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Single To Stupor! And Three Situations.

OMG. Just bring the one you have!!! Hahahahahahahahaha. Epic!

But seriously though, this is a lot of girls right now; just bring the one you have, man is man!


Well I've got three friends in different situations at the moment and I would like to hear your thoughts on the matters. 

Samantha whose been seeing Damola for almost two years now just learnt from one of his colleagues and close friend of hers, that during an office discussion he said he likes her but she's not the love of his life. Unfortunately he's the love of hers and after two years together she thought they were headed for the altar, in fact he's said stuff to allude to that. She's wondering if she should confront him and follow it up with the where are we really going? talk, or consider herself as single and searching as marrying someone who merely likes her isn't very appealing. Thoughts?

Nwamaka whose boo is getting really close to another lady because she can help him with jobs and contracts as she's dating the Oga at the the top. She's actually gotten him a few small contracts and there are promises of bigger ones in the foreseeable future. However for this, she expects to spend time with Nwamaka's boo, and he in turn wants to keep her happy and keep the contracts coming. He explains to Nwamaka that she knows he's in a relationship and he's not going to leave her for this other lady, but he needs to do what he's doing and he is doing it for "Us". Nwamaka is confused, yes the monies from the jobs have really helped turn things around for them and even enabled them to put down some cash for their wedding. But is she really to turn a blind eye when this other chica calls her man at odd hours, and expects him to spend alone time with her? (The boo assures Nwamaka that he's just trying to keep the lady "happy" and he's never slept with her and doesn't plan to. Nwamaka isn't sure she believes this). Thoughts?

Funke isn't yet in a relationship with *Taiwo but they're headed there. However Taiwo recently visited Funke at home for the first time and saw her dog. Taiwo then tells her how much he hates dogs and back home he was known to kill dogs and cats as he killed nearly all the stray dogs and cats on their street. Funke is slightly amused as she thinks Taiwo is joking, she then asked him how; does he set poison for them or what *chuckles*? Taiwo then explains with all seriousness how animals are blinded by very bright light, so at night he would go out with a very well powered torchlight and just wait till he sees a cat or dog, startle them with his torch and they're shocked by the light so they're momentarily unable to move, then he strikes, forcefully hitting the animal on the head with a large stone and crushing it's skull. Done! Yes, I killed all the cats and dogs on my street. 
      Funke isn't sure how to react to this. It's one thing not to like animals, but it's another thing entirely to kill them for fun, with your bare hands and then brag about it. Should this be a problem or nah?

Ngwa nu, please share your thoughts. All accounts are factual but all names have been changed. Let's hear what you think. 

Ehen, any single to stupor sisteh in the house? LOL. I wouldn't even talk about this matter, before they say I have come again. 


  1. Lol,men this funke boo to be wicked ohhh,I can't even kill a cockroach talkless of a dog or cat even though I hate both,na wa ohhh. Anyways I don't think it's really a problem,she should.just try and find out from.him if he can.actually kill a human who steps in his way or hurts him. As for nwamaka, she should look for a way to make her boo understand that they can survive with contracts from other sources,it doesn't have to be from that chicka, trust me,anything can happen, her boo can be easily taken over by that chicka,a woman gets all she wants by all means no matter what so she shouldn't just sit down and watch sand enter her garri from no where ohhhh, as for Samantha, I don't think it's necessary for her to confront her boo,she can only try find out where their relationship is heading and she would have to do that when the good mood is rolling and everything is calm so he wouldn't suspect she heard anything. I hope I made sense Sha, am.a quack when it comes to relationship advice. This single to stupor thing ehhhhh, lol it's just funny how being single at a certain age seems wrong.

  2. Omo the Taiwo guy tho... That's just evil... That relationship is doomed... One partner cannot love something while the other hates it... Someone must be able to compromise.... Let's say she even gives her dog out but one of her friends come to sleep over with her pet, will the husband kill it.
    As for Nwamaka, it depends on how much she trusts her husband
    And as for Samantha, love is grown. But my mother always says, marry a guy who loves you more than you love him. Lol...

  3. The last story is very funny... Lmao! Can you imagine. The guy is really a hunter in his former life.. He's missed his calling.

    Hope the killing stops there Sha.

    I don't think there's any issue with the first two stories.

  4. Samantha- #teamwherearewereallygoingtalk It won't hurt to have that conversation. Puts things in perspective and helps you know the next step to take.

    Nwamaka is a learner o. *singing* Soon and very soon.. she will become the side chic #fact

    Taiwo is a psychopath! Funke should run! I literally shivered when I read the way he killed those animals. Ahn ahn!

  5. @thelma, why do I feel this funke situation is what u are in right now? Lolz... Anyways that guy is something else...

    1. do you think I'm the one because I have a dog or is there something else that suggests this?

  6. Any man who can set up shop or camp outside with a torch light at night just to kill stray pets or not is just jobless. He prolly has childhood issues. Can't deal biko...

