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Anything Wrong With This Photo? (Omoni Oboli. #YachtLife)

Hey guys! So yesterday Saturday the 1st of August, Tony Elumelu, Akon and some Nigerian celebrities; Omoni Oboli, Banky W, Jesse Jags, Stephanie Coker et al enjoyed a fun day on a yacht. 

Naturally it was a fun day filled with photo-worthy moments, however one photo in particular seemed to have got a lot of reaction from people and mostly negative. The comment below expressed the sentiments of many:

"Dear Omoni, why do you court negative publicity like this. This could be an innocent picture but it speaks volumes. Even if Toma took the picture must you post it?! You have children and you leave your questionable digital footprints along the way. I give up! Nnamdi speak to your wife she is not the only successful actress in Nollywood. We your friends are ashamed of your lackadaisical attitude, it is not love. Man up!"

Several other comments expressed distaste at the photo and I wonder about it. 

Ok, to be honest when I first saw the picture I been know say yawa don gas! It seems ever since the infamous picture with former president Goodluck Jonathan, people have looked for any and every opportunity to point fingers at Omoni. 

Their reactions raise questions; is a married Nigerian woman not allowed to have male friends? Or is she simply not allowed to be photographed with them? Now this is a blanket question as I believe that the relationship here is mainly professional and these people have some business in the offing. Still, is this picture inappropriate? Do you see anything wrong with the picture taken above? And now, to my most important question; 

This commenter calls Nnamdi Oboli lackadaisical. Yes, some people find him to be the docile husband who stands by watching by as his Mrs does as she pleases. However some people say what Nnamdi is, is secure. Only a secure man will stand by unperturbed and unthreatened as his wife goes forth and conquers. So I ask; Nnamdi Oboli; Mr Docile or Mr Secure? Where does one draw the line between secure and passive in a relationship?

(*although I don't know the couple personally, I've met them once and Nnamdi did come off as a very secure supportive husband who understands that his wife's success is his success. #my2cents*)


  1. Truthfully when I saw this I had the same thoughts but then again it might be an innocent picture and people are just blowing it out of proportion. As long as the husband is cool with it.....No problem.

  2. There is completely nothing wrong with this picture. NOTHING. J

    1. You took the words straight out of my mouth. Absolutely nothing! What's with nigerians and starting unnecessary controversy?! Hian!

  3. Okay seriously, I see nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with this picture!
    People are saying it might be an innocent picture, BUT, I really don't see anything not innocent or bad about this pics, I really don't oo..
    Instead of just saying this picture isn't appropriate, can we also point out what and what really makes it so, I'm eager..

    1. And that "we your friends are ashamed of your lackadaisical attitude".... Friend Indeed!

  4. Okay, I had to look at the picture very well for like the 20th time.... Probably you are thinking it's her leg that is up on the seat,that's not her leg, that's tonys' leg... Hers are down and perfectly crossed...

  5. Seriously my first thought was 'beautiful picture', and nothing else. I didn't see anyone holding her waist or blowing her kisses or something... is it just me or do I need special glasses? what exactly is wrong with it? World people sha!!!

  6. Yh,the first time I met them he was extremely supportive but then again,i can't judge by one encounter

  7. Nigerians & wahala.There's absolutely nothing inappropriate about this pix.

  8. Everything is wrong she is married n so. Is Tony. If she as an African babe chooses not to respect her hubby n family she should respect Tony's wife
    Come to think of it you'll hardly see other married women in showbiz taking compromising pics with married men- omotola dakore even Beyonce that is an American

    1. Really? Like seriously? How is this disrespectful?! Just how?! Comments like this leave me feeling inadequate, like there's one part of our culture that I have not fully grasped. She is seated between two men... hands to herself, and the men too and they posed for a picture. Please, what exactly is wrong with this photo?

      Abili... you better be 55 or 60 to be thinking like this o! lol. Cuz this is exactly how my father would react if I was omoni in that photo. Brings to mind the day my dad saw a picture of me and a guy, he made me destroy the picture for posterity sake or for whatever reason. "It's not proper for a girl to take pictures with guy" Na wah!

    2. lolz, when you describe your dad I wonder if we have the same father.

  9. To be honest when I saw the Caption my eyes started probing for eggplants. This one the whole world is calling out Omoni...*confused face*.

