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So today we were reading on students complaining about the cut off mark for JAMB and then we got to talking about JAMB, and just as I knew someone was bound to say, I heard the words "Abeg exams are not a true test of intelligence". Yeah right, I don't disagree but why does it seem that people who say this are likely to fail or have failed exams?

Anyhoooooo, we got to talking about JAMB scores, some like me didn't mind sharing our scores, others did. And because I like to know things like these of course I'm going to have to ask you, let's know the Gurus and the blunt knives (sorry!) in the house. LOL. 

So for those of us who took JAMB, what was your score?

Oh, some people wrote JAMB more than once, what were your scores?

Where are those who don't remember what they scored in JAMB? HOW OLD ARE YOUUUUU? (Really, is it possible not to remember? I even remember my primary school Common Entrance score). 

Ehen, those that wrote JAMB in special centers please signify beside your score. *Big Grin*. For those who don't know, "special centers" are those exam locations where they are more or less given the exam answers alongside the questions. 

Ok guys, start talking. Be honest.

...forgot to add mine; 251 in 2002. 


  1. But you haven't talked n'a.

  2. 218. I wrote JAMB in one strict centre where you are not allowed to use calculator and MOPO on standby for any shady movement. First and only JAMB.J

  3. To be sincere, I wrote jamb thrice and the least score I ever had was 235.

  4. 245 in 1991. Even with that, I was deprived of my admission to study medicine. My name mysteriously vanished from the notice board and an admission letter for Biochemistry (which I had never even heard of) equally mysteriously appeared. My dad stood on principle and refused to 'egunjerise'. I ended up studying Biochem rather than wait another year to retake JAMB. Naija - killing dreams since 1852! I hope the person who 'replaced' me made good use of the opportunity. And I'm thankful to God that I am able to still follow my dream, though its not easy at 39 and with all the grey hairs on my head!!

    1. Hi I am just wondering what made you go back to school for medicine? I scored 211 in my time wanted to rewrite it but pressure was on. Now I wish I hadn't listened to everyone

    2. Wow, I salute you nubian princess for your courage, and for not given up on you dreams.. You just inspired someone!!!
      I ask God to give you more grace to complete this excellently..

    3. Thanks guys and amen to your prayer. I suppose it was just this niggling feeling of discontent. I had a good job and had actually changed career path twice, thinking my kids will pick up where I left off. Bt a good friend got me thinking one day when I was complaining 40 was around the corner and she reminded me whether or not I chased my dreams, I would still clock 40 anyway. Better to be 40 and fulfilled than 40 and full of regrets. And I'm glad I listened because I will be graduating in a few months by God's grace. Its not the end of the journey by any long shot but at least I'll start earning money soon :) You're never to old to achieve whatever you want to. Don't let extenuating factors like age stop you pls! Reach for the stars....

    4. Anonymous Rider!4:51 pm, July 24, 2015

      Nubian Princess< Wow I am encouraged ooo.
      Learning never stops.

  5. 203 the first time... could have gotten me into school with a bit of long legs but dad wouldn't have any of it as always, everything has to be on merit. 269 second time of asking and got into my choice course, one of the top scores in my class as well.. back in 2000 in a top 6 Federal Uni.

    Was surprised first day of arrival to learn that some eficos were already spoiling for competition and trying to identify the top 10 in the published admission list. Was a marked man from first day. SMH.

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  7. Hian! I was just thinking about Jamb yesterday when I was in

    I wrote mine in one big public school in Ikorodu on May 5, 2007. Mumsie drove me there and waited for me to finish. The invigilators were passing answers to the questions round the hall from person to person. Azzin, they caught peeps cheating and told them to share so when the peeps were done, they(the invigilators) collected the "chip" and raised it up so if it was ur paper type, u collect and copy. I was so scared, I just faced my paper as the omo mummy that i was.

    For weeks, I was very sure they would cancel the results in my centre because of the cheating. Anywaiz, i checked my result and behold people of God, they I had 204, the cut off mark for the Uni i picked was 160, I got in without any hassle to read my course of choice. Resumed in November same yr. Mumsie followed me for registration, it was so funny. Till tomorrow, i have course mates who still call me "baby economics" cos my mum followed me for registration.

    PS: y'all brainy pple that had 270, 280 and co, na una be the real efiwes. I really admired them that time o. I felt like such an

    1. Loooool.... you're so not an olodo!

    2. Who is older between you both?

    3. *wailing* this is sooooooo not fair!

      Who do you think is older Uyi.... pick your answer carefully oooo! cuz i'm about to pounce on you if you get it wrong!

  8. 1st jamb score 185. 2nd jamb score 222

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. 296 after my prescience in UNIZIK, 2011

  11. Wrote the stupid jamb once, got 221 and then all of a sudden, federal universities decided to introduce post-ume for d first time ever. I got 111 in that

  12. 265 or 256 , I'm not sure which. But I got admission immediately to study my course of choice( medicine)

  13. First Jamb scored 156. Second jamb 220 not enough for my course (Mass Communication) I reason to sidon for house another year i just went in for English & Literary studies one time.

