the very day she did that. I felt so embarrassed. “Even if I had traveled to space…hun! This one is just too much… hun!” I soliloquized in my bedroom after she had dropped my office bag and ran out to get my food. This continued for 3 weeks. Sometimes, her boobs will just slip out of her ‘top’ and she will simply apologize. My wife has never met her on that gown as she wears another cloth when it’s almost time for my wife to return. I have developed double minds about her. I have had different evil thoughts since this whole thing started. The one that happened last was the way she sat facing me, with her legs wide opened. I left the food that I was eating and walked to the bathroom to do nothing in particular. I had thought she would adjust as soon as I returned, but she didn’t budge. I think I fell into her trap finally that day. I almost had it with her when I grabbed her, and she jumped at me. We started that regrettable romance before God intervened with the sharp cry of my baby. That was what saved the day.
The next day, I had told my wife that we should send her away, but she vehemently refused to accept my suggestion. She had asked me to give some reasons why we should send her away, and I had told her that she was getting so stubborn and lazy; hence, she is as good as no House-help.
My wife who claimed she had never experienced that had accused me of formulating things against the lady. She told me that I wanted her out of the house because I had seen that she will soon secure admission into the higher institution, and I will soon begin to pay for her school fees. I couldn’t tell her the truth, because something tells me it will be disastrous. I just felt I could handle the matter in the most professional way. But right now, things have gone out of hands since the past 2 weeks. I have done virtually everything that can be considered dirty with her except that I have not done it with her yet. What’s keeping me from doing it is my conscience and for the fact that I can’t do that in my matrimonial home.
That sin will be so grievous, I know. She had asked me repeatedly last week if she can meet me in any of the hotels around town this weekend since my wife will be around then. She has just Saturday and Sunday to take care of her hair and visit friends, and she wants to use that opportunity to have me all to herself. Now, I’m contemplating on this issue. All I need is your advice; Saturday is just 5 days from today, and I can’t make up my mind on what to do. I love my wife, but I think I’m becoming so foolish in the name of being faithful. Please, tell me; should I do it or not? It has gotten to the level where I cannot tell my wife the truth because she won’t even believe, since I had told her a different story before. She will see it as blackmail. Your reaction will either encourage me or discourage me, even though my mind beats faster, and something tells me to do it. Should I?

Who writes these things...? 
Yes you should. #YOLO


  1. Stupidity at its peak!


  3. The truth is still setting free. Stop giving excuses. I think you want to already.

    'I have done virtually everything that can be considered dirty with her except that I have not done it with her yet.'
    'Now, I’m contemplating on this issue. '
    'I love my wife, but I think I’m becoming so foolish in the name of being faithful.'

    You are a pastor and you think being faithful is foolishness. Do you even know the God you preach about? Do you read your bible at all? Instead of removing her from the scene before you destroy your calling and marriage, you are giving excuses (I'm sure it's because you've started off somewhere and would want to know where it ends?

    I'll tell you. .... the truth may be covered but for a while. Your relationship with God crumbles, followed by your marriage, your personality gets attacked, your respect disappears, I'll stop here.

    Work on trust issues in your home ('It has gotten to the level where I cannot tell my wife the truth because she won’t even believe, since I had told her a different story before. She will see it as blackmail.') and do to your wife what you except her to do to you.

    'Your reaction will either encourage me or discourage me, even though my mind beats faster, and something tells me to do it. Should I?'

    Did you think about God's reaction? (WWJD) and that of your wife if you finally fall to this temptation? That something is the devil, prayer will work but you better take actions to send her packing before you find yourself speaking in tongues on top of her.

    1. 'What’s keeping me from doing it is my conscience and for the fact that I can’t do that in my matrimonial home.
      That sin will be so grievous, I know.'

      So sleeping with her in an hotel makes the sin less grevious?! Please check your life, you didn't even mention the fear of God holding you back, just your conscience and the fact that you can't do that in your matrimonial home.

    2. You are wise Enjay! Thank you for putting my perspective on this down neatly. My pissed off comment would have been all over the place otherwise.

    3. Thank you for this comment ma'am, thank you very much!

      The story just make me vex.

    4. I concur with both comments. Mr Pastor has gone astray and has forgotten the one thing that should hold him back.

  4. Your house-help must be damn neat and pretty to do all sorts with.... And u must be a very stupid man as well..unto the matter,may God lead you through.... TNHW..

    1. Yo! mami, where have you been? How's Ibadan and family?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. How I managed to delete that comment is what I don't know!

