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Open Keypad. Random Musings, Rad Mingling & Thelma's Date!

Hey guys, it's been long since we had one of these. Open keypad, an idea originally initiated by blog read F, has got to be some of my all time favourite posts. I guess it's because here I don't get to say much but instead, I get to read up on what's going on with you. Yes, you get to share with us what's going on in your life presently, how your week was, how your year has been, how it's going at work, how your relationship is at the moment, if you're struggling with unemployment, if you've been unusually happy of late, or down in the dumps! It's the last Friday of the month guys, what's up?

So here, first up, I want to go out tonight. Yes, of all the things I could share with you the first is that I want to go out ooooooooo! But let me be very precise about what I want. I want to either watch a movie or have drinks, or maybe a light dinner. My companion of choice has got to be single, male and mobile. He's got to be tall, by tall I mean 5ft 10 and above, he's got to live in the central parts of Lagos (between Ikeja and Ajah) but he's got to be able to be around Lekki tonight. Also he's got to be 31 years old at least and not older that 40. He's got to be either well employed or have a thriving business. He ought to be a good dresser, have great hygiene and of course be a good conversationalist, but certainly not loquacious. If you or someone you know's interested. Err, if I've met you before you're excluded. Chances are if I already know you and I want to chill with you this evening, I would have called you to ask. Err, are my conditions too much? I don't think so jare. 

You might wonder what I'm offering? Ok I'll tell you. I'm offering an evening in the company of a beautiful lady, intelligent, independent, and adventurous! There's more but you'll just have to find out. Hehehehehe. 

Yes, please before you hola I hope you're educated o! I'm not gna dumb myself down, I cannot have fun with someone who isn't going to stimulate me mentally.

Am I done? I think so jare. I also know that in the next thirty minutes I could change my mind about this, but just in case I don't, hola @ Moi!

Ok, what else. I've had a pretty eventful month. This week however was very uneventful and I'm trying to salvage that before the month ends. Thus, my date night. Strictly speaking it's not a date, I'm just looking to go out this evening and do something different for once. 

I feel like I have things to say but somehow none come to mind. I guess it's because I would rather read yours. 

So TTB readers, tell me what's going on with you! And hey, if you would like to meet someone for a casual friendship (not necessarily relationship), either of the same sex or opposite sex, do write down exactly what you want and only include your email address. Should you be approached by anyone on this forum PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are who they say they are before you agree to meet with anyone. And ensure your first meeting, at least, is in a very public place. I don't personally know anyone that would approach you on this blog so I cannot vouch for anyone, and I hereby divest myself of any responsibility! I'm certain we are ALL adults.

Ok, for the rest of us, do share; how are things at your end?

Please where are my Blink and my cccc?


  1. Replies
    1. Ignore this coward that is always seeking for attention. You must not publish every comment madam Thelma.

  2. But why not someone you already know? Not fair tho

    1. Ermm, that's coz she knows you but wants to hang out with someone she's never met b4, do smthg different and just have fun hehe

      Thelma, wait 4 me, I dey come jare

    2. Lol Easah you're wicked

  3. Currently unemployed but am hopeful, wishing to meet new people

  4. I thought the same too. Blink, Cccc, Ruthie, Oyinlola, la Effizzy, Momoh Adeola, Mariam, S........, and I forgot to mention you, I'm sorry. I just hope all is well.

    1. Ruth is fine, after the incident(s) with that anonymous I think she just wanted a breather from the blog. Mariam mailed me last month, she's not be doing too well, I'm afraid, but she's getting better now, Oyinlola commented recently, Momoh Adeola is fine as well. I wonder about La Effizy too. I'll give Blink a call tonight and shoot cccc an email. Enjay you're so thoughtful.

    2. What if Ifunanya? It's been a while

    3. Errr T, by Mariam do u mean Mallama, if not where u keep our Mallama?

    4. No she means Mariam. Mariam is one of TTB's first blog readers. She was very active and very supportive. Also she was the first blog reader to have her pictures posted on the blog. But where's Mallama too?

    5. I dey o...I'm here Enjay. These days I comment as 'Honiilols"
      I'm late to this meeting so I'll just read through the comments...