  14. I actually did JAMB thrice.....2003/2004/2005

    Had 223,215 then 210

    I remember my uncle teasing me that forward ever nii oh,not backward never

  15. I dont know anybody that scored lower than me in Jamb. My first Jamb score is so embarassing. I cant even say it. Second jamb I got 198, third jamb I got 234. All waste! Because I used diploma to enter Uni.


  16. Loooool. Kene and Iyanuoluwa, you guys are the real MVPs .... loooool

    I wrote Jamb twice, thanks to unilorin and their new "no awaiting result policy" in 2008.
    220 1st attempt, 222 the second time. Looooool
    1 year, 2 extra marks. Loool.

    Btw, you people are making me feel like i'm a small geh. Loool. 2001, 2002, 2003... ha! lool

  17. First jamb score 198, second jamb score 265. As in when I saw the second jamb result I was like booyaah!!!

  18. 221, i was soo scared going to write

  19. Wrote JAMB in 1989 and got into university. But I don't remember my score. Cut off point then was closer to 300. Medicine was closer to 400. But now it's 150 and we wonder why entry level staff can't spell. Some people ace their exams but have no street or common sense. They fail to experience life and its temptations. Exams discipline you. Molding your character. The students who pimped or used sex to pass exams, continue doing these to get by.

    Yes Thelma, I'm in my 40s.


    1. Haaaaaaa! 1989 ke?!!!!!!!

      Is people like Mallama that would look me straight in the eye and say... "ki won to lala pe won ma bi e ni mo ti ko jamb!" (I wrote Jamb way before they thought of giving birth to you) lmaoo! And they'll be very correct!

    2. Mallama please can we be friends? I need older friends to guide me. How can I reach you?

  20. I still remember everything about my JAMB - venue, date, score and stuff that happened around that time. I scored 328.

    1. Haaaaaaa!!! Eazee E that's extremely high o! Those were the kind of scores that were celebrated. Did you have your picture at the back of the JAMB brochure the next year? What did you study in the university? Can I ask what you left Uni with?

    2. Full disclosure you be detective Thelma? need to read *favourite's comment...... 223,215,210...ha....nija mentality "dem aware for you that period?.....

    3. Anonymous Rider!4:53 pm, July 24, 2015

      You will be our blog Prefect, SCholar of life...

    4. T, hahahahahahaha.....back in the day, i was a nerd with a swag!! I was nowhere near the highest in '91. the highest that yer was 368 and in my time d pic @ the back of the brochure hadnt started. I ended up doing Electrical/Electronics Engineering graduating with what 1 of my lecturers termed 'a very painful 2.1'.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Lol. Partsy not my fault. Eazee do you remember everything about everytime in your life like this? You even remember the highest score. Wow. Thanks for answering!

    7. I remember things in vivid details n colours. It's both a blessing and a curse and that is what gave rise to my seemingly care-free attitude to life. I never forget names and faces.

    8. I envy that part of you Eazee E, in as much as I acknowledge having such memory can have dual effects.

      I wrote the then 'Poly Jamb' in '96 (there was no 'Unijamb' that year). I can't recall my score precisely but I remember it was something a little close to 200 and good enough to get me admitted. Afterwards, my 'Upper Credit' from the Polytechnic gave me a direct entry into University.


  21. 259 in 1998 and 224 in 1999. I think...

  22. If I took jamb only God knows what would have happened - my father told me not to waste his money. My GCE was P parrallel - he didn't believe when i told him they changed the result. I know I wasnt that dull, moderately dull maybe...but not P parallel dull. I passed SSCE sha.

    1. Which one is moderately dull? (lol).

  23. While still in secondary school, I always wondered y JAMB scores never get to d 400 mark. My chemistry teacher then (God rest his soul) told us that JAMB was not a test of knowledge but a test of speed; meaning that negative scoring was used to compute scores. He gave so many other hints which turned out to help me a lot. There were 2 JAMB exams in '91(Feb and Oct) and I passed both but somewhere along the line, Feb was designated for GCE while the Oct was now reserved for SSCE and to qualify to write this, we had to nullify the previous one.

  24. Direct entry to the rescue. When Jamb refused to release my result, it was diploma straight on, then direct entry. To me, Jamb was the Meanest examination body that ever existed little cousin who wrote the last Jamb agrees so much...cus bobo scored 158, after d system that he was assigned went off during the exam.
    Jamb jamming peeps since 1860AD.

  25. 199 in 2001, 258 in 2002. Remember that second exam vividly: tested on CRS/CRK which I never took for even an hour in passing in school cos I was gunning for an admission to study law. Thank God for Sunday School cos that was d knowledge I wrote that part with.

  26. 233 in 2005. Still enough to get me into University cause post-Jamb was introduced for the first time ever. Remembered one of my first days in University where i met other peeps whose Jamb score was more than the addition of my Jamb and post-Jamb score.


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