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About Last Night and The One That Got Away...

Yesterday evening I had to meet up with a friend to collect some documents I'd left with him to sign. He had a meeting slated for 7 at The Palms so I decided to meet up with him there. He was rounding up just as I got there. Formalities out of the way, he began to ask me about work and business and all of that stuff and I was dutifully answering his questions when he cut in with "Can I at least look at your eyes while you talk?". 
     Haha! I couldn't look him in the eyes, I didn't know why but I'd hoped he wouldn't notice. Smiling, I made eye contact and tried to hold his gaze while I talked but I failed miserably. I know there are no feelings left anymore but maybe I was scared if he saw my eyes he would see into my soul and read my thoughts. Would he hear the wistful What ifs? and that crazy voice screaming I wanna have your babies!...? No, I couldn't look at him so I stared straight ahead while I talked about work and family and other mundanities.  

I knew I would get into some traffic if I tried to leave just then so I decided to watch a movie. I'd been looking forward to it really; enjoying the movie in solitude and unashamedly muttering to myself intermittently. Alas, broda said he would like to join me. 
     I laid back while he went to get the tickets and our snacks and when we walked into the theatre, he stood back to allow me go ahead of him. He's always been gentlemanly, that one. So no surprises there when my sniveling nose wouldn't stop running and he ran his hands over my shoulders to keep me warm, that didn't help much so a few minutes later he took off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders. Rom-com stuff but he'd always been a rom-com kinda guy. 

Halfway through, the whole place went dark as the screen went blank and someone came to apologize about some technical issues, they apologized and promised the movie would be back on in ten minutes. "Bloody hell" we cursed at the same time, and then both said "Jinx" and burst into laughter. The laughter abated into happy sighs as we both sank back into our seats, content smiles on our faces. 

"Doesn't this remind you of old times?" He asked, literally reading my mind. 

I chuckled, I wouldn't admit that it did. 

"Nope", I lied, swearing we never went to the movies together. We both knew that was a lame lie so he began to remind me of movies we saw together when we were still together, here at The Palms. Thankfully before could walk too far into memory lane, the sharp light of the movie rudely intruded, shocking us back to the present, to reality, to our present reality; that me being me I turned away one of the best men I've ever known, and he being him, after recovering from a broken heart, was soon snagged by his present belle. Belle... He used to call me belle... Stop it Nwando. 

It was the Friday night FNLP and I went clubbing where we bumped into him that I first truly regretted letting him go. She kept asking me "Thelma, how could you? Why did you? He's soooo (cute/nice/perfect/FUCKING AWESOME?)"

Oh well, there's always that one that got away...

Do you have one a "the one that got away"? Tell us about him or her? Why did you let them go? Do you regret letting them go? Do you think you could still have a future with them? 

Speaking of the future, I believe that even someone without a ring is not fair game. I mean, if you're in a relationship I would respect that. But that's just me. What do you think; do you believe that when it comes to your happiness you sometimes need to be selfish and do what's best for you, damning all else? Have you ever had to do this; put yourself first eventhough it (possibly) hurt someone else, either in your love life, your career or at your workplace? 
Do you believe that sometimes in life you just need to be selfish and do what's best for you? Let's talk about it.  


  1. Once upon a time, we were madly in love. It was like we were meant for each other. We were like two peas in a pod. But I had to let him go... do I regret not fighting for what we shared? Sometimes I do... but I believe that if we are truly meant to be, then our hearts will find each other again...

  2. I feel sad after reading this. Like maybe I should be cupid and bind both of you together. Don't think I have any " the one that got away situation". My husband could have been the one but thankfully my brain was reset after our short break up.

    1. I wish I can have a second chance like you too.

  3. I feel sad after reading this. Like maybe I should be cupid and bind both of you together. Don't think I have any " the one that got away situation". My husband could have been the one but thankfully my brain was reset after our short break up.

  4. All I see T is a beautiful face, I like the fact that u have known what works for u and u decide to stick to light make up, it's cute. U look like orente.

  5. Thelma, you are always slaying. You are gorgeous.

  6. I thought you and Fnlp quarelled. Why doesn't she comment anymore?

    1. Monitoring spirit everywhere, na wa oohhh. Anon na that one u dey check before? hiannnn.

  7. My best friend, but we are trying to make it work. going with the flow and not expecting too much. He makes me want better for myself.

  8. Yeah, the one I refused to date simply because he is from Edo State. I didn't want to marry from my state. (I'm also Edo).

    He was a perfect gentle man. LoL.

