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AA Bragging Rights. AS Problems.

I never thought the day would come when there'd be a caste system based on one's genotype. But after listening to someone rant about being dumped after a four year relationship and end the rant with "...and I'm even AA" I knew that day has finally arrived. You know, it was said like "I'm AA, I'm a prize! Why would you give that up?"

In the last few weeks I've found scores of comments online about this genotype issue and dating. This one below sounds similar to the rant above.  

"Broke up with my ex 6 months ago not because we don’t love each other or we didn’t get along but just cos his sisters believe am not too much of a career woman and won’t make a good wife even though it took him forever to meet someone like me that is AA for that matter".

Seriously, isn't this the most unreal thing you've read in a while; even though it took him forever to meet someone like me that is AA for that matter. Oma ga oooo!

Ok, but beyond this is something even more worrying, something that seems to be a source of pain and concern to some. Last week I heard a radio presenter say someone had been trying to hook her up with a certain guy. Finally she gave in and agreed to meet with him, the woman's next statement was "before I set up a date, what is your genotype?". The lady said she was pissed off by the question, but her cohost explained that it was a fair and valid question. Apparently if you're AS its best to know these things while you're still ahead, no point in investing time,emotions and money on a failed cause. 

I saw a few more comments thatreally opened to my eyes to some realities of being AS. 

The below comments are from Bella Naija. 

-Dayo: "AS genotype is really a bitch. Am hardly gingered when i meet a new babe nowadays.."

-"@Dayo awwww am AA get in touch .winks………lets see how it goes."

-"@dayo am AA let’s get in touch ciao ciao"

(Single and searching male AS TTB readers might want to cast their nets wide and mail these chics. Please o! They sound like they're looking for something serious, so if you're not please leave these ladies alone. Thanks). 

Other comments I've seen also bemoan being AS. 

"All the men I meet these days are either married or AS. Talk about caught between a rock and a hard place. Oh well…."

"… The other day my friend and i came to the conclusion that AA guys are assholes! Really! Its like they just feel like they can marry anybody so they just act like mumus up and down the place..pardon my aggression!"

"Been AS sucks a lot,u hav 2 ask which ever guy u meet who is interested in u what his genotype is before u even think of dating him,and d guy would be like so naa only marriage this girl they think about.. I hate been AS

         "I feel you, sister. I so much hate it! It has happened several times, that i would have started falling in like with the guy only to find out that he is AS. Very painful something"

Oh wow. Do you know your genotype? Please it's very important that you do, if you don't ensure you find out as soon as possible. Has your genotype ever caused you any challenges or does it confer a sense of superiority upon you? Have you lost or gained a relationship (opportunity) because of your genotype? If you really loved someone, would their genotype stop you from taking things further, or has it before? Let's talk. 

Lol @ AA guys are assholes. Interesting!


  1. Well genotype has always been an issue as other medical issues are. It goes beyond the couples. If they wanna look beyond it,cool if not then yes,genotype cld really be a bitch...

  2. Hmm see babes dropping their emails anyhow. This marriage struggle di kwa very real

  3. Being As cost me my relationship. Had done introduction already only to discover he was As aswell. Good to know your genotype please!


  4. I never really thought about checking and feel so sorry for those who have to call off a relationship because of genotype issues. But this bragging about AA though, I'm quite surprised. Never knew this was going on.

    1. Memphis please go and check your genotype now. Imagine dating somebody for 3 yrs and just before the wedding finding out they're both as. We had to call off the wedding and I am still single and heartbroken. Please check your genotype.

    2. Dear Anon thanks. I'll surely take this seriously. My heart goes out to you and all who have suffered this fate. So sad. Take heart, it's well.

  5. AA is a thing of pride now because of the health issues of being AS n SS.

    It is what it is, we just have to get used to the awareness as its wat is best for both potential parents and unborn children that may end up regretting their existence before eventually dying young. After much hospital bills have been paid.

    1. Sorry but I have to correct you. The only health issue is SS not AS. I'm AS and I'm hardly ever ill and I'm married too. SS are those who have sickle cell---UGO

    2. I think what Uyi meant is was that if youre AS and you marry a fellow AS, there's a 50% chance of giving birth to a sickler. And that is not fresh. I'm a med student and I see them at almost every clinic with so many ailments when their parents could have easily saved them all those stress. I'm AA by the way and I don't think its wrong for AS people to want to know the genotype of prospective dates. It saves them time, emotions, and lots of other wahala

    3. Lol. If you have money AS and AS isn't that much of a problem. You can 1. Decide not to have kids and adopt 2. You can do an IVF. They do the whole sorry egg ish and select the 'successful' embryos. Lol. Adds an extra 3000 dollars to the regular ivf procedure.

  6. I am AA , my husband is AA...its not a million dollar lottery tickets. Folks acting like its the be all...

  7. This genotype thing is real oh. A friend of mine has lost four good men cos of it, the last one almost killed her cos they knew their status from the get go. The guy gave her plenty hope that they would do ivf and all that comes with it (gender selection, child's genotype...) only for him to chicken out after a year. If you're AA you really don't know how lucky you are.

