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Current Situation. (Come Into My Bedroom and Let's Take a Walk!)

This post is birthed from... Well it's almost 12am, I'm wide awake, I have too much adrenaline flowing through my veins, and I can't think of anything I'd want to post right now. So why not share a few pictures, right? At least I can title the post "current situation" and in turn get the skinny on your own current situation, (I hope...).

So yesterday I was at the home of one of my 'day one's. We celebrated her son's first birthday. It was a cozy event and I had more than enough to eat and drink. What's more? I was the designated cake cutter and sharer, but I didn't as much as have one bite! I'm so proud of myself! HOWEVER, for some reason; happiness, vodka or oxygen perhaps, my weight loss seems to have come to a halt. I'm neither losing nor gaining, and no, I'm not eating more. I think it's just time to hit the gym. I guess my body isn't what it used to be when I was 25. 

I took loads of car selfies. (The life of an introvert reluctant to mix with other earthlings. #stallingtactics). 

"Cake-cutter" duties. 'Just want to take this moment to say to my darling friend; mummy-Tobe, how much I love and adore you. I have loved you ever since I took to you is JS2v and today I marvel at the woman you have become. One day when life stops being so hectic and we stop being so darn busy, we will sit and muse. Kisses my darling! 

Well after the usual Monday ish, I got to it. I know Monday, being the first day of the week, is a very serious day. But warrahell, im'ma have dates/drinks/dinner whenever I very well choose. My darling friend Zee was great company as usual. And as usual I let my hair down with him and had a couple of Long Islands. He was also a good sport about taking my picture. 

...because Monday nights don't have to be dreary!

Back home, I'm still wide awake. I have a very early day tomorrow but for some reason, my mind wouldn't stay still. I poured me a few shots of vodka, grabbed some boiled groundnuts I found in the fridge and then I resigned to my bedroom!

Hey, I never promised that I could win an award for 'neatest room of the year'! 

By now you probably know that my two Favourite things are dogs and perfumes. (see below, my rott, Ruby, is growing). Well these two are the newest members of my perfume family. I opened them when I was going out this evening. Flash by Jimmy Choo (I'm sorry to say but I'm yet to be blown away by any Jimmy Choo fragrance. Perhaps they should stick to bags and shoes?) and Red Door Shimmer by Elizabeth Arden (as you must know, if you're a perfume lover; Arden scents are always subtle and gentle. They don't strive to impress, they just strive to thrive, for the feminine woman...). 

Ruby & I. Me, leaving home for Yoko's baby's dedication last Sunday. When my mum saw this picture she freaked out; saying I've put on weight. I feel like I have too but the scale actually shows I've dropped a few kg (I checked on Saturday). So why am I suddenly looking more "rotund" than usual? I don't like this ooooooo!)

I've developed a bit of wanderlust of late, suddenly. And at the moment my wanderlust has taken me within the shores of our country I never quite planned to visit. I'm eyeing Ikogosi water springs for some time in October (hola me if you'll like to visit some local tourist attractions this year). 

In the month of August I've visited some beautiful places in Nigeria, in the South and West. But since Uyi is yet to "dash" me his camera I wasn't able to capture their beauty in pictures. I was only able to take a few of mine. 

Me, far far away. A few weekends ago. 

Moi, enjoying my native chicken, unripe plantain and some coffee, another weekend in August, away from Lagos. This chicken, gravy and plantain is the shiiiii, any wonder I haven't lost any significant weight? *covers face* *runs away*. 

LOL. So this is just some of what I've been up to with my weekends. I'm saving up for more travels, more excitement, hopefully before the year ends. And I'm certain it will happen. 


So my current situation is in bed, eating boiled groundnuts and typing this. What's your current situation? Plus what great tourist attractions within Nigeria have you visited that you would recommend? I've heard about IITA Ibadan, which I'm eyeing for this weekend. I've also got Ikogosi on my mind. A friend just suggested Obudu but I don't think I want to. Ideas anyone? 

Hey, do you have any exciting plan you intend to fulfil before the year ends? Share with me!


  1. Current situation is browsing the Internet at almost 2am in the morning instead of sleeping. And I do feel sorry for my self cus the boss will soon wake up for a feed! #mummylife

    Travel plans for the rest of the year is Germany for a few days this month, Paris for my birthday /wedding anniversary in November then dubai or Canada for Christmas! I'm hoping dubai cus I'm not about the cold life, UK is cold enough in December talkless of Canada.
    Whichever way, the change of scenery will be well appreciated! Hubby and I really loves travelling.
    Don't know if I should force my self to sleep or get a midnight snack.....*what to do*?

    1. Midnight snack... Because I just had one; misery loves company. Lol. Goodnight mummy!

  2. Current situation;on my bed just wishing and praying that this holiday doesn't come to an end so soon,I haven't watched the movies I planned I would,or read all the books or even the outings we planned..urggh!
    Yes Thelma speaking of tourist attractions,have you been to Olumo rock in Ogun state??
    There's this awesome water falls its called Gurara falls, its not far from Abuja, just on your way from Minna..Its absolutely wonderful!!!
    Then there's Tinapa,Marina resort both are situated in Calabar.
    Also there's this awesome place called the Osun-Osogbo sacred groove,Thelma it's beautiful,it's also somewhat magical!!
    If I remember more I would come and put them down.

