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Five Sisters. Coincidence or Higher Power?

I tend to believe that the spiritual controls the physical and that only very few things happen by sheer coincidence or happenstance. Read this account and share your thoughts. 

Today I was opportuned to meet with someone I'd heard about a couple of times. Allow me to share a bit of their story with you. 

So this family of six children; five ladies and a gentleman, were experiencing something very unusual in their home. All five girls; tall, light skinned, very pretty, graduates, working class, single. Not one of these beauties could boast of a relationship, nay marriage. 

Well it got to that point where you decide that enough is enough and serious prayers needed to be done! This happened while in the village for Christmas in December 2013. Now here's the interesting part. 

The family returned to lagos mid January. On the 24th of January one of the girls was rushing to keep an appointment when her car broke down. Exasperated after several failed attempts to restart her car, she locked it up and hopped on the next available bus. 
     The minute she entered the bus this young gentleman frenetically began to shout. He told her that he came into Nigeria from England in November and had been looking for her ever since. He claimed that God had shown him her picture and told him that she was his wife. The girl was so embarrassed that she tried to shut him up, but the excited young man just wouldn't stay still. He said he had been looking for her since November and had been going from bus stop to bus stop all over lagos searching for her. He pleaded with her to take her home to her mother immediately, but she refused; she had an appointment. The guy insisted on accompanying her for the appointment, after which he followed her home to meet her mum. 

One month later he came with his friends and kinsmen to declare his intentions to her family. One of the friends he came with instantly took a liking to one of her sisters, and almost immediately a relationship began between the friend and her sister.

Come April, the lad and lass who met on the bus went to the east for their traditional marriage. At the wedding one of the guests couldn't stop fawning over another of the sisters. Another relationship began.

To cut a Nollywood-like story short, in that year (last year) all five daughters got married. And it all began when one's car broke down on hot afternoon.

I'd heard about them before. I know their home town as they're from my state. But although it all happened last year, it all sounded to me like an old woman's tale, until today when I met someone in the middle of it all. 

This person relayed the family's story to me in detail and I might get into trouble from sharing it here. The general gist is that all five ladies, after years and years of disappointments, wed last year. The one who wed in April has relocated to the UK with bae and is a mother now, two are pregnant. 

Now, when I got home I shared this news with a friend and my friend is very cynical. While my friend doesn't doubt the story itself as I would have expected, she actually acknowledge that it did happen but says not everything is "spiritual". My friend chalks it up to "mere coincidence". 
     I on the other hand believe there's a spiritual realm and that things in the spiritual control the physical. I believe it's quite unusual for five, beautiful, accomplished sisters in their late 20s and 30s not  to be able to hold down a single relationship, much less a marriage, not even one among them. All with the same story; beautiful and successful, yet failing to catch the eyes of a single man. Then the family decides to come together and do some very serious praying, and less than a month later, one inconvenient incident set the ball rolling and landed them all in their marital homes. 

What do you think; Coincidence or Higher Power? Or too strange to be true?


  1. It's no sheer coincidence it is higher powers(awon aiye ni ohhhh) ,like u said, the spiritual controls the physical..most bad things that happen to people have always been planned and sealed spiritually before they manifest physically. Even though not everything is spiritual but I can categorically say 60% of things African homes go through is spiritual. God help us.

    1. She has turned it to an 'African' thing now... Lol *sigh

  2. Sometimes things are not what they seem. I believe this wasn't a coincidence.

    I happen to know a beautiful beautiful lady, as a woman acknowledging that another woman is beautiful then you must know what I mean.

    She was fine but did not have a Bae for years despite her mammy water, yellow pawpaw skin and beauty.

    Years later, it was told that men didn't see or look at her because they see a different face entirely, not the beauty we all saw. When she eventually got a man to marry her, she died.

    Who was responsible after all the true confessions - (the one who brought her forth.) she was the last child and she didn't want her to be get married so she could have someone to take care of her.

    Crazy things happen daily.

    1. All I see a a girl who was psychologically molded to feel and work in a script played over and over again in her head... Our mental strength has its elastic limit my dear.
      Please how did she die?

    2. Uyi, make u dey speak oyinbo Grammer u hear. Lol.

      She was preparing for her wedding, everything was ready, she slept, woke up, cried out, and diied. No sickness.

    3. You see wat I'm saying? I knew it... Psychological wiring. Her own fear of the unknown(to her, its a big deal)

  3. Most definitely not coincidence. If it was only one or two of the ladies, I'd have given it to your friend(Sasha bone? but all five? Nah, that's God at work. This one is spiritual, no gain saying.

  4. please who is their pastor? Something similar is happening in my family and I am worried for myself. I cannot blame someone who says it is coincidence, if you have not experienced some things in this life there are things you won't understand.

    1. Exactly, if you haven't experienced some things in this life you won't understand. I try not to argue with people who don't believe in the spiritual. I believe that some things are just coincidence but they are very rare.

      As F said below, was it mere coincidence that the guy saw her in his dreams, even if he had never met or seen her physically? I don't think so, judging from the speed he used to marry her... Although I know some who that have used this exact scope to toast babes out of extreme lust.

    2. Bros, I'm telling you! Scope babe finish and then realized that she's more than he may have bargained for and choose to eventually marry her. Let her character be bad and see whether that vision or prophecy he has been seeing won't turn to folktale. Lol

  5. All this spiritual 'coincidence'. This a real story of a man who was struck by lightning 3 different times in his life time that he decided to commit suicide. He was buried, his grave was struck by lightning again. Probably he's Zeus' prodigal son abi? Lol.

    I believe in the Spiritual and I actually think this particular story falls into the category. But let's not get to carried away with our comments now just to find solace in our earlier convictions.

    1. loool @ his grave was struck by lightning.

  6. DB is down... and it's service affecting. i'm just here hoping it wasn't something I did or didn't do and I don't get into serious trouble for it... I need a higher power right now... my heart is in my mouth.

  7. Was it a coincidence that the young guy from England was shown the lady in his dreams and directed to come look for her in Nigeria? Clearly, the whole thing was a spiritual arrangement being played out in the physical realm.


  8. This is super storyyyy....

    We are nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator. lol


    1. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! *a life of strife and sorrowwww... this is super stooooory.....*

  9. Spiritual... shouting and running s p I r I t u a l ni oooooo

    1. Hahahahahaaaaa! Oya stop and catch your breath! We have hear ooo! Lmaooooooo! Spiritual ni!!!

  10. Honestly the spiritual controls the physical, Have you ever experienced being pressed down by God knows who at night after kabashing serious prayers at night. Have you ever experienced sleeping by your bed side each time you want to pray at night but you can watch movies or gist for hours without being carried away by sleep. God please I need your grace to overcome and take my rightful position on earth. Enough is Enough.

  11. In church sometime back, a man gave a testimony of how he used to kill innocent chick's and chickens even when they didn't provoke him. He simply enjoyed it an made the animals suffer pain.

    After he got married years later, he an his wife couldn't conceive for years, about 20 or more years. One day at a deliverance service, he was told the reason why God sealed his "file" (lol)

    After prayers and all, his wife was delivered of twins.

    Who would have thunk it. So those of you killing rats and roaches in your house be warned.

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Clare?! This is a joke right?! Haba! Roaches ke? Rats! Those destroyers! Lmaoo! I will kill and kill them again!

    2. No! Lmao!!!! Kabouy this is so real oh. Shay we want to believe everything is spiritual.

    3. Lmaooo! Uyi! You wan find my punch again abi?! Loool!


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