    1. I agree we don't know how lucky we are. I once asked my bf what he would have done if I had turned out to be AS because he once dated someone whom it didn't work out with basically because they both are AS and they broke things off.

      I quite understand this precaution as I have seen the struggle SS have to go through. The agonizing pains. The frequent scare/worry on the part of loved ones.

  8. I know my genotype but I have never bragged with it,I really don't see a need to brag because I am AA,dem dey take am collect money for bank nii?Shiooo.

  9. Huh? I'm AA and I don't ever think about it as something other than genotype. My (late) immediate elder brother was SS and he went through a lot, health wise. I only feel lucky/blessed to have escaped being the SS rather than feel superior. I mean, I could have been the one with the disease.

    Come to think of it, if it's this difficult for AS folks to get AA guys, I can't imagine how tough life would be for the SS guys.


  10. So this genotype issue is serious like this! I don't know mine and I don't think I'm going to check, but I believe I'm AA.

    1. Lol@i believe am AA, go and check ohhh my dear,it's really important, have always known mine since I was a kid.

    2. lmao, Hope ... I admire your belief

  11. Plus, two friends of mine just broke up after 2 years of dating cos of this genotype ish o, and they knew from the start that they were both AS. They said they were just playing around.

  12. I'm AA and Hubby is AA, good for me/us. My sister lost a fantastic relationship due to this issue. Infact, the guy nearly "kolo-ed"

    I suggest people check early to avoid the stress.

    guy meets girl and they go...

    Guy: my name is John Doe, 'AS' O-

    Girl:"Hi, my name is Jane Akpan, I'm "AS" O+.
    Guy / girl: nice meeting you, have a good life.

    Next please!!!

    1. Interesting introduction Clare!

      I'm AA, and I want to believe that technology advances in the medical field can help increase chances of not birthing a sickle cell carrier or informing parents of a foetus' genotype before birth.

      It would indeed be shortsighted for an AA person to brag over one's genotype

    2. @Chrissyinks; Wld the procedure for preventing the birth of an SS child be different from getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy? Or is the technology so advanced that she doesn't need to be pregnant before an SS child can be prevented from being born...?

    3. @ Sasha... pre implantation diagnosis, done along side IVF. it's pretty expensive though. The eggs are checked and the non AA/AS eggs are not implanted. Its the same procedure used in sex selection of babies. I will rather end up with a like AS patient whom I love and do the PIDG than end up with an AA guy who thinks he is a prize.

    4. @laeffizy: the eggs are checked? As in the unfertilized eggs that hasn't been handled by a sperm? I'm lost...

    5. Ok,i think I get. So it's either the kids bear the burden of SS genotype or the woman has to undergo the procedure against it. Where does that leave the man? (don't answer...)

    6. Not that. On fertilization of the egg with the man's sperm, before it is implanted in the woman's womb, they are checked to make sure they are fit. The whole procedure is done before implantation. Kai... you worry o #lol#

    7. Yes la Effizy,I know about this procedure, it could be an agonising and heart wrenching procedure,do you know how many fertilised embryo/implantations would be aborted before they finally get the embryo with the AA or AS genotype,its hard!..not forgetting the huge amount of money that would be spent as well..
      This genotype ish is real and has really dealt with people,please people check yours and check it like 2 times in 2 different places so as to be extremely sure about your genotype,mistakes do happen!

    8. Thank you La Effizy and Nana Ama. @Sasha Bone, hope your concerns were adequately attended to.

  13. as unromantic as it may sound, knowing the other's genotype ahead of time, can save heartbreak (further down the line when you find out), or the risk of having a sick child.
    so yes, I'm all for finding out the other person's genotype when you can still check out of the relationship without any strong feelings.

  14. That's the second question hubby asked when we met... First what's ur name ?! Second what's ur genotype as he is AS. I'm glad he asked! I'm AA but by daughter turned out to be AS as she she decided to taker everything after her father! So I will be drumming it in her ears as soon as she knows what I'm talking about. I have a few as friends and I know what they go thru .

    1. Hello Mummy Oreoluwa! Longest time! How's my little friend? I hope she's doing extremely well? Greetings to both of you!

    2. In fact I award u oreoluwa's online God mother as u ask of her even more than her earthly God mothers lol. She is fine o getting chunkier by the day. Hope u r good too! Thanks for asking. God bless u Hun xxx

  15. @Claire, while very important, the Rhesus factor compatibility may not have to be as much a deal breaker as with the AS issue. The rhesus complications can be prevented if the mother is treated pre-delivery, and if not, then after birth, there is still a window of a few hours within which she can be treated to prevent hemolytic disease in her next child.
    But I guess the question is how often are these precautions taken in developing countries.

  16. I need to go check my genotype...

    And those AA left me wondering...'Them dey pqy money put?'. Some peeps are funny sha.

  17. Nigerians will use anything to feel superior sha.


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