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Adventures, Fun, Friendship & Laughter at the TTB Hangout (Lekki Conservation Center).

Nicole to Clare: mummy lets go. I want to climb that ropy thing!

Isn't Clare beautiful?!

Uyi et moi. Clowning. 

Mother & child. 

Scary af! Trish on the ramp. The chica loves the outdoors so much, she was like a kid in a candy store. She and Uyi took this walk twice! More power to them, you can't pay me to do this a second time.

Uyi & Tiwa

One of the besties

Tiwa, doing the scariest thing she's probably ever done. This was serious fun but Errr, I'm not trying that again anytime soon. 

With my game face on, you wouldn't guess that I just took the scariest walk of my life, with my life flashing before me every millisecond!

The tree house

Attack of the chuku-chuku
Tiwa helping Clare dechukunize her dress. 

Tiwa and I Laughing about God knows what. (Tiwa has got a beautiful soul.)

Uyi & little Nicole 

The tilapia pond

The Coy (hope my spelling is right) fish pond

These coy fish were actually brought from Japan. Can you see just how beautiful they are? They even look very oriental. 

Nicole: uncle Uyi no no no. No no no. No no no don't play with my iPad. (Nicole is so adorable and she cracked us up) 

Buby and Mabel joined us a bit late but better late than never, right?

Parting ways at the car park... We were so exhausted but also very happy. Everyone says we should do this again. I for one agree, we had an amazing day. 

We had frightful moments; walking on the 100 ft-long ramp 100 ft above ground and hearing croaks that weren't coming from frogs. Sharing scary stories while hoping to not be attacked by snakes or something even worse. (There's a crocodile pond but we couldn't get to that end). 

We had unending moments of laughter, thanks to everybody, even the other visitors we got to interact with. 

We had our serious moments; talking about work, career, money, goals and the way forward

Everyone munched on the delightful cupcakes (courtesy of Clare), and of course savory small chops, cold drinks (to soothe our parched throats after the hikes and climbs), and then while leaving we split the TTB cake in large chunks for each one of us.

We had fun feeding the monkeys puffpuff, cakes and icing. those animals are a riot!

We visited with the tortoises. Guess what! One's 68 years old and the other is 97. Can you believe that? Wow!

In all it was a very memorable day and I can't thank everyone who turned up enough (especially Uyi for forfeiting his football March. His team won anyways, thank God!) . At the last minute I was considering cancelling it as it seemed a lot of people either weren't in town or couldn't make it for one reason or the other, but I am soooooooooooooooo happy I swatted away that thought! Yesterday's hangout was more wonderful than I would have ever expected. The memories cannot be replaced or erased. I went home feeling happier than I have in a while. We've got to have another, and another, and then another!



  1. Awww. I really wish I could make it but I'm not in Lagos now. Please lets plan another one, the place looks so beautiful.

  2. Tee please where is this lekki conservation centre? I want to go there when I'm in lagos, didn't know we had this kind of tourist attraction. Meanwhile you guys look like you had a good time, Im jealous.

  3. Wow

    I kept refreshing and refreshing your page since yesterday looking for this post....i am glad it's finally here

    You guys did have loads of fun.....the pictures says it all.....and it's nice putting faces to familiar names on ttb

    YES.....we should to this again and again....and again and in Abuja


    Happy Sunday all

  4. In other news.....i am so happy and thankful as I just got promoted at work.

    This promotion came at a time that I wasn't even praying about it again.....i was just like over to you God....fix it Jesus....whenever you want and it came unexpectedly

    So so thankful to God

    1. Congratulations dear, I'm sure you deserve it. I tap into your testimony, by God's grace my promotion is coming soon

    2. Congrats favorite, more grace to your elbow.

    3. Congratulations oh... That's another goodnews!

    4. Congratulations hun.... Greater heights in Jesus name xx

    5. Congratulations hun.... Greater heights in Jesus name xx

    6. Congrats missy...

    7. Congratulations Favorite, the sky is just the beginning!!

    8. Congratulations Favorite!!!

    9. Congratulations Favorite!!!

    10. Congratulation Favourite. Up up you will continue to go.

    11. congrats Fav, more grace to soar

    12. Congrats....greater things shall come your soon


    13. Congrats favourite, I wish you all the best

  5. Awwww you guys had too much fun please do again next month, I'll be In lag then.

    Congrats Favourite! That's God for you, He comes through when we least expect.

  6. Yippee I had fun even though I came late. Thanks Thelma, the cup cakes were yummy, I didn't even mind I was watching my weight, I munched it. Clare say me well my no no no friend, that baby cracked me up. We should do dis again. Happy Sunday guys.