    1. Lmao! Mehn shii... As in ehn!
      At night for that matter, when people are sleeping.

      Vampire or werewolf. Lol

  7. Im almost 30. Dating this guy for the second time. First time was 3 yrs ago till things didn't work out. He called me again over a month ago and asking me to be his girlfriend again. I agreed after we had a long talk abt wat went wrong last time. We had solid good times b4. He is a very caring man and I can totally see myself marrying this guy.
    The issue now is I don't have liver to ask him where this is going ooo cos I thot he wud propose to me immediately. He is 41, I wonder what is taking him so long to seal the deal. I have done checks on him to make sure he isn't married. I'm so frustrated I swear. This guy shud just propose to me abeg. If he proposes today, a wedding can be done next week cos I already have everything planned out in my head. Lmao. It's not even funny jor. Sorry for this rant guys

    1. Nne you're dating him for the second time, you're well within your rights to ask where you're both going. In fact the mistake you made is that you should have asked him before agreeing to date him again. The second time he asked you out you should have said 'before I say yes I need to know what exactly you expect out of this, where you think it's heading and what exactly you want'. Then to make it clearer state that you know what you want and want to be sure you're both on the same page. It's not too late and you can't afford not to have liver. If you're too uncomfortable then don't mention the M word but be sure to drive your point home. Just be subtle about it, we're past that age of not having liver, that's for 21 year olds boo.

    2. *Since you've done your due diligence and you're sure he's unencumbered...

    3. Tanx Thelma. Advice taken.

  8. Hahahahahahaaaaaaa! Poor Taiwo! I honestly think Taiwo's village people are at work. No nah, it just can't be normal. Hahahahahahaaaa!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Nwamaka has officially been had. I have become cynical. There's always a better way to the top without compromising your standards or relationships. He's already slept with the lady.

  11. Hahaha I haven't laughed so hard @#singletostupor, the struggle is real, I can imagine how hurt samantha must feel hearing abt lee boo's real feelings from an outsider, its well, it is what it is, love grows but after 2years sha.

  12. 1st lady, that you're not the love of his life does not mean he does not love you. I see no problem here.

    2nd Lady, if your guy has any respect for you and your relationship he should set boundaries with this lady contract or no contract. From clap now they go enter dance. You should also be firm in what you can take and what you cannot take while he is trying to make this woman "happy". Money is not everything.

    3rd lady, personally I will run. Serious psycho alert. He killed ALL the dogs and cat in the neighbourhood??? Mind you the dogs and cats belong to people and he didn't give a f--k. About that. PSYCHO. J

  13. I think Samantha should have that "talk" with her boo, just to know where they're going, not to confront him about the statement.

    As I read that part in Nwamaka's story about him not sleeping with the chica, I just "yimued". If i hear! She has been scammed! She should sit le boo down and tell him she's not comfortable with contract madam's terms and conditions. Like Maybel and Nubian Princess implied, there are better ways to make money than to "sell" yourself.

    As for Funke, that Taiwo is a confirmed psycho. He's very very unwell. Any body that can kill animals in such cold blooded manner can wake up one morning and snap your neck just cos he feels like it. His story is just plain disturbing. Without the psychopatic issues though, depending on how much she loves dogs, they can both reach a compromise. My dad loves dogs, mumsie cant stand them for anything, in all the years I can remember, we have not had a dog. This is probably because popsie's love for dogs wasnt crazy serious so, it worked for both of them.

    Single to stupor... not sure about the stupor part tho. On a more playful note tho, Falz is the craziest comedian/musician ever. He's the one that started this single to stupor sometin, crazy stuff. #NewCrushAlert

  14. I can relate partially to that Taiwo ish. I hate Agama lizards and the hatred boils down to my marrow, literarily. The only thing preventing me from *pulling a Taiwo* is my phobia for these beasts. I can handle almost all kinds of crawlies; rats, monitor lizards, geckos, even snakes. But Agama? Tell me you'll plant a Redneck in my home unless I agree to your request and I'll grant whatever requests you have even before I hear them.

  15. First - she should ask lee boo the 'where are we heading question'. And just a bv mentioned, you not being the love of his. Life doesn't mean he is not in love with you.

    Second - oga is just looking for easy ways to get his contract and this can end in two ways. She gets dumped and bf weds contract madam or there is really nothing between them and he finally leaves her after getting the contracts.

    Third - I give the guy hand o. His craziness no get part two. Allowing his hatred for animals control him into taking action against them. He do well,well well.

  16. Killing of pets (dogs and cats) is how serial killings of humans start. They start small and then progress. The issue here is not that he might kill her dog or something, the ish is that he will start killing human beings soon and it may start with her...

    1. That escalated quickly...

  17. Sisteh update your blog na. Anhanh!!! Kilode'm?

    It seems you watch a lot of Crime & Investigation and Investigation Discovery but mehn, that dude is just too calculated and cold blooded, killing cats and dogs for sport not chicken or turkey, can't deal mehn.

    A MIGHTY red flag if I were in the babes shoes.

    1. thelma,i started reading your blog early this year and i am happy to know that the comments have increased and i can see growth with your fan base...very happy for you!! eeeeeh that last guy's story has made me laugh sooo hard


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