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Re: All That Matters Is Here And Now.- Chrisyinks.

This was written by blog reader Chrisyinks in reaction to my post All That Matters Is Here and Now. Read. Enjoy. Comment. 

Christianity is many things to many people (as it should be), thus it is oftentimes interpreted in varying perspectives. Still, it has one of its clear authorities as The Bible – God’s word, which would be the reference point of this articleIn the subsequent paragraphs, I’d address a few concerns on your aforementioned post to the best of my knowledge and understanding. I understand that the foremost concern on the post is if posterity (eternity: heaven/hell) has lost its priority in churches today, and being consequently replaced by prosperity sermons vis-a-vis the amount of time churches take to preach on a particular subject.

I start with two quotes (paraphrased)
‘Don’t be so heaven focused that you are earthly irrelevant’
‘The journey is the destination

The prize of every faithful Christian is a home in heaven upon the end of earth, and it is only fair for any Christian to seek this prize. This is effectively buttressed in the book of Revelations which by the way, I reckon is The Bible’s most dreadful book. I opine Christianity is more than the prize of having a stay in heaven, it includes how we live here on earth and therefore, if the Church nowadays places an increased importance on this non-ethereal concern, it is justified to do soTo make an analogy, an Athlete’s foremost concern is the race – producing the best performance in the 9 or 10 seconds of a 100 metres race. The medals (gold, silver, bronze) serve as motivation and are a natural consequence of producing the best performance in the race. Wouldn’t it be much wiser to focus on making those seconds count? Wouldn’t it be much wiser for a Christian to focus on making our lives here on earth count?

If Heaven as a home for anyone is a consequence of running the Christian race right – the Christian race on earth, wouldn’t it be much smarter to be focused on understanding what prosperity on earth (financial, marital, academic, physical et al) entails without discounting heaven readiness? Aptly put by one of the commenters:
‘….our lives should not be lived with consciousness of heaven or hell, our lives should be lived with the consciousness of God – Iyanuouluwa Balogun

God desires that man/woman should prosper, as His first command after man’s creation dovetailed on that fact: ‘…be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion …. (Gen. 1:28-30). I believe the main issue is howthe church with its spiritual tenets interfaces with money (an earthly concern) without being corrupted by it. Although a delicate issue, it is one that shouldn’t be shirked.
Furthermore, the sufficient condition to qualify for heaven is to accept God as Lord and Savior, what happens for one who takes this decision and still has decades to live as a Christian. Don’t forget that this decision connotes war between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of hell over such person’s life and in war there must be a victor and the vanquished or more germane to this issue one of the contenders must ‘prosper’. I’d categorically state that I am not saying the full essence of being a Christian is financial prosperity but that financial prosperity is a provision in Christianity.

The church like many entities has similarities with businesses and one of these similarities include keeping customers happy. It would be foolish of any entity to trivialize the pressing needs of one’s clients. Aptly put by a maxim (paraphrased):
‘People do not care how much you know till they know how much you care’
Jesus Himself wasn’t excluded in accommodating the needs of his audience (Matt. 11:28, Mark 6:36-37), several otherinstances in the Bible also alludes to such accommodation. God is different things to different people. The Old Testament shows us several examples of people who had a divine encounter with God and that encounter served as a reassurance of their trust in God. Some carved out the places of such encounters and called God names like Jehovah El-Shaddai, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Ralpha and many more. 

Those moments served as a strong fortress through life and its trials assuring them that God is ‘I AM THAT I AM’. In contemporary times, people would see God as He that gave my business that contract when I was least qualified, He that gave me that desired job when I was least expected to be chosen (financial prosperity); He that gave me that spouse that is perfect for me, He that blessed my home with children when medicine said I was done for (marital prosperity); He that saw me through school and blessed my academics when teachers and lecturers thought I was dimwit (academic prosperity) etcAbraham Maslow tells us that the primary needs of man include food, shelter, clothing – all dependent on the availability of money. Man also tends to be motivated by his needs. It’d be a herculean task for a church-head to educate anyone on the presence of another need – need for Jesus Christ, without showing concern for the existing primary needs especially when such church-head claims Jesus Christ is the source of all things.

The reality of living in Nigeria is that the society is driven by money. There are no social welfare and little volunteering efforts from people without a promise of remuneration. The church in Nigeria cannot be an exception and for it to grow and achieve its mission, it needs money – tithes, offerings, willful donations etc. Giving for the giver has little to do with the amount but more to do with the heart (Mark 12:41-44).
I’d admit that the church could do a lot better with some aspects of its system especially with how it handles money concerns, but I don’t think the majority of the church has lost its focus. As a Christian, the Bible admonishes us that at the end of time, a number of false preachers would rise, hence we should be cautious of churches whose sole purpose is to make one rich rather than discover the riches of the Gospel. Granted, as some of us might have been, I also have been led astray with some church-heads and their sweet promises of financial breakthroughpreying on our hard-earned monies, but I would be unwise to affirm that God doesn’t bless His own materially. I believe if we took active, constructive roles, we would be able to chastiseerrant Church-heads. It’d be indeed hasty if we neglected our respective churches because of mistakes or misdemeanor when we can rise up and be the instruments to execute such correction. Truth is that our Church-heads (Pastors, Priests etc) are human and hence, prone to err and when they do err, due to our religious society, it takes the grandstand. It’d be anti-Christian for us to join in casting stones when we can extend hands – hands of love.