  5. My week has been very hectic@ the office but TGIF. An eventful month for me i must confess ( bought my equipments for my baking biz) well on the relationship level, i have been down (i no go lie) still believing God for a breakthrough in that area soonest. Well T, i need friends around surulere (guys & babes) i am not looking for friends with BENEFITS o. Cos most of this online dudes ain't loyal in that area. Just gist partners

  6. T please come back with plenty gist, I love your spirit dearie. I just broke up with my ex because we both found out we're both AS. I am very sad but I think it's better to do it now instead of wasting time. I know God will give me an AA man soon IJN

    1. Amen. God will give you the desires of your heart. Went through similar experience some years back mine was really bad. I cried to God one night and prayed that this was gonna be the last AS guy that would come my way. God has been faithful...

    2. Eiya, so sorry to hear that. Tis sad when two people who really love each other can't be together because of something that was totally out of their control. You will find an AA man, Amen.

    3. Sorry for the break up. This genotype thing is becoming a serious issue in present day relationships and I'm loving the awareness.

      So now, AA guys will be glowing with pride eh# lol

    4. Lol. No be small glowing with pride ooo.

    5. God is your strength anon. I'm AS, I don't know why but it really scares me. This genotype thingy is not fair jare

  7. Let me grab pop corn and wait for comments

  8. Sometimes you'll just be too much woman, too smart, too beautiful, too strong. Too much of something that makes a man feel less of a man. Which will start making you feel like you need to be less of a woman.
    The biggest mistake you can make is removing the jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry. When this happens I need you to understand that you do not need a smaller crown you need a stronger man with bigger hands.
    If you feel that the man you described is the kind that deserves you then your conditions aren't too much.

    My month has been enlightening, I really can't complain. So I've decided to spend the last friday night of this month in church praising and worshiping Him.

    1. Haba at least reference where you got the long quote from (justmike) OR at least show its a quote haba.

    2. Haba Steele at least reference where you got the long quote from (justmike) OR at least show its a quote haba.

  9. My week has been pretty fun, got a job at lekki, I was almost denied of this job cos of my size, the manager said I am a brand and they need skinny people, my friend had to do all the brain Washing for him to be convinced, gosh T, when did size become a criteria for getting a job,? I lost too jobs on the island earlier this year due to size and for those who don't know me, am a size 12 should in a case u wondering, I guess my big bum makes me pass for fat. Secondly, thank God I took the courage to take up catering classes last month and mennnn, it's really been fun, am at d decoration learning stage and it's been fun and exciting so far, in fact I made one of my favorite as my practical today, a red velvet cake, gosh so yummy and finally am venting on guys. Yyy do guys like to play smart? Yy do dey like to take advantage of a lady as soon as they find out she is way younger than they are? Y would a guy expect his babe to ask before he does the needful??. Hmmmmmmm.

    1. Congrats on your job...

      But this your queshion. Who is that NI**a that wants to take advantage of Madam Maybel?

      I'm going to assume that d one 'taking advantage'(wat kind of advantage are we talking abt here BTW) and the one not doing 'the needful' are different guys or... Anyways, if a guy is doing the former, its kinda weird cos most ladies regardless of age act more matured than their male age mates. As for the latter, please be blunt with him. Most guys(even me sef) wont do sh** until u are plane oh.

    2. Uyi faaaaa, even you? So let's assume am ur babe, I go need to ask before you do baaa??? Hmmmmmmm OK now, God is watching you in 5D.

    3. Uhmmn! So u made red velvet cake abi? Ate it alone ehn? It's my turn to vex for you! *straight face*

  10. I miss Ruthielycious and the rest, their comments are always informative. Pls is there any TTB readers in Abuja willing to meet a friend? Just got in here and have been staying indoor most of the days. Is Abj really this boring abi na me?

    1. No be you ooo. Abuja is extremely boring, especially when you're not the type that goes out at night or doesn't have too many friends there.

    2. Its freaking boring when there's no money...Lol.

      I know wat it feels like... And it also depends on where you are living over there.
      And yes we do have some TTB readers from abuja

  11. Lool,T,I can literarily feel your excitement!
    Anyway,I have been kind of down and in a really thoughtful mood for the past 2 weeks now,why??
    I turned 22 some weeks ago,and I don't know how I feel...I'm not confused,definitely! I'm just scared,about things which I definitely cannot take control of at the moment,I know God knows and takes care of the future,but I just can't seem to get over this fear of uncertainty, is it just a phase?? I do hope it goes away quickly.