      Welcome back TNHW! *kisses* I've missed you gaan!

      Oya send your number or email address to Thelma o! So next time we are in IB, we can Holla @ u! We were in Ib throughout the weekend, and as we noh see your break light for here, there was no way to get in touch with you!

      Hope you're good sha! *hugs*

  5. A goat thay wants to stray will never hear the call of its owner.

    You have listed silly excuses as far as I am concerned. What stopped you from reprimanding the girl when she started this rubbish.

    You said you have a daughter, right. Now imagine someone taking advantage of your precious child.

    Seek God's help now before you act foolishly.

    Men been thinking with their dick since 1544.

  6. You have already cheated on your wife mister
    And as a man why can't you talk to your wife,why do you have to lie

  7. Replies
    1. How can u comment when you're a master of the same craft. Ashawo njoko. Homewrecker.

    2. Anon njoko,Gerrarahia!

    3. Anon 8:31 pm u are a great fool. How do u live ur life as a jobless troll. Shediot.

    4. Same way you live your life like a murrafucking hoe. Waste pipe anon 11:51. anuezi.

    5. Thelma don't you think it's about time you screen comments before they appear? Some of your blog readers do not appreciate reading petty comments and private grievances, name calling etc in the comments especially if it does not relate to the topic at hand. If your blog is to be rated at the level we used to respect, please don't let this blog become Jerry springer show

  8. Lol who is deceiving who. This matter could have been dealt with a long time ago if he wanted to. Scold the girl well from the first embrace if she continues you tell your wife straight away.

    If the pastor did not find the girl attractive he won't be telling this long funny story. he is just nibbling the food which he knows he will eventually chop. J

    1. Exactly. He don even chop am finish sef

  9. I don't want to get angry this afternoon. Just gerrarahia you this man!

    1. EBA pua.....hahaha.... The guy has gone crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

    2. Lmaooooo! Tiwa af vex finish!

  10. There are too many things wrong with this story, and I'm a bit too lazy to list them all but what kind of reaction did you expect? Did you expect us to jump and clap for you and encourage you to book a hotel, or maybe you were expecting us to contribute for the hotel suite. It must be a suite because your house-help must be very posh and sexy for you to cheat on your wife with her. Oh and yes, you have already cheated on your wife inside your matrimonial home. You don't have to plug in before you'll know that you've cheated.
    Oga the devil is in your home, you're supposed to be a pastor so I shouldn't waste my time telling you of the implications and I'm sure you have preached against infidelity and adultery, except you're one of those pastors that preach about prosperity only.
    Have some pride man, lemme tell you what will soon start happening and how your wife will discover. The girl will lose respect for both of you and start being rude. After all she dey chop wetin madam dey chop so dem done become mates. And if you do anyhow she'll blackmail you.
    By the way, if your wife is as smart as you think she is then you already put too many easy clues in your write-up for her to know it's you.

  11. What Enjay, J, and Steele said.

    1. Hey good.... Just been super duper busy..... Thanks...TNHW

  12. Until Men start thinking with their brain and not their dick they will always fall for anything in skirt and make their future very dim. How can you a man of God, give up everything ( I.e God, your calling and possibly your wife and family) for just a Saturday hotel outing with your maid? Oga better give yourself sense and send that girl out of your house and life before your further belittle yourself before. Agbaya oshi. You forget you have a daughter and someday she would grow up into a woman and wanna marry, but would be stignatised with the fact that her pastor papa slept with their maid and dats why her parents separated.
    Receive sense now and embrace the lord once again and flee from temptation.

  13. Ermm Oga, as a pastor if a member of your church brings this case to you for advice, what will you say to him? To do or not to do!

    If you'll advice him to do, then you should do but if other wise, then don't.

  14. Super story....

    Oga go and do what is on your mind and face the consequences subsequently. Either good or bad, your decisions are yours...

  15. Please let me laugh first!

    Okay okay... i'm fine now.

    This story reminds me of a similar experience my dad had.

    So 2005, momsy traveled out of the county, for like 5 months. Our kid sis was about 4 going on 5, we had a househelp then to help take care of her, the house et al.
    Every sunday, usually, momsy wakes everyone up to prepare for church but after she traveled, it became popsy's job. So every morning, he'll wake sunshine and I, then the house help so she can prepare our kid sis for church and do any other thing she had to do before we all leave. To wake her up, you had to tap her cuz she wasn't a light sleeper.