  3. Lol, current situation typing my assignment at midnight wondering how to respond when your assignment is on if your religion is throughly investigated! next time I will stop being a procrastinator though this wasn't my fault.excuses !!! Madam needs her midnight feed

  4. You know I always see your pictures and don't make much of it, but their is something Abt these ones, you look prettier, like really beautiful, maybe someone I could actually hang with or date. I don't know if it's the makeup or lack of it or the gloss? But you just sha bam pass normal. You look like what I expected one of my primary school crushes to look like at this age. But she went overboard, so nah. Whatever ur doing or did, keep doing.

    1. I want to say thank you but I'm not quite sure if that's the appropriate response to this comment...

    2. This Alfarsi, I hope you are one tall fine hunk?

    3. Thelma has a crush, yippee. Mr alfarsi I see u ohhhh.

    4. Maybe someone I can actually hang with or date... hiann!!!

    5. Maybe. Someone I can actually hang with or date... Hian!!

  5. Current situation...been to *the bush*, villa, *the bush*, mum's villa (all 3, poor network), and now in Enugu. Still in bed at 7:30 am and eyes half open. It's been crazy and lonely for 2 weeks.

    1. Awww. Brother Memphis is lonely. Memphis but why? With all the girls in UNEC, ESUT and IMT you're still lonely? I'm seriously shaking my head at you ooo. LOL.

  6. Lovely pictures Thelma. I love how you're not letting being single slow you down. You look genuinely happy and even younger in these pictures. I used to think maybe you're in denial when you used to say that marriage is not your priority but now I'm starting to believe you. My current situation is at work, waiting for a departmental meeting to start. I wonder why we have to have meetings every morning, most of the time there is nothing new to say but you dare not complain, work no dey Nigeria.

  7. Current situation is organising my week like my life depends on it. And getting all the ducks in a row. Clearing out my house by force or fire...that teeling of havig too much is creeping back into my existence and I don't like it one bit.

    IITA is very nice, but you can also easily consider Ghana if you haven't been.

  8. Not to flatter you Thelma,

    But you look happy and full of life.

    your weight is just perfect too, Please keep it up.

  9. Nice T,im happy ur happy (and happiness is whatever u define it to be).
    As for ur dog Ruby,just keep it far away from me cos I also bite...
    Current situation: Preparing for an exam I don't understand it's language. Oh well...

  10. Thelma ohhhh, Kaii u no go kill person, am loving those bomby jeans. Nice pix collection, sexy baby. *shines teeth n runs away *

  11. Thelma ohhhh, Kaii m loving this bomby jeans *sexy mama, oya kajo mama, kia mosa mama *hehehehehe.

  12. Keep it up girl !!! Life is way too short to be unhappy jor *singing* because i'm happy

  13. Thelma be looking like a bae...... Nice pictures..... All I see is Ibadan..... Lemme know if u gon be in town.... TNHW

  14. Babe whenever you are coming to Ibadan let me know, we might hang out together, "if you don't mind"...

  15. I can't keep a dog to save my life. Pet or not, I just can't spare time for one (for now, at least).

    I want to visit Ghana or SA before this year runs out. Ghana because a colleague told me of one beautiful hotel with a good spa in Accra (forgotten the name now) where he spent some days honeymooning. SA because? Just because.......

    I love that you are happy in these pictures and the happiness reflects through the pictures....keep it up.


  16. Current situation... trying to get some reading done but I keep letting myself get distracted by social networks. Aaargh!

    Meanwhile you look good madam T, keep shining. And I also really recommend the cattle ranch in obudu, it's absolutely beautiful and I love the cold when you're thousands of feet above sea level. You'll experience what it really feels like to have your head in the clouds.

  17. current situation-im mad at my lecturers,mad at the educational system,infact mad at every thing..why does my masters course have to be so demanding?do lecturers take pride in seeing their students fail cos it sure does feel like they do especially my international lecturer.why do they teach like we have doctorates in law?we are just srudying international relations!its never that deep.. huge sigh...#thissystemiseffedup

    with much love to all TTB blog readers,you all rock!
    BV From Ghana

    1. Hey sweetness, calm down. The harder the toil, the greater the harvest. Remember that every moment is transient and even this super frustrating one will pass! Just believe that it's leading you towards a greater end. And don't forget to breathe, be happy mami!

      On behalf of TTB readers, we love you right back all the way from Naija!

    2. thank u Thelma!p.s- i looooooove ur keeps me sane :)

    3. BV from Ghana, fret not for in the end everything will be OK

  18. Current bed reading this with half closed eyes.

    Beautiful pictures look great.

  19. Thumbs up. I like the post. Seems like a reality show: A day in the life of Thelma. It's my first time here and I like it already.

    "I'm saving up for more travels, more excitement, hopefully before the year ends. And I'm certain it will happen"

    Like Nana suggested above, marina resort, tinapa and even ogbudu cattle ranch should make the list of where to travel to.

    Welcome to the night crawling club. Yeah, my mum used to call me 'cockroach' because according to her, I don't sleep.


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