    1. Well, if you are done with school, find something exciting and keep yourself busy and learn from it. #notime. Idle mind....u knw d rest

    2. True,currently pursuing my second degree in medicine,had my first degree(BSc) last year so I have been in fact more than busy thanks, I know its a process,i would be out in no time!

    3. It doesn't sound to me like you've got much to be worried about. Stay focused and enjoy your youth!

  12. Pls Ruthielycious should come back! Don't allow these cyber bullies win. I miss u babe. Pls any TTB readers in Abuja? I need all the fun bfore I return to base bikonu.

    1. We'll start an online petition; Bring Back Our Ruth! I miss her too.

  13. I'm soo exited! All I wanna do is hang out with Thelma tonight.

    Let's do this!
    Ooops, she just changed her mind. *sad*

  14. I want to meet someone who is ready to give me millions of naira contract or infact agreement to draft fa... I need flenty flenty money right now...

    Running to money....

    1. Yes agreement to draft for property I sold. So I get my commission and then my pay for the agreement. Hehe. God, from my mouth to your ears.

  15. Joy please I'm running with you. My week was boring as usual. Work work work, I'm even working this weekend. What time does someone who works 6 or 7 days a week have for a relationship? Thelma do a post on this please.

    1. I don't think time is an issue to having a relationship. Social media has helped on that to a significant extent. I think the question should be about the time to FIND a relationship. So if you HAVE a relationship, don't entirely blame your work if it isn't working smoothly, you probably ain't ready yet, so take your time.

  16. Hi Baib.

    I am in Abuja.....I can't meet up this weekend as I am busy but I would love to invite you for a Christian non-denominational relationship programme for Sunday Afternoon.

    You can mail Thelma for my contact if you are interested.

    Personally, recently I have had this need to find someone to love and have someone to love me,Someone that I connect with.I mean, I have guys on my case but I just don't feel anything for them.

    I long for a relationship where the friendship is tight,attraction on point,our soul in sync and the walls can come down.

    Well,i hope I made sense sha.....lols

    Every other thing with me is perfect.....just this recent longing that am trying to understand where it's coming from

  17. Lols....@xx,the things Thelms would do a post on.

    Well,i think even someone who works 24/7 can have a relationship, all they need to find is someone understanding who gets them and who is probably as busy as they. Are. That way,every moment is treasured

  18. @Steele thanks for your comment(even though it wasn't directed at me),i totally needed to hear/read that. Sometimes a reminder is needed that you don't need to strive to be who you are not just to get someone to return your feelings.

  19. My week was a bust,boring as usual.I moved to Lagos job hunting n still av not gotten any and I'm bored to death.I need both male n female pals to hang out with b4 boredom drives me insane.I just want to hang out n av fun biko.I practically have no one here.

    1. All y'all looking for people to hang out with yet I don't see any email addresses...

    2. Btw how are things with the boo? I hope you guys haven't had any tiff since then.

  20. I am always surprised when people say Abuja is boring....i think it kinda depends on the person and the network of friends/activities that you have been able to build overtime.but for me,i don't find Abuja boring.....its perfect.....lols

    Thelma,biko go out oh.....i am rooting for you that you find more than your date's specifications.

    This approval of comments is dulling me tonight am in the mood to chat and I have time on my hands.....i am meant to be sleepy but for some reason my eyes are as bright as torchlight

    1. Awwww thanks Favorite. I like the relationship program tinny* Thelma pls how do I mail you? Thanks

    2. So What do u call nocturnal humans like us now? Lol

  21. Days have been tight, very tight. Going to school has made me broke, I now beg for every single thing, ranging from transport fare to money for clothes, making hair, handouts etc. Pocket money sef na forgotten issue. Na this kind situation dey make babes stand for road (God forbid ). But I'm grateful to God for my Mum and elder sister, they've been everything to me and more.

    Secondly I regret accepting to study chemistry, that course is driving me crazy, ahhhhh!

    Ermmm, I need friends from this blog, Mrs Tolulope, Kabouy, Mrs Clare, Ruthy (come back please) and others. Holla me at, I'll be waiting.

    Heaves down! At last I've said what's been on my mind sinceeeeeeee..... E no easy.