    So this wonderful sunday morning, popsy was doing his usual Sunday morning rounds(waking everyone up), so he knocks and enters the room to wake her, but Lo and behold, people of TTB, she was stark naked!!! According to popsy, he ran out and slammed the door so that the noise would startle her up.
    He went to his room and began to pray to "calm himself" but of course, that didn't work.
    He called the babe and warned her sternly(trust me, my dad's stern warning would inject sense into your head and massive fear in your heart) never to sleep naked. As momsy was not around, no one to talk to.
    He had 2 pastor friends then... they were so close, they used to come together, pray, share the word, experience yada yada yada(all those things pastors do when they get together)

    The next day, he called an emergency meeting, told his friends about it, they prayed together...
    He kept praying till the picture left his mind... (this is all I can remember at the point of this report... lol) and yeah... he couldn't drive her away cuz there was no one to take care of us.. so he persevered till his wife(our mum) came and she was sent away.

    I didn't know seeing a woman naked could do that much to a man o... Hehehehehehee! is a serious matter!

    1. Lmao! I so remember this period. In fact since that time till now, no one is allowed to sleep in the nude in my house. Sam sam! Popsy will slap that ur bare bumbum from sleep(that shii is not funny). You must to wear cloth or tie wrapper compulsorily God help u if ur wrapper fall commot in d

      Kabuoy you can remember stuff sha, I bin don forget this incident until now.

    2. According to popsy, he ran out and slammed the door so that the noise would startle her up.
      Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! Christ! Where do I start to imagine! Anwuuom taa ooo! Hahahahaaaaa! Kai! Funny popc mehn, like say em see "nollywood ghost"! Hahahahaaaaa chai Kabuoy! Pls is the girl too fair in complexion? Or she "gather" well?

    3. LOLZ, okay this eez funny chai, is that how the image is dreaded

    4. Looool @ Queen... she noh fair ooo... but she carry for front sha... who knows what men see that triggers the "alarm"

      Kene, if you ask me... na who I go ask o! nah u I suppose dey ask sef.

      But really tho.... what exactly do u men see, that triggers somfn in your head. is it the breast or the veejayjay, or just the thought of sleeping with that person. Tori ko ye mi rara(i don't understand) and then a hug? Why does that trigger anything? Now I wie be very very stingy with my hugs now. Loool. Me that can hug for africa. Hehe...

    5. #FreedomToSleepNaked

    6. Kabouy, have you met Thelma? Una go hug tire... Lolz. Someone may have to separate you guys after a couple of hours! Hahahah

  16. Lmao...Una gather time o. See succulent advice ontop stupid question. "should I do it or not?". Aphrodite has nothing on this guy's passion.

    1. Lmao @ succulent advise on top stupid question. Me sef I taya for the mad man. But let's not be quick to judge and stone him, give him some credit. At least he had the stupidity to ask for people's opinions. Most men I know would have nacked tins since!!!

  17. Sorry to say but u are the most stupid, dumbest, awful human being.... Wot stupid question are u asking.... See dis idiot calling himself a pastor, Chai... I wish I knew u so I can come nd tell u to do it.... Ode oshiiiiii

  18. People have so rubbished this title "pastor". But seriously this guy is not well..

    1. Now that I think of it, this guy probably called himself a pastor to disguise his true identity and obviously, it worked.

    2. You are so right @ Steele....Thought so too

  19. Story for the God's mennnnn,am sure u are not a pastor oga. It's so obvious the thing dey hungry u Sir.shiooorrr

  20. Oga pastor .. Face your work o! U have welcomed the devil into your home.. U better tell your wife that she's been trying to seduce you .. Trust me the babe will leave that same day even if it's 12 midnight .

  21. One guy had sex wt his maid. She recorded it on her phone n started blackmailing the family. Wifey is no more dealing wt d infidelity but d shame n fear of her leaking dt video.
    If a woman comes on to u, u shd be VERY worried. What if she is HIV +?
    Dr. N

    1. can u imagine?like someone said ,he needs to stop thinking with his dick and tell his wife she is trying to seduce him..and to think he calls himself a pastor.mtchwwwwww

  22. Save the date and ask your maid to meet you in the hotel
    Only thing is go to the hotel with your wife
    that way , seeing is believing, none will teach your wife to send her packing!

  23. Me I really don't understand those bashing this man oh. Why Na? I can't give him any advice because I believe he needs really important advices at this point, and me I know I don't have, if I was in his shoes, I would have fallen long time ago. Yea I know, am weak like that, especially if them tits are as succulent as he describes. I even got a hard on reading and imagining it.

    1. I appreciate your candor. Breath of fresh air


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