  10. Innocent by all standards. People will talk just because they can talk.

    They are jes Jelox of her married life and relationship with hubby.

    A number of people also called Omotola's hubby a fool.

    Their love keeps waxing stronger. All marriages are different abeg.

  11. Innocent by all standards. People will talk just because they can talk.

    They are jes Jelox of her married life and relationship with hubby.

    A number of people also called Omotola's hubby a fool.

    Their love keeps waxing stronger. All marriages are different abeg.

  12. Nigerians shaa...always blowing things out of proportion.

  13. Nothing is wrong with the picture, naijas jst like blowing things outta proportion.

  14. The pic seems a bit groupie-ish to me, looking at it from a husband's point of view but I'm not her husband so lemme continue sipping my tea.... maybe that's why I can't marry a woman in showbiz.

    Disclaimer: This part of the comment isn't directed to Omoni o! I lose respect for any lady who sees a celeb and screams or rushes to beg for pictures, for one simple reason. Na from clap them dey enter dance, if you scream or beg for pictures with a celeb of the opposite sex then chances are you're easier for that celeb to bed. I've seen it happen a lot, even to the so-called married women.
    To me no self respecting lady would act like that. I just came back from a party and there was this guy that was in Big Brother Africa. When he was about to leave a lot of girls started rushing him for pics, even my female companion said why can't some girls respect themselves, no chill.
    Now back to the picture saga: My problem won't be with the picture, my question will be what were doing/looking for on that boat? I'm sorry but no wife of mine will be on a boat like that when I'm not there, except it's her friend's birthday. What is she looking for there? What kind of groove that she didn't groove before we got married. I respect my partner a lot and all I ask is that you respect me in return.
    As I said before, maybe that's why I can't marry someone in the entertainment industry, or someone that still wants to be the life of every party. But hey, that's just me. To each their own, abi how dem dey talk am?

    1. Steele... from the beginning of the disclaimer to the end, you left me weak. Ha! O ga o! That's all I can say. Well... wish you the best of luck *in my grandpa's voice*

    2. I honestly respect your opinion but let's analyze the picture from a man's view. Take a close look at Tony's sitting position: he's almost wrapping himself in a protective way with his left knee up, and at the same leaning slightly to get in view of the camera. Is his position suggestive in the slightest bit?

      Akon: yeah, this one looks tricky because he seems to create more room than Tony did for *tapping current*. But look at his torso, shoulder position and right arm. He's almost entirely leaned back against the rail, arm isn't even touching Omoni in the slightest way, and the shoulder line slants away from her. Does his position look (or feels) suggestive?

      Now Omoni: The only thing raising any eyebrow about her sitting position would be the location of her right leg which isn't visible. Apart from that take a look at her torso. She's sitting almost erect, her arms are well relaxed more on her body than they're on Tony and Akon, and shoulder line is not touching anyone. Is her sitting position suggestive?

    3. Memphis note that I said my problem wasn't with the picture. I don't even have a problem with Omoni sef. After all, I don't know her, she's neither my wife nor my girlfriend. She could even be the one organizing the boat cruise or beach party or whatever event they were heading to. She's free to do as she pleases, I'm in no way judging.

      I said no wife of mine would be on a boat like that when I'm not there, except it was her friend's birthday party. There would be other exceptions though, like if she was an event planner or she had some kind of business to gain from there but not in the name of groove. Like she wants to go because so and so will be there and it will be fun. Mba nu
      To me it's the same as my wife going to a movie or having a casual dinner with another guy because they are "just friends" or because she didn't want to enter traffic. Once I get married casual dinners and movies with other girls stop for me. I would be disrespecting my wife.

  15. The irony of the matter is, some of the silly people bashing her might be doing worse o. Yet, they'll seat behind their screens, with their unknown faces saying a load of crap about her. Until they sha destroy this marriage, they wie noh rest. Calling the man lackadaisical, telling him to man up, calling him weak. Instead of them to remove the log in their own eye, they are harping on the speck in another man's eye. Gboromi deleru people. Mafi lo mi n dasi!

    1. Lmao, Kabuoy abeg translate that last line.

    2. Kabuoy that is exactly what I thought... my husband even said the same thing. that theses people's aim is to destroy Omoni's peaceful home and nothing more.

