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People I Meet In The Sky! (Lovers, Letters & Lambs).

So in the past weeks or months I've done a lot of local traveling, at least once every other week. On almost all my flights I meet someone or someones and it's often interesting. The most recent come to mind. My last 3 flights. 

1. Yesterday (THE DIVORCER). I took a flight into lagos early yesterday morning and something had happened hours prior to the flight, something potentially life altering. So when this note below came, I couldn't pay it much mind. 

I did send a text declining tea, saying I needed to work on something before we boarded, which I did. Still the gentleman came over. In no time conversation began and the natural questions followed; what's your name? What do you do? Lawyer? You're a lawyer? Do you handle divorce cases? And before I could utter a word, my companion transformed from suave toaster to desperate client! He began to force-feed me intimate details about his life and marriage. It was a bit discomfiting but there was little I could do to shut him up. He then asked if I've handled any divorce cases (Yes, in my brief stint in litigation, my first few cases were dissolution of marriage) and who I've noticed ask for divorce more; husbands or wives? (Wives! Wives are often the petitioners)

2. A Few Days Ago (Whispers and Setbacks). It was a late night flight. Once we lifted off the ground I opened my book The Power, sequel to The Secret and the lady sitting beside me kept on taking peeks into the book. Eventually she couldn't help herself anymore so she asked, "what's this book about?" I began to explain, telling her first about The Secret and then about The Power, then I began to voice my opinions, for and against the book. We got to talking about the page below and when she saw the quote made by Jesus, and the way he was quoted as just some person, she became almost irate. 

The lady, Mira, gentle as a lamb and very soft spoken, started to talk to me about other things and I found myself divulging some of my most intimate secrets to this virtual stranger. Soon she began to share too, telling me about the three years of terrible disappointments she faced, endless interviews with no success, endless business start ups with sudden deaths, series of failed relationships. And then she began to tell me about one of the Redeem pastors she greatly admires, he's a Professor at the University of Ibadan, very accomplished academic but deeply spiritual. She talked about his books on deliverance and told me about dreams. I noticed she was particular about dreams in which you see yourself in your old (former) school, or wearing your old school uniforms, or at your old place of work, and how people regard them as ordinary but they're actually indicators of terrible spiritual problems, suggesting severe setbacks, stagnation and demotion in life. Her voice was so calm and low that I leaned closely in, till my ear lobes nearly touched her lips. We talked until we touched down, until we had to leave the plane. 

3. Two Weeks Ago, or Less (Business Class Upgrade). My flight companion had been something of a douchebag all afternoon. We got to the airport and he still wouldn't talk to me, all because of the minutest of things. Yet, when I told him to get us separate seats when he was checking us in online, seeing as he was giving me the silent treatment, he refused. 
     Still at the airport he gave me the cold shoulder, waiting at the departure lounge he chose a seat at the opposite end from where I sat. Then we boarded and he was still cranky. So when I beckoned on the charming young flight attendant and asked him to help me with my seatbelt, and he asked if I would prefer to sit in business class, I was out of my seat in a flash, without a backward glance at Mr Cranky. In business class, I refused to eat anything as it was past my dinner time (another evening flight), so I asked for water alone. Thus the little note below. 

Landing in Lagos Mr Cranky was now Mr Cranky-Angry-Cheated as he spouted mild expletives and accused me of being the poster girl for "These girls ain't loyal". I tried to explain to him that it wasn't as much about business class or whatever, as about me sticking my figurative tongue out at him for those hours of neglect. Although he doesn't believe it, if things were dandy I would have of course declined any change of seat... The only exception would be if it was an international flight, as there's little difference in the classes in local flights, and ONLY if he gave me the go ahead, but even then I might still decline. Still, Mr Cranky insists I'm disloyal, and once he saw the note above, it became Ehen, you see nau, that's what you wanted, isn't it? He refused to believe the writer is a flight attendant and thinks it's one bloated aged sugar daddy. #Rme. 

So I look back and reflect on the people I meet at airports and in planes, it seems that's where I meet most people these days. And these three make me ask; 
*Why is a very high percentage of divorce institued by the wives? How come it's the wives seeking divorce and husbands who are often the cause of the misery drag their feet?
*Is it really true what Mira says about dreaming about old schools, wearing school uniforms and old offices; does it mean the devil is playing tenten with somebody who's hands and legs he has tied? what if you're just feeling nostalgic na? 
*Does jumping up and diving into business class mean I'm disloyal, even if we'd had an argument (which was in now way my fault) and I'd been ignored all day?


  1. Hmmm.... now I wish I hadn't read this post. What the lady said in your number two encounter has made me very uneasy but maybe this was timely. Just yesterday evening I stopped by my very dear friend's place for a brief visit after a 'long time no see', and she told me of how she has recently and repeatedly dreamt of herself in our old school uniforms and environment. While I tried to make light of it, I suggested she still prayed about it since it wasn't a one off occurrence. Now I'm worried.... I'd really appreciate further insight by anyone with an understanding of dreams.

