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We've Turned Into Our Mothers!

I Received a huge, rude shock over the weekend. It was a moment of reawakening; reminiscent of wailers wailing that one's time has passed. I mean, what else comes to a girl's mind when she sees the youngens whom she dropped off at primary school and helped with social studies homework, and then get a sudden urge to grab a mirror and reapply her lipstick, to reassure herself that she's still got it? Like, over the weekend I saw my friend's younger cousins and my eyes bulged in shock. These are yesterday's babies!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed. In fact, the next day my friend's husband's friend who's in his late 30s actually came back to the house to enquire about one of the youngens. Aghast, my friend says "She's just 14 ohhhhhh!". Bros wasn't perturbed, he said he loved what he saw and he was willing to wait a couple of years if it's a problem. #yerimatinz

Actually she's 15 and her elder sister is 17. 15 and 17 going on 30! What's with these kids of today? Is there something in the air or the food they eat that makes them look so grown and worldly?

Now that morning, the 15 year old, let's call her Tosan, was getting dressed after a shower when she showed us the body cream she was just about to start using. Apparently Dove and Jergens are for babies and it's time to use the adult stuff. I shrieked "What? You should be spanked!" when I sighted the papaya extra whitening cream. Not just whitening, EXTRA whitening! Turns out her classmates are using it but she wasn't quite sure, that's why she came to her cousin, my friend, for approval (bless her heart). We, my friend and another friend (all QCOGs #irrelevant #iknow #idontcare) immediately began to scream like the house was on fire. Suffice it to say that when we were done with our individual and collective tirades, Tosan flung the bottle aside like it had just bared nasty fangs and quickly grabbed her Dove. (BTW when did 15 year olds start caring about beauty regimens, skin tones and complexion? At 15 I didn't even know if I was fair or dark!)

A few minutes later she served us breakfast, beautiful child Tosan (she would probably detest me for calling her a child. LOL). That was when *Laura, my igbo sister, asked, "will you marry my brother?". Tosan chuckled shyly and pretended not to hear. She later disclosed that she'd rather marry a yoruba guy because they're richer and classier. First off we tried to set her straight, like what's the basis for that conclusion? who told you that? Igbo men are the shii! LOL. Then Laura asks what Uni she hoped to go to and I think she mentioned one in the south east. That was when another lecture began. 

The conversation that followed; you want to marry a yoruba man and you want to school in the east. You better apply to Unilag, you're more likely to meet a husband there than in the east. And start praying about it too, ok? It's never too soon to start praying about your husband and marriage (Tosan was even more baffled). Nobody is saying you have to marry now but there's nothing wrong with marrying early, in fact, it is best so that you can meet your husband and have your kids early. Start praying about the kind of husband you want, God will listen...

I couldn't believe the words we were saying to a 15 year old! When did we become these women? And how? We didn't ask her if she was in Arts or Sciences. We didn't ask what she wanted to study. We didn't ask how her grades are looking. No, we jumped right to "pray for a good husband". 

Now this makes me wonder, the pressure we complained about from our mothers and aunties, I thought we would know better. Ok, tbh marriage isn't one of the first 5 things I would discuss with a teenager, and I don't think my friends (whom are both married) are marriage-crazed either. So this made me wonder if hidden far beneath these cloaks of modernization, feminism and ambition, are words carved in indelible ink, that first we're wives and mothers, before all else? 

When did we turn into our annoying aunties? 

Thankfully we soon recovered and began to talk about her academics and tried to impart on her what's really important for a girl her age, (bleaching is not). And somewhere during that talk was the "keep your legs tightly shut" talk. LOL. It was all in good fun. 

But guys, seriously we need to talk about how fast the younger ones are growing. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? How can we help them maintain their innocence, naïveté and childlikeness in this era of social media and lapsed discipline?  

On a lighter note ladies, how old were you when you had your first "when are you bringing home somebody?" talk from your parents?


  1. Smh. The rate at which the younger ones are growing is brow raising. My 12year old sister has bigger everything (Boobs, hips and ass) than me now. I'm *reshocked everytime I see her. Its not bad so far they don't lose their innocence. As elder ones, all we need do is to keep talking to them and also lead by example. Leading by example is perfect. They grow like Agric fowl.

    That said, I can't remember ever getting the "when are you bringing someone home" talk. I doubt they will dare raise it with me (for now). My eyes spit too much fire for someone to raise that talk abeg. They know sef.