To get a bit personal, I worship at Daystar Christian Centre which is more likely to be termed unorthodox or Pentecostal but more importantly it is non-denominational, and yes we preach financial management, prosperity, wealth creation not just causethey are earthly concerns but for the fact that these issues are biblical and have a place in God’s plans (Luke 19:13 Luke 19:11-27). I make a point here that we do not just utter desirable statements that the audience want to hear, we go further to talk about viable business opportunities, how to conduct a business the Christian way and other relevant issues, for we know God isn’t in the business of raining manna or money, He blesses what one’s hands finds doing. To answer your questions, I can’t remember when heaven/hell was the subject of a Sunday sermon but I know this – it is a church that epitomizes Christ and His teachings in all ramifications. In my opinion, it is not a perfect church but it is one that Grace, Love, Faith, Baptism, Holy Spiritand other Christian tenets form its foundation. It pleases me to see my church get involved in ‘worldly/secular’ activities such as raising money for social causes, preaching on finances and money and other ‘less than spiritual activities’. 

The honest truth is that these activities are not anti-Christianity, and if the Church can’t spearhead the society to show people how they should live other relevant aspects of their lives, which other institution is qualified to do so especially for an institution that claims that the essence of our lives is from God (Acts 17:28). It is our duties as Christians to search out the scriptures and test whether what is being preached is ‘Christainese’ or not. It’d be a failure on our part as Christians to hurriedly conclude that the entirety of the Church has erred for if we say so it means that Christ has failed and I can boldly say Christ isn’t in the business of failing.

I believe in Heaven and all my bible says, do I find myself brooding about Heaven/Hell – a little, I’m more concerned about living right before God and I know a consequence of right living or righteousness before God is Heaven. Qualifying for heaven arises upon death, excluding suicide, none of us know when our lives would end (either by death or Christ’s second coming), and hence I find it a bit tiresome brooding over something I have little control over.

I’d agree in many ways we are saying similar things, but I’d differ that repeated teachings on money does not have its place on the pulpit. I’d only caution that as Christian, we should be weary of whether our respective churches are money centered or Christ centered.


  1. Immediately I saw "chrisyinks" I just knew I was gonna read an encyclopedia.
    Eyin omo wobe, oya e wa gbo information mation.....

    1. Ninu radio....dio, Ninu tele...tele, won ni e n fa .....

    2. Yeeei!!! boda chrisyinks! ase e mo wozop.

  2. Uh... Chrissyinks posted my comment. Im like so proud right now. My words counted... Like they were not just there. Awwn... This is one of the happiest moments of my day....

  3. I said all this twice but they disappeared twice too...

    1. Lmao. Good thing they disappeared or they'd have contradicted your comments that didn't disappear.

    2. Lmao @ Memphis, you won't leave Sasha alone

  4. Saw this quote somewhere . "If you fix your eyes on heaven that you don’t look on earth where you walk you will stumble into hell". This is true both literally and otherwise.

    I think your post is in line with most comments. No one said preaching about money is wrong or a sin but if money becomes the centre of what is preached then we have missed the mark.

    Like you said "Wouldn’t it be much wiser for a Christian to focus on making our lives here on earth count?" The church must teach ALL THOSE THINGS that will make our lives count not just One THING (money).it’s like studying one subject in school and scoring 100%, if other subjects are neglected you will end up not coming first in class. The journey is important as it determines the end, but what use is the journey if there is no end in sight.

    "I’d only caution that as Christian, we should be weary of whether our respective churches are money centered or Christ centered" Here lies our argument. Christian means Christ like, are we been taught to be Christ like or is it just about making money?

    BTW my colleague attends your church and I’m not surprised you go to the same church. You guys sound alike. You have been MIA.J

    1. I'm sure he's been MIA cos he was preparing this thesis. Lol

      On point sir, but as J has reiterated, are churches nowadays(esp unorthodox/pentecostal) too money conscious they have totally ignored the consciousness of heaven/hell.

    2. I can't say certainly that more Unorthodox/Pentecostal Churches are more money conscious than should be the norm, cause i'd be basing my statement mostly on hearsay which tends to be unreliable. Money is a pressing need in the Nigerian society today, and it is only natural for any institution in the Nigerian society to give the issue of money a bit more concern. I'd need some facts for me to conclude that money has become the major priority over other relevant christian tents in the Church.


      handling some stuff that is time consuming, I intend to be more frequent.subsequently.

  5. Immediately I saw Chrisyinks like this, I just knew it was going to be a looooong read. I haven't even started reading and I'm already

    Lemme go and read it now..