  7. Congrats Favorite. Many more blessings to you n all of us in Jesus name. Amen

    Thanks a bunch T, for such a wonderful and. Amazing picnic. I had sooo much fun, I even forgot my wallet.

    It's been a long while I had so much fun. We gat to do this again. Thelma helped carry Nicole on her back when I got tired. God bless you babe. She was ready to serve, help and do everything without complaints. Thanks.

    @ Uyi: you are such a good sport. He made us laugh with his crazy camera pose, infact my lungs. Nearly burst with laughter. Thanks for carrying Nicole all the way up aand down.

    Climbing that ramp or whatever it's called was like being in a movie. It's scary and much fun.

    @Tiwa: so much sweet things to say about you, Mabel n I even sang a song with her name (Tiwa, Tiwa, Tiwa Tiwa, tiw Tiwa ye ye ye ye)

    Mabel: strikes me as someone who knows what she wants and boy, you can't mess her up. Very much a smart woman, if you ask me.

    Buby ; she caame in a bit late, couldn't explore all the fun sights with us.

    Thelma's Brother-Chuks: God bless his kind heart. That dude is one smart brother. Well spoken, and he helped carry sleepy Nicole all through our "endurance trek" lol.

    The picnic was fun, Thelma, thks for the small chops, it was very nice (gimme contact details).

    In all, Thelma is indeed a generous person, a sweet shy soul, smart, and beautiful insie out.

    Thanks for the baby clothes as well. They fit the kids perfectly. I'm beyond grateful.

    Over and out

    1. Ha! Mummy Nicole, your wallet? Did u go back for it? Or u don't have important credentials in it...

    2. Awwwww mammy, it was a pleasure meeting u, u such an angel nne. We're u able to get ur wallet back?

    3. Awwwww mammy, it was a pleasure meeting u, u such an angel nne. We're u able to get ur wallet back?

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Awwww,see me smiling as I scroll through the pictures.Its obvious you had lots of fun.I would try my "bestest best" not to miss the next one.
    Congrats favourite on your promotion.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow... *jealous mode*. I just knew I'd really miss out on so much fun, no thanks to babysitting :(

    Congrats Favourite, more grease to your elbows.

    Thelma...side eyes @"..split the TTB cake in large chunks for each one of us..".

    1. Yeah. Its even bigger.

      You missed out for sure, and I'm absolutely open to having to do this frequently. No regrets at all.

      I'm missing Chu Chu now... Honestly, I want to have a child.

  13. Thelma, please delete my multiple comments biko. Don't knw why this internet is embarrassing me. Thks

  14. Ha! Uyi is a fine boy O! Hehe.
    Glad u guys had fun, I was actually at an interview in ikoyi wen dis was going on and I kept running thru my mind, lol, buh I finished late.
    Thnkss to all d generous hearts in d house!

    1. See someone having a crush on someone. Okay now

    2. See someone having a crush on someone. Okay now

    3. Hey Queen, thanks for being one of the few who think so...*wink*

  15. Clare's phone again o!!! Loooool....

    Beautiful pictures.... now I regret not going. If I had known... anyway... i'm glad you guys had fun. chai! Yummy cupcakes.... :'(
    Tiwa! why didn't you make me come nah! It's your fault! Loool! *just kidding*
    And this was the perfect opportunity to give Uyi the punch iv been saving all these while and to give thelma a big hug. I goofed mehn! Like big time!
    True true.. I was just very shy(and lazy) + sunshine had to work, so I'd have been alone. Anyway... it's all in the past. See bonding things o.
    So I can see Uyi, Tiwa, thelma, Clare, Nicole(she's cute :*), Maybel(my darling), buby(i'm guessing she's the one with the afro) Trish(pretty fair lady)... beautiful people.
    Me i'm noh kuku jealous *wipes tears*
    Thanks for sharing guys! *mwaaah*

    1. Kabouy love u missed out but guess we wud have another opportunity to be together soon.

    2. m'ogbe, so you didn't go because sunshine couldn't make it

      Last last I'm not shy

    3. Leave her... She only has mouth with her fingers.

    4. Lmaooo! Uyi! Meee okwaya?! Continuee ooo!!!

  16. I have been waiting for this post since yesterday. No doubt you guys had guys rock....TTB readers rock as well....Congrats to Favourite... We celebrate with you...Bigger and Better things to come for you and for Us all on this Blog....God bless you Tee...