  9. Very touching! I honestly wish never to regret anything, relationship-wise.

  10. Sometimes we gotta let go, for those who truly and truly are meant to fill that void or space. Its difficult especially when you could actually see a future with that person but somehow the future turns vague all of a sudden.

    And I think someone actually let go of me recently, still wondering why we couldn't just mend fences and construct a positive path. #trust *sigh

  11. All I see is a gorgeously hot young lady! Damn! *loool*

  12. Thelma if I could marry a second wife I would come to nigeria and look for you. Can you be a second wife? Think about it and let me know.

    1. Sorry but our T wii not be a 2nd wife pls thanks 4d offer! Hian!!! Double Hiann!

    2. Lol. Wetin we no go see. Nothing wrong with being a second wife but I don't think that is what thelma wants.

    3. So you guys can't take a joke? Lol... Isn't it obvious enough that he's joking?

    4. And what makes u feel it's a joke....he is definitely serious Nd u making jest of him

  13. I'm Catholic, she's JW. We tried our respective tactics trying to get each other to understand our beliefs, trying to get each other into our respective services and congregation, trying to convert each other... All cases were like trying to soak a rock in water. She wouldn't have anyone outside her kingdom hall, worse a staunch Catholic, and friend and priest repeatedly hounded me even in my dreams: "Memphis RUN!".

    She's married now, I'm still looking for (light skinned) ladies. (Thelma your nephew has caused this recent criteria).

    1. Bia Memphis leave my nephew out of it. You Nigerian mine always like shiny tinz, just admit it. Your preference, although shallow *tongue out* is nothing to be ashamed of.
      That said, I have a yellow friend you might like but she's non-religious and a free thinker. Should I proceed or abort?

    2. Abort! I repeat! Abort!!!!!

    3. Lmao @ Kabuoy.... Memphis you're already married o. Na from clap dem dey enter dance. Kabuoy has been clapping since, we shall soon dance.

      Meanwhile being Catholic made me lose plenty ones but I refuse to change because of marriage, that which is truly meant for me shall be mine so no regrets.

      And Memphis as a fellow Catholic I commend your knowledge of Scripture. Impressive

    4. Talking of JW reminded me of Ruth. What's up with her T. Abi she de na me no the see her.

    5. Thanks Steele. :-)

      Thelma abort o. Abort mbok. Hahaha.

    6. Abort ke! Memphis... Come on!!!!! Are u gonna just chicken out cos she's a freethinker?

      Thelma go ahead, Memphis is just nervous.

    7. Lmaooo @ Steele! Memphis is noh married jor.

      All these roborebe things I do(lool), helps take my mind off so many serious things.

      Memphis baba! Two hands up o! Nah play I dey play o! Noh be clap o! Don't mind Steele! Lol.

    8. Lmao! Thelma, if Memphis should loss like dis, we know say na Kabuoy tif am! Memphis, watch ya back o

    9. Just when you think you have a good sister... she goes around exposing your plans to all who cares to listen.
      Just when I thought I had covered all my bases... mstchew! chai! O well!
      Memphis! You know you would have been well taken care of throughout the period! I would not even have asked for a ransom. *shines teeth*

  14. Thelma why do i think you are stylishly sending a message to the guy that you miss him n want him back...? you can just tell him one on one it wont kill and it might the best decision you would ever take. do not die in silence. he also might want you back but don't want to be turned down n left broken again. may the odds be in your favour bae. as for me d only thing i regret is not giving my virginity to my 1st bf n forcefully losing it the way i did. #shithappens n am over it. am in a better place now with my best friend. am glad it never worked out with my Ex. luv u T *hugs*

    1. Thanks Anon. But two things; we've already talked about it (I'm very expressive of my feelings). And, he doesn't read the blog.

      I'm sorry about what you went through but I'm happy to know you're over it and in a better place now.

  15. Aww...there's so much emotions all over this post.

  16. Is he married? In a serious relationship? Is it too late to get back with him? Just asking.

    As for me, NONE!

  17. reading this makes me groan for genuine Romeo and Juliet kind of love. God please I need someone I can look into his eyes and sincerely say.... I Love u without faking it.

  18. There's that one that got away, but I couldn't do anything about it. No regrets tho, I'll make the same decision again if presented with it, I just wasn't ready. Still waiting for the one!

    I also think like you Tee, once I know a guy is in a relationship(serious or unserious) he automatically becomes off-limits. I would feel bad if a girl tried to snatch my boyfriend, if the guy likes me enough, he knows what to do but I won't put myself in his face or start swaying my hips every time he's close by.


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