  6. Replies
    1. I guess that's what makes this blog what it is. Some long comments, some short comments but we all still come here to learn, interact and have a good laugh..

  7. The situation is some preach to people desperately searching for such words- prosperity. Instead of preaching and instilling God's words, honour, obedience, love and faith amidst good works. And then all other things will follow through.
    Why else were there a lot of recorded miracles and blessings and people hearing from God back then?

  8. Lol@sunshine.

    Chris can write sha. I'd like to be like you.

    1. And I was considering being like you. Maybe we'd have to settle for some compromise.

  9. I'm so proud of myself, I didn't quit. I read it to the end!

    1. Lol, mee to, and I left my own long comment too*shines teeth*

  10. I get where Chris is coming from but I'm still of the opinion that posterity should be preached in churches just as much as prosperity and love and grace are preached about.

    The fact is, talking "secular" stuff is good, commendable in fact if you can buttress it with the word of God like pastor Sam does but people also need to hear about God and the fact that this life is going to end. They need to understand that after now, there is judgement. You will be surprised at the number of people in the church who don't believe there is hell/heaven. The people I'm talking about are "christians" who go to church. I'm saying preach posterity not for you and I who know but for Mr John who doesn't or Obi who doesn't but is a christian.

    I happen to fellowship at Daystar a lot even tho its not my main church and I love the teachings especially the series, but you see, there are still a lot of members who need to hear more about the life after now cos all they live for is the now not caring about the end. I get that when you learn to love your neighbour and manage your time and your money well and understand the mystery of grace, then you are on the right track but sometimes, as humans, we fall, life or the people around us frustrate us out of these paths that we are walking in. It is in such times as these that we must remember why we are towing these paths.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, its not enough to assume that the brethren knows that there is heaven and hell, its not enough to leave it to the brethren to infer that the reason for all this is so that they can draw close to God and make heaven.

    Just as prosperity, wealth, health, grace and love are discussed in the bible, posterity is also extensively discussed and it should not be excluded from our teachings just because we "expect" that the congregation should know about it or because the other teachings will help us in our lives NOW and following the teachings will get us there anyway. They need to know.


    1. I wholly agree with your 'two cents'. I believe there exists an heaven and a hell as I expect other Christians too, else why would I choose to be a Christian when I know some of the benefits of my 'righteous' living aren't realizable here on earth. I just wanted to make it clear that prosperity teachings have roots in the Bible and also that too many times I see Christians consumed about making heaven that they forget about loving that handicapped on the street, treating with respect that co-worker or subordinate and basically letting their earthly life radiate love. I guess this was one of the cornerstone of Jesus's life on earth and his intolerance for the Pharisees.


      PS: Daystar has an e-suggestion box, it wouldn't hurt to drop your concerns.

  11. Well said poster! But I strongly rebuke,oppose and curse some quotes as seen above. I wouldn't bother quoting them to the glory of the original authors, but let it be clear that...

    You can not be heavenly focused or run the race of heaven and lose your relevance on earth. Never!

    1. GBAM.

      If you do Gods will every other thing will be added unto you. That is what the bible says. The church MUST teach it's members to do God's will because that is the surest way to getting their prosperity, husband etc. It should not be the other way round. GOOD POINT blink

    2. blink you know i love you right?! okay! :*

  12. Matt 6 v 33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these "things" shall be added unto you...

  13. Ranting 101. These big men of God have a great influence on people and it is their responsibility to use this influence in a way that will bring visible change in their members and the society at large.

    It is not shocking that churches are overflowing with people every Sunday and every other day yet the society is getting worse every day . Imagine if one of the GOs/daddies (side eye Winners) preached about repaying ones’ loan do you know that my bank account balance will increase significantly. These people owing me yet they are sowing seeds in church how does this work.

    Imagine if GOs tell people in church not to donate any money they got through wrongful means in church or such donated offering will be a curse to them instead of blessing, do you think some politician's will refrain from stealing. These guys have great influence on the populace can they please put it into good use???

    This rant stems from the fact that some people refuse to pay me back yet they go to church to sow seed. That shit aint right J

  14. But there seem to be two separate things here, in my interpretation...
    When I read Thelma's post, I interpreted it as being the Church's lack of interest/commitment to preach against sin, and the importance of holiness and righteousness. The consequences of not adhering to that, and other sins that occur as a fallout effect of that then lead to damnation. I don't know that /if her post was solely about preaching on what Heaven is, or preaching on what hell is.
    But your post looks at the several things that God is. And I agree that He is all that to us, and more. But people can still only tap into the fullness of His Grace when they live according to His dictates. We cannot eat our cake and have it.
    The Church today basically has a terrible case of itching ears, and I pray for wisdom for the shepherds that are leading their flock astray.
    I'll end this with 2Timothy 4 vs. 1-4
    "I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, iwho is to judge the living and the dead, and by jhis appearing and his kingdom: 2 preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; kreprove, rebuke, and lexhort, with complete patience and teaching. 3 mFor the time is coming when people will not endure nsound1 teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and owill turn away from listening to the truth and pwander off into myths."


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