  17. U need to see my smiling face, u guys look super beautiful by the way! Has tiwa ever considered modelling? Please come and marry my brother lol.
    How I wish I was there. I'm glad u guys had serious fun xxx

  18. U need to see my smiling face, u guys look super beautiful by the way! Has tiwa ever considered modelling? Please come and marry my brother lol.
    How I wish I was there. I'm glad u guys had serious fun xxx

    1. *flutters eyelashes* lol

  19. Looks like it was fun. Look at Clare looking like "bae". Next time i hope to make it out there.

  20. U guys sure had fun. Lovely pics.

  21. What can I say? I was truly there in spirit!
    I'm glad to see some of their livestock (if I can use that word) are back. Yay!
    It's really nice to finally put faces to some of us...

  22. Congrats Favourite...

    Beautiful pictures,one can clearly see you all had loads o fun.

    Hope to be partake in the next outing.

  23. Wow! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and time bonding. I need to relocate to Lag asap. Thumbs up to you Thelma....SBHM

  24. Mehn! I missed o! Tiwa couldnt stop gushing about this meet up over the phone, she sha wants me to feel bad by

    I must have gone thru this post like 6 different times today just smiling at the pictures. Madam Clare is so fiiiiiiine! Biko, where's the weight you've been complaining about cos me I didnt see it o. And that baby of yours and her tiny

    Please lets have another one later this year, I must meet all these awesome people we have here. God bless you big big Tee.

  25. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Choi, you see why it's good to follow your heart. I envy you guys, there's nothing like a bit of adventure once in a while. The result is evident on your faces. See how they are glowing!!!

    1. So Mr Steele... U joined them too! *sigh

    2. Ha! Joined who?

  26. Hian! Thelma I missed! Shittttttttttttttttt sure there will be another hang out in d nearest future. Thelma u ve got a heart of gold.

  27. Awwww...glad u guys had fun..Clare u pretty, Thelma I see u.....Uyi glad u grew ur hair back.....My fatty bumbum Maybel I see ya too....nice outing I must say.....TNHW

    1. Lol@fatty bumbum, well done other mammy.

  28. I had the time of my life *singing*....It was one of the most exciting outings I've had in a long while. I felt a bit apprehensive meeting these "strangers" considering my shy nature, but I was swept off my feet by the warmth and open arms with which I was welcomed.
    There was none of that awkward silence when strangers meet for the first time, it was fun all the way.
    Chuchu cracked us up the whole time and that Uyi guy ehn, smh! Clare is one of those people that you wish you'd known all your life. Thelma, Ohhh Thelma! Cool, calm and collected somebody and of course, ever the entrepreneur. Maybel is just another life abeg, lmao! Buby was just so cool and Tee's brother is a walking encyclopedia.Can't wait for the next hang out.
    Ah! before I forget, Memphis & Sunshine agreed to head the planning committee for the next hangout. Memphis already picked a date but I'll allow him communicate that info to the house.
    Wishing everybody God's blessings and a great week ahead.

    1. Tiwa baby it was a pleasure meeting u, I particularly enjoyed the car chasing part, lol if u remember. Thanks for that awesome ride. God bless ya plenty.

    2. Hmmm? "...memphis...agreed to head the planning committee for the next hangout...". Hehehehehehehehe.

  29. So I got there pretty late, but still was glad I made it! Everyone was welcoming and It's cool that I can read some comments now and visualize it's writers.
    @Tiwa, I wouldn't call you shy. Fun and free spirited I think...
    You've got awesome blog visitors Tee! Hopefully we get to have another get together with more turn out. Thank you for being a charming hostess. You're good people!

    1. Buby can keep quiet for Africa shaaaa(in kabouys voice) but a wonderful soul u are.

  30. All I can say is.. wow wow. wow. Your faces tells it all.

  31. This is just so cool, wish I could be there was out of town and the naughty sis that was to be dere felt so lazy. PLS when is the NEXT HANGOUT. I must be dere

  32. Nice! Free advertising for LCC too. I've got to visit. Funny though that I passed by around 4, sure you guys must have gone home then. Beautiful people.... :)

    1. Congratulations,! You deserved it and so much more. God will keep remembering you for good.

    2. Congratulations, Favourite!

  33. I wasn't able to make it becuz I am not in lagos ATM but I am glad to see you guys hade fun.@favour,thank God for you.we will continue to share good news amongst ourselves in this blog,Amen.

  34. i am officially jealous...side eyes to all those who ate the cake...glad u guys had fun!!!TTB Rocks! I am waiting for a similar hangout in Accra.

  35. Glad this was not cancelled though I was unable to attend. You guys look really nice and happy. Hopefully, I'll attend the next one.


  36. I had mad fun...thanks to Thelmathinks and Uyi for inviting me 😘😘😘


  37. Beautiful people, very beautiful people, thank God you enjoyed yourselves.

  38. Awww, Such fun! Sadly, when you have a 6 month old baby, such outings are pretty much impossible to attend... I hope I can make the next one oh!


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