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When A Drinks Poison To Kill B, and other Pay-Back Plots.

Although Jamil had broken up with Ronke and was already dating Catherine, as most couples do even after they break up, they remained physically intimate. So that weekend when Ronke called Jamil and told him that she needed a place to stay for a couple of nights, Jamil was kind enough to play host to her, besides Catherine wasn't in town, and of course there was the added benefit of sex with the ex

And when a day to Catherine's return, Jamil told Ronke she would have to leave and she didn't complain, it was a happy surprise for him. Willingly Ronke packed her bag and left but around midnight called Jamil; she had forgotten some things at his place. He told her she could come and pick them up and she drove down. Then she told Jamil that she was craving Suya and pleaded with him to come with her to buy some, promising they would go in her car, he wouldn't even have to leave the car and she would bring him back home. Jamil, being the nice ex boyfriend threw on a Tshirt over his boxers and jumped into her car. 

This was almost 1am on a week night. They drove from his Ajah home to the express. As they approached Agungi/Osapa London, Ronke said she was hearing a noise coming from the back tire and slowed down so that Jamil could check it out. The minute Jamil stepped out of the car, Ronke stepped hard on the throttle and flew away into the night, taking along with her Jamil's phones and wallet. 

Two days later Jamil recounted to us how he had to walk from Osapa London to wayyyy inside Ajah at 1am, in his boxers and Tshirt, with no money or phone to call a friend. He got home around 4am, infuriated, exhausted and almost half dead with cold and fear. We empathized with him but we ladies couldn't stop laughing our heads off; haven't you heard not to mess with a woman scorned?

I've always been too mentally lazy to plot revenge against an ex but I've seen many happen. Ranging from slashing tires, to getting them fired at work (you really need to be careful the things you whisper to your lover when love is "shacking" y'all. It doesn't always remain sweet forever and the greatest ammunition you have against someone sometimes is their secrets). But the one I heard today took the cake. It a typical case of chopping off your finger to make someone else bleed. 

Ada's boyfriend of three years suddenly dumped her. Now not only did he dump her, he started dating someone else almost immediately. And then to rub salt on her wound, got married to this new squeeze  a few months later. Ada had been severely heartbroken from the moment he broke things off, but to hear that he got married to this girl barely four months after they started dating, five months after he broke up with her, after dating her for three years, she thought she would die!

Then Sammy comes into the picture. Ada has no feelings for him, no interest, no attraction, no affection. But Sammy is determined, so he continues to show up. Even in the face of Ada's disdain and disinterest, Sammy proposes. 

Aha! Now we're talking. Ada readily says yes, but only because she wants to spite her ex. You remember her ex is married, right? Well, wedding plans are underway and everyone close to Ada has noticed how much she loathes her fiancé. She screams when the phone rings and its him on the screen, she constantly complains about every single thing he does and represents, and to make matters worse, she cannot stand his touch; so when they have sex she's first got to ensure that she's well and truly wasted, alcohol is her new besto. Still, Ada soldiers on with the wedding plans. 

It makes no sense to us why she thinks this would matter to her ex, we doubt if he would even notice. Now, we understand the idea of gloating when one is getting married after being dumped. But then to do so, mainly to spite the ex, and to someone whose entire being you find intensely irritating... Come on, that's just a case of drinking poison and hoping it kills someone else!

All accounts in this post are factual, and all names have been changed. I'm almost certain we've all been hurt before. Some of us accept it as "God's plan", or leave vengeance for God. Some however choose to give God some assistance and take matters into their own hands. Have you ever made actual calculated efforts to get back at an ex who really hurt you? Please give us the juicy deets; the plan, the plots and the ending. Or has an ex done you strong thing like Jamil above? SPILLLLLLLLLLL. LOL. 

What do you think about what Ada is doing? *when we discussed it, I said "on the bright side, they say it's better for a lady to marry a man who loves her a lot more than she loves him, so maybe things might actually work out well for Ada and her marriage"*. What do you think?


  1. Ronke na correct chick lol. I've never been patient enough to plot revenge I just string you along and dump you when you least expect.

    1. Sorry I don't get... You want to dump someone who has dumped you already?

      I'm confused abt the revenge

    2. Lmao, I won't lie I'm confused too. How can you string someone along who is supposed to have dumped you? The string was already cut by him.