    1. Hope take it easy, breathe. You've wanted to go to school for a long time and now you're finally there. That's something to be thankful for. Nobody ever promised it will be easy. I remember you mentioned used to sell back home, students who don't want to stand on the road and desperately need money find a way to start small businesses. I wish I could invest for now and hopefully I will eventually. For now however I can help with the occasional recharge cards to ease a bit of that stress at least.
      Remember that once you work within your purpose God will make provision. I'm still believing He'll send helpers your way.

    2. Mrs. Clare is here o, I have been eating pop corn and reading comments.

      Just hang in there school will be over soonest, please don't indulge in any vices.

      Look around you and find a a business to do,no matter how small. We will support when we can. All blog readers, oya, rise to the occassion.

      The business woman in me is now patronising, to sell some used items I have that are still in top condition.

      Don't despair, this period has been tough for so many people, I even asked T to do a pos on this so we can churn out ideas.

    3. Yes there's always something to do

    4. Name sake mi... you'll be fine! *hugs* I know you'll be fine.... you can send thelma your details(number, email) so I can get in touch with you. *kisses*
      sunshine is getting too proud.. she needs some competition. Loool. *Just kidding*

    5. Is Chemistry something that you feel you will get better at with time, or with more practice? If so, hang in there and put in all the hard yards. But if its something you really, as in REALLY cannot stand, my advise for you is to switch to something you are more passionate about while you still can.
      And by this, I mean ask yourself-
      1) "Is Chemistry something I find really annoying, challenging, and unnecessarily time consuming, but boy, when I can finally get my head around entropy and thermodynamics, and can apply it to my everyday life, what an amazing feeling that is!", OR
      2) "Is Chemistry something that sucks all interest out of me. Yes, so what I know the difference between a real gas and an ideal gas, and so what I can apply Arrhenius equation. How does all that change the price of fish in the market for me?"

      If you're more like #1, hang in there... e go better.
      But if you're more like #2, shine your eye quick, and think of courses that actually interest you, and you could be great at. Gone are the days when people studied things at University because they sound fancy

      By the way, I'm glad you're in school now. Thank God you've overcome the challenges you shared here a while back. More grease to your elbow :-)

    6. Thank you Ada! I appreciate.
      Kabuoy I'm grateful.... Prostrating in Yoruba style.
      Mrs Clare, thank you.
      Madam Thelma, God bless you.
      Ruthie already mailed me, that lady is a darling.

      Thank you all.

  22. I think i have upgraded myself from silent reader/once in a red moon commenter.
    Back to the matter, well this month has been great for me,had a baby 20days ago so its motherbood duties at the moment....


    1. Awwww. Congrats Jackie. Please give the little bambino a kiss on the nose for me.

  23. We hardly talk dese days,I don't y?I feel myself drifting away,maybe its 4 d best T.
    Pls I still matured peeps to hang out wif both male n female bikonu.
    I can be reached at dis email; T

  24. This month has been very good for me. Got some really surprising financial favors....

  25. I just need both male n female pals to hang out wif.
    Anyone who's interested can reach me at T

  26. I've been on a badly-planned leave. Spent some days with the kids outside the country but since we got back two weeks ago, it's been boring. Planned to spend the last two weeks with hubby who was 'too busy' to spare time (we live in seperate towns-horrible!). I would have travelled to that African country as I earlier planned. Makes me think that I need more self-love, a little bit of selfishness (i.e. make myself happy). I'm resuming Monday and the pending work-load is scary.......

    The year has been good. God has blessed me but that thing I planned to complete is still pending; God help me.


  27. Hey guys,how do you recommend dealing with envy and jealousy in the work place?

    1. It depends, are you the envied or the envier?

  28. case you do see this.The programme holds at Valencia Hotel, Wuse 2 tomorrow by 3:30pm.Valencia hotel is along Amigo supermarket road...

    Once at Valencia hotel,do ask any of the security men to direct you to School of Impact. Ask for favour if you come in before 3:30pm or after the meeting if you are unable to get there before 3:30pm.Hope to meet you tomorrow

    Thelms,sorry I had to use your platform for instant messaging

    1. Thanks Favour. Will try to be there before the program starts. Pls leave mi ur digit in my box.

  29. Morning and Happy Sunday all.

    @Baib,i sent my digits to your inbox


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