  2. Hahaha, lmsao...*in ruthylicious voice* (btw I miss you babes), T u have killed me with laughter this morning, the poor girl must have been so alarmed, I wonder what must have been running through her mind. My guess is that you gals want her to make better choices and turn out even better than you do... and Eish, you do sound 'old' badgering the poor chick like that. Have a lovely day...SBHM.

    1. Thats how American celebrities end up sleeping with 17 year olds, because they look 25. And their careers end.

      When Im driving I see a babe with big ass. I look lustfully. Only for me to see her face and realize she is just a child, probably 15. I immediately ask God for forgiveness and pray against temptation. These small girls want to put a grown man in trouble.


  3. Lol, This reminds me of my sisters and their friends. My immediate sister is 9 years older than me, so whenever their friends see me, conversations like this come up.

    I guess everyone still sees me as a 'baby', so I've never really gotten the 'when are you bringing someone home' talk.


  4. Thelma forget young babes of this season o,dia own pass be careful. Infact these days ehn, the few ones in my neighborhood are now grown and so bold.
    Na so18 years old smallie as in last small girl o, that has suddenly developed water melon breast and pawpaw hips, saw me the other day and said "hello babe, how are you?" ehn!!!! I quickly turned around to be sure the greeting wasn't meant for me.Lo&behold na only me dey dia. Stuttering, I asked her "are are you you talking talking to me? she replied smiling "yes now"
    I quickly recovered and gave her a stern warning "you don't have respect again abi? next time you see me and you feel too big to greet just walk past me okay? she was shocked and quickly apologized.
    My sister's friend came to the house the other day not even a whispered hello from her, na so she enter house siddon like say na she pay my house rent.I said "hey go and wait for your friend outside" she looked at me like say this babe don kollo cos it was raining heavily outside. I reiterated " wait for your friend outside and lock the door after you" I left her standing there looking white like a ghost. It was my sister that later brought her into my room to apologize when I told her I never wanted to see the babe again as see finish don enter our matter.
    These days I don't play with my sister's friends anymore cos any little joke dem go take you do comedy show.

  5. I dare you Thelma. That girl you call small is talking and desperate about getting married than you. Just seat beside these girls in their teens and you would be shocked about what they discuss. there is no more small girl o.

  6. Lol Thelma you people carried the matter far...its a wonder why 15 year old girls have marriage on their minds...we breed engaging them in conversation that helps them think along those lines. When i talk to my younger cousin- female - we discuss more her aspirations and fashion...nothing about marriage..we do delve into boys conversation and why her sense of self is important.

    As for turning into our mothers...I am starting to like shine shine and I am becoming a very nice mother is extremely nice and likes shiny things.

  7. Where is Ruth by the way. Social Media ia not helping matters oh. Teenagers want to dress like Kylie Jenner and they end up looking like adults. Old age is around the corner when people are no longer complaining that you don't greet rather you are the one complaining of not been greeted.J

  8. Thelma, girls ain't smiling no more. I over heard a group of teenage girls discussing marriage and it was more of a competition as to who would marry first. One of their friends (20 yrs) had married a bank manager who is rich and cray cray abt her.

    So their plan was to out do her.

    The. Things wey I hear that day, I come ask myself say warrisdis, cos these girls were talking about meeting a baba that will give the spiritual soap and lipstick and eyepencil to entice rich guys.

    The race is for the swift o. 15 is the new 25

    1. Hmmmmm! Children of these days sef.

  9. 15? Marriage? Hahahahaaa! Mo gbe!
    Marriage ke?! Infact, the day sunshine and I heard she(our kid sis) had "mp"(menstrual pain), omoh, we screamed for like 3mins(loool... smh) ehn! Smallie don "start" ke?! Yeepa!
    she'll be 15 this year... and yes we talk about boys... who she has a crush on.. why she shouldn't pay attention to it cuz it'll pass... but most importantly, we talk about school, grades, what she wants to do next(uni, course)... things like that. you people ehn! Loool! How nah? She's just 15!!!! Maybe cuz of the whitening cream.. it just kind of switched to the reason she'll be doing all that in the first place. But not withstanding... you guys really veered off course. I doubt if anyone would talk to a 15 year old boy about marriage. So you see?

  10. The young have started ageing.. They're Not even growing sef! Lol


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