    To answer your 3rd question Thelma (I don't bother my head about marriage issues), I wouldn't say you were disloyal. Maybe a bit insensitive to the possibility that your companion might have been sulking because he needed attention and was expecting you to baby him. I may be wrong sha....

  2. Divorce is mostly institued by women largely due to the fact that they go through a lot in their marriages and when they can no longer take it, they seek divorce for their sanity sake.
    I remember former blog visitor Ifunaya Ekene and the things she went through in her first marriage before seeking for divorce.
    The men are reluctant to let go because. .... I don't even know sef.

    I don't know anything about the old school uniform dreams.

    And the man thinks you are disloyal because he expects you to 'baby' him, just like Buby said, and when you weren't forthcoming, he picked offence. Men sha.

    1. 'Former' blog visitor? Wow

      Please where is Ifunaya Ekene?

    2. Hmmm anon this wan wey you 'Lol', are you sure you're not the Ifunaya we are talking about? Oya confess.

    3. You got me wondering with your 'former ' too. Ifunanya, where art thou?

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Thelma the truth is that if you constantly dream about your old school, or old school uniform then you have serious spiritual problem and yes it is a HUGE sign of set back and stagnancy. People perish for lack of knowledge. Goodnight. I will comment again tomorrow, let me sleep first.

  4. Dreaming about old school could be a sign of set-back or stagnation. I had this experience; while having those dreams (being in classes in former schools, writing exams and finding solutions difficult etc) I was in the same position at work while juniors were being promoted and earning higher (while I worked harder) and this went on for some years. It was also during this time I was seperated from my husband. Was it a mere coincidence that the dreams stopped about the same time my pay was doubled and I reconciled with my husband?

    Meanwhile, wives mostly institute divorce because they are mostly at the receiving end of the ills if ailing marriages.


    1. F please was there something you did before the dreams stopped and things got better, or it just happened arbitrarily?

    2. It only shows that the dream was merely psychological rather than 'spiritual'.

    3. I doubt it was just 'psychological'. I lost count of the number of days I had to cry, fast and pray for God to intervene. In the early days, I didn't regard the dreams as significant but physically, I knew my life was not progressing. The evidences of stagnation in some aspects and backwardness in other coupled with disappointments were just too glaring. At a point, I told God I wouldn't seek solutions anywhere else; in my capability, I'd done all I needed to do to move forward. I continued in prayers, fasting, regular vigils and at some point, I started receiving the answers I was seeking.


  5. About the dreams more than two people have told me it is a sign of setback. At a point I was having these dreams and a friend adviced I really pray about it. So far so good the dreams haven't re-occured.

    Am surprised there are more female petitioners than male in divorce cases. It is possible they have gotten to their limit and can't take whatever shit their husbands are dishing out.

    As for moving to business class,I don't fault you at all.if the person I am travelling with is acting the same way that Mr. Is,I would have done the same. He should not come and kill my vibe biko.

  6. Anonymous Rider!9:29 am, August 20, 2015

    I think Divorce is instituted by the wives to make it formal, Men are able to just move on without caring sometimes.
    On the dreams, I think it is very true. I was in this position for about a year and 6 months, in my case someine even collected my certificate, I no see work o. Everything was static believe me. But I thank God for deliverance. In that time I attended Clam Church at Omole, They have a bookshop where you will find books and you can do self liberating prayers and personal deliverance, I prayed the prayers from those books religiousy and attended the wednesday deliverance services and I thank God for liberation.
    Thelma nothing do you for moving to business class, shebi he didnt want to talk to you...Yeye he just wants you within reach yet he doesnt want to do the needful. He's a petty individual and i hate malice keepers. run from him.

  7. Thelma. Your market is selling. This one that men are sending you notes left and right.

    This Im not a robot thing on the blog is very annoying.

    1. Very annoying, I guess that's why most people have stopped commenting.

  8. Haaa. We learn everyday. My people please what happens in a situation where one always see herself in the village. I got separated from my marriage of 5years last year due to too long a story but the issue is that I always see myself in my village, not just in my village but in my fathers old house even when we have a newer and finer house in the village. I have never seen myself in my husbands house. Haaa. everything seems stagnant for me. No husband now, worked for years without promotion. Invested my first 1million in shares and everything crashed. I have done mountain of fire 3 days dry fasting three times o. I know say God pass them.

    1. Anonymous please you need to go for serious deliverance prayers, seeing yourself in your old house especially the one in the village is even worse than seeing yourself in your old school. Serious witchcraft and ancestral curses at work. Let me not go into too many details but prayer city or a strong bible believing church, not the like of house on the Rock and al those rich people's church o, do for counseling and deliverance please.