  16. Sometimes it baffles me the way Nigerians criticize and analyse things...
    I see nothing wrong in this picture,of course her husband will see the picture and not complain because he KNOWS and TRUSTS his wife better than all the so called concerned friends.
    If she was naked now i will understand but she was just sitting n crossing her legs and posing with two successful people! na wa o

  17. I have looked at this picture so many times and I honestly can't see anything wrong with it. She's sitting between two men, legs crossed, hands to herself, what on God's green earth is not innocent about this picture? I just don't get Nigerians and their wahala.

    As for her husband, I think he is secure in his marriage. Any man who is policing your movement and who you hang out with "so they won't corrupt you" or "so you won't fall into temptation" isn't expressing love, that man is insecure in that relationship. I think that when you are secure in your love and marriage, some things just don't bother you.

    I think Nnamdi is just someone who has come to understand the nature of his wife's job and the demands that come with it and has come to accept some things. He can't be at every party with her but he trusts her to behave herself. The truth is though, that all this gboromi deleru people and their rubbish talk will keep straining that relationship with their bad belle because like it or not, they are human beings with feelings. Even if he didn't see anything wrong with the pic at first taking a second, third, sixth look will show him at least one think that is wrong. People should just learn to mind their business!

    1. Are her legs crossed, Sunshine? Cos when Thelma said there's been a lot of talk about this pic, I thought everyone was trying to work out where her right leg is, cos I can't find it... Lol
      *keeps searching*

    2. *whew* I must be missing something...still looking for what's wrong with this shot.

      Scrolls up again. Another look. Nothing wrong with this ojare. If she had her upper body revealed and is clinging to the men, I would frown at that but what she's wearing looks respectable - yes even for a married woman.

    3. @Ada, thats the only logical explanation for where it is cos its most definitely not under Tony's leg as we can see. And, if you look very well, that right leg is slightly elevated and tilted to the left just like she's crossing her leg. The pic isnt full enough to see the other leg.

    4. Lol... Yea, that seems like the only plausible explanation - that she's crossing her leg.
      But most people already guessed that, so what's d issue with the pic? I suspect many Nigerians have a lot of free time to be drinking alabukun on other people's matters.
      *** goes to find other challenging "Spot the body part"puzzles on Google***

  18. I have come to understand the fact that "friends" will always have something to say about you, no matter what you do/not do in life, I try everyday to guard my thoughts about people too, I mostly make people's choices not-my-business. It helps to stay sane lol.

  19. I withdraw all my comments on this post, something just happened to me now and I just realized that no one has the right to judge any other person. Especially someone you don't know personally. I'm sorry

    1. Steele, you are the ONLY right thinking person here, or rather, yours is the only sound comment here.
      What is the world, or put correctly, Nigeria turning into where a married woman can go hang out on a yatch with powerful men in the absence of her husband?
      As what?
      Una don dey kolo small small, see how all the babes here are screaming blue murder, if you got married and your husband began to be invited on cruises with Kim K while you stay home, you won't see anything wrong with that okwa ya?
      O ga o.
      I rest my case, this women liberation movement is eroding sense in women- make una dey carry hand dey destroy una home in the name of modernisation.
      I'm out.

  20. This right-here controversy is why many people view the marriage institution as a figurative prison. If I may borrow a line from Bob Marley, emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. Life is meant for the living.

  21. If a man asks his wife to quit her career so she won't mix with men outside, the world will crucify him. If another man supports the wife in her career trusting that she will respect their union while advancing her career the world will crucify him. Kedu ife a ga eme uwa mete uwa mma.

    You guys paint the institution of marriage as prison. @ Steele if that is how you view women in general wahala dey o. In the entertainment industry, even that groove is part of networking, it's part of remaining relevant in the industry abi you don't know the importance of that for people in that industry?

    If you scream or ask for a picture from a celebrity it is easier to "bed" you. What kind of girls have you surrounded yourself with because that says a lot about you. SMH. J

  22. Dis tony elumelu has been grooving a lot recently o.. What's his P? Did he just realize that life is too short?lol. There's nothing wrong with this picture, ple should chill jor . And married women are allowed to have male friends as long as u know when to draw the line.. Omoni and her husband probably don't have trust issues so ple should mind their own business

  23. They seem a little too comfortable with each other
    I love Omoni , I look at the picture and see nothing wrong
    However if i were to replace Tony with my husband in that context, he will have some explaining to do.

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