    3. Whn he had already dumped u like 11 months ago?

      *talk to the hand*

  2. It takes maturity to handle "friends with benefits" situations.
    As for revenge and co, I let karma do the dirty work...

  3. I have no time at all to plot a Revenge, am all for its the will of God
    No one has actually ever broken up with me,I broke up all my past relationships
    I pray it remains like that Biko

  4. Things of the heart are always complicated... You can't eat your cake and have it. You can't have your cake and eat it. Tom'ei'to, tom'a'to... In the end, we just have to choose happiness over everything/anything.

    Life is too short

  5. Abeg too much drama in this world (I say again); why create complications? God forbid Jamil was attacked and probably killed? How would Ms Scorned defend herself when she put him in her car and put his life in danger. And WHY DON'T PEOPLE LEARN??!! Why continue communicating with an ex? Shebi Jamil be wan chop clean mouth in the absence of his chic abi? I wonder if he told her what happened. He does not have my sympathies. As for Ada that is cutting of her nose to spite her face; i dey look am. Soon she will start disturbing the radio waves by calling all dem ''sharing life issues with Chaz B....'' with her marriage tales of sadness. How someone can choose the unhappy and bitter part; i don't gerrit at all.......

    1. LOL. You're hilarious. And of course he didn't tell his boo what happened. How could he?

    2. very apt anon! very apt!
      you see misery and walk into it with your eyes open... you wie now come back and be telling us stories that touch! mstchewww!
      before you pity some people, you really should question the foundation of their relationship. else, you waste emotions that should have been kept for better use. lol.. pala pala something!

    3. Tsshhheeww..... The guy for open e mouth tell e gehfriend wetin e use eye see. Nansense
      (In English; the Gentleman should have told his Lady friend his experience. Nonsense)

  6. break-up in relationships is a very difficult thing. If you have a feeble mind, please double date to avoid matters that touch the brain.

    1. I wish i did this, I put all my eggs in one basket for 3 years and got bit in the face. 6 months I still cant move on or get over it.

    2. Errr, is this coming 4rm some1 who likes to double date?

      *side eyes*

  7. Lol, My ex broke up with me after Cheating on me. I thought we genuinely loved each other o. I know i am not going to revenge all his actions towards me and I know I need to cut him off. I deserve better than checking on me once a week.
    I'm travelling to America next week for Vac and he asked if we were going to see as we were supposed to travel on vacation together, I know I want to see him and get closue on some things or maybe im just lonely and needy and dont want to be bored on this trip.
    But then I dont know, I'm so confused as to if we should see during this trip or i just play mature and see him without discussing what could have been. As my flight draws nearer every night I lay awake wondering if his offer to meet up and spend time is out of guilt or he just wants sex.
    I dont know if the situation will be akward, we are both in Lagosand not seeing, What are we going to be doing during this trip, Makeup and Makeout and things return to normal after the vac. Gosh That will really break my heart considering i still love him.
    I really wish I could meet someone new and just forget him, Im so disturbed. I dont seem to be moving on. I'm such a nice and sweet person if i say so myself and sometimes i regret being such a goody two shoes. I feel so drained emotionally. My birthday is coming up too, I just want to run away from it all.

    1. I'm sorry u r going thru this hun but I really won't advocate seeing him as u probably will end up getting intimate and u will get hurt even deeper. Go on ur holiday and forget about him. If u want closure get closure in lagos. #mytowscents

    2. You're too fragile and vulnerable to get intimate with him right now, it will only break you even more. I think you should avoid seeing him until you're strong enough to resist getting intimate with him. The reality is that you might not be that strong till you meet someone that fills the void in your heart. That door of happiness has closed, don't keep staring at it and miss the other one that will open soon.

    3. My heart goes out to you adey... you'll be fine dear... *hugs*

  8. Ada is a fool if she is marrying a man she dislikes to spite her ex. That is the height of self immolation for the absolute worst set of reasons.

  9. My friend always says " just allow things happen naturally." Then again,these things can be triggered by God or the devil.
    I've been through break ups,but this last one is just off the chain because it took me months to heal.
    I never for once, felt I should do something ridiculous to get back at him.
    My love didn't grow into hate because he broke up...
    Some things are just not meant to matter how wonderful it is.
    I don't believe in Karma because there's nothing like that.
    What will be will be. Insha'Allah.

  10. Ada needs help. She is self destructive

    1. Exactly. She's punishing herself for an offence committed by her ex. Na wa o.



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