    2. God bless you plenty. As I said earlier, I have done mountain of fire 3days dry fasting 3 times. The past one I did, my one month phone was snatched from me in broad day light on my way home from the church. ok. God still dey heaven. I must recover all IJN... Amen

    3. thanks plenty. Thanks for opening my eyes more, I talk am say all these no dey ordinary. As I said, l have attended mountain of fire. did their 3 days dry fasting and prayer 3 times. God still dey heaven. I will recover soon IJN.... Amen

  9. Yes higher percentage of women seek divorce than men. Our parents have trained our men to believe they are mini god. They are not to be questioned. The man sees the woman in the house as a second class being who will be treated without regards. She is faced with troubles from her husband, mother-in-law, sisters/brothers in-law. personal problems. She makes money most times more than the man, she is the first to wake up in the family and last to sleep yet no one appreciates her efforts. She is not expected to be heard/complain, if she tries to speak, she is tagged a nagging wife, the society sees her as disrespectful. haba, The man would come and set her life/emotions on fire through beating or emotional violence and walk into the next woman/girl friend, concubine"s house while the woman is left to eat her own wounds. With what I have experienced in life, I have swore to God and humanity. I will bring up my unborn boys in such a way that any woman they marry will always thank God for my life. No wonder I love my mum more each new day. *** I have seen men who love their wives to the moon. They will do anything within their ability to see her smile.

    1. Gbam! Nne ikwuru ya ka osi di biko! (you said it all).

    2. Femi is my friend and we do play play husband and wife tinz. So this evening we were chatting and he told me something but I didn't agree. And he said I must agree because he is the head. I was like "smh... you African men have issues" and he replied : "We African men have issues cos we always want our wives to obey us, but don't forget that African women also have issues cos they want their husbands to do everything for them"

      And I was like do African men have that sense of entitlement because they feel like we depend on them for everything. Like an avg nig woman won't see anything wrong with her husband providing any and everything in the home while she contributes little or nothing. Like there's nothing wrong with that. In fact to her, it's a blessing. In the same vein, the avg Nigerian man believes or rather demands a certain level of respect from his wife.. scratch that, from a woman(wife or not)!
      So you see where all this is coming from..

      But guys, help me out here. It's the 21st century, women are fending for themselves and even you guys sef. Pls explain to me why you guys still have/hold on to that sense of entitlement... I mean... times have changed... why shouldn't you change with time. I know that back in the day.. some men didn't take care of their responsibilities(wives) and yet still demanded respect and their wives still gave them... I know this comment is all over the place... i'm just thinking out loud.

      PS: i'm not saying a man is not the head of the home or that women shouldn't give their husbands the respect they deserve... i'm just wondering why (some) men demand to be treated and respected specially. like to be served... to be treated like kings literally. And then you serve him, serve your in-laws.. his friends... everybody! why?! Just why?! If this is culture.. what kind of culture is this? Okay i'm gonna stop now. But really though... apart form the fact that "it's a MEN'S world" *in odunlade adekola's voice* is there any other?

      Time to go to bed... *kisses*

    3. Bia Kabuoy, warn yourself o! That's my all time favourite yoruba actor you're taking a swipe at. Besides, hasn't it always been and still is "a men's world"?

      It's a thin line between respect and worship though... the modern day man is yet to understand the difference I guess.

    4. Lmaooo! i like him too ooo! i just cant get over the "it's a MEN'S world" part! like he said it boldly, no shaking!!!! loool!

  10. Thelma so how many of the men did you call? Stop giving us half gist.

  11. You literally didn't have to mention House on the Rock church in such a distasteful manner. Simply recommended a church and keep it moving...

    1. Loool... Sasha to the rescue/defense loool!

      Tbh, it was uncalled for anon. You didn't have to say(type) that. The body of Christ is one. There's the arm, the leg, the bumbum(lol) but seriously tho.. we are called to different ministries. Doesn't make one church better than the other. So you should retract your statement.

    2. Did someone steal Kabuoy's phone to comment?

      "we are called to different ministries. Doesn't make one church better than the other." Someone shake me awake biko...

    3. Taaah! Who aksed you nah! Loool! Sunshine! Bia! Mind ya sef o! I have my reservations yes, but I won't make bogus statements like that on a blog about a church.

  12. You literally didn't have to mention House on the Rock church in such a distasteful manner. Simply recommended a church and keep it moving...

  13. Thelma, for real? Please, why the comment approval thingy again?

    1. People commenting under anonymous find it hard to comment. It keeps asking them if they are robots. Hence the approval thingy. Fair enough!

  14. All these men have fine hand writing sha...

    Everything else has been said... and it's not right to criticize any church, some were called to exorcism, some to motivate, some to inspire and some to heal...


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